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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Bihaan that she trusts him a lot, but lost trust in Thapki. She asks him to leave the ashes pot in river, as her husband really left her today. She cries and hugs him. He feels bad. Thapki cries in her room. Bihaan comes there and sees her. He takes her.

Police comes at Aditi’s house. Diwakar and his parents smile. Diwakar acts and says they are my dangerous inlaws and wife, they have beaten me. Krishnakant says he is lying. Inspector says he did not file FIR. Aditi says he is acting. Diwakar says I m saying truth. Inspector asks them to let Diwakar stay in this house. Diwakar says my parents should stay with them. Inspector says stay here and inform me if they trouble anyone of you. Diwakar thanks him. Police leaves. Diwakar laughs and enters the

house. He asks them to call Thapki and Bihaan, and laughs.

Bihaan brings Thapki to the lake and says I know you can’t do this mistake, you will take blame on yourself and cry, so I got you here to drop this ashes pot, we will do its visarjan. She says no Bihaan, whatever happened, I can’t deserve to do this. He holds her hand and stops her. He says Dadi is annoyed, but I know Dada ji can see everything, he also knows you did not do anything, it was not your mistake. He convinces her and asks her to do this as repentance. She apologizes to Dada ji. They leave the ashes pot in the lake and pray.

Its morning, Dadi tells Bau ji that its time for her medicines. Thapki brings medicines for Dadi. Dadi asks Bau ji to send her medicines in her room and goes. Bau ji tells Thapki that Dadi won’t be annoyed for long, try to win her heart. Vasundara and Shraddha look on. Vasundara says its tough to make Thapki out of Bau ji’s heart. Shraddha says Bau ji will also get against Thapki. Vasundara says we have to wait for right time and goes to temple. Shraddha says weak people wait for chance, I will make a chance, see what I do with Bau ji, its good Vasundara left, else she would have opposed my plan. She laughs.

She goes to Bau ji and talks to him. She says I m worried for Thapki, everyone is annoyed with her, Thapki will get alone here. He says yes, time will make things fine. She says I think we should not leave her alone, she respects you a lot. He says yes, I can do anything for her. She says then call Thapki and give her work to make her busy. He says I m going to dye my beard and moustache now. She says great, ask Thapki to prepare the color. He says right and calls Thapki. She says I have work and goes. Thapki comes to Bau ji, and asks did you call me. Bau ji asks her to prepare dye. Thapki says no, I will ask servant, I may do mistake again. Bau ji says I trust you, go. Thapki agrees. Shraddha hides and is glad. Shraddha recalls Bau ji’s words about his beard. She says now Bau ji will hate Thapki.

Thapki prepares the dye. Shraddha thinks to bring Thapki out of kitchen and mix hair removal cream in the dye, to get Bau ji’s beard removed. She makes something fall. Thapki stops and does not go. Shraddha thinks what to do. Thapki takes the dye. Shraddha stops her and asks her to cut pineapple for her. Thapki says I will give this hair dye to Bau ji first. Shraddha says give it later, just cut this in 2mins, I really want to have pineapple now. Thapki agrees and keeps the dye there. Shraddha tries to add hair removal cream in the dye. Thapki takes the bowl and says this time no mistake should happen. She cuts pineapple and gives her. She takes dye bowl and goes.

Thapki gives the dye to Bau ji. He says great, you did not do mistake, don’t worry, you can’t do any mistake, take rest now. She goes. Shraddha sees Bau ji applying dye and thinks how to add cream in it. She calls her dad and says I m annoyed, you did not talk to Bau ji, its about my respect, talk to Bau ji right now. She stops Bau ji and says my dad wants to talk to you. He talks to her dad and keeps the dye. She adds the cream in the dye and mixes it well. Bau ji gives the phone back. She asks him to dye his beard. He says I felt glad talking to Singh after many days. She goes out and looks on. Bau ji applies the dye to his beard and moustache. She smiles. It starts itching to him and he scratches. He gets shocked seeing the hair coming out. Shraddha gets happy and says this was last wicket of this house, that’s also down now, poor Thapki, what will she do now.

Dadi asks Bau ji why is he hiding his face. Bau ji shows his face. Shraddha says it means Thapki added hair removal cream in the dye. Dadi covers Thapki with a black cloth and says this is her punishment to cover her face till Bau ji hides his face. Thapki cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is this. …? Now a days I hate this TPK…. really feeling bad on thapki….

    1. Tapki is an idiot. There is a saying “once bitten twice shy”


  3. Hi ameena walwkum aslam what a fast update thks but bad to know that wicked shraddha is winning always till when would evil win over good

  4. Are yaar….I don’t have any comments..
    I think when she leaves the house there will be surely 4 feeling bad for her….
    3.Ram pyaari
    Bcoz All these 4 along with thapki belongs to same family…they do not talk where they need to…..just stupid ideas…….
    Is shraddha mad…..she says she will not spare thapki for loved him in the past…but she never thinks abt him..then how will he love her….
    Hope CVS will change it….
    Is there nobody in pandey parivaar when shraddha makes her plan…

    Very artificial…pl..change it for god sake……..

  5. Hello writer ji plzzzzz. …. thapki ke kuch achchayeee dikavo ji….. full episode only crying .. show some good things … and messages to all that God ll help to goood hearted person….

  6. Updates are slow

    This story will make me leave this show. Oh my god writers your trp is gonna go low.

  7. wht the hell is going on
    why always Shraddha wins in her evil plans
    poor thapki she got punishment of someone else’s deed
    but loved bihaan n thapki scene
    love thahaan jodi….

  8. Worst epi as usual thapki crying and humillation by family member…………?

  9. Okay this is too much now i have already stopped watching this show this week will only watch it when thahaan gets reunited. P for Pandey family is P for Pathetic. I mean who believes that a girl who can risk her life and also smart can also do these kind of really silly mistake. When Thapki risked her life in te fire twice, she cut her hand for the kite, and also didn’t complain about Bihaan’s betrayal gets punished for a mistake she didn’t even do and that too in a serious way. Now I wish Bihaan gets his actual family back hope he’s not an orpahan and thahaan can stay happily there. Will only watch this show if spoiler of thahaan support is correct, and/or thahaan gets united (won’t even watch it if Dhruvki gets reunited), really disappointed

  10. Oh it’s worst now.Again this stupid shraddha & foolish diwakar wins.someone should help thapki as well as poor aditi.

  11. God cummon stop being a poor puppy thapki nf fight back against Shraddha…nd wat is bihaan doin…dis is gettin irritating day by day

  12. Worthless thapki nd team

  13. It have 7 chapters and will be continuing it seems…
    Enjoy reading thahaan story in ff atleast….

  14. Wow… congrats vasu wat a sarvagunsampan bahu u got for urself n best bina ruk ne wali biwi for ur son… shame on u

  15. I’m commenting for 1st tym but I always watching TPK and I also feeling bad for thapki….I think when thapki will go out of the pandey house then only all the family members will realise how bad shraddha is.? Then only vasu, dadi, bauji,suman n priti bhabhi will realise thapki good nature and shraddha real face will revealed when shraddha behave vasu same as before she behaved with thapki…then only all pandey family will realise shraddha’s true intentions…
    Its my humble request to the writer’s plz do write something in thapki’s favour as she’s facing much humiliation…its high time to revealed shraddha’s true face and also plz throw out diwakar behind bars for troubling n torturing aditi and her family too.

  16. Saw a trailer on u tube in which bauji thapki ko maaf kar denge

  17. manjusunethra

    I hate this story really is to bed ,pls help to thapki and come out to shraddha truth ???????

  18. Seriously i pity thapki as for shraddha i wonder wat she feels like but she must pay dearly for all her evil deeds bihaan i wish u nd thapki can reunite

  19. seriously even i feel i have to stop watching this serial… negativity is more in this..

  20. I do not know about customs of other community, but in our community ( south indian, Hindu), we do not keep hasti with us. Our belief is such, after dispersing the hasti only the departed’s soul will find peace. If the same practice is followed in TPK family, Dadi will forgive Tapki and also appreciate her like Bauji is going to forgive and bless tapki as he will be pleased with his new look. If that is the case, it will be fun.

  21. wat non sense is going on…………. is it Thapki pyaar ki ya nafrat shraddha ki…….. writer make some decent stories………..

  22. Sheetal Arora

    ridiculous this serial has becomes. Thapki cant be so dumb shown . Please show some interesting part of thapki . Otherwise people will watch this serial.

  23. Sheetal Arora

    Sorry will stop watching this serial

  24. Try this ff….very awesome…..
    It has 7 updates and is going to be continued it seems…
    Credit goes to the one who writes it….really awesome…

    1. I loved the pics I wonder whoever wrote this ff where did he/she find it?

  25. Writer its giving wrong msg in society plz change the track

    Koi aaccha nai rehga ab sab sjardha or vasu ke nakeshey kadam par chalege

    Plz think writers n do the needful plz

  26. Really very very poor episodes nowadays ..just like old times saas bahu serials..where saas and her family tries to torture bahu inall ways.In this generation.. this type of serial tracks wont work if not changed immediately.what does the story mean and what are the writers trying to say stammering people are stupid and have no brains..come on be practical and use brains is women power now.

  27. wow puppy these updates r really awesome enjoyed it a lot but what is the timing of the update

    1. Don’t know… I am also waiting for the next update….

  28. If you dont want to change the track, atleast change hero, heroine s dress. After marriage same type of dress they wearing. Bihaan always wear with base coat, thapki same zari and chamki type tight chudi. Both looks boaring. Comeon, in market beautiful T.shirts, casuals,formals, excellent look chudi, saree etc. are there. Go chase, search, choose. Atleast story nallaillanalum dress avadhu nalla irukkattum. Give a break to evil scenes. What non stop nonsense. Before marriage outdoor scenes they shoot like temple, shop, party …but now nothing. I know this is serial. Can’t avoid dragging. But this is too much. I am swaragini watcher from the beginning. But now I am compleatly out from that because of the track. You want to thapki as cry baby, OK but dont change Bihaan as heroine s cry boy with lots of sadness and teary eye

    1. Lol my mom laughed when I read her your comments 😛

      1. Why, reason

  29. Sharddha should get one tight slap from bihan or thapki

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