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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man asking Thapki to talk and entertain him, till then Bihaan will be fine, once she stops talking, he will get beaten up. The man’s wife asks him to not start fight. The man asks his wife to be quiet. Thapki says I will talk, nothing should happen to Bihaan. Bihaan says no, you won’t get yourself insulted, let anything happen to me, swear on me and family. The man says I will count till 3, if you do not talk, then I will beat Bihaan. He counts. Thapki worries.

The man asks the goons to beat Bihaan. Bihaan fights with the goons. The goons break tubelight on his hand. Bihaan still fights but get beaten up badly. The man breaks a glass bottle on his head and wounds his head. Bihaan’s head bleeds. He holds his head and turns vulnerable. Thapki shouts Bihaan

and asks the people to help Bihaan. A guy says what will I do alone, who will take enmity with such dangerous people. The goons beat Bihaan more. The man shoots at Bihaan’s chest. Bihaan falls down. Thapki gets shocked and shouts Bihaan. She takes a firetorch in defense and gets angry seeing Bihaan on the ground. She shouts on them and says move back, no one will touch him, else I will burn you all alive, you want to hear my voice and make fun of my stammering, make fun of me now, don’t come close, I will kill you all. The man says she turned mad, run from here. The man leaves with his goons. The entire restaurant gets vacated. Thapki holds Bihaan and says I won’t let anything happen to you, someone please help me.

Thapki brings Bihaan to hospital and asks him to keep eyes open. She asks doctor to save Bihaan, he is shot. Doctor takes Bihaan in OT. Bihaan gets treatment. Ranjha mera ranjha………….plays…………….. doctor removes the bullet and treat him. Thapki cries.

Thapki thinks to inform home. She calls and Bau ji does not answer call. She calls on landline. She wonders where everyone went, none is answering. Thapki looks at Bihaan getting treated. She goes to pray. She wishes nothing happens to Bihaan and cries.

She says I will not argue with him, and not burn mosquito coil if he does not like, don’t let anything happen to him. Doctor comes and says we removed bullet, we have to transplant blood, his blood group is rare, we are not getting blood units, you have to arrange it soon, else anything can happen. She gets worried. She recalls Bihaan’s words that just Vasundara can give him blood.

Vasundara is at home, and says family went to temple and forgot plate here. Thapki comes running and tells Vasundara that Bihaan’s life is in risk, he is in hospital. Vasundara gets shocked and asks what happened to him. Thapki says he got shot, and cries. Vasundara drops aarti plate in shock.

Thapki tells everything what happened in the restaurant. Vasundara cries. Thapki says he needs blood soon, your blood group is same, come. Vasundara says come, take my blood, nothing should happen to my son. Thapki recalls Bihaan’s words. Vasundara says come fast, take me to hospital, Bihaan would be in pain. A man brings papers, and says Bau ji asked for this imp papers. Vasundara takes the papers, and wipes her tears. Thapki asks her to come.

Vasundara asks Thapki to do some work, which is necessary now. Thapki says not now, its time to save Bihaan, he will die there. She requests Vasundara to come fast. She says I know you are annoyed with him, he has hurt your heart, just you can give him life, please he needs you the most, save him. She says I will save his life, but you have to pay a price for it. Thapki gets shocked.

Vasundara says just you can pay that price, then I will give blood to Bihaan, tell me will you pay the price, or your tears is just a show. Thapki says no, I will do anything to save Bihaan’s life, he did lot for me, its my turn now, tell me what to do now. Vasundara gives her papers. Thapki gets shocked seeing the papers. Vasundara says you have to do this……

Bihaan gets critical. Doctor says he needs blood soon. Vasundara asks Thapki to get her color off from this house and Bihaan’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh My God when they will end this idiotic drama???
    How can vasundara get shocked??she is the one who send those men n goons n now she is acting like concerned for bihaan!!!
    go to hell vasu!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Vasundnra didnt send the goons, she just had the papers made and now emotionally blackmailing thapki

      1. No, she’s right, vasu payed the goons so she could do this

    2. Shoma Dey barman

      Why mother character is shown with such negativity. Pls. Take care of them

  2. the epi was full.of drama
    today thapki pray to god to save bihaan i liked it
    i saw A MOTHER in vasu who loves her son
    but again she show her evil nature hate u vasu
    my younger bro say:” don’t take vasu blood i”ll give u blood bihaan
    bcoz i can give my life for bihaan.”
    his words made me emotional.
    i also give my blood to bihaan if he needs
    get well soon bihaan

  3. I hate vasundhara

  4. so sad for Thapki…Bihaan will survive.. But don’t separate them…Vasundhara is very cunning woman… 🙁

  5. I hate vasu….
    She has already prepared Divorc???e paper.
    And she took advantage of situation.So mean ….

  6. So thaapki does have girl power in her. If only she used her girl power on those 2 evil witches it would have been good. And that vasu is so evil and discusting hate her to the core.

  7. In our language (Malayalam ) there is one proverb :” onathinidayka puttu kachodam”; which means in critical time taking revenge or making use of the time for self need
    This evil lady Vasu is acting like that!!

  8. Today’s episode was so sad I felt so bad for Bihaan

  9. I miss Monika (shrada) in today’s episode. She is such a gooood!! actress

  10. vasu needs a tight slap

  11. mujhe to laga tha ki vasu ko each m bura lag raha hai n vo each m to rahi hai but I was wrong it was all her plan
    shame on u vasu how can u be so stone hearted
    plz… writers don’t do anything bad with bihaan n make thapki n bihaan realise their love for each other

  12. Vasundhara Pandey is bipolar period…Now when Bihan will be fine and excited to play holi with Thapki, she will burst the bomb of her leaving….Why oh why cvs ? why are u guys hell bent on destroying Holi?

    1. Well said yaar……
      They spoiled Thahaan’s Holi

      1. All are celebrating holi with their pairs in other soaps. So sad how will Thahaan play holi …Bihaan injured and Thapki signed Divorce paper.

  13. when vasundhara’s drama, where is the all family members? its fully getting irritating. i hate vasundhara’s character.

  14. arey, thapki call other family and tell them to ask vasundhara to give her blood to bihaan……try to call everyone ,koi to hoga na jo phone uthaega…i know she will not complain about vasundhara but what on telling them about the accident and need of blood case to them , whats wrong in this….baki ka kaam vo kar dinge…sab tujhe hi karna jaruri h?

  15. oh……..finally divorce,but which will surely leads Thahaans lifelong togetherness.BIHAAN….i feel soooooo sad to see you in a critical situation.MANISH YOU ARE A UNIQUE ACTOR YAARRRRRRR.

  16. every time just swara. .swara swara. . again. . if in this holi episode if raggini doesn’t comes I ll quit watching swaragini.

  17. i hate vasundhara….hw can she act like that..i mean she is a mother…and critical condition she took advange of situation….guys i want to ask u something…does family members know that bihaan married thapki for vasundhara…actually i missed some epis..thats y…

    1. nobody knows onlu vasundra nd bihan knows..

  18. May be bihaan n thapki will be separated now by divorce n after a long dragging at the end of the show they unit … what do u say guys

  19. Emotional episode. …

  20. Emotional episode. …only thahaan scene

  21. Hi Amena,

    I am stunned and hugely disappointed by my innocent and true comments of today has been WITHDRAWN , so , you are PROMOTING PREJUDICE AND TORTURING OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES , SOMETHING THAT, IT IS OUT OF THEIR HAND.

    The two criminal characters, continuing their crimes up to attempting a murder BUT, , managing to get away with everything and got more and more rootless ,

    Why you let these kind of sinful messages , makes your young generation confused and cruel?,




    1. actually you are getting wrong, Amena is not the official writer of TPK

  22. Very emotional…feeling bad for Bihaan…what type of mother is that evil vasu, i hate her…plz don’t separate thahaan

  23. Vasu does make me get so mad I wish bau ji should knw about all this an then he should punish her if bihaan get to knw this hell going break loose but if she sign that divorce paper bihaan have to sign too before it could break I wish bihaan never do that get well bihaan

  24. Thanks for the update Amena.

    I actually read it before deciding to watch the episode. I’m in the UK so it is aired later here. I actually watched it online as its still not one for another hour.

    I though the episode was better than I was expecting. I thought it would be a long drawn out fight scene.

    I find the fight scenes a bit honorific, esp the slow mo close ups of Bihan being hit in the face.

    Thapki when she was papraying acknowledged that Bihan faought to save her honour. He fought for her ruk-ruk speech. I hope she questions why he married her because he hated her Ruk-ruk ness and didn’t want dhruv to marry her.

    Vasu – gah! What an evil evil witch. Thapki knows her true colours and hope she finally grows some courage and stops trying to always protect her position in the pandey household.

    Actually, as she was rushing out of the door saying my bucha she didn’t seem at all genuine. Then in a split second when the post arrived she switched over to the conniving witch that she is.

    The other curious thing is, why didn’t thapki ring anyone else’s mobile number from the hospital, they all walk around with phones so didn’t understand why she didn’t call dhruv or bau-Ji. Even when she ran into the house she shouted maaaa maaaa. Thapki knows ma doesn’t care about Bihan so why doesn’t she just stop trying with her.

    Anyway, I hate vasu. Thapki knows her true colours yet she still insists on asking her for help.
    She makes it too easy for vasu to manipulate her, always.


    1. Hi there nim well executed. I totally agree with you.

    2. I agree with you completely.

      The episode didn’t make cry as much as the preview, I think jigyasa singh acting is getting bad. It’s not normal the way she is supposed to react..he’ll even if she has doubts about bhiaan. Heck she has been prying for him and even said in prior episodes he has a good heart

      Her acting was very true emotions for Bhiaan as her friend and saviour. I mean really prying with cell phone in hand. She didn’t tear my heart open for her seeing bhiaan hurt.

      Writers really all this time wasted on a discussion of divorce papers. Heck the poor guy would be dead by the end of that….lol

      1. I think I Have to disagree. I think Jigyasa’s acting was very good in this episode.

        Why she constantly seeks vasu’s help I don’t understand but Jigyasa’s portrays her role well. She truly believes in someone saying my Kasam and when Bihan says that she is duty bound to not break that. In the end she does, with the torch.

        But her fire wielding rant wasn’t scary enough to make the baddies run away. That bit I didn’t understand. Surely the man with the gun would have just said shot her too. Obv glad he didn’t but you know what I mean.

        I don’t think vasu’s acting is very good.

  25. Dear Bihaan, who, assumed I was that tick that, , take Dear Amena, as writer of this childish, and unacceptable , cruel , Thapki story,

    Now it is my turn to say , you made a mistake , as, I address my comments to Amena , because, this person is the only one between the soap’s creators,( writer, directer and producer) and us ‘ and able to be in touch with the people who withdraw the true comments that would be against their greed .

  26. Haaa,copy from Dil movie….

  27. Lifñâ ñàväZ

    sTupid Vasu…..
    icant see My thahaan sprate….
    i will kill u vaSuu..
    wat hpnt …. next…

  28. This serial is getting from bad to worse .bad enough that Thapki is shown in such poor light.A spineless girl ( she cannot be called good under any circumstance) who is best a servant .Now they show a cruelty of a characterless woman not fit to be called a mother .How long are u going to continue with this crap?

    1. Thapki is a very honest devout soul who has been brought up, like Bihaan, to believe you must respect your elders. The problem is the way she does it no matter what the elders do.

      In one of the earlier episodes she was shown as having the guts to not admit to doing wrong when she hadn’t, she stood her ground and wrote I am ‘not’ sorry all over that board in dhruv’s office.

      I think she has changed from that strong character to the one we see now who thinks ‘what does it matter what the family think of me’ s she has in effect become a bit of a doormat. That’s a sad development I think. Esp as she is very well educated and has fought all her life to be accepted that it’s sad that she has sort of given up a little bit of who she is and what she stands for.

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