Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan thinking does Thapki does not believe me as her friend. He asks her to sit, and they will try to understand each other, their likes and dislikes. She says we know each other well. He says I want to become your best friend. She asks is there anything, what happened to you. He asks her to play game, the chits have words, you have to tell me memories about the word, like this chit has rain written, so tell me anything related to rain. She agrees. They play the game. Na na na na……plays……………

He asks did she like the game. She says yes, I had fun, I realized we have to know many things about each other. He says we will know now, I want to become your best friend before becoming your husband, all your happiness, sorrows, fears… She promises him that

she will always tell him everything. Dhruv looks on and says Thapki you used to look at stars and share things with me, that time is going to come back, when you say every little thing to me.

Vasundara says don’t know which color to use for Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage. Bihaan checks phone and walks. Vasundara sees him and shouts Bihaan to stop him from colliding with the vase. He says I m fine. She asks him to take care of himself. He says yes, go and rest. He hugs Dhruv and says I was finding you, thanks, you explained me about friendship, Thapki and I spoke a lot, she will share things with me. Dhruv says you guys will become good friends, are you happy now.

Thapki asks about whom are you talking. Bihaan says you. She asks what. He asks why, can’t I talk, its secret between me and Dhruv. He goes. Dhruv asks Thapki not to feel bad of Bihaan’s words, we were talking about your and Bihaan’s relation. He goes. She says even if poison turns sweet, its still poison, I know Dhruv is planning something against me and Bihaan, but I won’t let this happen.

Diwakar and his parents argue over the expenses and bills. Mishra says electricity line got cut, as bill is not paid, Aditi and her family did not return till now, I won’t pay any bill. Diwakar says I will get Poonam back, I will go there.

Shraddha asks Thapki why is she checking CCTV recording of her room. Thapki says I got this camera repaired, I can’t trust Dhruv, now see him, we will know his every move and truth will be out. Shraddha says fine, I will go to kitchen. Shraddha says no, sit here and see his truth. They see Dhruv. Shraddha thinks if I sit here, Dhruv will send me to jail, I have to stop Dhruv. She messages Dhruv and Thapki stops her. Dhruv sees Thapki’s pic and smiles. Thapki asks Shraddha to see, this is his truth, I knew he won’t change, I m going to stop his new acting. Shraddha asks her to stop. She calls Dhruv and tells him that Thapki is coming to our room, she has put CCTV camera in our room, she has seen you with her pic. Dhruv gets shocked and till then Thapki comes there. Thapki scolds Dhruv and asks what is her pic doing in his wallet, if he really changed.

Dhruv lies to her that this photo is old, I was removing this to give to Bihaan, have this and give to Bihaan, you can clear doubt on me anytime by coming here, tell Bihaan to keep this pic in his wallet. She leaves. Shraddha comes to Dhruv and shuts the room’s door. She says it was not my mistake, trust me. Dhruv says its first time, you did not do anything wrong, infact you did everything right, good job, you give me info of Thapki’s every plan so that I get my Thapki. He says Thapki got this room’s CCTV camera fine, but I will do things outside this room, how will she get that info. He smiles.

Dhruv looks at Thapki and keeps some file. He makes the papers fly by standing near the fan. Thapki looks on and helps him. She gets shocked seeing Dhruv’s love letter for her. She reads it. Dhruv smiles and acts innocent. Dhruv says before you get mistaken, I will say this paper is old, you can check the date if you want. She throws papers and goes.

Bihaan comes there and helps Dhruv. He asks about the paper. Dhruv asks him to think once again, if he gets angry seeing this then… He gives another paper to him. Bihaan asks whats this. Dhruv says appointment letter, I got this for Thapki as she wanted to work in my office, but you told her that you will spend much time with her, so she killed her heart and thrown this. Bihaan says strange, I told her to share things with me, I will ask her. Dhruv says it will get awkward for me, she will never share things with me then, control your anger and give her some time. Bihaan feels bad and says our relation will spoil if I don’t ask her. Dhruv asks him to relax. Bihaan says I do much for her and she still hides things from me. Dhruv says now I will hit this relation and break it. He smiles.

Bihaan is angry and scolds someone. Thapki asks why is he angry. He acts rude to her. Dhruv burns their pic and says I will burn your relation too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for fast update Ameena. Wow! Dhruv a great salute to you. You proved today than you are 1000 times brilliant than that illiterate fellow Bihaan. Dhruv and Thapki in matching pink dress, were looking good. Enjoying a show alot.

    1. Lightsabre

      Lol.hes so brilliant tht he married shradda! Wr was all this intelligence bak wen vasu was tryin to stop the weddin… or wen he was askd to marry shradda or wen shradda made him an idiot with the wine- chocolates n fake pregnancy? An illiterate who commited an unintentional mistake is way better than a so-called educated man whos on a revenge spree simply coz he can’t face the fact tht his mom cheated evrybdy to make this guys life better n tht shes the real offendr.

      1. Because when he married Shraddha or when shraddha cheated him or when his mom cheated him or when his stupid illiterate brother snatched his love he was innocent bcoz he was trusting them blindly, that made him not to act wisely, now since he came to know every1 colours whom he trusted, he is acting wisely… Ya i can understand how stupid Dhruv was but it was because he trusted some person blindly that is his mom or illiterate brother who dont deserve that trust

      2. Lightsabre

        So dont u think bihaan trusted his mom blindly and thats y he belivd her when she said shel eat poison. If well-educated druv was too naive to oppose his mom wen she askd him sweetly to marry shradda… then how can u not forgive bihaan for not being able to plot against vasu wen she was making suicide threats? Lets accept one scientific fact… a mans IQ dosnt change as per moods. If druvs stupidity can b forgiven by excuses of ” blind faith”…. then so can bihaans.

      3. Lightsabre

        The writers have made it very clear tht they want bihaans tracks to be clearer than druvs. Druvs character was written off as a trophy fiances who later turns out unimpressive before bihaans, who’s neithr educated nor of rich inheritance. Tpk is a story abt how seemingly defective ppl are better than the so called ” perfect ” ones. Be it druv vs bihaan… or shradda vs thapki.

      4. Ya even you to right… Bihaan should be forgiven… Bt vasu’s one mistake made a lot of changes… Actually i had completely stopped watching this serial after Bihaan married Thapki… i was just reading summary if any where i get… Just dat tym i came to know Dhruv turned into negative and later enjoying his plots alot..

      5. But one thing remember when Thapki was left in a broke marriage by Diwakar.. At that time Dhruv like a hero gave her job supported every her act… Took her home showed love when diwakar insulted in party its Dhruv who supported Thapki by showing love.. he gave her everything at most she needed until Thapki married Bihaan. Today Thapki may fly above with her brilliance or anything.. bt if there was no Dhruv she would be old girl with stammering and every1 insulting her. Thapki remember past and kindness shown by Dhruv

      6. NoSugarCoating

        Thapki is still stammering and she has no job. U talk as though dr druv cured her.she is same as when.before meeting druv.

  2. Thahaan scene was awesome….
    All others were totally waste. .
    I can’t tolerate Divakar drama after Druv drama.
    OMG cvs made Shraddha as Druvs doll what ever he commands she obeys….
    I think Shradhh’s born to win thought is lost /forgot after watching Druv ‘s misdeeds


    breaking news???…..

    CVs??? ne confirm kiya hai 100 ca ca ca ca cake ??? kaatne ke baadh thahaan shaadhi hone wala hai …..
    abi tak tho 25-30 kaate honge hai na……❗❗❗❓❓❓

    T for THAPOLA??aur T for TORTURE???? ……….

    ho ho??????…….

    tpk mai thodisi jaan thi usko bi aaj diwakar??? ka re entry lagakar zeharr dediya Cvs??? ne aur thahaan ke beech misunderstanding?⏪ ⏩? shru kardiya…..
    katham katham sab ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌
    katham kardiya……

    agar wo writer mere haath laggya hai na uske haath??? kaat✂✂✂ kar uska ungli ko fingers chips banadoonga mai …..

    hare kohi hai… kohi hai….
    muje ca ca ca ca ca ca cake ???? dijiye mera jaan??? nikal raha hai….

    chalo dostho iss rone wala mazaak ke saath forum chodkar jaa raha hoo….. bye bye bye….??????????????????

    ( hai sisters pvt li miloonga)

    1. kya …santhosh forum chod kr jaa rhe ho ye glti mat krna..vrna vinlo tumhe phir apne weapons se shoot kr degi..

      1. SANTHOSH

        hai sumera register karo pvt li milthe hai…..
        abb mai bemaar hoo ???tpk dekh ke mera jaan nahi gavana chatha hoo..????

    2. Vinlora

      Daro math SANTHOSH ye weapons tumhare liye nahi aur sapola ke liye bhi nahi ?Mere liye….?kyunki roz ke torture se thang aa chuki hun mein….roz sochthi hun ki ab aur TPK nahi dekhungi lekin 7 baje hote yi tv on karthi hun iss ummeed
      mein ki aaj tho kuch achcha hoga thahaan
      ke liye…aaj tho bihaan ko akal ayegi. ..lekin….din ba din sapola ki pagalpanthi jyaada ho rahi hai aur bihaan bewakoofi ki hadh paar kar raha hai. …?lagta hai cvs Dhruv ke fans hai ?isiliye jyada scope de rahe hai usse..? lekin ab bas …ab aur mujse se kha nahi jata …pagal ho javungi mein….??aaj ke episode dekh ke muje laga mein kyun dekh rahi hun ye bakwaas. …muje kudh pe yi gussa aa raha hai. ..isiliye kudh ke liye ye bakwaas dekhne ki sazaa????????

      1. SANTHOSH

        humko a baaki rehagayatha vinlo???…. a cvs ne kiya khoon bolo ya hamara paagal pan ka suicide…. ❗❗❗❓❓❓

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      I am already prepared for tpk ending. Their trp is so low no reason for colors walo to retain tpk and only reason why show going on as tpk is very popular online. And also in overseas everytime tpk and ikrs no.1 show on colors in overseas ratings, now I dont know. And that time it was best phase of tpk, thahan ki nok-jhok i miss it so badly

      1. Lightsabre

        So true. I miss macho bihaan. Ankit is acting well… but lets face it… this is way too much of rubbish now. I jus saw the cute thahaan moment inthe beginin. Rest is just senseless… i mean… did i jus read tht there was a cctv cam in druvs room??? Really??? Who puts a cam in their bedrm?! Rubbish. And since oct 2015 to july 2016, bihaan n thapki wr just frens and now they r actin as though they started romancing straight away. N if thapki supports shradda.. then wat can druv do to screw her for kidnappin thapki. Thapki wil jus say “i forgv her” infront of the family! N y on earth cant thapki tel bihaan. If she has a video of him starin at her pics in his bedrm…then cant she jus show it to bihaan as a proof n ask him nt to reveal tht she told him?!
        So irritating… tpk writers hav no brains at all. They r spoilin druvs character ( whch btw i used to like) n im getin disgusted by this sapola trak!!! Aur san… tu math ja… updates pad aur comment karthe raho! Vinlo… u shud use ur weapon on the writers. N hi to manyasa sumera vani luvleen pihoo jo thapki j etc etc. I see a lota new names too.

      2. Luvleen

        Omg tell me about it! I haven’t watched last 2-3 episodes just can’t stand it. It’s so sad cause there are so many dedicated fans out there just not interested anymore n have moved on to other serials…

  4. Achichoooo inime daily comment pannuvenanu therila….naaliku college 1st day

    1. Shobi sis…all the best….nalla padi ma….

    2. All the best….

    3. Shobi-achachoo!!! Apdina nee padika poriya???

  5. Juggu

    Suddham……oru kaalathula thapki ya kalyanam pannika aal illama kavala patutrunddha……ippa enadana…vilundhu vilundhu… dhruvu….bihaanu avala luv panraingga…..chai..

    Kadupa varudhu. …..

    1. tamil girl -riya

      yes…juggu…aana competition verum pandey zoo kula matum than…..

    2. Juggu sis…unakku eppa clg open ma….

    3. Juggu-unaku yen intha vayitherichal!!!
      Ama nee dhruv and ankit fan thane,antha nalla manushanoda oru super interview pathiya???? Nee pathirupa i know 🙂 nalla vela jigyasa thapichirichu 🙂

      Riya-antha gorillava maranthidiye!!!

      Fira-enaku therinchu ella college um kaalaila 8,9 maniku open panniruvanga 🙂

      1. Hi kana sis….sis naan eppa open aguthunu date kettean sis…..

      2. Fira-apdi theliva keluma???? Saddunu purinchukira alavuku enaku moolai vela seiyathuma tpk paakka arampichathila irunthe ipdi than thapki mathiri en moolaiyum thikki thikki than vela seiyuthu 🙂

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    even though I m a big fan of thahaan I will say Dhruv Sapola did a good thing today by telling Bihaan that Thapki wants to work again, I dont know what Thapki Mahan Atma wants but this show is about Thapki and inspiration (even though it inspires people in the wrong way), I always wanted Thapki to create her career and even though Dhruv did as part as his plan he did a good thing unknowingly 😛 I hope this trigeers Bihaan and I really want Bihaan to make Thapki work again by encouraging her for her career, and I want the old G for Ghajab Bihaan Pandey, this Bihaan Pandey is boring complete joru ka ghulam, and it will be hard for joru ka ghulam to change his wife 😛 only his ghajab avatar can make Thapki establish her career again
    (btw is Thapki a journalist or lawyer Looks like CVs are confused. Whatever it is I want Thapki to have a career in the end that will be a nice touch to the show I dont want her to become housewife which she is currently

    1. Truelove

      joru ka gulam …..hahahaaa nice one joyeee

    2. Lightsabre

      I doubt if there wil b ny inspiration . Sapola wil just try to make bihaan jealous by sittin with thapki all day?

      1. Luvleen

        Who is sapola??? Lol sorry I’m not dumb I just have no clue what ppl are going about sometimes! ?

  7. A song dedicated to thapki

    Suno suno thapki ki awaaz
    suno suno iska ye raaz
    isko pankh mile ha panch
    isko leni ha ek kurban( matlab dhruv ki jaan)

    A song dedicated to bihan

    Dagabaaz re haye dagabazz re
    isne samajhliye thapki ko dagabazz re

    A song dedicated to the viewrs of tkp

    No idea .koi suggesion de sakta ha ??


      hindi mai patha nahi hamaari kannada mai ek song hai Cvs ke liye…


      PIHOO…. thum bi register karlo na….

      1. SANTHOSH

        serial mai bakwas hona chahiye… lekin bakwas hi serial nahi hona chahiye….???

        trp zarur girega??? agar aisa huva tho muje bahuth kushi hoga…..????

      2. SANTHOSH

        tpk top1 position pai hai bakwas dikhane mai,abb uss position ko maintain karneke liye aur jyada bakwas dikha raha hai humko……

        i miss a lot old bihaan pandey ka BIHAANGIRI…..

      3. Vinlora

        Santhoshhhhhhhh ???????

      4. Vinlora

        Precap dekh ke ek positive thought aaya. …?first bihaan talking with thapki very rudely and then while Dhruv burning thahaan photo I think bihaan will see this and comes to know about Dhruv reality. ..then confrontation ???

  8. Aami123

    Thnx 4 update

  9. this dhruv is really a psycho he has gone mad
    . i dont want thahaan to get seperated

    not a good precap

  10. OMG!!!! i really hate ????dhruv and nw that shrddh is helping him in his plans the show becomes twice boring and irritating???? i used to love monica in every episode she never had any fears in her plots bt nwdays she has been caught???. i thought she will win dhruv and unite thahaans bt it turned out wrong. i have been watching this show for months i kinda like it and my best couple is thahaan bt nwdays i kinda dislike it the way it turned out. kasam is the best and so as balika vadhu

  11. interesting episode.anyway thapki and bihaan only going to do marriage.and in colors TV its only very worst serial. and surely I am saying this won’t get famous and more awards.totally the director was change track and persons characters.y u chose a dhurav character in this serial.that’s y in every award functions this show did not getting awards.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      point to be noted but it was only bihaan who won an award for tpk, and barki-chupki i think and as for tpk yeah i agree is worst show but this show have the best pair, best pair after zaya in colors, beintehaa best show n best pair, if tpk show was also good and thahaan was pair from day 1 instead of tharuv (they r also good, but i m bigger fan of thahaan only) even most tharuv fans would have love this show i m sure about it, i hate the CVs for being so unfair to tharuv and also thahaan now thanks to this wrong marriage track some people hates thahaan. I am saying so because really thahaan deserve so much more. I would want the makers to definately make it thahaan at the end, but even if they make tharuv only positive thing will be that at least people will stop hating thahaan, and will love to see manyasa in a new show again.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        I was planning to stop watching colors but only reason why I still watch colors is thahaan.

      2. Lightsabre

        The serial is losin its trps nw coz they r not taking the thahaan track nywr. One swap was more than enof… hu can tolerate another!

  12. I just hate this show….they destroyed tharuv..they were so cute…much better than thahaan…now loving fhruv ka junoon to get thapki….his acting is mashalaah….loving him…i just hope tharuv unite happily…but sadly this is not gonna happen…

    P.S – this is my point of view….thahaan fans…think before bashing…everybody has the right to share their views

  13. What a shame writer’s have ruined the story. When Thahaan are so damn awesome they don’t develop the love story instead show some rubbish. Please please show us anything but not a crazy man running after the brother’s wife.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I think another reason why many people still loves tharuv is really beacuse they share good chemistry and more importantly during tharuv cvs showed a lot of romantic scenes fr them i think tpk show pair was tharuv for 3 months and thahaan for a year they didnt show so much romance for thahaan in a year they showed for tharuv in 3 months. And in google when i search tpk all tharuv pics they have r so romantic and very hard to find thahaan romantic pics and the ones they have r way too good I was not a regular viewer of tpk in beginning but whenever tpk is on i see tharuv romance which was a treat to watch and thahaan i was also disappointed initially but they share such a great chemistry and their nok-jhok was gr8, and these made it enough for thahaan to win my heart so much that I started watching the show regualrly. Now i dont watch regularly as I m busy so i follow updates and i dont regret only
      thahaan scenes is worth to watch now in this show which they r not even showing these days. Phew saved some valuable time

  14. Oh thapki pyar ki become so boring.

  15. And from now onwards, I don’t want to watch TPK anymore coz of diwakar re-entry and blo*dy psycho dhruv is creating misunderstanding between thahaan….I will really miss thahaan…
    I will watch TPK only when I got to know about thahaan remarriage will take place….till then bye bye TPK? Must say very very not bad but worst twist of TPK right now.

  16. This is nice. . Tharuv is good. BiHan fits for nothing.

  17. I don’t know why the writers have turned bihaan in to a complete fool.he doesn’t even have a clue about what is happening around him.oh… sad ?

    And our over smart can she get scared of that idiot druv and become a slave to him.IMPOSSIBLE!!

    1. Lightsabre

      They jus wana drag!

  18. Ok…this is enough..

    The show had audience wait almost a year before the ever going eye lock..few hugs as bait..two kiss on cheek another suckered bait..
    But why not give us a whole 2 months of extra martial affairs by a brother in law and sister in law..

    So now druv has accomplished thapki looking as a character less women running after her exlover…nice morals..

  19. Shradda always had very good plans against what has happened to her now.

    Please writers don’t turn this show into a total nonsense.

    Or it will lose it’s ratings……?

  20. Vinlora

    Reel or real I hate the concept of MISUNDERSTANDINGS ??? So good bye TPK. ..
    And yahan tho director aur CV’S yi show bandh karwaane mein thule huye hai tho hum fans kya kar sakthe hai?agar jaldh se cvs ko akal nahi aaya tho TPK ka THE END tho confirm hai ?



  21. Please end this bhakwaas twist

  22. Tharuv is bst…bihan is illiterate…tapki….pls leave that stupid bihan…i love tharuv…if writter want thahan…why they show tharuv first? it is now like swaragini…first swalak…laksh marry ragini…aftr knwng truth..then he want her back…that she love with sanskar…what rubbish…same story…bt one thing…bihan and vasu..are real culprit…to cheat tharuv…tapki never give him a chance to druv….in my oppinion bihan not suit for tapki…….he illeterate…always angri man……i cant stop my laugh…because…a journalis/lawyer tapki get a local gunda…

    we want tharuv back…

    one more thing dont bash me…this telly page…evrybdy has to right to comment…this not created for stupid bihan…..

    1. Minnu, bihaan is illeterate but he is very straight forward. He openly shares everything & doesnt hide anything. Thats why thapki loves her so much because bihaan heart is very clean. He never things bad about anyone. He loves everyone so much espicially his mother vasu, becoz of whom he agree to marry thapki.

      On the other hand dhurv so called educated & literate follow who is double standard & selfish. Who can fall at any low to acquire anything, one who never ever care about anyone. He is a very dangerous person. From outside he looks soft & sweet but form inside he is an evil.

      Hence if literate people are like dhurv, than we e very happy that aur B for Bihaan pandey is illterate….

      1. Well said……

      2. @Sayed58,i agree that dhruv has became selfsh now..but its all because of his mother and bihaan..its their fault,not his..he has faced many betrayels that now it is ovbious for him to behave like this and he is right..!!

        The mahaan aatma bihaan thought he is helping his mother and doing betadharma aur achha kaam but the truth is he did a sin by saperating two lovers….and that is why vasu devi and bihaan devta aur at fault not dhruv…

        I am a tharuv fan..and i really want them to unite halpily…but blaming dhruv is utturly stupid..!! Brcause he has gone through many betrayels..poor dhruv..feel very bad for him ..

      3. NoSugarCoating

        @vaishali.. i think u got so blinded by ur love for druv that u didnt notice what was hapening. Bihaan wasnt trying to be mahaan… he knew he was doing wrong. But he had no choice since vasu cornered him. He showed guilt even while sitting in the mandap. But look at druv… shamelessly keeping a wife in one hand and trying to snatch his bhabi. Does that sound like mahaan atma to you?! If every man turns into a cheapo because he didn’t get what he wanted..then this world wil be filled with criminals and molesters. And name this -many betrayals. It was only one. He married shradda by himself. So dont blame bihaan for it

    2. @Sayed58,i agree that dhruv has became selfsh now..but its all because of his mother and bihaan..its their fault,not his..he has faced many betrayels that now it is ovbious for him to behave like this and he is right..!!

      The mahaan aatma bihaan thought he is helping his mother and doing betadharma aur achha kaam but the truth is he did a sin by saperating two lovers….and that is why vasu devi and bihaan devta aur at fault not dhruv…

      I am a tharuv fan..and i really want them to unite halpily…but blaming dhruv is utturly stupid..!! Brcause he has gone through many betrayels..poor dhruv..feel very bad for him ..

  23. I have released a new update of my fan fic two paths crossed tpk (epi 7) please do check it out. It might come out tomorrow, it’s still processing

  24. Hey guys in news it is coming that tpk ke sets me ek electritian ko bijli ka jhatka pada par ab theek bataya ja rha ha…..and guys this serious not fake i hve seen this in news


      achcha, wo bijili ki shock wo psycho writer ko lagna chahiye tha…..???

  25. Vinlora

    So called well educated ,intelligent, sanskaro ka bhandaar Dhruv ke kaarnaame tho dekho. …???pura ka pura psycho hogaya hai ??aajkal kuch kaam nahi hai usko saare din gar mein pada rahta hai aur bhabhi ke peeche bhagtha rehta hai aur cheap tricks khelta
    hai. …uske sanskaar tho laajavab hai?
    usse1000 guna achcha tho unpad ,gavaar ,local gunda,angry man Bihaan hai ?jise English nahi aati,jise intelligent nahi hai,Badi badi degrees nahi hai uske pass lekin kam se kam insaaniyaath tho hai uss me. ..???Bihaan ne jo bhi kiya tha Maa ko bachane ke liye kiya tha lekin well educated Mr.Dhruv Pandey kis ke kushi ke liye ye sab kar raha hai. ?????kudh ke kushi ke liye. ..? sach ka saath denewaale Mr.Celebrity ko ye cheap tricks Shobha nahi detha???
    If u bash also I don’t mind ??Thahaan Forever. ..???


      jaathe samaye mai itni saari cmts hamaari …..?????

    2. Lightsabre

      I agree. They hav turned a decent druv into a home terrorist running aftr his bhabi. The first swap was weird enof.. but atleast they weren’t married and bihaan had no interest in thapki. This “stalking” ” blackmailing ” n other conniving dirty tricks are starting to get on my nerves. Y cudnt the maintain druv as a gud man and show something positive. Pehle puthle jaisa bana diya…. while his mom made thapkk a maid n al…he was standin like a statue. Ab pagal bana diya… chup hi nahi bait tha. Even bihaan ko bhi innocent bacha bana diya.CVs hv PhD in ruinin characters!


    CVS Ji???? thahaan ke shaadi karne mai kohi problem ho tho kumse kum SHRHAAN?? ka tho kardijiiye…
    humko tashan wala track dekhne ko milega.?????…..

    haa ek aur baath preethi , suman vasundara &poonam ki bi pairs change karo…..

    saare swapping track dekhne mai aur maza ayega…….


      socha tha ki aane wale track mai achcha episode dekhne ko milega lekin a hullu ke patte,gadhe ki aulad CVs ne dikha diya apni wahi paagal pan…… abthak mein ne serial ke baare mai thahaan ke baare mai +ive soch- soch kar mera dimaak kaarab hogaya hai…..

      mai kya kya gaali dhoo aur boora bolne se phele aaj ke aur amesha ke liye cmt yahi per katham kartha hoo….
      che… che… che…che…
      next week trp gira na mujse jyaada kushi kisi ko nahi hogi…..!!!
      (kohi bi kuch bi sochiye mere cmt me baare mai, jo bolna tha boldiya agar kisi ko hurt huva hai tho mai sorry bi nahi boloonga????????????)…….

      bye..bye… dostho???????

  27. Enaku Thapki Mela than kovam kovama varuthu, eppa paru antha Dhruv kittaye poie muttikittu nikkura, avana total ah ignore pannitu, Bihaan Mela concentrate pannanum.
    Aprem intha Bihaan, Evan mattum ellathaum Thapki ta share panrana…? Illa aprem epdi avata irunthu atha ethir pakan, Dhruv ethathu sonna nera avatar poie kekuratha vittutu, mulichutu irukan….
    Dhruv evalo Vela pakan, avan Mela chuthama santhegame varalayam, Ana Thapki seiratha mattum alasi araichi panran, muttal….

    But I like Bihaan, I can’t hate him…
    I love thahaan,they made for each other.

    1. Nisi-ithe doubt enga ellarkidayum heavyya irukathan seithu,aana enna panrathu namaku pidicha intha loosu jodi vadikadna muttalungala irukuthungale,ithungala nenaichu naama ipdiye polambikidu irunthomnu vai kadaisila
      Rendaaaayiram,naaaalaaayiram,aaraaayiram,eddaaayiram,paththaaayiram,pimpilikapilabi……..mama biskoththu 🙂 🙂


    samajlo agar trp girgaya a gadhe CVs kya karthe hai ki hum ko a scene dikhathe hai…..❗❗❗❗

    thahaan ke beech ek rone wala scene??, ek cake ??cutting, baadh mai ek zero calorie romantic dance??, finally brother and sister hug??….

    hum hullu log isise kush hokar phir se dekhna shuru karthe hai????….
    (a tho mera tpk page per 8 months ka experience hai dostho….)

  29. Nice episode. Love Bihaan and Thapki.

  30. Deborah Thomas

    Why don’t Dhruv go n get him a damn life LoRd child move on with u’r damn life n forget the past

  31. sonia chauhan

    Dhruv sir brilliant actor. Amazing hero.
    Nowadays many viewers are saying very much bad things for him but never forget he was the real hero of your so called thapki when ppl made fun of her stammering and even so called bihaan as well but only ankit gave her support professionally and emotionally as well.
    . . So he is doing everything absolutely correct to get his love back which is his right.
    . Well done ankit great acting. Keep it up ? and good luck.

    1. Druv was not “real” hero. He was like a standby role until the entry of the real hero . He was nice in beginning when he had a crush on thapki who is beautiful ( prettier than even shradda who talks normal). She is intelligent. Kind. It was like druvs dream girl. But when he thought she is not available what did he do? He married shradda – rich stylish singer and mummys favourite. Who stopped him from waiting for thapki?! What a true love. Now he should settle for what he chose and leave others alone .

  32. This tpk writters are dragging kings,,, one remarriage track for a month???…and the fact is they alrdy married… Whether the rituals happens or not they gonna be husband and wife…. Why dont they just show a happily romantic remarriage…. They really deserve to go off air with this kinda track… And give space for better stories…. Manish and jigyasa are extremely talented…. I hope they find new show together as well…

  33. Must read

    It is getting very hard for me to digest the episodes these days. I have been forcing myself to watch the episodes only and only for ThaHaan, that too we get so less scenes of them. And it’s not like I am hating this track cos of sapola, I m hating cos this track is one of the most Stupid and SENSELESS track I have ever encountered! Every show needs drama, accepted! Every show needs a dark character, accepted! Here we have Shraddha and Sapola.. Ok let’s keep her aside cos she is now dumb and foolish, but we do have Pervert Sapola and his tactics, accepted! Daily soaps miss logic, accepted! But making a show completely INSENSIBLE?? NOT ACCEPTED! CVs, you are telling me here that Thapki and Bihaan lack the friendship tuning?? WOW! Hats off to you for coming up with this.
    Ever since I have been watching the show it is only about ThaHaan’s friendship!! And mind you, CVs have done an excellent job in showing their friendship grow which later turned into love. The way these two have grown in their relationship, it wasn’t an easy piece of cake! How could they ever move from HATRED to LOVE if they never had a good bonding or shared a good FRIENDSHIP?? They always stood for each other, they understood each other so well, they always supported each other.. and are you talking about dumb charades here? Hah! They did not even need any such signs to understand each other or feel their pain! They had unspoken words between them and their eyes spoke volumes! This is what a Tuning is called!!! A silly game like dumb charades does not give the certificate of any friendship! It’s a fun game, just play and go! Don’t make issue out of it CVs.
    And these people are actually comparing Tha—-ruv’s and ThaHaan’s frienship?? Wow! Tha–ruv?? What friendship?? When were they even that kind of friends??

    Wow CV’s I m more amazed on the way they are butchering their own hard work! What a joke they have made out of it! I seriously pity them. Just by raising questions on “ThaHaan’s frienship” , CVs have done the most silliest and insensible thing!! The track is already dragged and stretched like a chewing gum! They didn’t have to do it more by bringing such IRRELEVANT topics! And of all the thing in the world, they are talking about ThaHaan’s frienship??!! Wow. Take a bow CVs, take a bow!.

    Regarding the episode, I have no comments. ThaHaan for me are still the dumbest at present. But well let’s see where it goes! I hope this track gives them a good lesson about the importance of good communicating and sharing things with your partner first before coming up with assumptions! Just SIT DOWN and talk, COMMUNICATE! Well Diwakar is back too so the show can take an interesting turn! Let’s hope things get better soon. Most importantly let’s pray our CVs get their “Brain” back soon!!

    Posted on one of forum member.

    1. Lightsabre

      Its like a summary of wat evrybdys bin sayin thumbs up

      1. Luvleen

        Hehe cause finally Rosh everyone is seeing what you have been seeing for a long time…sit back n relax cause your job is done ?

  34. Hai,hai,hai,hai,hai……..this is my 5* hai. Because, naan 5 days tpk paakaporadhillai including WU. Aana comt. mattum padipen. Commt. nalla irundha paarpen. So bye TSP.
    @kana, nee ena solre? Ozhinji

    1. Atha en vaayala epdi solluven!!!!
      Sari atha vidu enakoru doubtu clear panriya?? Intha ………. current track ah seekirama mudika solli sollanumna antha…….mandaiyan mayank gupta ku msg anupina okva? Intha ……..cvs apdinkirangale apdina yaaru?? Enaku vara aathirathuku naan maddum mumbai la irunthenu vai nera antha……..veeduke poi bomb vaichitu vanthiruvan 🙂
      ……..antha blank la str beep podduko chellam

      1. Andha karumam cvs .na yaruku theriyum. Vera yarayavadhu ketu enakkum sollu. Msg. Partha, partha enna paakave maataru. poi thaan vaandhi edukanum. India forms member.a nee, poi paaru. Evlavo anupi, kadhari, kenji paathuttanga. Aana andha aal sataiye pannamatengran. Indha kodumaya ketka yaarume illayaanu kadharranga. Avanga ena madhiri analyse panni eazhudharaanga theriyuma. Adhukke andha aal kadhuliye potukka matengaran. Solla kazhtama irukku. Thahaan love track podhu trp 1.3 to 1.1 down aachu. 2 weeks, dhurv negative scene adhigamana piragu thaan marupadiyum 1.1 to 1.3 raise aagiyirukku. Adhu 1.5 or 1.6 thodra varai andha aal bhihaanaiyum budhisaliya kaatamaataru.Dhurv track.iyum close panna maataru. Naamum pulambikite irukka vendiyadhuthan. Inikku trp day. Enna aagapogudho.

      2. CV may be currilucum vitae, but as far as serials are concerned its CreatiVes of the show; thescript writers, the story writers and the dialogue writers. Sometimes this list also includes the director. Thanks to maris08( india forms)

      3. Ash-trp 1.3 la irunthu 1.1 aakiruna enna artham,antha 0.2 than dhruv fans apdi patha 1.1 naama than majority yeh yeh!!!! Athunga venumne ipdi vela ellam pannuthunga appa thane dhruv ah daily onscreen la pakka mudiyum 🙁
        Aanalum enaku manasu kekala antha….. manushana thiddanum polaye iruku and englishu la vera thiddanum aana enaku tamilla thiddina than manasuku aaruthala irukum 🙂
        New olv pathiya antha thapki loosu bihaan da sorry kekuthu athuvum bihaan style la atha pathathila konjam santhosama iruku,mmm namma thalai eluthu intha manish payapullaiyala enna kodumaya ellam pakka vendi irukku cha…

  35. Luvleen

    I reckon this serial gets the most comments from every other serial it looks like….at the moment frustrated comments ? But seriously I initially liked the track cause I got to see Dhruv showing some sort of emotion rather than that constipated angry look he use to have…but at least now we see his true talent. BUT in saying that….I take my words back!!! Plsss writers can’t you just rewind and create another track! Argh this one is frustrating! ?

  36. every time thapki won let won others too . hamesha thapki thapki what is this . this time dhruv ko jitnedo

  37. Sorry mangne ka ek naya tareeka jo mane thapki se seekha

    Thapki ne bihan ke gale par chaku rakha aur phir sorry bola

    Toh phir ma bhi aisa hi karungi “aye mujhe maaf kardo nhi toh chaku se maar dungi”

  38. Juggu

    Ash neetha varala naanga fbla grp chat create pantom icl kana…seekiram vandha kodi.illati po d

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