Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki in the school mic asking Bihaan to come and take Tina who is with her. Bihaan comes to the play ground, followed by his family members. Thapki is shocked to see them. Sankara and Shraddha also come there. Bani asks Tina who are they? Tina says this is my family. Bani smiles. Tina says this is Bani’s mum. Thapki folds her hands and touches Balwinder’s feet. Tina asks why did you touch my dada’s feet. Bani says ghajab…Everyone is susprised. Bani says now we are friends, and says your family is mine also. She touches his feet also. Balwinder asks about her name. Bani says B for Bani. Shraddha and Sankara are shocked, while Balwinder and Preeti are happy. Shraddha says how did she come here? Sankara asks her to do something. Balwinder says we felt good to meet

you. Bani meets Anu and Veer. Thapki recalls Aditi’s daughter and gets emotional. Sankara says lets go home, else police will come. Thapki recalls Sankara threatening her 7 years back. Bani asks why Police will come. Shraddha says she means security. Thapki takes Bani and leaves. Bihaan asks Balwinder if he knows them. Shraddha says no, and says just now Tina introduced us.

Bani tells Thapki that Tina has a big family, but we have just you and me, says it would have been good if we had a big family. Thapki is upset. They come home. Sankara comes out of Thapki’s home. Bani says you are Tina’s mum, how did you come here. Sankara asks her to take her stuff and leave from here. Thapki says I have accepted all your sayings till now, but now I will not go from here. Shraddha comes there. Thapki tells her that Sankara is blackmailing her since 7 years. Shraddha slaps Sankara and asks her to give ticket to Thapki first. She says it was her idea to kick her out of city. Thapki is shocked. She gets Preeti’s call and she informs her that she got her number from school and that she wants to meet her. Thapki says even I want to meet my family and missed you all. Preeti call her to meet. Shraddha asks Thapki if you will meet them. Thapki says yes, I will meet my family. Shraddha threatens Thapki…..

Sankara says Bihaan have become lamp and Thapki became dabangg and says it seems Thapki doesn’t know anything about Bihaan’s condition. Shraddha says nothing will happen and says she will stop Thapki’s stammering tongue. Thapki comes to meet Preeti and Balwinder. He shows her Bihaan’s childhood pic and says when I met him for the first time, he said ghajab when I asked him to come with us. He says when Bani told Ghajab, I reminisces Bihaan saying the same. He says I know Bani is Bihaan and your daughter. Thapki asks him about everyone and asks about Aditi. Preeti says everything is changed. Balwinder is about to tell her about Aditi’s death, just then she gets Shraddha’s message and gets scared and runs away from there.

Sankara comes and scolds Preeti and Balwinder for trying to talk to Thapki and asks if they want to kill her Bihaan. Thapki runs back to school and sees Sankara and her agreement paper’s copies on the walls of school. She tries to take it off all. She asks what is all this? Shraddha says what did you think that I will not do anything? You are completely wrong and says now everyone will know the truth and Bihaan will go to jail and get hanged. He will be punished after 7 years. Thapki is shocked and says you will not do anything. Shraddha asks who will stop me? You? She says infact I have called Bihaan here, so that you can show him his death stuff, he will die with heart attack before getting hanged. Thapki says no, I won’t let anything happen to him She picks the fallen papers also, and also all the papers stick to the walls. Meanwhile Bihaan is coming there. He comes in the lift and sees Thapki taking off paper from the wall.

Bihaan asks Thapki to show what is in the paper. Shraddha says I will show you, and gives paper to Bihaan. Bihaan reads it. Thapki is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seemingly it was a nice episode specially the confrontation scenes of Pandey family and Bani…when I saw this episode I just noticed or wondered about to Thapki,actually she is working as a crime journalist but how much she scared in front of the stupid ladies…the another thing is day by day shraddha has to make her character more worse and she is more dangerous than Shankar.Monica you just made for that role I am sure no one can perform better than you…
    Anyway precap is not interesting.whatever happens looking forward to the upcoming episodes.
    Guys pls watch TPK on colors @6.30.
    Hello my dear and dearest ones…

    1. Manish ki deewani

      she is not a clever person .or na he kabhibn sakti hai.and whole day she is in scl she had no other work .hamari cvs b na
      monnica is my all time favourite .she also gave her best always .yeah no one can perform shrads role than her with more perfection .she is queen of expresion

  2. I really feel sad for thapki? how much she loves bihan .and she always ready to do any thing for past epi when she became vani I really hate her .but nowadays she suffers a lot I really want to appreciate thapki for her love, care, consent towards bihaan.i always praise bihans looks and his acting but never comment on thapki but I realise I am thahaan fan it mean bihan as well as thapki fan,?

    1. absolutely agree with your comment., Afshan.. ☺

      1. thanks dewi ??

  3. Hope thapki and bihaan will reunite u both.

  4. boring as well…why thapki always behave like a dumb women…why she always become threaten by people so easily……after leaving her husband in the hand of devils thapki thinks that bihan would be fine how can this possible wht a selfish women u are…u are not ruining bihan life and also bani life as well….without discussing problm with ur husband u always go apart frm him…leaving him in the darkness….how director can portray ur chracter in a good way….as FL u have nothing in ur chrcter….

    1. Manish ki deewani

      after vani track they spoil thier FL chracter .why they don’t made her strong woman instead of all this .ruining her chracter made her dumb foolish senseless beegi billi puppet in other hands and blah blah
      cvs ki jai ho

  5. Stupid show!

  6. It’s good to see Bauji believing that B for Bani is B for Bihaan’s daughter.

    Please don’t start the evil track again…. Suffering for 7 years is more than enough. Please…… please ….Please ….. Please UNITE MY THAHAAN 🙁

  7. This drama kills it 😀

    Number 1: which school hands out parents phone numbers to people they never met before (Preeti getting Thapkis number)
    Number 2: how did Sankar know where Thapki lives and packs her bags for her lol
    Number 3: Bihaan is Bau Ji’s son its down to him how they handle Bihaan and Thapki not Sankar and Shraddha,
    Number 4: while Shraddha was printing out papers and chucking them all over the floor and sticking them to the walls at the school where were the teachers
    Number 5: How can Bani know to say Ghajab when she wasn’t raised by Bihaan that isn’t in peoples genetics lol

    Sometimes this drama loses the plot just so it can add drama I left this show for a week and come back and its worse than ever LMFAO

    How can a girl

    1. I’m agree with but u know indian serials are like this?that’s the reason that i watch this serials

  8. Please make bihaan get his memory so sad looking him dan his daughter beeing a fool and suffer because of shankar and shradda.Just give shankar and shradda punishment for bihaan and tina suffer this 7 years.Please make the story a little bit make sense.after yesterday i not interesting watch thapki because i dont like the story

  9. Manish ki deewani

    thapki u r the no 1 fool in this world if there is some award 4 this foolness it goes to u yaar .again u become a puppet in the hand of evils . i think u don’t have any sence .these chudails do whatever they want to do .
    cvs is scl a house of pandeys they r roaming here and there .do whatever they want to do .i know i am asking logic from illogical tpk but this question comes to my mind that time.
    hello friends

  10. This drama is often boring..why it always shows the illogical bad characters? Does the writer often see them in daily life in India? And it sometimes out of the plot..But anyway…this drama at least, give the people jobs in it…congrats for the PH…

  11. Manish ki deewani

    kudrat kuch scl or colleges co b hotay hai.mera scl or college same hai .mai jis institute parti hoo waha bs 5th tk boys parthay hai. uni sari co hi hoti hai .kuch academies co b hoti hai or seperate b.mera wala scl college co nahi hai

  12. Episodes are not going good, shraddha sankar are going to the worst,and Shahid well said, these writers dont have any common sense too, i think uniting thahaan can be done by only one person that is vasundra

    1. I agreed with arbaz . Suman is missing.

  13. boring boring boring… their union does not last for a week.. theor separation will last for months..

  14. They need to nip this storyline in the bud now, how long can they get away with Keeping the 2 evil ones, Shraddha is beyond redemption now after she killed Aditi. Had enjoyed the last few episodes because it was just Thahaan and the girls away from the evil ones but today with the evil ones it was ruined for me.
    I hope they show Thapkimfinding out about Aditi and Bihaans accident sooner rather than dragging it on
    I would have preferred if they had a few more episodes with thahaan and the girls before the rest of the family found out about Thapki

  15. Candiva007

    I’m getting tired of Shraddha and Sankar, they need to get what’s coming to them and FAST!!!! I don’t want to say this but it may be the only way that Thapki and Bihan can be together with out drama and that is if the show ends. What, we’ll see them get back together and then someone else from their pass will come back to haunt them????

  16. This drama is rubbish ???????????? I agreed with shahid. I am confused that is not right that Sanker and shraddara told thapki should leave this area what she live but why they come to see Bihaan also they take Tina away to school boarding . What a odd and messy!!!!!????

  17. the serial gotten borring thapki when she was thinking bihaan kill her child she was want revenge why now she can’t revenge with shankar and shadha they take her live happens and panished her daughter that she don’t even know kill her sister and the man of her life so she have to take real revenge and give them lessons that they never forget.plz writer than you will be the better writer

  18. Nice epi

  19. Hed h!!!
    thapki ki awaaz sooon ker suman bhabi ko itnat bra shock lga ki vo school grd tek phuch hi nahi pa…e
    gajaaaa….b na

    mene suna h ki super mom comp..tion hone wala h thapki pyaar ki m thapki or shankar k beech tina k le..a matleb jo jitega Tina ooski…

    according 2 spoiler bihaan ki yadast jaldi vapes aane wali h…

  20. Hello reshal,
    how r u?
    thank u reshal thank u so much 4 info about coed schools..
    reshal kal ka episode deka faltoo m ek episode krab ker dia bus suru k 3 minute hi acha aaya tha or babuji wala part bhi bhut acha tha jab babuji thapki ko khte h ki bani bihaan ki beti h…
    reshal aapn kal ka spoiler pda kya?

    1. Manish ki deewani

      oye ziada lal wali temater hw r u .mai toh bilkul teek taak hoo .
      thank q bol rahi ho yar .thanks mt bola karo .
      kl ka episode toh kachra kr dia cvs nai woh scene he acha tha jaha bihu tha baqi toh waste of time tha.mai nai padha hai .
      or abhi ek olv b dekha bihaan or tina thapki k ghar mai chupp rahay thay dono thapki k ghar chalay ghay bani ka plan so cute walay scene anay walay hai .
      bihaan ki yadast wala spoiler nahi padha hipee agar bihu ki memory wapis aa jae
      take care

  21. Hello to all lovely thahaan lovers..
    how r u all?

    pooja prabha didi, rinku,anu, lena sadia dewi heera santhosh bhaiya vino navmi sandy nany nandy vinni suhana sakshi arbaz

    juvi di ratanmala di plzplz please upload next part of ur ff
    v all r wating 4 long time

    wish u 2 all thahaan lover very daring wednesday

  22. Sri Wahyuni Hatta


  23. Thanks reshal
    O!! O!!!

    ok now
    no sorry or thax

    reshal mene pic deki mera bra men tha video dekne ka but u know internet pr..blem
    so tha…
    mera metlab acha hua tumne bta dia…
    or ha TEMATER
    pta reshal tum s bat ker k bhut acha legta h..
    kaas hum kabhi mil pate…

    wese tum clg s gher kab aati ho..

  24. M subh roj gher s clg jate waqt or clg s gher aate waqt cmt kerti hu esle…a 4-5 bej jate h

    acha acha!!!
    reshal vino di n 75 parts cmplte ker lea to party to benti h to tum ek kaam kerna sunder sunder flws cheni bej dena mera matlab rinku di ko beje h to aap ko achi phchan hogi flows ki
    ok bbbye…
    kal milge
    love u
    plz take care

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