Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan saying he will break Thapki’s fast today. He brings sweets and asks Thapki to eat it. She pushes him and the sweets fall on the floor. They all get shocked. Thapki asks Bihaan to stop it. She says you have cheated me and married, he did big mistake and now he is doing this. The inspector hears this. Thapki says how much will she lie now, she is also tired is lies. The inspector says truth has come out, arrest Bihaan. Vasundara says you are mistaken, Thapki did not mean so. The inspector says we will talk In police station now.

They arrest Bihaan and take him. Vasundara gets angry. Thapki apologizes to her and Bau ji. She says she did not do this intentionally. Bau ji says no need to apologize, whatever Bihaan did, anyone would have become helpless to say

truth. Dadi says we all don’t have any annoyance and complains with you. Thapki cries and hugs Dadi. Dhruv looks on sad. Thapki pyaar ki…………..plays……………

Vasundara comes to Preeti and Suman. She asks did they call police to arrest Bihaan. Suman says we did not call police. They swear on Vasundara and say they did not call police. Vasundara thinks who has called police to send Bihaan to jail. The inspector asks Bihaan why did he call him to get arrested. Bihaan thinks he did this to end Thapki’s pain and tension, as they don’t need to stay in same room and face each other now.

Vasundara thinks she can’t let this happen, else all her hardwork will go waste. She asks Dhruv to free Bihaan, as he can do this. Dhruv says I can, but I won’t free him, as he did wrong with me and Thapki. Bau ii says yes, he did wrong, but he is my son, I will get him home within 24 hours. Vasundara gets relieved.

Thapki prays to Lord to get strength. Paan comes there in drunken state and greets her. He falls down. She makes him sit. He asks how is she, she will be fine, as Bihaan is in pain. She asks is he drunk. He says yes, I don’t know how much I have drunk. He says truth does not come infront of eyes, and whats infront of eyes is not truth. She asks what does he mean. He says Bihaan did it because….. and shuts his mouth. She asks him to say what was he saying. She asks servant to take Paan to guest room and sends him.

She takes food for Bau ji and hears him talking about freeing Bihaan. She says she got food for him. He says you would be thinking why I m doing this for Bihaan, but one mistake can’ t change his identity, he did wrong with you, but its true that he did not hurt anyone, don’t know why he did that, I m worried whether he had food in jail or not. She gets thinking.

Thapki goes to meet Bihaan in police station and says she has got food for him. He thinks he got in jail to be away from her and she has come here. He says this is jail, I won’t eat. She says Bau ji is hungry thinking you are also hungry. He asks what, Bau ji did not eat food because of me. He quickly eats food and says he loves Bau ji more than his life. He asks her to go home to make bau ji have food. She says Bau ji also loves you a lot, he told me that you are a very good man and you can’t hurt anyone, tell me, why did you do bad with me, was my stammering so big problem that you lost all your goodness. She asks him to please say. He looks at her.

Paan tells Thapki that all her answers will be found in her wedding album. She sits to see the album and sees the pics.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Anu

    Wow thapki feels for bihaan..
    nice episode
    every day TPK spike up the audience.
    luv u thahaan
    tks colors gave a such a wonderful show….

  2. lifna

    bihaan the lyf ful sacrifce cheyanu 1st ma k vendi tapki ne mrg cheyth epam tapki k vedi..
    Tapki plz undarstand he is vry gud man…
    Lv u bihaan.. Ur amezng..

  3. puppy

    Wow! Paan fantastic job… Help Thapki finding her cruel saasu ma !!you idiot Thapki!!! Find out soon…….

  4. ishu

    Superb….wow….thapki gives food for bihaan…i think romantic sceens will be soon….i hope thapki see the wedding potos and she find the truth….feel good for bihaan…i eagerly eaiting for thabhi lovable sceens….l love u thabki and bihaan.ur rockzzzz

  5. moni

    Bihaan u r d man dude…..keep rocking..i knew dat u were faking to be so harsh on thapki…but now u hv become my more favourite…it just increases day by day by ur fantastic performance…n paan luv for what u r doing,dost ho to aisa…now ur promise yo bihaan will also not break to not tell anything to thapki n u will bring d thruth in front of thapki by showing her d album..:-) thapki atleast now pls realize dat bihaan is such a nice human being n a loving husband…n make dat cruel vasundara’s real face unviel infront of d whole family….waiting to see thahaan romance…TPK ROCKS AS ALWAYS…

  6. LoveIsBihaan

    Bihaan in jail 🙁
    Bihaan tum kitne ache ho!!!!!
    I’m feeling bad for u…….. :'(
    A/w episode was good.
    Lub uh B 4 Bihaan.

  7. LoveIsBihaan

    Manish Goplani u r very good actor. Playing bihaan’s character superbly. Keep it up. Loads of love. 🙂

  8. Malu

    Bihaan u r the best guy for thapki. Not like druv. He is heartless how can u tell like this bihaan save u frm goons how can forgot?
    is fact is that now thapki is bihaans wife so plz accept this .
    and get lost frm thahaans life.
    we dnt want thapkis hus. And ex. In the same roof.?

    • what put yourself in is shoes having to see the woman your love married to your brother the brother that your father favours more evry single day must be hard. seriosly give the man a brake

  9. Yeaahh…bihaaan….nd olso pls show dhruv in sme negative shades…so tht i can love bihaan more….otherwise i ll feel soft corner for dhruv…so itz ma request…

  10. rajina

    Bihaan is good at heart but people must admit that he betrayed both dhruv and thapki.. even bihaan used to make fun of thapki’s stammering but dhruv was the one who supported thapki whenever she needed. Dhruv supported thapki when sakshi and diwarkar insulted thapki badly in office. . He is the real man and real hero of TPK not Bihaan.. I miss dhruvki badly.. atleast writers can put some conversation betwn thapki and dhruv.. desperate to see them together. .

  11. rajina

    Thapki should get to know that dhruv is innocent and it was not his fault that bihaan married thapki.. and vasudharas truth must be revealed soon.. our dhruv is best..

  12. neetu

    Whatever it is how come dhruv all of a sudden frgot the fact that Bihaan.saved him from Goons..
    Bihaan did it for his maa Dhruv has to avcpt the fact that thapki is Bihaans wife….

  13. Ankita Chhetry

    Bihaan is soooo good at heart.. How can anyone hate him yr !!!!! He betrayed Thapki and Dhruv because his mother has done emotional blackmail to him.. He is also a victim like Thapki and Dhruv

  14. rita mukherjee

    bihaan is very good heart & soul. he sacrifice always for his family. pls respct his feelings also.

  15. Dhruv and thapiki were amazing together and they should not change thapiki feeling for him i agree that bihaan is a good guy but he sould be a good guy fior someone else.the writers allowed us to fall in love with Dhruv and thapiki so any other paring will just seem second class.

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