Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki being shocked seeing the divorce agreement. Vasundara says you have to do this. Thapki looks at Vasundara. Vasundara says if you want Bihaan’s life, you have to give him divorce and go away from his life forever. Bihaan gets critical. Doctor treats him and says if he does not get blood transplant soon, it will be tough to save him. Vasundara says I know you will leave from here after few days, but if you ask for divorce, then everyone will remove you from heart, you won’t keep relation with anyone in Pandey Nivaas.

Bihaan finds difficulty in breathing. Doctor gives him some injection. Bihaan closes eyes. Vasundara says now you can save Bihaan’s life, can you pay the price. Thapki says yes, I m ready. Vasundara smiles and says then on holi day, you will

do as I told you, everyone will get color on holi, but you have to get off your holi from this family and Bihaan’s life.

Vasundara gives blood to Bihaan in the hospital. Thapki looks on. The family comes there and gets shocked seeing Bihaan. Bau ji asks Dadi to trust Lord, nothing will happen to Bihaan. Vasundara comes out. Doctor tells Bau ji that Bihaan is fine, but we have to keep him here till tomorrow, he is out of danger. Bau ji holds Vasundara’s hand and says I just gave Bihaan my name, you gave your blood, you proved nothing is more than Maa for a son. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words.

Thapki goes to Bihaan and cries seeing him. Bihaan gets conscious and sees her. He asks her not to waste her precious tears. She holds his hand and asks are you fine Bihaan….. He looks at her and music plays……………. He says I will not die so soon, what did you think I fainted by bullet, I fainted by seeing your Chandi avatar. He gets ache and she worries for him. She asks him not to talk much till he gets fine. He says if I don’t speak, how will you smile, if you don’t smile, how will I get fine…. Na na na na ……………..plays…………. she cries……

Dadi, Bau ji and others come inside the ward. Dadi asks Bihaan is he fine. He says yes. Doctor asks Bihaan how is he. Bihaan says fine. Doctor asks him to take rest, he can go home. Bihaan thanks him. Doctor says thank your Maa, she gave you blood on time. Bau ji says yes, she gave you a life, Bihaan says yes, that’s why I named my life to her. Vasundara says I did not do anything, Thapki came to me on right time and did not take time in deciding this, else I would have not come here on time, Thapki saved Bihaan’s life, right Thapki? Shraddha thinks what happened to Vasundara, that she is praising Thapki. Bau ji asks Dhruv to get medicines.

Later, Bihaan comes home with family. Bihaan says I have family with me, and no problem can harm me. Chandu comes with holi items and asks Bihaan what happened to you. Bihaan says little wound, did you get everything. Chandu says yes, all as you like. He shows the items and colors. Preeti says I m very excited for holi. Bau ji says no, we won’t play holi this year. The family looks on.

Bau ji asks Chandu to take the items back. Bihaan asks Bau ji why won’t we play. Bau ji says you are unwell. Bihaan says I m fine, I can run and show, you have to say yes for holi. Preeti requests Bau ji to agree. Bau ji says fine, but Bihaan should tell me if he has any problem. Bihaan says sure. Bau ji asks Thapki to take care of Bihaan. Thapki nods. Bihaan says so we will do holika dahan puja at night and play holi tomorrow morning. Dadi asks Bihaan to rest. She asks Thapki to take Bihaan to room.

Later, Thapki helps Bihaan wear the kurta. He looks at her. Na na na na …….plays………. She makes him ready for holika dahan. She asks him to come, everyone is waiting for holika dahan. He nods. They leave.

Dadi does the holika dahan puja. Everyone smile. They ignite fire and take rounds, praying. Bihaan recalls Thapki’s words, and their special moments. He looks at her smiles recalling her words.

Bihaan applies holi color to Thapki wishing her happy holi. She shows the divorce papers and asks for divorce. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Alisha

    I am seriously crying right now. Those Thahaan scenes! I feel like crying out loud. I was so worried about Bihaan… Couldn’t watch today’s episode because my cousins are watching their serial. But after reading the updates, I can’t wait to watch it!
    Thahaan scenes are love..seriously! I am literally crying right now! ??
    Those words, “If I don’t speak, how will you smile and if you don’t smile, how will I get fine.” They are killing me. I can’t stop myself from reading them again and again.

  2. Ally

    Oh at last Bihaan fell in love with Thapki ?☺?
    So sad precap …..;Instead saying happy holi to Bihaan Thapki demands Divorce ??

  3. Hey its gud new that thapki n bihaan realising love for each other… N todays bihaan dialouge was awesome… If i don’t speak how will u smile… N if u don’t smile… How will i get fine…

  4. Malika

    Very emotional episode ? ? ?….they will get divorced…i read spoilers and felt bad for Bihaan…he will cry like child in Bau jis arm after knowing about divorce with Thapki and after holi Thapki leaves from Pandey nivas….i think Bihaan and Thapki’s love story going to start….

  5. Astha

    The episode was too gud..
    But alas!!.when bihaan finally realises his love..thapki asked for divorce..
    Plzz done seperate thahaan

  6. MSD

    hasn’t this hatred gone on long enough! These serials are so unrealistic (I hope)…how can the mother be so evil!!

  7. genita

    Seriously guyzzz vasu doesnt deserve to be called mom.why thapki is being so mahaan.stop this mahaan wali track. Show thapki ‘s boldness.bring that oldwali thapki who stands boldly over thebpeople who laugh on her

  8. I m so happy bcz bihaan realize his love …and vasu she is d very worst and cheap women…she is not at all a mother ….very sad precap I can’t see bihaan cry and sad ….I want him to be always with smile

  9. ruhi

    wow yr… awesome episode
    finally bihaan realise his love, I guess so.
    but I m happy n that line ” if I don’t
    speak, how will you smile, if you don’t
    smile, how will I get fine”. wow yr… maza aa gaya aaj ka scene dekh kar(thahaan scene) ‘but why everyone realise there love when they r about to seperate’ . bihaan is thinking about his moments with thapki it indicates that he is in love with her.
    precape is also interesting, Bihaan applies holi color to Thapki wishing her happy holi how cute but when thapki ask for divorce he gets shocked.
    I literally today’s episode n also wish they don’t get separated n plz writers don’t spoil holi n unite thahaan.

  10. Lovely

    OMG really a heart touching episode of Thahaan.Really It’s so emotional.
    Please don’t send thapki to chathurvedi nivas.That divakar drama there is so irritating. Sheena just rocked as aditi from the beginning. But now she is also not there.Anyway need only Thahaan story nothing else.

  11. Oh……….extremely amazing episode.The last part is really superb.Manish,there is no substitute for you man you are the best for ever.precap is sooooooo touching.i cant have the mind to see him in a emotional state.Anyway…….coming episodes willbe surprising.I WISH A HAPPY AND MEMORABLE HOLI FOR ALL MY THAHAANS FRIENDS AND TPK TEAM SPECIALLY FOR MANISH……

  12. neha

    Don’t know what happens next in tpk, but I hope this difference(divorce) will soon converts into closeness(true love) for thahaan….that will be a big, tight slap on vasu & shraddha’s face…let’s see……hope 4 the best.

  13. Shruti

    Today’s ep was awesome!! but precap ws nt gud.i think now thahaan’s love story will strt.???nd bihaan’s lines were heart touching.

  14. Fatarajo

    Today thahaan scene was so emotional can’t wait to catch up the repeats n precap first part was good but second part broke my heart, I hope Bihaan realizes his love and confesses his love to his Chuk chuk gadi

  15. pri

    Really heartbreaking.i did not understand whether vasu really send men to shoot bihaan or how?if she has,then why she pretended to b shocked when c heard the news?

  16. Nim

    I read the update and just watched the episode.

    Apart from the witch-vasu bits I really liked it.

    Poor Thapki and poor Bihan. Remember though he can read her soul through her eyes and will know she is asking because of her majboori.

    Looking forward to tomorrow.


  17. Indi

    Could Vasundhara be Bihaan’s mother? Funny how her blood type matches Bihaan’s. Maybe she had a child before marrying Bauji. Would love to see her reaction … after all her plotting against him!

  18. Anisha

    Beautiful episode. So nice. Vasu has nothing to do with the shooting. She was getting the divorce papers ready.bihaan and thapki don’t need to say anything their eyes speak volumes. Oh so lovely.dil Kush hua

  19. RS

    Thapki was going to leave the pandey nivas after 3 mnths right? I think it was because the divorce was gonna take 3 mnths tym , but again divorce?? Not getting it…
    By d eay, todays episode was just awesome. ….

  20. Where is Sister KIRAN …..!
    I see the many times in pandy parivar 1 r 2 members missing in important scene ………..!
    why director ji …?

  21. zally

    Oh god I m actually crying this all happen because of that witch vasu I hate her ,thapki an bihann can’t break so easy he have to question thapki I don’t think he will leave it so easy for thapki to leave

  22. Amy25

    Let’s be honest, if the writers are breaking up Tahaan only to join Thapki and Dhruv, I’m sorry, but please end the series here, because, you’ve caused way to much damage already… Vasu needs to be burnt alive, Shradha needs to be thrown in ditch, preferebly dead, Dhruv needs to grow a pair and get over Thapki, and Bihaan needs to show his family that no matter what, he’s the only reason why his family isn’t killing each other. He is the glue that holds them together and they know it, when he left everyone was in their own world only interacting as necessary, Bihaan pack up your bags and things and leave with Thapki, don’t let her go… She’s the best thing that happened to you, you will never find someone like her… Also Thapki, stop being a mahaan atma as everyone s calling you… No woman would go through the shit you go through and still forgive the wrong doings of her assailants!!

  23. moni

    Vasu gives Thapki an ultimatum that she will donate blood only if she agrees to sign the divorce papers. Balvinder thanks Vasu for donating blood while Bihaan is finally discharged from the hospital.

    Thapki helps Bihaan to get dressed for the Holi ceremony. When Thapki tries to hand over the divorce papers to Bihaan, Vasu stops her and tells her that she will have to do it the next day.As everyone is busy enjoying Holi, Bihaan applies colourful powder on Shraddha’s face to irritate her. When he tries to do the same to Thapki, she gets angry.

    Shraddha comes up with a plan to mix hair removal cream with colour and apply it on Thapki’s head. While Bihaan forces Thapki to dance, Shraddha makes efforts to ruin her hair.

    When Thapki hands over the divorce papers to Bihaan, he seems shocked and tries to make a call to the lawyer. But Thapki stops him and tells him that it is her decision.Vasu agrees with Thapki’s decision to divorce Bihaan as their relationship was not a genuine one. Everyone is upset including Dhruv, but Shraddha convinces him that it is the right decision.

    As Balvinder notices that Bihaan is extremely hurt due to incident He tries to console him. However Bihaan breaks down and starts crying in his arms.

  24. Sonya

    Vasundhra is really not fit to take on a mother’s role and I can’t wait for her to fall flat on her face and only Thapki can make her rise.

  25. S raja

    Itl all be happy endings
    Until then they keeping us hooked onto all these sad situations
    If they didn’t have these evil characters the story wouldn’t last cuz realistically no ones life is perfect and no one realistically would take so much crap like thapki does
    It’s al fake and all jus entertainment,
    And to entertain u need to bring these type of story lines
    Love watching dramas on HUM channel
    They are so much more realistic and refer to real life stories that occur in many families nowadays

  26. Jennifer

    I love bihaan saying’ if I don’t speak how will u smile’.that is soo lovely
    I don’t know Hindi.I am Tamil girl.soo I can’t understand by watching.soo reading hear is nice .after reading I will watch in television

  27. Satya

    Vasu calls Bihan son and if she is a mother . A mother will never discriminate between her sons. What an opportunistic two faced B#t*h. She held Thapki to ransom over Bihans life.

  28. Nim

    Good morning.

    MONI, your post is interesting. Is it just your opinion on what might happen or actually what does happen?

    I’m guessing days episode will feature more about holi and I think Kareena kapoor and Arjun kapoor must be on today’s episode so I’m wondered if thapki handing Bihan the divorce papers happens right at the end so we have another wait to see how the next part of the story unfolds… Hmmm. I hope not.

    I like the Bollywood actors but would prefer the show to be about the show rather than a promo for a film being released soon.

    Still, I love watching Holi fun so I’m sure it’ll be good from that perspective.

    I keep thinking about what Bihan said in hospital to Thapki that someone quoted above, totally beautiful words and such a lovely scene.

    I think Bihan does realise he has feelings for thapki and it,LTL be an interesting twist in the tale if she realises the same. I think before she can realise this though she needs to know the truth about why Bihan married her.

    Also, in one episode, thapki categorically told Dhruv that she never had, doesn’t and never will have feelings for Bihan. It’s going to make an interesting love triangle I think.

    I feel bad for thapki as she has nowhere to go. If she leaves pandey nivas she can’t go home as idiot diva key and his idiotic parents are there.

    So so pleased the story is moving on. Looking forward t today and the next few episodes very much.


    • right nim before she can realise that she loves him she needs to know the truth about why Bihan married her.
      but pls give some good role to druv too i just love him he is just a sweetheart

      • Nim

        Dhruv could def be more interesting.

        Since the wedding where he should have married thapki, he’s been a bit weak, I think.

        He has done nothing but felt sorry for himself. I never understood why he didn’t talk more to thapki. Yes I know she took her heras with Bihan but he sort of stepped away from her and I believe that let her down lots.

        The scene the other day where Thapki helps rewrite his speech for the show was interesting and that could be a way of his role developing so that he starts to realise what an idiot shraddha is.

        He never really fought for thapki since the wedding and I think he’s been made to be a victim when really the real victim is thapki.

        He needs to man up and fight for what he wants.


  29. Priya

    Thapki oh thapki tum itni pagal kyu ho?. kyu tum apni chudail saas ka sach family ke samne nahi lane ki koshish karti? kyu tum hamesha mahaan banne ki kosh karti ho? kyu hamesha ma ki mhushi hi dekhti ho ghar mein bauji aur daadi bhi hain unki khushi ka kya.
    guy there are many questions in my mind ragarding vasu’s character.

    1 If she thinks bihaan is not equel to dhruv, why she’s trying to ruin bihaan’s marriage?.
    2 in the starting once she said she regrets her marriage with bauji. why is that?. i think he’s a good man. who really respect his wife.
    3 How can she think, she perfect. when she’s definitely not?
    4 lastly do you guys think that vasu is the stepmother of Bihaan and the two older brother and Druv is her real son?. cause it seem like.

  30. vasundhars truth should b revealed soon by her fv shradha bahu n thapki n druv should unite it will b like a big slap on her thapki n bihan should realise vassus devilness thapki pls dint b so mahan i hate this shrada n vassu so cheap they are

  31. Nim

    hi Priya

    I think Vasu is so determined t make shraddha the best Bahu because deep down she knows she did wrong t Dhruv and even deeper down I think she knows thapki was the best for her Dhruv.

    She is too proud to admit it though.

    She is also trying to remove thapki as she stupidly believes that thapki is the reason why Dhruv doesn’t love shraddha. She and shraddha don’t understand love and to be loved you need a kind soul and someone who recognises that soul.

    Thapki has that in spades and they can’t handle it.

    Hank has told Dhruv that they have no future. They will love each other forever but thapki said faith in Dhruv has been lost so vasu has succeeded in that. But Dhruv, thapki and Bihan and the rest of the normal pandeys won’t stop loving thapki just because she leaves.

    They, vasu and shraddha, are too stupid, shallow and selfish to understand what unconditional love is.


  32. parvini

    really good episode..cried all thru the show. love the seeing thapki helping Bhiaan … his feelings for her finally coming to surface. 🙂

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