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Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara coming home. Shraddha tells her that Bau ji is not opening door. Vasundara rushes and asks him to open door. She calls Bihaan and Dhruv to see. She tells this to Dadi. They all knock door and ask him to open door. Vasundara asks Bihaan to break door. Bihaan is about to break door. Bau ji opens door and is hiding his face. They all look on.

Dadi asks him why did he cover his face with this cloth. Shraddha smiles. Vasundara asks him is he fine, what happened. Bau ji shows his face, shaven. They all get shocked. Bau ji covers his face again. Shraddha asks how did this happen, where did your moustache and beard disappear. Bau ji says I don’t want to talk. Bihaan asks how did this happen, you did not let anyone touch it till now. Bau ji says I don’t want

to say. Shraddha thinks Bau ji is not taking Thapki’s name, and asks him about the dye, you asked Thapki to make the dye, how did this happen. Suman says it means Thapki did this mistake. Preeti says maybe she mixed something in dye.

Vasundara asks Bau ji to say truth, did this happen because of dye which Thapki made. Dadi says answer us, don’t hide her mistake. Bau ji says yes, I applied dye and hair got removed. Shraddha says it means Thapki mixed hair removal cream in the dye. They all get shocked. Thapki cries and says no, I did not mix anything, I was careful to not make mistake this time. Vasundara scolds her and says we did mistake, tell us, don’t take revenge like this. Thapki says I m saying truth. Vasundara shouts enough, we can’t bear this. You are doing so many things, why should we bear this. Suman says you always take her side, you always punish us and not this Thapki. Preeti says you punish her too, then she will get sense.

Dadi says Thapki will get punishment, I will punish her. Bau ji asks what are you saying Maa. Dadi asks him not to say in between. She says Thapki did many mistakes, she ruined my husband’s ashes and now did this. Dadi gets a black cloth and ties to Thapki’s face. They all get shocked. Dadi asks Thapki to hide her face, as she has made Bau ji hide his face. She says till Bau ji hides his face, Thapki also had to be like this, this is her punishment. Thapki cries. Shraddha smiles.

Krishnakant talks to Poonam and Aditi about his daughters facing all this. Diwakar comes and throws a cloth. He says he has made a pant and got this remaining cloth. He says Aditi gifted you this pant, so its special, I got this altered, I m looking handsome. Krishnakant asks him to be in his limits. Diwakar asks will you beat me and laughs. Aditi asks Krishnakant to leave Diwakar, as he wants to call police. Diwakar says I want you all to go jail. They all worry.

Thapki cries seeing the black cloth. Thapki pyaar ki……………plays………… Shraddha comes and smiles. She taunts Thapki calling her a moon with Grahan. She asks her to go out and have fresh air, saying Vasundara asked her to get vegs. Bihaan comes and says Thapki won’t go anywhere. Shraddha says fine, I will tell mummy that Thapki refused. He says no, I m refusing, I will get vegs. Shraddha says if Thapki does not go, she will get one more mistake on her head. He says nothing like that. Thapki says no Bihaan, I will go market if Maa wants. He goes after Thapki. Shraddha smiles.

Vasundara provokes Bau ji against Thapki, and he asks her to leave it. Suman and Preeti taunt Thapki for hiding her face. Bihaan gets angry. He asks them to stop it. Thapki stops him and leaves. Shraddha goes to Vasundara and says I have sent Thapki to market, it will be fun when people see her. She asks Vasundara why do you look upset. Vasundara says its big thing that Bau ji’s beard and moustache got removed, how could Thapki do this, this can’t happen. Shraddha says we should be happy that Thapki is doing our work, Bau ji’s beard and moustache will come again, but she should leave this home.

Thapki goes to market to buy vegs, and women taunt her for her doings which made her hide the face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can Dhruv do a khulasa in his house? Please do some charity? I’m sure their TRP will double 🙂 and maybe he will get some role in this serial for a change.

  2. Dragging with same tricks…….
    Precap interesting as Bihaan tied mouth with black cloth like Thapki. ☺☺☺
    Waiting for tmrw’s episode. ?☺

  3. Poor Bihaan…I feel so sorry for him. He is helpless amongst monsters and Thapki’s stupidity. I still watch this because of Bihaan….as long as he is in this serial there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. I agree wid u….as long as bihaan is dere

  4. This show no comments when I like the show show gets bad trp when I don’t like the show gets good trp,sometimes I get confused trp means more viewers or less viewers, but this week trp has dropped and if it continues like this trp will definately drop, wanna see thahaan unite or thahaan support each other and I think makers assumed 3 months as 3 years, hello makers divorce is 3 months after marriage which is over not 3 years, I m so frustrated with this show nowadays only thahaan scenes r worthy but they r also not showing that

  5. can anyone just tell me when will this stop I mean evil wins over good
    god I can watch thapki crying always
    its way too much now

    1. Daniel Sankar

      I really do not know what values are being portrayed in this show. The script writers must take us for fools.

  6. Are yaar….at least show some thahaan scenes for formality….
    Pk..stop this nonsense…
    I think vasu will doubt shraddha…. Hope so…..

  7. What is this writer ji. ….. thoda to real dikhavo. …. plzzz e sub nahi hoti hai real life me . Is 21st century me be istarah bakwas moments achche nahi dikti hai. Aap kuch isa dikavo ki is serial dekhane wale kuch achche gun seekh le plzzz writer ji. …. it’s my request…. aj kal isme to sirf nafrat or dushmano ka jeet dekha rahe ho. Sachchaye ke koi mayne nahe hai… plzzzzz writer ji write something different

  8. Watching only for bihaan….love u …..keep supporting her and do something to that chudail yaar….expose her bihaan…pl…..

  9. Omg.there’s no either thahaan or tharuv.hate this shraddha and diwakar.

  10. Very disgusting wat a nonsense episode….I think thapki know to cry only she is not at all intelligent….she shows all her attitude to bihaan only…..I hate tpk it has only negativity and waste of time….I watch tpk only for bihaan and I hope this stupid evil drama will end this weekend next week we will get thahaan scenes….precap nice bihaan always stand for thapki….

  11. What they r thinking…anyways they are going to make the cheater as a hero and bihaan is a selfish coward he is not exposing his mother to the family..destroyed his brothers life wholly..he is such anan idiot…any other tym he says that he can do anything for dhruv and family means I will kill him..
    He made dhruv’s life hell..

    1. Yes bihaan is a stupid coward….he hidding his selfish mothers truth n destroyed his brothers n thapkis life. If he is a real hero he will expose his mom who is the biggest villian here. Because of her all this mess started. …first of all thapki n bihaans wedding was done in dokha…so its not valid. …if dhruv is a real man he wud gav taken thapki n married her imdtl….vasundara has brought ip her sons as cowards….good for nothing….n thapki is a real cheap n no dignity for putting up with all this mess….

    2. It’s just a show not real life so just chill

      1. Hehehehe….. Definitely jst a show….

    3. Ur right.. bihan should expose his mom if he is a man..

  12. nonsense shrada and vasundra…

  13. plss write, now atleast reunite dhruv & thapki.. we all wants to see them together. we r not much intrestd to see pair between dhruv nd ugly faces shradhha. so pls, atlst think abt ur viewrs. dnt make dis serial soo much idiotic.

    1. Yes dhruv n thapki shud unite….they fell in lov …dhruvs own mother destroyed his life…

  14. Plz writers I’m fed up to see thapki’s crying always…//why don’t she agree with bihaan he’s always said its all bcoz of shraddha but thapki take blame on herself only…..writer’s why always evils win over good…. Why you’re not revealing shraddha’s true faces to dhruv at least….I thought that dhruv is main lead but I guess he’s special appearance in the show….plz show some romance between thapki n bihaan…..there’s a lot of negativity in this show, plz show some positivity also….hate vasu, shraddha n idiot diwakar.

  15. Plz..unite bhihaan&thapki..nd stop this nonsence.nd some moments of them.expose those evils..plzzz.its a humble request frm us…

  16. Plz..unite bhihaan&thapki..nd stop this nonsence..expose those evils..plzzz.its a humble request frm us…

  17. Please expose those evils, enough is enough. Bring their truth in front of all, rspecially Dadi. Please listen writers of the show.

  18. Today’s episode was such a waste of time.I m hating TPK because it is dragging so much.Thapki needs to get a tight slap for being such a fool.Dhruv is so mouthless..kuch bolta hi nahi.Diwakar is so irritating.
    Arrey writer plz wake up and show some positive action….it is getting very boring.

  19. It seems like no one in the show has an operational mind. The writers write nonsense and the actors play it out. This show is written by some smart retards who thinks that the viewers are all under 10’s. There needs to be a balance between wins and loses. You will be able to drag this battle longer if you write a balanced war between the two parties. wake up!!!!!

  20. peeps. is it possible that Shraddha will might harm Bihaan’s goat to turn him against Thapki do you guys think that is humanily possible if so that’s it for me and this show.

  21. Again no sub-titles so I watched the action, but regrettably I did not enjoy the show as I had no idea what the dialogue been spoken between the players. The plot to get Thapki into trouble is getting a bit stale , because if I recollect from past episodes, the marriage between Thapki and Bihaan ( Vihaan) is shortly to be annulled and then Thapki would leave the Pandey residence.

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