Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling that Aditi is like her sister. Dhruv is still angry at Mr. Kapoor. Thapki takes Aditi inside the room and tells her that she is with her. Aditi cries hugging Thapki’s pic and tells that if she would have been here then this wouldn’t have happened. Dhruv comes and says nothing wrong will happen with you even now. He says you are my responsibility, I had promised Thapki that I will take care of you all. Thapki asks Aditi to feel her sister close and then she will not feel lonely. Aditi looks on. Later Dhruv tells Thapki that Aditi is his responsibility and asks her if she trusts him or not. Vasu tells that Visarjan is done, but Thapki’s truth couldn’t be proved. Bihaan tells that he couldn’t understand being moti buddhi. He gets a call and is shocked.

He informs Vasu that Kapoor tried to molest Aditi. Vasu is shocked. He comes to Kapoor and beats him badly, asking how dare he to misbehave with Aditi. Kapoor asks who is she to you? Bihaan says she is my wife’s sister. Kapoor asks who is Vani Oberoi. She has slapped me. Vasu looks on. Shraddha gets a call that the cheques given by her is bounced. She wonders why? Kosi tells that she got the cheques bounced.

Shraddha asks why? Kosi blames her for trying to make her like Thapki, and stammer. She says you are ruling in this house like a queen, but now you will be servant in the house. Shraddha is shocked. Dhruv hears them and asks Shraddha how can Kosi insult her like this. He gives her money and says I will give you more, I can be selfish, but not stone hearted. He says if you want then Kosi’s rule can change. He says Kosi is ruling as the house and business are on her name. He suggests her to get the house and business transferred on her name, and then says sorry saying she is like your mum. Shraddha says no, and determines to make servant to Kosi. Dhruv says I will support you.

Bihaan comes back home and insists to speak to Aditi. Thapki says she is resting, I made her understand. Bihaan tells her that Aditi is Thapki’s sister and she is more than a sister to him, and asks her to be guest and not to interfere. Thapki tells him that she slept with much difficulty and asks him not to make her recall the incident again. Bihaan thanks her for supporting Aditi. He apologizes to her for talking rude. She turns, and her dupatta falls on his face. He moves the dupatta and gives in her hand. Thapki looks on and goes. Lo Maan Liye humne song plays……………….Bihaan thinks what is happening. If she is Vani, then why did I agree to her sayings. Thapki thinks why did Bihaan apologized to her and thinks if Bihaan is falling in love with Vani. She thinks this can’t happen.

Dhruv comes to Thapki and tells that Kosi and Shraddha are separated and now Shraddha will bring papers for them. Vasu tells Bihaan that she has a plan. Thapki tells that she have to expose Thapki and take revenge from Pandey family, especially Bihaan. Dhruv says for that, you have to take a big step. Thapki says she can do anything to fulfill the promise made to her child, and tells that she has to prove Bihaan that she is Vani. Vasu tells Bihaan that they have to find out real Vani Oberoi. She says real Vani Oberoi will be somewhere. Thapki says she will break Bihaan’s trust and prove herself. Bihaan says his trust will break or he will be proved right.

Bihaan manages to get real Vani Oberoi photo frame and tells thapki that her lie is catched and she is not Vani Oberoi. He tells real Vani died 2 years back. Dhruv and Vani are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pls dont drag much

  2. Nice…especially Thahaans part is superb.precap is interesting,but I am sure she has to manipulate the situation in her own way…Waiting for karwachauth episode.Manish…your acting is spectacular yaar.

  3. Why the scenes soo long to expose kosi and the thruth will be show before pandey family now???old tpk better than now scenes…when bihan and thapki united to support each other for anything…

  4. I think DRUV fall in LOVE with ADITHI…

  5. Today’s episode is good . finally druve succeed to separate kosi and sharada team so happy 4 that
    And I have a question 4 the precap that vaani oberoi is too old then this vaani oberoi
    But as we all know that again bihaan fails in his plan
    Hi pooja ,garima .

  6. thapki keep telling that she will take revenge for kosi & pandey family, it’s mean that, she will take revenge to vasu, bauji, dadi & all? but dhruv reaction just fine?

  7. To long….they missunderstanding take too long

  8. Hey guys there is new spoiler for tpk
    See it at
    Also i want to add that vasu will find thapki truth and she will support her

  9. why tpki is not doing to expose kosi…but she is buzy to maintain herself as vani…..

  10. Ls dont deag much but otherwise the epi was nice espeially thahaan part

  11. how many days it will take for this misunderstanding track??.pls finish it all soon.but today episode is OK…

  12. Hi…Reshal,I am also confused yaar.I think Thpki will be create a story to prove that she had some relation with the old vaani.Anyway…the ultimate aim of the writers is to create havoc in Thahaans life and in that way they tried confuse the audience.let’s see.Where are you friends…Garima,sruti,anu,,Jo,santhosh Bhai….

  13. Is it just me or does anyone else find Dhruv creepy. Also i understand Thapkis anger but Bihaan didn’t know about the pregnancy, he only went against her cos of dadi and she did plan that stupid trick on kosi and used shraddha to help her when she knows shraddha changes sides like the wind. Also the first thing thapki should have done is try to find out if Bihan or anyone else knew about the pregnancy. If vasu finds out the truth why would she help thapki surely she should tell her that no one knew about the pregnancy. Im a big thapki pyaar ki fan but they need to stop dragging now and move the story along

    1. me too…..
      Dhruv is upto something..
      I think his ultimate aim is to get back Thapki. Regret and all are..his drama to convince Thapki…

  14. Yeah, I am agree with abida. Old thapki be better ; no revange . When we can look thapki with modern dress like aditi?? I miss thapki looks beautifull.

  15. Thahaan’s scenes are superb and Bihaan Gajaab..Dhruv acting is good.

  16. Can someone pls explain wth is going on? Why does Thapki Look different? Has it had a leap? Who is Kosi? Is the one with glasses THapki and where is her speech problem? I haven’t seen in longgg time can someone please catch me up?

  17. kosi is bihaan’s real mom.she came here for getting bihaan’s kidney for her another son family no one know this truth.but thapki know this.she says to bihaan.but he didn’t believe her.kosi plan is she wants to throw thapki from this house then only her truth won’t she did so many plans against thapki.finally kosi won her plan.bihaan doest trust thapki.he throw her out from house.that time she was she wrote it in letter and went.bihaan didn’t see that.kosi read it and hide that.thapki walks on road she met in accident she lost her baby.police came to pandey nivas and telling thapki is dead.but bihaan didn’t believe.after 2 yrs leap thapki coming to her house in new avatar as vani oberoi for taking revenge to bihaan kosi…she thought bihaan knows that pregnancy. but the truth is he still doesn’t know. for this revenge plan dhruv supporting for her.before speaking she was practising so her stammer is not come.

    1. interesting !!!!! Thank you so much for explaining buddy :))

  18. properties is there on kosi 2yrs thapki earned more in her she is coming for deal in business with bihaan and kosi request to her to stay in pandey nivas for few she was staying with them now.but bihaan didn’t believe she is Vani oberoi.he knows this is he was trying to prove her truth.

  19. Hello guys so sorry for not commenting my net doesn’t work so sorry hello my dear friend pooja and reshal and die for manayasa and hello Manish ki divani and Anu fatarajo hello my dead friends how are you .

    1. hello my “dead” friends????
      hey tume kya hogya garima….???

  20. Omg! Must not drag the story more… Plz show a happy ending. I want thapki with bihaan and aditi with druv.

  21. Manish ki deewani

    Hi garima happy that u r again here hw r u

  22. Fataraju didn’t pass the comment I m waiting for her comments.

  23. Hi…Garima,iam super happy for read your are you dear?

  24. Hello pooja reshal my dear friend I am fine and I am very happy that my bestes friend you miss my comments.

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