Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neha planning to make Thapki fly in air and makes bubbles in the fish bowl. Thapki flies in air due to the water affect. She wakes up and is shocked to see her in air. She shouts and gathers everyone. Vasu and others come there. Thapki tells them that she was flying high on the bed and asks them to trust her. Vasu says you are sitting on bed and is fine. Thapki asks her to trust her. Suman says Shraddha said right, you have gone mad. Vasu scolds Suman and asks her to go. She asks Thapki to take rest and says I am not going anywhere and will sit with you. Thapki is scared.

Sankara tells Neha that she felt peace at heart seeing Thapki scared and flying in air. Neha says you will troubled more, and says Bihaan will die a painful death just like her husband. Kabir comes

and asks what they are talking. Sankara makes an excuse that they were talking about fish. Kabir asks Neha to go and sleep, and asks Sankara to stay far from his sister, says I don’t want even your reflection to fall on my sister. Once he goes, Sankara thinks Thapki is trapped in the net, with the help of your sister. She can’t be freed from this trap, and will be away from Bihaan for forever, smirks.

Vasu tells Bihaan that she is sure that he will win the competition and blesses him. Bihaan asks Thapki why she came to temple and to pray for whom? Thapki says I came to pray for my husband. Bihaan says that means Kabir. He says your words are not supporting your mouth and says don’t know what to believe. He says it is impossible to trust you.

Thapki says you said right and tells that only you are my husband for me. Sankara comes to Neha and asks what is her new plan. She sees dupatta and picks it up. She sees snake beneath it. Sankara is shocked and calls her mad. Neha asks her not to call her mad again else she will make snake fall on her. Sankara promises her that she will not call her mad. Bihaan is waiting for the competition participant announcement. Vasu blesses him and says his intention is good and he will win. They watch on TV. Host announces the participants name. Everyone wait to hear Bihaan’s name, but the host announces the other participants name…and says last name is …..Everyone wait anxiously. Host says last name is ….and creates a suspense, tells that he will announce after the break.

Vasu asks Bihaan not to worry and says last name will be of yours only. Bihaan looks for Thapki. Shraddha asks if he is searching for Thapki and says she might be praying that you should not be selected, she will not come. Just then they see Thapki coming there with snake around her neck. Everyone is shocked and scared, stands up from their place. Bihaan tries to run towards Thapki, but Sankara holds him and asks him to stay away from Thapki naagin. Kabir tries to rescue Thapki, but Neha holds him and says she is scared. Bihaan goes to Thapki and asks her not to get scared. Balwinder asks him to be careful. Bihaan picks the snake and runs out of house. Neha smirks angrily. Dhruv asks are you fine? Bihaan comes back and asks are you fine? Thapki slaps him hard. Everyone is shocked. Thapki is under Neha’s control and looks on.

Vasu makes Thapki comes to her senses. Thapki asks what happened? She asks Bihaan if she did anything wrong. Bihaan looks confused. Sankara and Neha smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Evil evil evil again again again…

  2. Vinolin.d

    totally waste episode.I am so worried.I am so angry at CVS.if I will start to talk about serial… then it will be bad…

  3. Stop this nonses what is going on

  4. Can anyone please confirm me about that bikar’s child news???

  5. Can anyone please confirm me about bikar’s(hate) child news???

  6. update jana na dil se door please ??

  7. pooja prabhap

    NEHA…you just completely fuming us.writers pls stop this supernatural track.

  8. How much longer this track going to continue? Why writers showing neha and shankara continuously doing this with the fish bowl, does this really happen in real life? Why can’t they show family members noticing them doing this and end this track.

  9. Manish ki deewani

    cvs plz stop black magic …..sankra and neha go to hell ……writers plz show some reality …..soooooooooooooo many evils in tpk …..

  10. If thahaan becomes separated then no reason is left to watch this serial. *Please untie THAHAAN*

  11. I don’t know what to say know. I’m just pissed off. I really want to kill those 2 psyco witches. Please I really hope that those 2 dies, can’t stand them. Well I was talking about that fat bum Shankar and that mad cow neha. When the hell are those psycos will get exposed.

  12. Vinolin.d

    hello CVS… I want to ask some questions to you.
    1)fish bowl story is real??
    2)if I did like that with anyone is this really will happened?
    3)if anyone drinks that fish bowl water they will come under our control?

    but you are making this to fool tpk fans.its illogical story.actually if anyone drinks water like this means they won’t come under control.they will get stomach upset only.
    if that story was real means first I will control CVS.I will make them to write good story line.

    what a rubbish story!!! day by day its becoming worst.
    how neha got this magical water??
    you just shows she comes with fish tank.she tells about revenge to Sankara.then she makes thapki to drink water.suddenly you are showing thapki comes under neha control.its not a cartoon.we are not a stop this nonsense.

    don’t think to make us fool. if you think to extend this serial for more years,there is so many way.why are you showing evil you think this is only a way for serial???if you give story writer chance to school girl or boy now,they will give better story line compared to you.just show about love,happyness,sometimes evil.don’t show always evil track.then why are you keeping “thapki pyaar ki name for serial?replace that name.”thapki with evil”is right name for this show.because there is no love here.

    hai pooja,garima,reshal,Ritz, shruthi,anu,jo,Leena…and all my tpk friends…

    1. like……

  13. This show has lost the plot.

    Fishes now Snakes.

    Bihaan stop being a lost puppy me a man and grow up. You say you can’t trust Thapki now be a man and follow your words. Don’t keep waiting for her or looking for her like a little boy looking for his mum.

    Kabirs face when Thapki slapped Bihaan was priceless 😀

    1. @shahid ,Your last line and kabir’s face was priceless:D:D

  14. After this episode I think Sanker will die by neha magic , in the upcoming episode I think Sanker will return good and will tell thapki about the magic that neha did for her ,just guessing hope this happened in the show …

  15. SW really have gone mad..!! ?
    maybe they’re also drink water from fish bowl.. ???

    1. Lol your comment made me laugh????

  16. First of all , cv’s just see d comments on face book & twitter> I have no account with any of them, BUT IF YOU REALLY WANT> NOT ONLY CV’S> BUT A VERY WIDER AUDIENCES > see & read your suffering & tortures due to d nonsense & disgusting thapki’s story line > THEN PLEASE GO TO FACE BOOK OR TWEETER > & SAY YOUR WORDS >& DEMAND YOUR RIGHTS>AS INDIAN CV’S INSULTING > D REAL WATCHERS & THEIR IQ AT HIGHEST POSSIBLE LEVEL,BY TREATING THEM , AS FOOLS & STUPIDS> VIA D MOST CHILDISH & UNACCEPTABLE LINE STORY OF THAPKI>KASAM>…..

  17. The stupid story,rubbish,nonsense,no one will believe it,poor the actor and actris,they use they tallent in rubbist story,they should move to other better story.indonesian tv channel has a plan to stop its series soon,because they lose the viewers now.they will reach 500 or 1000 episode but with no fans at all because day by day they will lose their fans…
    Stop it right now,dont just show the evil victory,evil always win in tpk..
    The heroin dont have a power to stop it even with the help of God…unbelivable story…
    I stop to read it story since a few week,then when i read it again i am sure that better to stop being tpk fans or indian series fans,…it will disappointed to watch it so i never watch indiaan series should get a honor of being the worse story maybe it is your goal cvs.
    I am sorry but i am very very disappointed became tpk viewer..if i know tge story would be like this i will never watch thapki pyaar ki from the begining….

  18. Rubish, foolish …TPK will lose their fans if the story still like this, evil..evil always win..bored

  19. Never thought I’d see an episode where Shraddha is actually rooting for Bihaan, even though she is crazy and does despicable things I actually enjoy her comic performances she has some great one liners and facial expressions. Credit to Monica Khanna who plays a vile person so well that even after everything she has done She is still one of my fave characters.

  20. The story be better than kosi story , hope the writer has a good idea for unite bihaan and thapki. I know the writer work hard to write the story… We wait for your nice story..

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