Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Second Part of Trishakti Episode:


Chandramani tells Simar that this game is hers and rules are also hers, she will decide everything. She asks Simar not to come in her way.

Thapki comes in the room and sees Bihaan. Bihaan gets scared seeing some movie. Thapki shuts ears. Bihaan tries to shut movie. He removes the plug. He switches on lights. She asks were you saying such bad film, did you forget I also stay in this room. He says I got some cheap songs and this movie came along. She calls him cheap and says you are doing this to take revenge, how did this movie come when you did not get it. He throws and breaks the dvd player. He asks are you happy now? He leaves.


sees Anjali and worries. Simar sees all this and cries. She asks Chandramani not to do this. Chandramani asks her to keep crying.

Dadi Bua talks over phone. Viplav hears her and goes. Dadi Bua asks someone to come over fast. Viplav goes out and romances Dhaani. He says he has got ticket for Dadi Bua, no one will be there to stop us then. Dhaani says I have much work, and manages arrangements. Viplav says even I was thinking to fix curtains like this. He covers themselves in curtain and asks everyone to look other side. He says its my work to decorate you, no one is seeing us. He gets close to kiss her. She runs. He tries to catch her. Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed….plays………….. They laugh and hug. Dhaani runs. A car comes and stops there. Viplav looks for Dhaani.


Simar cries and says today I m here, this house is present, but there is no Sasuraal, all my family members are not here. Simar sees their pics and recalls her family. She recalls Chandramani’s words. She says no, I will bring all of you back, I will complete my sasuraal again, we will happily stay here. She promises this to everyone.


Shraddha says I wanted to see romantic movie, and they want me to see devotional movie, don’t know for how many things will they stop me, I will eat my fav til laddoos before anyone comes. She eats the laddoos. Thapki comes out to throw junk. She sees Shraddha eating til laddoos. She says I remember well, Dadi strictly stopped Shraddha from eating til laddoos. She goes to Shraddha and asks what are you doing. Shraddha gets shocked and asks what. Thapki asks why are you eating til laddoos, you know its good to have this during pregnancy. Shraddha asks are you spying on me, see I m eating gond laddoos, not til laddoos, Dadi said its good for me and baby. Thapki says sorry. Shraddha says its fine, I know you are concerned for me and my baby, I will go and sleep now. She goes.

A girl reaches there and tells Dadi that she has come. Viplav looks for Dhaani. He asks her to come out, he has much work and he came to meet her. The girl gets caught in the dupattas flying outside. Viplav sees her and assumes she is Dhaani. He smiles and catches her in arms. He says so you are here, I m finding you since long. She removes the dupatta and reveals her face. He gets shocked seeing her. Dhaani comes there and looks at them.

Vasundara gives dalya to Shraddha and says its healthy for pregnant ladies. Shraddha sees Suman and Preeti smiling. She says I dreamt that I m eating fresh mangoes, I want to have mangoes, else I will get unwell. Bihaan hears them. Shraddha asks for mangoes. Vasundara says fine, I will get mangoes. She asks Suman and Preeti to get mangoes from the garden. They leave. Shraddha makes faces seeing dalya and says you want me to eat this dalya, I will see you. She says I will also go to get mangoes. Vasundara says no need, I will go. Shraddha smiles and thinks Vasundara will get ill now. Thapki stops Vasundara and says I will get raw mangoes, its much heat outside. Vasundara says then we don’t need to worry. Thapki goes. Shraddha says go and die in heat Thapki. Vasundara feeds dalya to Shraddha.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks Amena…..?

  2. Today episodes 3 chee shakthi….. !!!!!!!!!
    I hate ssk ……iss liye mai ne recoding kardiya baadh mai edit karke dekha

    Today totally Comidy eala episode tha….
    DVD topic …..hamaara MOTI BUDDHI thapki ko parishaan karneke badle mai kuddh parishaan hogaya…..superb scene thi…..
    …..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

    I feel very bad. …becoz. ..thapki DVD ki baare mai sachh jaan na chaiye tha….kyo ki ….

    Hamaara hero kitna maasoom hai na iss liye ……
    Aur thahaan flash back gulell scene. …it’s awesome
    Muje a scene dekh ke Iaga ki thapki neutral se first gear mai aayhi hai…

  3. Up coming episode. .
    Pandy parivar mai ek nahi romantic game. ……
    See the image only here. ..

  4. I cancan’t control my laugh. …… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. …………….
    Every one must see this image. …… share your opinion. …..

    1. Upcoming episode … MANGO romance. …
      aam ke aam gutni yo ke daam…….
      see the video link location video shoot. …

  5. Stop showing this trisakti……



  8. ha santosh….ya .. even i cant control my laugh.ha..ha.. ha….ha…. heh….hehh…..he … hehahhhahhhha….. haaa.. aha… sorry.. its family drama. or game shows…?

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