Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv and Thapki picking the DVD and running away. Inspector asks Bihaan to come, they have to leave for court. The goons look for Thapki and Dhruv. Thapki asks Dhruv how long will we hide. Dhruv says court will start hearing after some time, first I have to save you, then Bihaan. I have misunderstood Bihaan a lot and I regret for it. The goons look for them. Dhruv and Thapki hide.

Bihaan is in court. Sharma asks where is Thapki, and taunts that she may be have run. Sharma asks judge to declare the decision. Bihaan says Thapki will surely come, wait for some time. Judge says fine, this court will give half an hour time, else we will declare the decision. Thapki tells Dhruv to go court, till then she will divert the goons. Dhruv plays the police siren audio and diverts

the goons. Dhruv and Thapki leave.

The court resumes for half an hour. Judge tells Bihaan that Thapki did not come with any proof, so we regard you culprit and…. Thapki and Dhruv come there. Thapki stops the judge. Everyone get relieved seeing her. Thapki says this is the proof of Bihaan’s innocence. Bihaan smiles. The video is played in the court. Everyone get shocked seeing the third person stabbing Bau ji.

Thapki says as you have seen, a third person has stabbed Bau ji, he is the ward boy of that hospital where Bau ji was admitted. Dhruv says she is saying right. Thapki tells how Bau ji was attacked again, and she too saved her life to get the antidote, later Dhruv saved her and got her here. She says the truth is clear that Bihaan did not stab Bau ji, that third person has stabbed Bau ji, Bihaan is innocent.

Judge says its proved by this DVD that ward boy did this crime, not Bihaan, so court commands police to arrest that ward boy, and Bihaan is declared innocent. Everyone smile. Thapki and Bihaan cry seeing each other. Dhruv apologizes to Bihaan. Bihaan says its not your mistake, I regarded myself a criminal, I did not know the truth which Thapki made me realize. Dhruv hugs Bihaan.

Everyone apologize to Bihaan. Dadi and Vasundara feel guilty and apologize to Bihaan. Bihaan gets glad as the family trusts and loves him again.

Thapki goes out and happily cries. Bihaan comes after her and sees her. He calls out Thapki. He goes to her… and they have an eyelock. Darmiyaan…….plays………….. They get teary eyed. He wipes her tears. He says I was so afraid thinking about you. She says I was afraid, you were always with me, I was alone today. He promises her that he will never leave her alone from today, and will always be with her. They smile. The man comes there and pushes Bihaan. She shouts Bihaan. The man keeps a knife at Thapki’s neck. He threatens to kill Thapki. Everyone come out of the court and get shocked. Police is also present. The man asks everyone to be away.

The man tells Bihaan to move back. Bihaan takes the inspector’s gun and says move the knife away, I will shoot you. The man says story did not end yet, your family will end it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx for the update mam!!..

  2. What a remarkable episode !!! Thank god no dragging .. Lovely thahaan scene … But precap is sad and worth worry !! Hope everything will be fine.
    Thanks Amena for such a fast update ..stay like this always..

  3. Today epi was gahjab!! & thnks amena for the fast updating… thahan scene was very emotional! & guyss where is ur ff??? (mineey,juggu,anu)

    1. sorry sweety
      i try to write today so that u can read in evening or Tomorrow morning

      sorry for late
      busy guys

  4. Thapki tension ki..
    Should be the name of this serial bcoz thapki jahan jaati hai tension peeche peeche aata hai…
    Aaj ka epi padh ke lag hi raha tha…ki kuch toh gadbad hai…varna writers itni aasani se happy ending karne vaale toh hai nahi…
    Aur mera shak sahi nikla !!! Thapki is AGAIN in danger. Oh god is mahan atma ka kuch toh karo

  5. thahaan scenes gajabb
    bihaan say:”u never stammers when u r with ur loved ones. than why u r stammering infront of me R u didnt Consider me as ur Loved one.”
    thapki:”no bihaan its doesnt.”

    B:”just joking;” i promise i never leave u.”
    they both smiles love that part
    thapki has a feeling for bihaan but mahan aatma is not expressing.

    today when she said to Ds;”i can do anything for bihaan.

    ” i loved it also dhruv Face Seems like he Want to say;”u never say this about me “””

    love u thahaan
    realise ur love thapki

    we r waiting

    1. Thank u so much anu, because, whole epi. I cant understand these lines only. I thought these lines are something different. You explained. I loved it.

    2. Yes… thos wr best moments of todayz episode. I hope they wont create further twists n turns to the point tht the story again comes bak 360 degree to “thapki: ye pyaar kya hota hai” . Shish… school mein ye sab padathey to thapki seek to sirf nerd hai nerd?

    3. Anu, thank you so much for your post. I don’t understand Hindi and I always feel that I’m missing out on so much of this soap. PLEASE keep posting these ‘extras. ‘ I would have missed this apparent development in their relationship if it weren’t for you. Thanks again x

    4. Well said anu.??

    5. A few really lovely moments.

      I actually feel sorry for dhruv. I hope he gives shraddha hell for taking the did. I also feel bad for him that he didnt get to marry the love of his life, Thapki.

      His grin before the police siren trick was odd, like it was some memory he remembered but but wasn’t on he’d shared with Thapki,

      The Thapki Bihan moments were lovely, I think it’s an interesting love triangle. thapki is fighting her feelings for Bihan. Even pink man recognised she loves him dearly.

    6. hey guys i decided whenever there will be THAHAAN SCENES and if amena miss the dialogues i will write the dialogue so that my lovely friends can understand the.meaning
      love u all

      gd mrng

      1. Tq so much….I appreciate that anu….especially person like me needed more bcoz of language problem…

      2. That’s brilliant Anu. Thanks so much! ???

  6. Good episode Thahaan-DS Rocked today. ???

    Well Thapki..
    ” I will do anything for Bihaaan” ??
    Actually who is behind all these misery…..that also a family member.
    I guess it’s not Shraddha.. I think she don’t know anything except DVD truth.

    1. He is showed as bihaan’s real father in law

  7. What a superb episode,specially Thahaans part.I think Thapki did not recognize her feelings…when that day will come?I mean her realization.anyway,so much of excitement to see tomorrows episode.Surely,Bihaan will save her….

  8. Wow thapki tumne boldiya mai bihaan ke liye kuch bi karne ke liye tayyar hoo a ppyar nahi a tho aur kya……!!!!!!???????
    And ending mai bihaan ne bola ….aaj ke baadh tume kabi akela nahi chodoongi……..

    Episode itna karab nahi tha…. phir bi stabbing drama end nahi huva……!!!???

    Still waiting for THAHAAN love track….

    1. Hey….. see…. i came to visit.episode ws nice. Like the monsoons hav returnd aftr a drought. Lekin ye sirf ek din ki barish hai shayad. As usual…blunders to dha( eg…video shows bauji being stabbed many tyms. The doctrs wud hav put this in their report and bihaan wud hav known hes innocent coz he cudnt hav stabbed bauji multiple tyms)….. .. but aaj mein ne maaf kiya . Aur acha laga ki druv aaj dhoda smart lag raha dha.finally he had some face expression different from usual .n ankit got a few scenes with his gf. And thahaan had some gud moments (“il do nythn for bihaan” ” iska matlab tum hamein apna nahi samajthi ho……” n usual akhon akhon mein ishara).i hope thapki j n sag saw epi too.

      1. Correct roshni ?monsoon after drought ?

      2. Even a one day monsoon is better than nothing…

        The video evidence is weird. The knife was in bauji’s jacket, oops sorry gut ?, from the middle to his right side. The person stabbing Bauji looks like they were attacking from behind him on the right side, to me anyway, which would have meant the knife entered his jacket, oops sorry, but ?, the other eyesight isn’t so good but that’s how it looked to me.

        Also, the man in the pink shirt with the sweaty neck, looked really weird carrying that gun, like he wasn’t a natural lefty. I don’t reckon he could have shot anything with that thing.

        There was also a moment between dhruv and pink shirt man, which made me wonder, if he might actually be dhruv’s father,,,, and also outside the courthouse, another look from Vasu made me wonder if she knows him.

        I’m probably way off, but just wondered these things and as I’m a giving kinda person, thought I’d share these snippets with you. ????

    2. Stabbin drama end hogaa.. see… burkhaman khud chal kar court ke samne aakar thapki ko marne ki koshish kar raha hai. Real life mein koi itna stupid hoga kya ?! (vo bhi chaku lekar.not a gun.infront of so many lawyrs n police??). Ab usse pakadna to sirf ek episode vala kaam hai. I hope bauji bcoms alright… i like his charactr. He radiates a postive energy.

      1. @nimisha. I thnk thr pink shirt/burkhaman is just a hitman.nobdys dad

  9. nice episode if is good to see thahaan together. friends we have one dought some of them are saying about vote for manish. what is the matter ? is any explain it to us. pls……
    waiting for the replay…

    1. U can click on tht link (kana has put up)…n vote for MG as most popular tv actor. I cudnt vote….site seemed jammed forevr

  10. At every begining of the episode they use 2 show a disclaimer in that they says: the ppl having any disabilities they have 2 overcome that ( like thapki )
    Now I understood what they actually meant;;;; Thapki loved Druv also loved Thapki ( actually loves) but due 2 Some problems the were not able 2 unite
    She is his bro’s wife now and he also gotmarried to another girl
    Thapki is still COOL
    ?But hw abt. Druv??
    He is still after Thapki
    He loves her
    Thapki; sheis having a fault (stammering) and she is able 2 overcome her feeling (love) but druv?! So called a man who is talented & whois completly alright is not able 2 forget his love?

    1. @Tintu mon: yes in life some incidents happen and some people just move on but others just get stuck and cannot move on. Thapki moved on and started a new life, but Dhruv couldnt.
      Dhruv’s love for Thapki is so pure and true that he cannot love anyone else the way he still loves her. But that doesnt mean that he is bringing any hurdles in her current life.
      He sacrificed himself and his love for her, his brother and his family’s happiness.
      He just wants them to be happy.
      Ture love is not always getting what you want.
      True love is giving up everything for the person you love.
      Thats Thapki for Dhruv

    2. Hey. Tht disclmr notice has nothin to do with the story?.they wantd to make it a story abt a girl who withstands al obstacles and shines bright. But ended up mixin too much saas bahu drama etc etc (thapki may show perseverance on many occassions…but sometyms in life wen ppl like shradda n vasu pull u down for no reason…u shud stand up and fight.not beg them to throw challenges at u so tht u can prove them wrong.aftral… vasus groom swap by emotionally blackmailin bihaan makes her u worthy of any respect /co consideration).
      Stil kiddo… despite the bad story writing.. if u wana lern anythin… they originally meant to inspire us by sayin tht thapki has tremendous perseverance and with her lovable and kind nature + her righteousness,shes managed to win evrybdys heart. Inthe beginin of the story nobdy wantd to marry her coz of her speech impediment. Now 2 handsome elegible bachlrs (wel… ex bachlrs) r head over heels in luv with her.

      ?also… lesson 2… wen u get married… if u hv a wicked mom in law-to-be cross chek if the guy sittin next to u in mandap is really ur fiance or not??

      And as for ur take on druv and thapkis love…. speech disorders hav nothingto do with the matters of the heart. This is a serial…so we al hv our own interpretations.

      My version: druv is a smart guy but he isn’t able to get over thapki coz he doesnt know wat really happend. He thinks bihaan
      cheatd them both and now his love aka thapki is fallin for tht guy.
      Thapki ws heart broken wen she realisd druv ws swappd with bihaan.she thot druv didnt make enof effort to prevent this frm happenin. She didnt want to b a part of sucha family and probably she ddnt wana marry druv due to the stigma it may bring – being engaged to one brothr…then marryin anothr…and then again marryin ur husbands brothr. U can imagine hw ppl may ridicule her for havin been the wife of
      2 brothrs.later she realisd tht bihaan was emotionally blakmaild by his mom (whos luv he craves for,being an orphan) . So she attained “closure”(tht means to move on). Personally…i dont thnk she was in luv with druv. She ws his fan.admired him. And was grateful to him for acceptin n supportinher despite the stammerin. She may hav fallen in love with druv. circumstances lead her to her marriage with bihaan n as they startd facing obstacles togther n standin for eachothr….their friendshp/luv got to blossom in ways tht tharuv didnt get a chanz to.

      ??sometyms u gota read betwren the line to get the gist of a story. Thats y they teach poems in school -sounds simple but has many deep interpretations.
      Also…. ?in life.. ppl like thapki reach ahead coz hardship makes a person stronger. In school u may ridicule someone for stammering… being dark or fat or poor or short or something like tht … but later in life ul find tht thse ppl r the ones who succeed the most coz they knw to face difficult situations/ppl n they wil knw to respect other ppls feelings.

      So…watevr the writers meant… this is the lesson tht i wud like u to learn. Ur other big brothers n sisters here may b able to tel u other inspirational interpretations of the story . ?? esp i thnk nages…nimisha…bea.. thapki n al r deep thinkers…some even philosophers?

      1. Well said!

      2. Roshni, yet again, I completely am bowled over by your writing and wholeheartedly agree with everything you say. The lessons are the ones the show should be about. Somewhere they got a bit lost along the way but they are still there.

        very well said lovely! Very well said indeed! Xxx

      3. I agreed with u my dear Roshni….Well said…This is so called life….?

  11. I love the bit where Thapki tells Dhruv that she would do anything for Bihaan and that second where it hits Dhruv and he knows now he’s lost her forever

  12. Thanx 4 d update I hope d ward boy gets arrested

  13. Tolerable 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 varna the effects wud b different

  14. Happieee. …patha nahi aage kya hoga??? Lekin aaj ke episode ke liye director sir aur cvs ke liye ek Thank you tho banta hai….I can’t beleive cvs gave so many happy moments in one episode….bcoz hamesha Rona dhona…achche happy thahaan moments dikhane mein wo log kanjoosi karte hai na…
    Aaj ke happy moments:
    1.DS saves thapki with proof CD.
    2.when DS said “tumhari jaan katre meinhai thapki”and thapki says”lekin bihaan ko bachana zaroori hai”and DS says “lekin tumhari jaan…..” but she cut off his words and says “Bihaan ke liye mein kuch bhi karungi ” that part was awesome….DS ka face dekhne layak tha…kyunki thapki ka tho pata nahi lekin DS ko tho pakka realise huva hoga…”ab thapki ke life mein mera koi chance nahi kyunki us ke life me ab sirf aur sirf bihaan hai”….
    3.thapki aur DS ki entry with proof. .
    4. thahaans expression of love with their eyes..whole sequence they were looking each other…loved it…
    5. jappiya… the hug between vasu aur bihaan bcoz like bihaan I was waiting for that hug…Finally aa gayi wo gadi. ..
    Lekin upset with one thing thahaan ek doosre ko dekh ke paas aa rahe the…aur I was waiting for the hug….abhi paas aa kar hug karne hi wale the thabhi fir se kabab mein haddi DS aagaya beech mein..
    6.courtroom ke bahar thahaan scene. lovely so emotional scene. .almost thahaan confession ho yi chuka hai…ab tho bas I LOVE U kehna baaki hai…CV’S wo bhi jaldi se dikhawo. ..
    Love Manyasa a lot yaar..they are adorable together. .
    Aaj ke liye bas itna kaafi hai..aage kya hoga
    jan ne keliye dekh the rahiye Thapki pyaar ki. .Mon-sun shame 7 baje.

    1. Full kush hoo…..!!!???

      1. Of course santhosh. ….bahuth Dino ke baad aaj kuch achche thahaan scenes dekhne ko mile. .thahaan kush tho mein bhi kush. …

  15. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow cute thahaan wala scene finally b for Bihaan Pandey b for back to action ghajab 😛 and Dhruv ka character till now acha hain I hope makers don’t make him negative mein toh thahaan ke saath saath Dhruv ka fan bhi ban gayi actually from epi 1 main Dhruv ki fan Thi but later I hated him but now again he is good

    1. Yeh….i hope they wont spoil druvs character for the sake of draggin story further n addin masala

      1. Nywy… weathr forcast for upcomim episode shows dark druv clouds lingerin over thahaan…. chances of further rainfal ? n lightenin ☠ cannot b ruled out??. Thts as per the spoilers here.
        Btw….bihaan and thapki shud get married again…a real marriage with bihaan in pics as the groom.thapki shud see him putin sindoor na. Afttall bachon ko kya dikhayenge….album to ban na chahiye na??

      2. That would be good Roshni, but what if dhruv huts Bihan over the head and steps in instead… I wouldn’t put it past the show peeps to do that, or Vasu even ???

    2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

      Haha r8 roshni they should get remarried looks like due to court cases and hospital bills Pandey family don’t have money 😛 also Dhruv also don’t go his news reporter work 😛 so sad their Thapki Bitiya ek all rounder hain even saved their lawyer bills but don’t have enough money to get her n b for Bihaan Pandey remarried so sad

  16. I loved loved today’s episode. I cried buckets and just to make sure I watched it again and cried some more. I am one of those who were very vocal about Bihaan never forgiving Vasu but executed the way it was done today, even a stone’s heart would melt.
    I loved how Thapki told Dhruv in no uncertain terms that she would do anything for Bihaan. The look on Dhruv’s face was a pretty picture. Now more than ever I don’t trust Dhruv. A niggling little voice in my head says he is gonna be coming in between Thahaan in the future.
    Today both Manish and Jigyasa rocked big time. Actually today the whole cast and crew were all on point. Wowie. Clap clap clap clap.
    Thahaan were awesome. I’m in love and its not with a man but a couple: Thahaan

    1. Very well said Bea.

      And as usual I agree with you. I didn’t cry loads but felt the same!

      I keep saying it’s an interesting love triangle. I love thahaan but I also feel bad for dhruv.

      I hope he doesn’t let shraddha get away with hiding the dvd!

  17. Best episode ever!!! Finally.current track hua end! Thahaan romance hua start! Family ka jazba-e -pyar bhi hua start! Par ye kia!!!………:-(!!! Omg!!! Naya current track!!!?%-)

    1. Agree with every oneout here. Episode was indeed good? infact was good to see bihans innocence being proved after he being blamed the murderer for many monotonous episodes. Today thàpki confessed to go to any extent for bihan n infact bihan too promised her that e would be with her forever. It was really heartening to see vasus realisation of truth n the way she hugged bihan n apologised was amazing. ??☝☝?? tomorrow bihan wud save thapk n beat that wardboy but puzzle is who can be the mastermind insider

  18. Guys I was simply thinking about Final episode. I think final episodes ll be lyk bihaan would be die & he wish& promise DS&tjapki to get married.

    1. Noooooooooooo

  19. I have a feeling that dhruv is behind all thi as he still loves thapki and in precap the man also said that his own family would end all this
    Dhruv might want bihan to fall in eyes of everyone and since day one he was not also very fond of bau jee dk but few days back in a spoiler it was written that dhruv would be a villain

  20. Let me ask in today’s epi the goon was trying to harm thapki in front of court wahh then wat for the foolish manly police stood there and they cudnt do anthng :O then wat r they made up of? 4 that also bihan shud tak gun again to be in jail .. then wat was that CD shown I was like laughing without any break bcoz after bihan was pushed away and bauji was stabbed and beaten many many times then wat was bihan doing swimming on the floor ?:-) or didt he hear any sound of beating ? Became deaf??thapki druv all utter fools she cud have copied the CD and given the real one to goon and escaped .and druv he cud take the complaint back and which court ppl can enter like market as tharuv entered ??bihan is he human or not or is he the son of devi sita this tolerance omgggg!!!:O :O still fallen in the glycerin tears hw did he forgive those zooies .and wat was the acting of bauji yesterday wen poison reacted as if some worms bit him and he was playing disco dance on the bed 🙂 🙂 also wat canchoos r these pandeynivasiyo can’t they appoint. Dr or home nurse ? Don’t know wat is the thing that bauji did to the family that they don’t care him so much. only bihan is doing barbers work:-) anyways wish thapki confess and thahaan complete .and in my language they r not pandey nivasi but “dridravasiyo” sharmani chahiye in logon ko

    1. Yeh….tpk is fulla brainless ideas which they try to sell as “brilliant”. Kehte hai na… china made… usi tara china made ideas leke athe hai. No ofenz to the country ?
      Thiz burkhaman track is fulla legal and medical blunders. Sometyms its so hard to tolerate al this nonsense i watch the show.?

      1. Error: nonsense and watch…***

  21. At first dhruv was having the lead role in the story paired with thapki…but later bihaan took that position…so dhruv got sidelined and was not having much role in the story except few dialogues or may be there is a chance that he may turn into a leading antagonist ? (by the way this is my first comment in tellyupdates was a silent reader before?)

  22. ishu(Tamil Ponnu)

    wow…ty epi was speechless…..most awaited sceens happend….
    no words r should explain it…
    the songs r explain every thing…
    Darmiya….Darmiya….kuch tho tha Tere Mere(THAHAAN) Darmiya….what a love sceens…
    v r waiting for Thahaan confessing love hug sceens…..
    thahaan rockz…

  23. Will there be a retelecast of this episode?any other way to watch it ?pls help guys.missed the Thahaan scenes.update seems interesting.

    1. Watch through…..

  24. Was anyone else hoping bihaan would call her chuk chuk gadi after he joked with her about the stammering. That would have been perfect

    1. I was waiting for that, but it was actually lovely even without it.☺️☺️☺️

  25. The burqa man either bauji brother or bihaan’s father………..

  26. Hi frnds, episode was super good. Thapki’s confession, bihaan’s innocence proved, dhruv and bihaan’s vasu and dadima’s guilty mixed hug. But i was waiting for thahaan’s passionate love hug. Dhruv not the person who behind this. This must be new track and new story. That ward boy said to thapki that the reason is revenge towards bauji. So it must be a new entry villian. Bihaan always help thapki becoz he is the super husband. No one dying in thapki pyar ki. Thahaan rockz as usual. Love u bihaan.

  27. Hi frnds, episode was super good. Thapki’s confession, bihaan’s innocence proved, dhruv and bihaan’s vasu and dadima’s guilty mixed hug. But i was waiting for thahaan’s passionate love hug. Dhruv not the person who behind this. This must be new track and new story. That ward boy said to thapki that the reason is revenge towards bauji. So it must be a new entry villian. Bihaan always help thapki becoz he is the super husband. No one die in thapki pyar ki. Thahaan rockz as usual. Love u bihaan.

  28. Hi frnds, episode was super good. Thapki’s confession, bihaan’s innocence proved, dhruv, vasu and dadima’s guilty mixed hug. But i was waiting for thahaan’s passionate love hug. Dhruv not the person who behind this. This must be new track and new story. That ward boy said to thapki that the reason is revenge towards bauji. So it must be a new entry villian. Bihaan always help thapki becoz he is the super husband. No one die in thapki pyar ki. Thahaan rockz as usual. Love u bihaan.

  29. Hi frnds, episode was super good. Thapki’s confession, bihaan’s innocence proved, dhruv, vasu and dadima’s guilty mixed hug. All are good. But i was waiting for thahaan’s passionate love hug. This must be a new track and new story. That ward boy said that the reason is revenge towards bauji. So its a new villian’s entry. Bihaan always help thapki from danger becoz he is the super husband. No one die in thapki pyar ki. Thahaan rockz as usual. Love u bihaan.

  30. Olv and iv ……

    Do dil mil rahe hain magar chupke chupke…sab ko ho rahi hai, haan sab ko ho rahi hai khabar chupke chupke
    In Litti Chokha party, Pandey family is playing some game. Bihaan is asked to sing a song. I think he tries to avoid it by giving excuse of his besuri awaaz but someone suggests him to close his eyes and think of something nice and then sing. He does that and then sings a song in a surili awaaz
    Pandey family is teasing ThaHaan

    after ages a new dress for Thapki (she’s looking pretty) and ThaHaan are once again color-coordinated

    ……………another WU …….

    Manish & Jigyasa sharing five things they like about each other

    Lagta hai Manish ko question samajh nahin aaya I loved Jigyasa’s answers.

    We know each other for 5 years.
    While shooting, we cannot look into each other’s eyes as when our eyes meet we laugh.
    She’s so bubbly, full of nautanki. She keeps a straight face in her shots, and in my turn, she makes weird faces to suppress her laughter but her shoulders move up and down which disturb the shoot.
    She’s so childish. And i get scolded because of her childish antics.
    We don’t need words to communicate with each other. In these 5 years our chemistry has developed to that extent where we can talk to each other through our eyes.
    I find Bihaan’s anger really cute.
    I love teasing him.
    I like Bihaan’s care and concern for Thapki and his whole family.
    I love the way Bihaan says Gajjab.
    He’s really cute. I like his chocolatey face.

    1. Hey… hmm..turns out… i hv actually bcom more free than usual ?

    2. Awwww they sound like lovely people Manish and Jigyasa. Awwwww! ☺️☺️☺️

  31. Waiting for SHRHAAN scene………

    1. Whos shrhaan…. inn donom ke bache huye kya?????
      Just kidin.Shradda and thahaan?

  32. Yaha pe sab achanak itne boring kaise hogaye…. lagta hai burkhaman track dikha dikha kar writers ne sabka bheja fry kar dala.
    Guys… wake up.hv some fun??.evrybdys bcom so serious nowadays

  33. Tpk has really some funny and odd ideas. Wen dat man was stabbing bauji(4 to 5 times!)bihan’d fallen down ri8 infront of him. Den did he suddenly become helen keller’s bro??? And wen dat man points knife at thapki wat r d policemen surrounding dem were doing..? Jst watching dis nvr ending drama? And dat man doesnt have d least common sense who will threathen a person infront of court nd for wat reason wen he has already been proved culprit…! Pandey family has lots of educated ppl den cant any1 copy d dvd til d time dhruv takes his car..? It hardly takes 10 min..and wen other family members known d truth dey cud have jst taken back d case…writers ka dimag…uff!!

    1. Yes… and may i add that stabbin someone multiple tyms (whch wud he clearly evident inthe medical examination report) indicates clearly tht it wasnt aan accident. It was a premeditated murder attempt. Just on tht scene i wana ask the writers:
      1) was bihaan high on weed or somethin
      tht he didnt notice al this hapenin? And the guy is quite hefty… nobdy noticed this guy.
      2) y ws it so dark? Ok…bihaan ws deprsd
      and didnt bother abt lights. Y didnt bauji
      turn it on? How did bauji see wat bihaan was doin? If he cud see bihaan(old men hav lesser vision)…then hw cum youngr bihaan cudnt see the culprit anywr.


      3) the dr gave thapki a falthu info tht the knife went in from left to right (even if
      accidental,it can stil hapen so)…. but dr
      didnt bother tellin her tht baujis condition is serious coz he had multiple stab wounds.

      4) video shows culprit repeatedly stabbin bau ji with same knife.
      Stabbin…removin…stabbin. so y didnt he
      leave with the knife?? Did he deliberately bring a similar knife to frame bihaan?if so did he hav sixth sense as to whch knife he wud use? Y lev an evidenz behind.


      5) bihaan was near the steps…so killer either had to pass bihaan or wud havhad
      to run a longer distanz to reach the other
      end of corridor.did bihaan hav cataract tht he missed seein this overwt guy?!
      6)again n again i wana ask: bauji got
      stabbed in oursid balcony…but falls from
      the stairs inside.did bihaan carry bauji inside…remove the knife…and bcom so clumsy tht he let him tumble down the stairs?


      7)old man…stabbd mutiple tyms… tumbles down a long flight of stairs…yet… no blood
      around… he survives.

      8) bauji n bihaan wr sorta like gundas….both had a lota enemies. Yet they
      didnt hav a single guard/private
      surveillance cams/ not even a dog!!hmm… or is rampyaari a hibrid between a dog and a goat. ??

      9) burkhaman unnecessarily exposes himslf to.thapki…that too in public. I hv
      alredy mentiond how tht temple plot was
      idiotic. He then walks into court to…… to wat? Get himself arrested.
      10)legal proceedings aka court scene was
      utter bulshit.
      A)law degree?!!
      B) wats the authenticity of evidencespresented by the defendants wife…collectd inthe absence of a police
      C).even dvd cud hav been fake…shot on another day with date saved as 2/5.
      D) judge says” from the dvd we knw that ward boy is the culprit”. Who says he ws really a ward boy?? Wats proof tht thapki wasnt lyin? The video dosnt show culprits face… so hw cn he say tht it shows wardboy as culprit?? Unless the judge is ur grandpa..hes not gona listen to ur stories unless bakd up with evidence.

      11)culprit attacks thapki (not bihaan) in court compound. Uh…really?! I knw they wana gv some macho movts to bihaan.but common…use brainz onz a while to come up with betr ideas!

      12) in a house fulla guns… druv goes to rescue thapki without informin police/without weapon or assistance .he even manages to find wr exactly she is.

      13)thapki runs to temple coz its crowded n safr.yet wen goons chase her she goes to deserted areas.

      14) director could shoot the antidote glass bottle fallin on shivLinga coz he knw it wil he uses graphics. Yet he wants common man to bliv thats a smart and plausible idea???uffffff

      Thse r just to name a few!writers shud stick to romance or somethin…else use their brains and do some research n work hard to cum uo with “smart” ideas.

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