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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Rachna being angry on Thapki seeing Vasundara trusting her more than them. They plan to break her trust on Thapki by spoiling Dhruv’s shirt. They talk to Sanjay and make Thapki busy, trying to send Thapki away. Thapki takes the shirt and Rachna asks her to keep it and go. Dhruv sits and gets the makeup done for the shoot. She checks his cupboard and locks it. She hides the keys and leaves. Suman goes to put sauce on the shirt and it falls on herself, as a man alerts her that she is standing on current wire. Thapki comes back and says no one called her.

Suman wishes to spoil the shirt and Dhruv not get able to do the shoot. She gets an idea and smiles. Sakshi says she will go in studio ad rehearse with cameras once. She goes there in studio and finds it

vacant. She asks why is it empty and shouts on staff. She comes to know Dhruv is hosting show from hom. Vivek says Thapki has done all this. She gets angry. Suman gets the snacks and sauce for Thapki and and asks her to take the chutney too. She intentionally drops it on the shirt and smiles. Thapki gets shocked. Suman asks what did she do. Thapki says I did not do anything, I m sorry. She recalls Vasundara’s words and her trust on her. She sees the shirt totally spoiled and rushes.

Vasundara asks Dhruv to get ready. Dhruv asks her did she send the shirt. She says she has sent the shirt by Thapki. The staff looks for Thapki. Suman and Rachna smile. Thapki goes to kitchen and applies lemon to clean the chutney mark. Suman and Rachna start acting like Vasundara and Thapki and laugh. Dhruv says the show will start soon, give me any other shirt. Vasundara says Thapki will be bringing it. She finds the cupboard locked. He says I never lock it. Thapki applies more lemon. Suman and Radhna do makeup and are ready to host the show.

Vasundara says whats happening, the keys are not here and its going to be 7pm. Poonam prays for Thapki at home and her show to go well. Shubh asks her to come to watch the show. Vasundara gets the keys under the cupboard and says she got the keys, she will give any other shirt. She gives a dull color shirt. Thapki comes and brings the shirt. Vasundara asks where was she, now Dhruv will not wear this, even when I wanted this. Dhruv says he will wear the dark blue shirt and smiles. Vasundara smiles being happy.

The staff waits for Dhruv. Suman and Rachna plan to go infront of camera. They stop seeing Dhruv coming with Vasundara and Vivek. Rachna and Suman blame Thapki to ruin their plan. The show is about to begin. Bau ji comes and sees Dhruv starting the show. Dhruv welcomes everyone in the show and Bau ji drops his little goat. Dhruv and everyone get stunned seeing the goat in between. The servant asks the staff not to touch the goat, else Bau ji will shoot them. Vasundara asks Bau ji what is he doing. Bau ji says nothing. Thapki looks on. Vasundara asks him to call back the goat, Dhruv’s hardwork will go waste. Dhruv fumes. Suman and Rachna smile.

Thapki talks to Bau ji and convinces him to let Dhruv host the show, else his name will be spoiled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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