Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi asking Thapki to save Bihaan by giving the memory chip. Shraddha gives fruits to John. She gets close to hear songs from his earplugs. He gives it to her. She hears the hindi song. He says this song Pehla nasha is my fav. She says then my work got easier. She goes out and Suman questions her. Shraddha says I was choosing song for dance, John is young and classy, I went to know his choice. Suman says fine, we are getting late.

Everyone get Dadi out. Thapki goes on stage. She says Dadi maa, doctor said you will get fine soon, I feel you got fine, you taught us to walk in tough times, you don’t have to lose courage and fall weak, you taught us to live, to Maa and Bau ji, and me and Bihaan.. He recalls the video and Bihaan’s state. She cries and says you

tell me that no one can break my and Bihaan’s pairing which Lord made, I hope you know how much we love you, I m sure you will smile.

Sanjay and Suman dance on Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai………….with old retro look. Preeti and Ashwin dance on Chadti Jawani….. Everyone clap. Shraddha performs on Pehla Nasha, and dresses in a uniform. She expresses love for John indirectly via the song. Kosi signs Naman to go. Thapki sees Naman leaving. Kosi smiles. Preeti says now Vasundara and Thapki will perform. Vasundara asks Thapki why is she worried, Bihaan will come, we got both Bihaan and Dadi, I m here to give you a lovely pat, come, we have to dance well.

Vasundara and Thapki dance on More piya….. Everyone clap. Thapki dances in high spirit. She hugs Vasundara and cries. Thapki goes to Kosi and gives her memory chip, asking her about Bihaan. Kosi checks memory chip and takes it. She asks her to go to Bihaan. Thapki goes and gets cheated, as its Naman dressed as Bihaan. She gets shocked. Kosi and Naman smile.

Kosi asks Thapki will we give you Bihaan when you order us, you fail as you trust anyone so soon. She breaks the chip and gives it to Thapki. She asks her to take the proof. She says you wanted to tell everyone that I gave birth to John, and I m taking Bihaan’s kidney for John, take this and leave. Thapki says I trust people, this is my goodness, not weakness, people always break my trust, this is their weakness, not goodness, you ruined the proof, but now you will see something that you will return my Bihaan to me on your own. She calls John. Kosi and Naman get shocked.

Thapki says sorry John, I had no way to bring out the truth. Kosi says this is not true. John says Maa, you are my Maa, you were with me all these years and I longed for my mother and her love. Naman says I will explain you. John shouts what will you explain, that this woman is your wife and I m your son. Kosi cries and says listen to me. John refuses to listen and says you wanted to give me such life, that becomes reason of my brother’s life, Bihaan is your son, how can you kill your son, I m going back, leaving both of you forever, I m going London.

Kosi asks him not to go. John says you told me my mum died when I was born, your lie is biggest truth of my life, my mum died, and even Naman died for me. He leaves. Kosi and Naman cry. Thapki says I understand what you are going through, you would have done this to save your son, your way was much wrong, we know many doctors, John’s kidney can get transplanted. Naman scolds her and asks will you give kidney to John. She says we can try once. Naman asks her to shut up. Kosi shouts shut up….. Thapki looks at her.

Kosi asks Thapki can John get fine. Thapki says yes. Kosi says we will get Bihaan, come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kosiji really you deserve it…because you always tried to harm Bihaan for your loving son John…today everything will against to you.precap is only her acting.Anyway waiting for Fridays episode.Miss you Bihaan.Thank you guys for sharing TPK news its give me a relief.Garima…TPK is going to slot change yaar….


      ya me too…

      i really miss manish,
      B for bihaan less episode B for bakwas episode…

  2. i miss bihaan..

  3. Why the idiot writers make thapki so stupid! She is nothing but a dumb idiot who spoils every thing

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      That’s why the show is named thapki pyaar ki ???

  4. full bkwas epi bt love bhabhi g and john comes to know the truth is very gud thing bt thapki please don’t trust kosi


    good news from TC article ?…

    END & LEAP

    ongoing track end will soon and story again LEAP, but how many days i don’t know…

    here TC article news..

    Colors’ popular show Thapki Pyar Ki will make way for the new show, Devanshi.
    No, Thapki will not go off air, but will get a new time slot is what we hear.
    Thapki Pyar Ki produced by Shoonya Square and SOL will now move to the slot of 6.30 PM, while Devanshi, produced by Full House Media will take Thapki’s slot of 7 PM.
    As per sources, “Loyal viewers of Thapki Pyar Ki will be introduced to more drama, with an interesting development happening.”
    If sources are to be believed, there is also a small time jump in the pipeline in Thapki.
    We tried contacting Producer Dheeraj Sarna, but did not get any revert.
    This slot change for Thapki will come to effect from 3 October.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Pata nahi leap pe Kya hoga i don’t trust leaps and time slot changes

      1. SANTHOSH

        hai JO….???
        humare liye kum se kum aye bihaan ka “MUMMY RETURNS” track tho katham hothi hai na iss liye kush hoo….☺?☺

    2. Thanks God

  6. Shradha and john track is really awesome and its comic too. Let them get married.

  7. kash bihaan ki yadaash chalajata toh Hume phir se thapki aur bihan ki love story dekne ko milta

  8. heyy..!!!hyy guyss…good to u back..dear

  9. oooh…typing error……..good to see u* santhosh..fatarajo..

  10. Leap to dene se achha odea mere pass hai..After tpk show in the end 5mins ka interview of manyasa .. 6:30 ko start karo n precap se achha ending me manyasa ka interview rakh do…serial ki trp apne aap increase ho jayegi…becz every one love manyasa off screen masti …n chemistry…more than on screen…?

  11. Leap to dene se achha idea …mere pass hai..After tpk show in the end k 5mins ka interview of manyasa .. 6:30 ko start karo n precap se achha ending me manyasa ka interview rakh do…serial ki trp apne aap increase ho jayegi…becz every one love manyasa off screen masti …n chemistry…more than on screen…?

  12. Hi vafa n sia hope you are doing well . I very busy so that sometimes I wish the day was containing 48 hours instead of 24 . I did my best regarding tweeter vote . see u soon

  13. nice episode

  14. what a awesome story

  15. Oh thanks pooja i feel relief.

  16. hi everyone,I missed some episodes can somebody plz tell is Bihaan is real son of Kosi?& what they said to Bihan so he got seprated from vasu?

  17. Thapki and bihan on same frame pliss

  18. Trupti…yes,Bihaan is kosi’s son and she told that vasundara had to killed her husband(Bihaans father).Bihaan get angry on his pandey family specially for Maa and Babuji.Meanwhile,Thapki supports Pandeyfamily and she is struggling to protect Bihaan and prove the truth behind the death of Bihaans father.Actually,kosiji and Naman are the real culprit of his fathers death..

    1. Thanks a lot Pooja

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