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Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki running to save Vasundara. She shouts Maa and walks on burning coal. Vasundara opens the container lid and is about to kerosene in the fire. Thapki runs and throws the container. Everyone come there and ask how did the place catch fire. Shraddha takes her sandals. They all blow off the fire. Dhruv puts water on the fire. Suman and Preeti worry. Bau ji asks Vasundara how did this happen. Vasundara says don’t know. Thapki asks Maa are you fine, did you get hurt. They all get shocked hearing Thapki’s voice. Dadi tells Thapki that her voice is back. They all smile. Vasundara and Shraddha see each other and worry.

Bihaan asks how did this happen. Thapki says I wanted to call Maa, maybe my voice came that time. Vasundara asks is she mad, she threw the container,

I was putting water on fire. Ashwin says Thapki did right, it was kerosene. Bau ji says yes, it was kerosene and it would have caught big fire. Thapki says that’s why I threw it. Dadi says Thapki saved Vasundara, everyone should get such bahu, she saved Vasundara before by honey bees too. Bau ji says Thapki did a lot, right Vasundara ji….

Dadi says Vasundara will live the life given by Thapki… Vasundara gets shocked. Dadi asks Vasundara to bless Thapki. Vasundara says Lord gives life and death, even then thanks Thapki. Thapki says don’t say this, now my voice has come, so remove the bell from Shraddha’s neck. Shraddha removes the bell and throws it. Vasundara says its all fine now, lets go. Bihaan gets shocked seeing Thapki’s foot. Kiran says your feet got burnt Bhabhi. They all get shocked.

Dadi asks Bihaan to see. He sees the feet burnt. Preeti tells Suman that this happened because of her. Suman says we did not know Thapki will come instead Shraddha. Thapki says I will go on my own Bihaan, I m fine. Bihaan lifts her and takes her. Dhruv turns his face away. Shraddha hugs her sandals and leaves. Suman and Preeti think to plan cleverly against Shraddha. Preeti says we will go, else they will doubt on us.

Thapki asks Bihaan to leave her. He drops her on the bed. She asks why did he lift her, is he not ashamed. He says no, see your feet. She says so what, I will apply ointment. He says stop it, your voice came back, it does not mean you say anything, and applies ointment to her feet. Music plays……………….. they have an eyelock. He does the aid. He thanks her for saving Maa, she did a big thing for him. He promises to return her favor whenever she asks him anything. He leaves.

Shraddha sees Vasundara coming and starts acting to show her. Vasundara says it was not your mistake. Shraddha cries and acts like she loves Vasundara a lot. She says she can die for her and hugs her. Vasundara says I know, you can die for me, so keep your fav sandals with you, go and rest. Shraddha smiles.

Dhruv comes to room. Shraddha goes to him and asks can she talk to him. He says sure. She says we are married, we are husband and wife, its almost one week and why are we living as strangers. He says I totally understand what you want to say, its just that married life is new for us, and you are not known to me, I did not get time to know you, so I just need some time before moving on. I hope you will support me. She says ofcourse, I m your wife, who else will support you, take your time. I will wait for you. He says good night.

Bau ji and Dadi ask Thapki to take rest. They ask Bihaan to take care of Thapki. Dadi says we will leave now. They leave. Bihaan shuts the door and sees Thapki getting up and putting carpet on the floor. He asks her to sleep on bed. She refuses. He says you will sleep on bed. She argues. He cuts the slipper. She says you are doing wrong. He says everything is fair in love and war. She looks at him. he says this is war, in which I won, I request you, sleep on bed. She lies on the bed and looks at him.

The ladies ask Vasundara about her bahus competing in Super bahu competition. Vasundara does not name Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate you Vasu… You are HEARTLESS!!!! Fool,Stupid,Nonsense,Duffer,Ediot,Evil And…..!!! Shortage of words…!!

    1. Cool down Brity #desifriend

  2. Bihan lifts her and eye lock scence are superb na. Precape i want to say same situation happen in so many seriel in hindi. Saas bahu problem. If thapki join in bahu competition then definetiy thapki will won the price.

  3. Haha unknowningly bihaan confessed his love .. cute scene ♡♡

    1. Yes ya he confessed his love for her but he’ll never accept it

      COz he has to believe that he really loves thapki

      But when he’ll accept that he really loves thapki then he will have the feeling that thapki might not love him

      & recognising this it ll take 3 months but what ever

      I love Thahaan ???????????????????????

      1. Yaaa !!! I feel the same…
        Even when he said that he gave a pause and I saw some cute lovely fear in his face thinking oh!! Now she will start her Ramayana..then suddenly he convinced it by saying this is war….
        Loved it really…waiting for more thahaan scenes…..

      2. At that time when he said that thapki too looked him shock and surprisingly!!!!!
        Only thing is they both have to realise their love for each other….and I think it will happen only after vasu’s truth exposure…
        Yesterday vasu said to thapki that ” life is given and taken by god, anyways thank u ” …I want this line to be and should be repeated by Dhruv on truth exposure…. To vasu …….

  4. Awwww. Thahaan scenes are so cute. They just made the episode awesome today 🙂

    1. [email protected] have a colors fan here..;-)

    2. I just love colors and zee tv a lot

      1. @joyee…vaha bb9 m log itna bda essay likhte h..:-D mujhe dyslexia ho jata h..;-) isliye i was here searching for u 😀

      2. Lol freak phir se naam change kiya do check my comment on 20th dec aur yeh tedd aur Pari kahan hain missing them a lot

  5. Nice episode…thapki got her voiceback….its good….I just like bihaan d way he care thapki and lift in his arms that was awesome and so loveable moment….he shout thapki and aid her feet shows his careon her….he promises thapki that he will give whatever she wants in that I have a doubt…wat she will ask?i think she will ask truth behind her marriage….atlast last scene was fabulous and bihaan its not war its love…he fall in love with thapki….

  6. Oh!!!!bihaan this is not war yaar it is love !!!realise it soon…..awesome!!loved it……so today bihaan gave a promise of favouring her whenever and whatever she wants….really superb….
    CVs some location other than pandey nivas and thapki’s house…got bored seeing the same location …..
    I thought next they will show truth exposal but something game show going to be happen I think so…what is the title pic conveys…

  7. Really nice! Loved thahaan scenes today. It seems vasu never change.

  8. Thahaan rocks…☺☺☺..Thapki saved vasu today but she has no change in her heart towards Thapki. Love Thahaan nok -jhok.

    1. Why does the writer copying swaragini track to TPK… dialogues also taking….?

  9. Do anybody know what was the song from which thahaan bgm was played….

  10. Superb bihaan u finally felt everything is fair in luv nd war nice episode thahaan scenes awsum. ……

  11. Nice epi.Evil vasu ?idiot.She always do wrong &curse others .Is she is maaaad????u can’t realise gold&charcoal.vasu soon u will suffer all the sins u did.waiting for good moments&i think the story is too dragging .tpk story confined with in Pandey Nivas .saas-bahu scenes,kitchen politics,poojas etc.This kind of scenes are in all Hindi serials.Writers plzzzz add something special for us .its a kind request from a mallu fan…..?????????

  12. Today’s episode was awesome. Those sweet and cute moments between Thahaan, especially when Bihaan (unknowingly) confessed his love for Thapki. The way Thapki was constantly looking at Bihaan, while he was bandaging her feet ??. When Bihaan said “And this is war, and I have won this one.” I was like “Idiot! This is love!” ?

    1. I felt the same…..

      1. Mira ??

  13. Nice episode….Bihaan,what a caring husband you are……..awesome.

  14. Bihan is ctng hsbnd bt i dnt wnt tapki nd bihan i wnt tapki nd druv

  15. Awesom episode

  16. Wow bihaan rocks today

  17. Thahaan cute scenes nice must watchable . Hate Vasu how dare u devil

  18. Very good episode thahaan rules today but not progression in story line dragging too

  19. Thahaans romance was too short thats not fair.,,

  20. wooow nyz yaar …

  21. love thahaan. hate dragging. this show drags worse than EK shows.

  22. Hope thapki does not ask bihaan to marry aditi at a later date

    1. Ansha, sometimes I’m afraid that Aditi will be with Dhruv…
      But as for me, I miss a lot Tharuv scenes(

      1. Thapki will not ask bihaan to marry her as she understand and respect others feelings……and if Dhruv marry aditi no problem….

  23. Love is in d air….bihaan love u yaar…d way u take care of thapki…soon she will surely realize… lets see how thapki completes d strong bahu task….vasu did’nt take her name but she will win it inspite of burned feet…may be she will hv to pull the field ploughing thing all by herself….surely vasu’s so vall bahu shraddha will leave d task but thapki wud complete it for sake of her mother as she loves her….still i know she will be d same cruel n arrogant as she did not melt when thapki saved her from fire burning her leg n shraddh left her for her new sandle….still she belives her…brainless n stupid vasundhara….enjoyed thahaan scenes as always……manish u r fantastic man

  24. Bihaan confess ur luv soon……. thahaan rockzzzzzzz….
    Vasu is brainless heartless evil fool….

    1. Same pinch……

  25. This is not fair too short romance.
    if the cvs are dragged story line y not they dragged romance its not better….
    give more thahaan scenes

  26. Thapki saved that prat vasu but that vasu didn’t care. And that sharda she was too busy saving her sandles instead of that prat vasu. And that sharda looked like a scare crow in dhruv’s bedroom, her hair looked messy.

  27. I think if tapki takes on bahu compittion she wud win but somehow that witch will do anything to tapki to make her lose. And I love the way bhihaan took care of tapki’s feet. I think he has fallen for tapki but not realised yet

  28. Bihaan <3

  29. What the title pic indicates????????

    1. I think the title pic indicates a
      task related to the super bahu competition that Thapki is trying complete

  30. clever shraddha talk dhruv to be close but dhruv is still love thapki i love tharuv writter i request you plz thapki and dhruv back together , i hate vasundra heartless nonsense idiot owl evil witch u ugly
    mental mad . plz writter dont made thahaan plz made tharuv made for each other.

  31. fool selfish stupid vasundra

  32. clever shraddha talk dhruv to be close but dhruv is still love thapki i love tharuv writter i request you plz thapki and dhruv back together , i hate vasundra heartless nonsense idiot owl evil witch u ugly
    mental mad fool stupid selfish . plz writter dont made thahaan plz made tharuv made for each other.

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