Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha marking the brinjal. She asks Thapki to roast the brinjal. Bihaan messages Thapki and asks her to come to room, there is a surprise. Thapki tells Shraddha that Bihaan is calling her, and goes. Shraddha gets angry. Bihaan surprises Thapki and shows a golden fish pair. He holds her hand and makes her touch the fishes. She says they are lovely pair, they have made a small world of their happiness. He says yes, like us, we will also make such a world. He says this is sign of our love and togetherness, I will make this break and always keep this safe. Ranjhana…………plays……..

Shraddha says Thapki would have come in kitchen, I will see her. Suman and Preeti argue. Vasundara says I will teach you. Shraddha stops her and says let Thapki roast it. Thapki gets

away from the stove by some reasons. She then thinks to roast the brinjal in microwave. She keeps the brinjal in microwave and goes. Bihaan goes to dump the junk, and gets the green threads. He gets thinking.

Shraddha goes to kitchen and brinjal blasts. Shraddha faints. Thapki rushes to her and asks her to get up. Doctor checks Shraddha and says this could have been dangerous for her. Thapki and Vasundara think how did this happen. Bihaan comes and says I will tell you how did this happen and who did this. He shows the green thread and says blast happened by this, not brinjal. Bau ji asks whats this Bihaan. Bihaan shows by burning that thread and says this was a cracker bomb, its explosive powder was taken and filled in the brinjal, so that when brinjal is heated, it blasts. Bau ji and Vasundara ask who can do this. Bihaan says Shraddha. They all get shocked. Bihaan says Shraddha did this, because she wanted to kill Thapki.

Shraddha denies it. Vasundara says what are you saying Bihaan, Shraddha is pregnant, she can’t do this. Doctor says you maybe mistaken, Shraddha is not pregnant. They all get shocked.

Dhruv asks doctor what are you saying. Doctor says yes, I did all tests, she is not pregnant. Thapki recalls doubting on Shraddha. Thapki tells Shraddha that my doubt was right on you. Bihaan says I told you Thapki, but you made me quiet. Thapki says I told you Shraddha not to break this family’s trust. Shraddha says this happened because of you, who are you to point finger at me, look at yourself, you played with everyone’s feelings, first Dhruv, then Bihaan, Vasundara and Dadi, what if I did a small drama. Vasundara slaps Shraddha. She calls her shameless and scolds her. Dadi says you do mistake and blame Thapki. Suman says if anything happened to Thapki today then…. Bihaan says I would have not left her alive. Preeti says shame on you. Shraddha says no, shame on you all.

Shraddha scolds them for doing this with her. She says Vasundara knew Dhruv loves Thapki, why did she make me marry Dhruv, Dhruv always have Thapki’s name in his heart, I m fed up. She cries and says yes, I want this girl to leave from my and Dhruv’s life, that’s why I did that blast, and about fake pregnancy, I did that to get your love, I wanted Dhruv’s love, but you all are mad about Thapki here. Vasundara says no use of these words and tears. Vasundara says now I don’t have trust on you, I have seen you many times, you can fall to any extent for your benefit, Pandey Nivaas has no place for you, leave from here, this is your punishment. Dhruv says Shraddha won’t go anywhere. They all get shocked.

Bau ji says I want to end all the questions on Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage, so I decide to get them remarried by all rituals.

Update Credit to: Amena



      |Registered Member

      shobi kannu pavam sharadha oruvagaila partha ava solarathutan unmai druv love kadaikila…avaluku druv love kadaicha avalum tirunthalamle….

      • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Hey hey ellarum niruthunga,nanum pathukide iruken eppa paaru akka kokkanukidu,nanga enna 30 ah thanditoma???
        Adiye juggu muthalla unaku iruku previous comments la enna sonna enna sonna,unna vida enaku 10 vayasu koodanu thane,yen 20 vayasu koodanu solrathu!! appo unakku 17na enaku 27ahh??? Pichiruvan 🙂
        Mariyathaiya appudu payalugalum inime enna,nasreen ah,kumuthva,goms ah akka kokkanu koopidenga avlo than be carefull
        Thahaan fans ku ennaikume vayasu 20 than

      • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        @juggu-ahh uhhhna onnu akkankiral illa babynkiralee!!! Ivala enna panrathu????
        Fb la podurathu ellam unmainu unnaya mathiri loosu than nampum 🙂
        Haha asingapaddalll juggu 🙂 🙂

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        By Adiye kana pona podhu vayasula periya ponnunu mariyadha kudutha ennaye loosundre….podi ppatti….

      • ash..2

        Adiye juggu , kana solra madhiri nadandhukko. Akka, thangachi, aunty, uncle….idhellam engalukku neraiya irrukku. Friends thaan evvalavo irundhalum pathamatengudhu. Adiye venumnalum koopidu. Akka, koopta avlothaan, koolipadaiya anipiduven jakiradhai.

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Ungalala naa enikume akkanu kooptadhe illaye thn y ivlo alapara kums ayu kums tha koopuduve nethu vai thavari akka nu koopta……

      • ash..2

        Andha ennam kanavula kooda varakoodaadhunnu thaan munnadiye soliten kannu. Idhu unnaku mattum illai, ella kannugalukkum thaan. Unna vechchi scene poten, adhukku poi kodhikare.

  1. dhanu

    I’m new here. I’m from tamilnadu.Finally thahaan marriage . happy to read more Tamil commands

  2. Shaz

    Wow!super episode…finally shradhaas truth come out….and waiting for thahaaaan remarriage???

  3. Manyasa29

    Good episode…..but precap is more interesting !! How can vasu blame shraddha that she is selfish …bcoz she herself is selfish……thahaann’s scene was very nice…love u MANYASA.

  4. garima

    Oh wow ♡♥♡ ♡♥♡ ♡♥♡guys our dreams come true. I am so happy. But sharda na ik bat to sahi kahi ka sharda na bihaan ko dokha diya. Muja bahut bura laga tha jab thapki na bihaan ko dokha diya tha. Mana isme sharda ki sari galti thi but cvs is so disgusting thapki pyar ki ma to unhona had kar Di normal story ka tarha nahi kar sakte tha thapki bihaan sa jab mafi mangti to pahla bihaan gusa hota phir thapki ka romantic tarika ka manana sa shant hota phir nakhra karta last ma man jata but he unhona to bihaan ka character ko to kharab kar diya tha caha jo bhi Ho I always love bihaan♥♡♥.koi bat nahi I am exited to their remarriage. But I really think agar bihaan ko uske kohi hui family mil jai so he became happy. Please please please please please please give your opinion kya tum bi yahi sochta ho bihaan ko uske khoi family mini chahiya.

    • Sushila

      I am happy for tahaan remarriage but also affraid if thistime also bihaan sacrifise for his mom yah fir druv ka liya thapki ko …yah fir bihaan na jo druv ka sath kiya tah woh wapis reapet na hojaya bihaan ka sath….for taking revange from bihaan by druv… aur tumna kaha bihaan ki family ka bare ma i hope bihaan ki family ka bare ek bar sayad dekhaya tah sayad jab bihàan apne purani sketchbook dekhna gaya tah jab usko thapki ka liya first time felling huaa tah

      • Malika

        Superb episode love Thahaan scene… Precap is amazing waiting for tomorrow’s episode…guys is Tpk going off air soon? please tell me

  5. Goms

    |Registered Member

    Dhruv ku paithiyam tha pdchuruku..

    Ena pathi akkaraya visaricha ellam nalla ullangalaiyum ninaicha romba santhoshama iruku..???????? love yu all swtiess..

  6. Umarani

    I read the comments, I love to watch the thapki pyar ki show in tv.but I miss the show. Please if everyone request to the colorstv channel and cable operator. Then the colorstv channel will be available in the Tamilnadu aarsu cable TV.


    Wowwwwwww…… bauji rocks but y thahaan shocks……
    (kuch dinn aur roommates banneka irada a kya….????
    shaadi ke baadh mai tho ek accha thahaan love ♥ track dekhne ko milega……..???)…….

    Thahaan remarriage its good news for all thahaanian
    but ,problem is cvs how many days taken to the thahaan remarriage……..????

    • vinlora

      Jyada kush mat ho mere dosth? ye tho trailer hai picture abhi bhi baaki hai ??iss remarriage mein bahuth hungama hone wala hai dekhna. …?
      In this remarriage track I’m sure there will be lots of twists….now Shraddha and Dhruv will create problem for thahaan. ..but it’s for short period. the end thahaan remarriage will happen? and there will be no groom swap again?bcoz CV’S are not that much idiot s? I think this remarriage track is to make Dhruv understand that thapki loves bihaan only and he should also move on ? at the end of this track we will get closure for tharuv. ..hope so..?by the way ankit is doing a travel show so may be after this he will go for that ??
      And today I love the golden fish sequence. ..wonderful thought. ..welldone cvs…this sequence indicates upcoming thahaan bihaan said today whatever misunderstanding problem arise they will be together and it doesn’t effect their relation. …so no thahaan separation. ..don’t worry guyz ????

    • Thapki

      Almost a month ??.Every weding track takes atleast a month in tv shows and tpk cvs are master in dragging ?

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Santosh thapki sumera vinlora. Mein ek silent reader dhi. I read ur msgs regularly. Mujhe bas itna kehna hai ki …. tum log itna baat kyon karte ho. Aur koi kaam nahi hai kya. Padayi… family…. kaam…kuch nahi hai kya!! Bilkul pandey parivar ke membr jaise hi ho.
      Hehe…. just kiddin guys. This is roshni. I registered with a nickname. Ab naya naam hai to ek prank to banta hai na. ???Hw r u guys. Regstr na…. u can send personal msgs tht way. Sinz im not watchin serial….i cant comment much.
      Nywy…i read todays update… hmmm so all secrets out…. except thos tht wud help poor druv. I thnk it was a key info tht bihaan was blackmailed n he needs to know tht shradda keeps tryin to ” kill” ppl. I hv a feelin tht show wil end soon…. low trp… all the secrets r bein unveiled…. except shradda thrs no othr enemy fr thahaan . They forgt abt aditi diwakar n burkha mans boss. Well… with such lame script… trp was bound to fall anywys. Intelligence naam ki koi cheez hi nahi hai inn writers ke paas.
      Btw…. jhe ka… 2 naya membrs… cow goat bees rats gorilla n nw gold fish!!! No shortage of wild life in this pandey family. Infact… the human beings of PN r wildr than the animals!chalo.. chalne do serial ko. Hi to evrybdy else too. Hav fun guys. N try registerin ? santosh…. mein ne email ka reply diya dha. Dek lena.

  8. drizzle

    Rocking episode and precap.Now this is the time writer please turn Shradha positive because I like Monika khannaa.And pair dhruv and Shradha.I think this is the time to say goodbye to tpk as per current track.feeling bad???.

    • Shobi

      Yaa me too drizzle.I also feel bad ‘coz tpk is going off air but I’ll be shifting to TPK Tamil version:-)

      • dolly

        reallly tpk going off [email protected]

      • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        @shobi-unaku yen intha kolaveri!!!
        Unaku epdi theriyum proof kaddu appa than naan nampuven 🙂

        Oru manushan santhosama iruntha pidikathe ungaluku 🙁

  9. Juggu

    |Registered Member

    ApA shradha xposed hhurray…..better dhruv shradhava manichru let her deserve her love….wW my dreams thahaan remarriage?????

    Ama konja naal munnadi shradha thapkiya vachu ava fake pregnancyku mudivu kata poranu sonnanga….aprm inno neraya sonnanga oru vela idhuku mela tpkya iluka venamnu mudika poraingalo thn ill miss manyasa on screen chei…….tpk mudinjalu manyasa vera edhachu seriel pannunga plseeee…

    • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

      Adipavi juggu!!! Haiyyyaaa kannaaalam haiyaa kannalam annanukum annikum kannaalamnu santhosama irunthan,ipdi tpk mudiya povuthunu solli en santhosathila kalla thookki poddudiyedi 🙁
      Trp ah vaichu than dramava oodanumna appo ssk,bv innamnum oodikide irukke innuma atha makkal pathukidu irukanga??
      Mudikka vendiya drama neraya irukkemmaa!! Athayellam vidudu tpk ah yenpa mudikka pakuranga!!
      Ithellam aniyayam akramam aandavanuke adukathu 🙁 tpk ku mudivu kadunenga colors tv karanee nalla kedduko enga saabam unnaya summa vidathu 🙁 🙁

      • Shobi

        Yemma kana thangachi un perla oru ponnu ennayu jugguvayu akka kokka nu koopta pichu puduvennu solluchu adhu nee illadhana thangam?

      • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        @juggu-hey nejamave tpk mudiya povutha?? Yarachum instragram use panna direct ah manishkidaye kedu sollunga plz
        Innum evlo storya oodalam, thapki bihaan ah degree vanka vaikanum,bihaan thapkiya train panni thiki thikki pesama news reader ah
        mathanum,diwagar ah bihaan warn panni adithiya kapathanum,baujiya yaaru murder panna attempt pannathu enkira truth out aakanum,aprom chotti chuk chuk gaadi chotti moti buddhi story innum evlo story irukku,athukulla mudika patha viduruvoma!!!
        Apdiye mydicha kooda tpk replace panra entha serielum urupadave urupadathu 🙁 color tvye nasdathila than pokum ithu ennoda saabam 🙁

      • Shobi

        @kana-Adipaavi aakanu koopta un manasu kastapadumnu summa oru pechuku thangachi nu sonna nejamaave enna aunty aakiduva pola I’m still teenage u know?

    • tamil girl-riya

      @juggu….naan unaku 3 times friend request koduthuten…….nee vera yaaronu ninachitu delete panranu ninaikuren………….en perum j la than starting……………thayavu seithu accept pannavum

      • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Hey riya and juggu rendu perum saddu puddunu oru mudivuku vangayyaa,eppa paaru fb,requestuunu pulambikidu 🙂

        @shobi-teenageee!!! Kekiravan kenayana iruntha yen solla madda nee 🙂 sari ethana varusama teenage laye irukingooo nengooo

      • Shobi

        @kana-adapaavi namba maatiyaa naa ippadhan 12th mudichen innum mark sheet kooda vangala theriyuma?

  10. garima

    Hey guys I am going out from our city during some work within two days so I am anable to watch and do comment I am so sad. Thapki ka romance tho abhi start hua tha so by to all guys. ♥♡♥

  11. abi

    Gud episode.. Y bihaan n thapki not showing their romance…still now they behave weird… And strange…lot of confusion…but at least show their marriage and make love romantic scenes….

  12. sumera yaarrr wht a precap…thapki nd bihaan wll marry again..???thats awesomme..nd hwever hi frndzz…roshini kya yaarr gayab hogyi ..santhosh where r u..thapki g..plzz cm out..i fatarajo…..nd all tamil frndz..

    • Thapki

      Hey,how are you?I’m here after so many days.I think all of them has lost interest like me, there is too much dragging and stupid scene who will watch ?it’sbetter to switch on some other show.

    • Roshni☆

      Yup…. totally lost interest. Now even if thahaan gets dosnt excite me one bit

  13. pooja prabha

    shraddhas emotionally out bursting scene is good.she is really a talented actress.waiting for THAHAANS remarriage scenes .

  14. Vinni

    Bakwaas precap…they r again going to drag tpk…..
    ..I want thapki to knw that bihaan is not loved as dhruv by his mother…… remarriage track is irritating…

  15. sona

    Hii tamil girls!! Me too from tamilnadu… will u join me in this grup?neenga ellaarum epdi irukeenga?

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    Wow only positive is thahaan remarriage I hope they get remarried in next episode itself but Cvs na impossible they will drag this too -_- but I read somewhere upcoming thahaan rain romance m so excited wow so cute finally thahaan ko romance karne ko mili wow love thahaan

    • vinlora

      Hi jo I don’t think so there is any thahaan rain romance. …in Olv s they showed manish and jig going out in rain holding umbrella. ..reporter said that it’s thahaan rain romance. ..?but actually it was offscreen shot….it is not thahaan it’s actually manyasa?

  17. Loveleen

    Hmmmm looks like thaapki might be ending soon…unless something major happens…but it looks like everything is coming to an end. So sad ?

  18. Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    CVs for god sake change Shraddha +ve and make Dhruv grow feelings for Shraddha I love Dhruv-Shraddha pair more than Tharuv or Thahaan…Love u Monica♥

      • Zuha Fatima

        |Registered Member

        Hi dear Jo! Just opened my profile so sorry for the late reply! Sorry if it hurts but I nver loved Thahaan…usually Rafaya and I have fights over t….but I don’t like Manish…don’t know why- No offense…Sorry for hurting anyone!
        Love you dear!

  19. aiza siddiqui

    thank god that dhruv is supporting shraddha….finally he will leave our thapki alone…..chipkooo kahin ka…
    just waiting eagerly for thahaan remarriage….and their sweet romance….

  20. garima

    Oh seriously show khatam ho raha ha why. Iske jangha koi our show dikhana ka bara ma tho koi trailer hi nahi tha then why? ???????? Oh I am became sad.

  21. tamil ponnunga-juggu(4)

    To all tamil ponnunga tpk mudinju pochuna ellaru kasam.shakti.illa swaragini pageku shift ayirunga edhuku polamnu sollunga enaku edhuva irundhalu k anga poi namma manyasa pathi pesalam yevan keka poran nammala poraduvom …poraduvom…erudhivarai..uridhiyudan poraduvom…….

    • Shobi

      Yedhavadhu oru serial ku thaavidalaam Juggy aana Thahaan pathi pesaradha irundha dhan naa varuven.

    • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

      Mudiyave mudiyathu poo:)
      Adainthal maayadevi illaiyel maranadevi,tpk off aachuna vera entha serialyum intha colors tv karana nampi pakka madden,opening ellam nalla than panran colors tvkaran aana finishing sari illa,nalla dramavuku sangu oothidu kanravi dramava ellam 5,6 varushama ooduran ivana nampi epdi pakirathu sollu
      Thahaan alavuku ithu varaikum naan yaray
      um paithiyakari mathiri like pannathe illa
      So pakurathuna tpk illana intha jenmathila vera hindi dramave pakka maddan 🙁

      • Shobi

        @Kana-aama kana naanum TPK ku bayangara fan & ippa naa paaka ore serial TPK dhan..adhu mudinjutta aprom no serial.Aana tamila TPK podranga adhu paapene:-)

      • ash..2

        Kana, unmaithaan. Tpk alavukku endha serialum mandaiya kodanjadhillai. Idhula vedikkaya parthiya. Oru puriyadha mozhi serial. Adhula Paithiyamaayitom. Adhukku karanam sonna ulagamaga poi. Only for sonna correct.a irrukkum.

    • ash..2

      Swaragini pakkam varave maaten. Pudhu news padichiya, paduchi mudichadhum ds panra kootha parthu aadi poiten. Apuram tpk cameraman vilakkam koduthirundhaaru. Appuram thaan mooche vandhudhu.

    • Goms

      |Registered Member

      Am n Anna Nagar..
      I completed my B.E. this april 2016..
      Batch 2012-2016..

      And now am gng to do my higher dr..

      @juggu details Ok ah..?!

  22. Sam

    hi guys.
    Well. Although i am super excited for thahaan remarriage. But, in the same time i am so afraid of stupid twist and turns. That i know that druve gong to create misunderstanding between them.

    Like Symbolism! Fish tank and Fishes shows Irony in the show. Where Bihaan says this is like us. we are happy in our little world and no matter happen we will stay together forever.

    Since, i know Fish Tank symbolized their love. In the scene when fish tank about to break. Both bihaan and thapki hold it tightly. It showed that nomatter what consequences they gonna face. Its all gonna get resolved.

    Inshallah Ahsah hee hoo. and please cv groom mat change karnah. Warna, show bohat bura hojaay gah.
    Hope, director ko itnah sense hoo.

    or i wish gorilla attack on druve.

    • Loveleen

      Exactly! I will be sooo annoyed if Grooms are switched!! Not only will I stop watching, so many others will to. ?

  23. Shobi

    Achichoo…….most popular Jodi on India television voting date inniyoda mudiyudhu.

    @kana naa nenakren swaragini fans night shift, day shift nu pirichu vela paakranga eppa vote panradhuku ponaalu avanga leadingla dhan irukanga.

  24. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Enna nadakudhu inga?
    Tpk mudiya poghudhunu yaar sonna..
    TPK Director?
    Idhu varaikum endha serialum avlo seekram mudinchadhila… wait pannunga papom..

  25. Thahaan fan

    Now thats something good..they are getting married again..hope this will happen without any hindrances ,, and then thahaan track will start <3

  26. ash..2

    Hai, my dear sweet girls. Elarum eppadi irukeenga. Ippadhan india forums poitu ds panra atakasatha pathuttu varen. Inimethaan unga comts. Padikkaporen.

  27. Shaparak

    Hi Roshni, How are you? hope you and your dearests are well and happy. I just come back to say good bye to you and thanking you for your kind answers to my questions , as since my last comment I left reading this page the same as watching the episodEs.


    Firstly I can not more agree with you regarding a part of your explanation of IT WOULD BE VERY SWEET AND COMFORTABLE FOR EVERY HUMAN TO COMMUNICATE WITH MOTHER TONGUE, BUT; this page has a base of pure English and obviously for people like me , who does not speak or understand one word in URDU OR HINDI, so;

    Someone coming to this page must have a basic knowledge of reading and speaking English.

    The responsible Indian people are exporting the Indian programs to the other country of world and , the people, who can use them if there was an English subtitle or updates, therefor these pages has been created, then using this page like a locally platform for finding friends and communicate to their various languages are WRONG AND DISRESPECT TO THE PEOPLE , WHO WERE INVITED BY YOUR COUNTRY BY SENDING YOUR PROGRAMS TO THEM .

    I came back to you after such a long time , to win your trust , as you can see I do not read the comments anymore and I did not watched the soap for even much longer, BU, T MY VERY LAST COMMENT AND SAYING GOOD BYE TO YOU , IS ONLY AND ONLY FOR SAKE OF BENEFIT OF YOU DEAR SHORT TIME FRIENDS.

    If the produced products in my country being welcome by the others , THEN I WILL BE MOST HAPPY AS SIGN OF MY LOVE AND LOYALTY TO MY COUNTRY , INSTEAD OF DISRESPECTING , I WARMLY WELCOME THEM.

    I found you and Thapki unchanged and reasonable , as even Santhosh joined them.


    Ps: Strangely I can not back to my completed message on this page , to read and correct any mistake left out words, so please accept my apology if there is any .

  28. Juggu

    |Registered Member

    Goyale shobii irru unna vacchikiren????
    Guyss tpk nt going off air adhella shobi kelappi vita vadhandhiiii……????

    Tamil ponnungala attack shobi comeon……..

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