Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha emotionally attacking Vasundara and provoking her to commit suicide. She cries and does more drama. Shraddha goes out and thinks now Vasundara will think of dying. Vasundara cries recalling Bau ji and Dhruv’s bitter words. Bihaan gets a call and is shocked. Thapki asks what happened. Bihaan says my friend has seen Maa going towards the cliff. Thapki asks Dadi and everyone to come. They all rush to stop Vasundara. Dhruv gets thinking.

Vasundara recalls Balwinder’s words. She thinks its better for her to die. She ties a cloth on her eyes and walks towards the end of the cliff, while Bihaan and Dhruv shout Maa and run towards her. The family too comes running there. Bihaan and Dhruv hold Vasundara and stop her. She gets shocked seeing her family. Dhruv asks

Maa are you fine. She says Dhruv and cries. He gets away and cries. Bau ji asks what were you going to do. She says repentance, so that you all belief that I regret for my deeds. He asks will you give up your life, if I say anything in anger, if anything happened to you, I could not be alive. She asks him not to say this. Dadi says we were shocked. Vasundara cries and apologizes to her. Dadi says we have forgiven you, even Lord has forgiven you seeing your truth. She hugs Vasundara. Everyone cry.

Vasundara asks Dhruv did he forgive her. Dhruv says I can’t forgive you, a big heart is needed for that, I can’t forgive you even if I wish. He leaves. She cries. Dadi says Dhruv needs some time, wounds will heal slowly. Thapki says yes, come back home. Bihaan says that house is nothing without you. Dadi nods. They all take Vasundara home.

Thapki gives the keys back to Vasundara. Dadi asks Vasundara to manage the home now. Doctor comes. Thapki tells Bau ji that she called doctor for Shraddha. Shraddha gets shocked. Thapki says we did not take care of Shraddha, her checkup did not happen since many days. Shraddha says I m gone today, and says I don’t want any checkup to be done, I already had checkup. Vasundara asks when, I was there, I did not see you. Shraddha says dad and I went to clinic, you were sleeping. Shraddha makes excuse and sends the doctor. Vasundara suggests to make brinjal dish for Shraddha. Thapki says I will make it Maa, you rest for some time. They leave. Shraddha thinks I have to find permanent solution for Vasundara.

Shraddha goes to room and gets some packet. She says Thapki you were going to expose me by calling doctor, just see now. She sits and gets the explosive matter from the tiny crackers, in a small bowl. She says you were waiting brinjal dish for me, see what I do now, see how everyone take Thapki’s name now. Bihaan hears her saying Thapki’s name and knocks door, asking is everything fine inside. She gets shocked and says yes, everything is cool. She hides everything. He says English means something is fishy, now I have to come inside. He goes inside the room. She covers up everything and asks what are you seeing. He asks did you think to do anything against Thapki. She says you always think wrong about me, I was telling my baby to become like Thapki. He says such sweetness for Thapki, that too from you, I can’t digest this. He sees something under the blanket. He gets the green wool thread. She says I was thinking to make shoes for my baby. He says its still time, think to join, not break, it will be better for you and family, take this. He leaves. She asks him to worry for himself now.

Suman and Preeti argue to make brinjal dish and leave. Shraddha goes to kitchen and fills explosive powder in the brinjal. She says now it will be fun. Suman comes and asks Shraddha what are you doing here, don’t make other brinjal fall. Shraddha fixes the brinajl with glue, and says when Thapki makes the dish, when she keeps the brinjal on gas stove, she will be gone.

Doctor tells everyone that Shraddha is not pregnant. Vasundara and Thapki scold her. Dhruv gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shobi

    Thank God vasu came home, again a nice episode but this shraddha is becoming more worst. I wish shraddha dead.

    Ye shraddha pisase engayavadhu poi thola.

  2. Rachana

    Thanks for fast update….I saw how much dhruv cares for his mom….hope the precap won’t turn into a dream…

  3. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Finally shraddha exposed. now what will dhruv do? well i read somewhere dhruv will support shraddha :O well if that happens i think someone said that dhruv will leave house with shraddha and also posted a pic replacing thahaan face once from india forums 😛 looks like director ji loved ur pic n idea 😛 i m just waiting for thahaan romance now, thahaan rocks love thahaan

    • Renu

      Hi joyee. Howz that possible that dhruv even after knowing about fake pregnancy would support shraddha. ?????

  4. Manyasa29

    Atlast vasu drama got ended…..shraddha’s truth is also going to be out …….now it will be intersting to watch upcoming episodes…..i hope thahaan’s scenes will start now..Manish sir u rock..Love u thahaan !!!

  5. Shobi

    @tamil ponnunga sangam-ungala WhatsApp ku invite panrom..vango cuties.
    9.viji(ash) and all Tamil girls

    Ellarum sendhadhuku aprom ribbon vetti thirapu vizha kondadidalaam.

    Dearest Nasreen akka, juggu & shobi

    • Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

      Shobi kannu… neenga ellam en pera sollumpodhu.. evlo alagha iruku..ippa than en peruku alaghu vandhuruku…… Thank u chellangala..

      Apparam.. juggu and shobi sonna madhiri nanga whatsapp la group form pannikom.. ungaluku ok na enkakuda join pannunga.. illana ok.. nanga yariyum force panala.. compel panala.
      bcse…. inga yellathaiyum open ah pesumudiyadhu adhanala than nanga apdi group form pannom..

      TODAY EPISODE WAS super….@@@@

      Bsce oru valiya vasu positive ah marunathuku…
      Oru vela vasu first lendhey vasu positive ah irundhirtha.. namaku thahaan kedachirka matanga…
      Enna panradhu… Nangalum unna mannichitom vasu…
      Polachi po.. Ippo dhurv nenacha than kovam varudhu…
      Hey dhruv.. Ne kovam padradhu sari than…present ah pathi yosi.. ippo thapki kum vera life ayiduchi.. unnakum vera life ayiduchi.. pls.. leave it and move on dhruv.. You should forgive vasu and go on..

      • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Nasreen nejamave watsapp use panrathillama,athuku than fb open pannan athuvum pudukichu
        Naan maddum watsapp use panina enga annakida serupadi than vankanum
        Bcz oruvaddi kedden annakida watsapp use panna porennu athuku enga anna watsapp moolama girls face panra athana prachanaiyum pudu pudu vaicharu paru atha yen kekura!!

      • Shobi

        @kana enga akka WhatsApp use panna permission kuduthanga aana fb ku no sollitanga adhanala naa WhatsApp mattum dhan use panren.



    |Registered Member

    Amazing episode… Waiting for tomorrow epi….nalaikuthan yen kanuvu jemaagapothu ….vasu ma pls slap sharadha…

    *goms,ash,juggu,shobi,naseran Akka,reji,raji,adithi n Tamil ponnunga elarum epidi iruginga….????

    *goms baby unaku ennachi yen comments pannala…i miss u….

  7. dolly

    is tpk going off air????
    vasu’s truth out,shradha’s truth out,dhruv supporting shradha….!!!!OMG
    all is well….so these are symptoms of going off air…..

  8. garima

    Oh wow♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥agar sharda pakri gai so I became very happy. But some questions. It is really happen? I think sayad y sharda koi dream bi Ho sakta ha offf. Lakin jasa muja bihaan ki love confection ma bhi laga tha ki ya bihaan ka koi dream ha Lakin dream nahi tha . Sharda really get out from house? I think kahi fir sa thapki mahan atma sharda ko jana sa na rok da . I think agar thapki na sharda ko rok diya to vo possible ma bhi change Ho sakti ha. But she really changed? Hoo! So confusion. Lakin agar phir sa cvs hama owl bana raha ha then I kill them itne intzar ka bad to sharda pakri ja rahi ha.

  9. tamil girl-riya

    @juggu……..nee konjam neram matum message panramari settingla maathu…i will notify you…… sending message……nee friend requeat kodu………en name romba common name …..niraya per irukuranga……… pic sonna kpoda unala identify panna mudiyathu………….

  10. truelove

    Finally shradhaa will expose…please give some time to thahaan for rommance…it’s been a long time they didn’t even hug.

  11. Ally

    I want to know Druv’s decision after knowing Shraddha’s pregnancy truth.I feel too bad for him…
    Poor Druv everyone cheated him. ..

    • Renu

      Yes ally. Dhruv would not trust any more after being deceived twice from people he trusted most.

    • ...............

      Not 100%….no 75% & yes 25 %
      Rain scene is manyasa off screen video they bothenjoying the real rain in shooting spot……
      (My opinion 100% not romance in upcoming)

  12. Juggu


    |Registered Member

    It seems none had read d spoiler thahaan raain romanceah pa huyii…..jolly shhradha dhruv unaku support panna avanayu velila kootitu poiru . Illa thahaan poirunga pandey nivaasla ore disturbance no romancenu ye frndsla kavala paduranga…..

    • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

      Adiye athu rain romance ellam onnumilla,athu antha loosu rendum athan manyasa not thahaan engayo outing poitu varuthunga.
      Nee athungala purinjukidathu avlo thanaaa???
      Pal irukiravan pagoda sapidalam thahaan fan ah irunthukidu unaku romance kekuthooo!!!

  13. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Dhruv ….. vasu thappu panathaiye unnala mannika mudaiyala. Idha vida pala madangu periya thappu pannirka un pondati shraddha.. Ava thapkium and un total family ya ava damage pannirka.. aparam still ava evlo periya poi solirka.. avala ne epdi mannika mudiyudha unnala.. How dhruv? How its possible?

    No.. dhruv… Nee shradhha va manikavey kudathu…
    Ennaku theriyum.. ne venum nu than shraddha va mannikra madhiri nakira….
    But dhruv .. un life ah neeya spoil pannikra… Indha story ippidiye pochina na kandippa pakka maten…

    Pls writer … Thahaan mattum santhosama irundha pathadhu. .. Dhruv ku nalla life kedaikanum… Basically dhruv is perfect gentleman… but.. story avana vera trackku kondu poiduchu… change the dhruv story way..

    • tamil girl-riya

      done [email protected]

  14. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    haha anyone saw the sildeshow of thapki and the gorilla in tellychakkar as bollywood movie pairs that was damm funny 😛 gorilla also did more romance than bihaan with thapki 😛

  15. Shobi

    Thalaivare iniku note pannuningla kana,ash,goms akka,adithi yaarayum kaanom.

    @goms akka unga kitta Bunny pathi sonnella anniku en dreamla Bunny vandhanga aana adhuku aprom neenga varave illa..please ka neenga lucky nu nenakren neenga vandhadhan en dreamla thirumba Bunny varuvanga..ganga ka.

  16. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

    Nages akka,sivagami,roshni akka,vinlora,santosh,sapharak where r u guys???

    • Juggu


      |Registered Member

      Yaravadhu urupatta unaku pudikave pudikadhe……indha mokkailarundhu avungalukachu mukthi kudu thaye……???

    • Varsha


      |Registered Member

      It has a greater scope abroad not in India & studies should also be done abroad so that you can cope up with your colleagues, even I am from TN, happy to see many Tamilians in TU

  17. Loveleen

    I think tonight’s episode is shradda’s dream! Or we won’t know till Friday!! They tend to repeat precaps for days! Please don’t let it be a dream!! ??

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