Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bihaan if he really don’t remember her or if he is acting not to know her. She asks why you are behaving as if you are seeing me for the first time. Bihaan says Thapki….Ranjhana plays……Bihaan says I mean Thapki ji and says I really don’t know you and have seen you for the first time here in school. He asks if her relative’s face resembles him, and thanks her for saving his daughter’s life, and refuses to know her. Thapki is shocked. He walks off. Thapki says may be this is reality, you have moved on in life and I got far away from you so that you can be happy. She gets sad. Bani comes there and tells Thapki that Tina’s Papa is so nice and asks if her dad was like him. Thapki says Bihaan is your dad. Bani is shocked. Thapki realizes what she

has just said and says I mean your Papa was like him. Bani says ghajab…and says she is hungry, lets have lunch.

Tina tells Bihaan that they shall run away from school now in lunch break. Bihaan says okay. Tina tells him that they shall meet Thapki once before going. Bihaan says it is already late. Balwinder and others come there. Bihaan and Tina get tensed. Anu and Veer ask Tina if this is her new school. Balwinder asks Tina not to do this again. Thapki and Bani are having lunch there. Thapki gets a call. Shraddha looks at her, but couldn’t see her face. Thapki goes. Shraddha scolds Tina and Bihaan. She accuses Tina and says I will teach her a lesson. She asks her to get up and is about to hit her with thick stick. Bihaan shouts asking her to stop and picks the knife kept nearby. Everyone is shocked.

Suman asks what happened to Bihaan. Preeti says he got back to his old avatar. Sankara worries if he got his memory back. Bihaan cuts the apple and asks Shraddha to have it to calm down her mind. Preeti says he is same. Bihaan says Tina didn’t do any mistake, and he is the one who came here. He promises to do as she says, else asks her to tie his hands. Shraddha thinks camel came under the mountain and asks him to come with them when they return home. Principal comes and asks if they met Tina. Shraddha says yes and asks can she stay with us for 2 days. Principal asks her to take her after class. Shraddha thanks her.

Bani is reading table. Thapki asks if she will forget her just like she forgot table. Bani says how can I forget my mamma and hugs her. Teacher comes and asks Thapki to help them talk to sponsors. Thapki agrees. Tina thinks she is scared of Sankara and Shraddha and hides in a room. Thapki and Bani are going home and hears Tina’s hiccups. They go to room and sees her. She makes her have biscuit. She asks if she is finding her papa and says she will announce on mike so that her Papa comes to take her.

Balwinder asks Bihaan where is Tina? Bihaan says she must have stopped to say bye to her friends. Shraddha gets angry. Bihaan says I will check. Just then they hear Thapki’s voice on the loudspeaker informing him that Tina is with her, and asks him to come to play ground to take her. Everyone is shocked.

Bihaan comes to playground to take Thapki. Thapki, Tina and Bani are standing there. Balwinder, Shraddha, Sankara and others come there. Thapki is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Cool episode…because I don’t have any sad feeling about Thapkis condition…that means she deserve it.Then the idiotic sraddha and sankaras matters i just little bit tensed .anyway waiting for tomorrows episode for seeing Pandey families reaction…Manish…simply saying yo are adorable.
    Hello my lovable buddies…reshal,garima,vino,sandy,anu,navami,sruti,kudrat,rinka and dear santhosh Bhai…how are you guys…Trp decreased so TPK down to the 11position…pls guys watch TPK on colors @6.30 pm.

    1. Surely tpk must be watched its very interesting but at times it drags

    2. Manish ki deewani

      hello pooja i am fine yar hw r u .me too really don’t care about thapks .she really deserve this .i only care 4 Bihaan and his daughters .

    3. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

      trp will always drop if thahaan will not reunited…we from indonesia not indian, dont to watch at youtube if scene separated thahaan…I’m sure the director know this fact….so,why they make the serial, always separated….it mean, TPK team to like if trp drop….hahaha…..

    4. Vajra-SG29

      hiiii friends chintha math kijiye ??? next week TRP badega. itni achchi thahaan scene dekhne ko mila hai na humko aur saath main bhi 6:30 pm ko dekhna shuru kardiya hai isiliye zarur badega TRP…?????

  2. Actually I typed the name of kudrat and rinka but it doesnot published.

  3. yes I enjoyed this track.but at the same time I feel very bad ?for but bihan when shradha treat him as a servant it me angry???. really I miss a lot my angry , ghazab BIHAN .I wish very soon bihan get his memory back ?

    1. some where my line are wrong I feel sad for bihan . and next is it make me angry . the lines are mistaken becoz today epi make me upset

  4. Interesting waiting for next episode

  5. Awsome wala episode hai…..
    Hi evrione

  6. they execute this track well till now but aage phir se crap dikhaya to trp nahi badhegi TRP badhne ke liye unhe thahaan ka screen space badhana chahiye

    1. Vajra-SG29

      ssssss…. 200% correct

  7. TRP ke liye please watch guys THAPKI PYAAR KI @ 6:30 pm on colors please For our BIHAAN and CVS phir se crap dihakar BIHAAN ke character ko sidelined mat karo

  8. Hope ki is week TRP badh jaye god blessed

  9. Average episode, i love bani’s and tina’s character and i hate that sankar and shraddhha , when will bihaan’s memory come back and they will meet , i think this show will go like this only for 1 months bihaan trying to get back hi memories

  10. Aahh! Awesome…. episode… Now all i wish is Bihaan’s memories to come back n teach evil shraddha n sankara a good lesson, send them to jail for killing Aditi…. I feel pretty sad to see B for Bani weeping for papa… Today i thought Thapki would reveal to bani ’bout her papa… But damn it! She needs to wait more to know ’bout her papa.
    It’s impressive to see young jigs n manish acting so well as responsive mumma papa …. I feel so emotional when i see bihaan defending tina even without knowing that she’s his real daughter…. Very sweet parents’ children relationship.

  11. Manish ki deewani

    today i really liked this scary face of shradha chudail when bihaan come with knife .this is for two minutes but i like it becoz this shows like my old b for Bihaan B for babrnsher .shasha when bihaan got to know every thing that must be ur last day .
    these chudails know about thapki so soon .
    thapki u really deserve this pain becoz in past u hurt bihaan so much .but ur behaviour is always sooooooooooooo strange .i don’t have any sympty with u .
    hello pooja ritz di vino kudrat santhosh bhai garima Lee-na shruti anu .

    1. Hi Reshal… agree with you

    2. Vajra-SG29

      B for Bechara B for Bihaan N for Knife pakdke N for Neutral hogya Shraddha ke saamne…..???

      hiii Reshal.. aur kya karu story karaab hogya tha na issliye 6:30pm ko nahi dekh raha tha.. 5:25 ko alarm set karo, uto,record karo, free time mein dekho… bassssssss ??
      ab story mein dum aagya hain issliye kall se main phir se 6:30 pm ko dekhna shuru kardiya hai….??? saath mein thoda TRP bhi increase karna chatha hooo. .???
      haa ek aur retelecast time bhool gaya tha
      8 am

      1. Manish ki deewani

        hello bhai chalay ab 6 :30 pm ko he dekha karat trp k liay .mai nai is liay kaha tha q k devanchi k baad tpk bs do dafa repeat hota tha na oct mai magr ab toh itni bar repeat hota hai . ab toh B phor Bihaan B phor B3CHARA bn gaya magr woh 2 min ka scene pooranay bihaan ka roop thodi dair k liay b bohat acha tha
        bhai chalay shradha k chracter ko spoil karnay k liay cvs ki jai jai ho

  12. Manish ki deewani

    cvs i request u plz don’t spoil shradha chracter more .apna palaya hua raita smait lai jaldi sai .u made her more evil chudail .

    1. Vajra-SG29

      request nahi CVS ko jai ho bolo…???

  13. For this two days i watch thapki and i thought the story would be interesting but i was wrong.even bihaan lost his memory why he so scared to shradda and shankar?he cant protect his daughter,poor tina.and thapki?why she never even think about bihaan?now she will meet pandeys,is she
    will go again after seeing shankar?she scared too?she never even think what shradda do to tina.poor little girl.terrible story.

  14. It’s a request to director Pls stop this Sankara wala character it sooooo boring and hope so will soon see the bihaan memories back and thapki and bihaan will see together

  15. Interesting episode waiting for tumz

  16. Indian people I’m very proud of you all .the best country I love in the world unique cultures and traditions. I’m in Sweden I always follow Indian series because of all that I can now speak little bit of Indian and I can also understand it.
    I want all of you to pray for me so that I can come and see my dream country India .I love all the Indian people and their unique and educative dramas.I have stop watching American movies or series I only watch my Indian people. I’m willing to do anything to reach India and see the temple’s the historical places and also see my favourite stars India. Thanks for reading I love you all Indian people and be happy and stay peaceful.

    1. Vajra-SG29

      keep commenting

  17. Oh no! I don’t like Sanker and shraddara started bully Tina again ! I don’t understand They are cruel to Bihaan. Thapki should listen what Tina say but too far she called Bihaan to meet Tina playground. Yes thakpi should be shock pandey family back. I don’t like feeling hurt??

  18. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I also think Bihan not amnesia. Bihan probably just lying to protect Tins of sankara …. and maybe in the next episode, Thapki will know that Tina is the daughter and not let Tina brought sankar to PN. Her agreement with the sankara that Thapki have to go far from Bihan not with daughter…..maybe…..

  19. I think Pandey’s haven’t seen Thapki yet.. She will hide after saw they’re coming to play-ground for Tina..

    SW., please don’t separate Thapki & Bihan any longer..
    I don’t know how you will creat the situation. .but please make Thapki helps Bihan to get back his memory very soon.. ????…

    1. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

      SW nya emang crazy….teriak teriak off air krn rating anjlok. piara trus tuh si sankar….tau nggak tuh SWnya yg bikin anjlok rating kan tuh duo syaitan….siapa jg orang gila mau disuruh nonton film yg jahat menang trusss…..SW crazy…sinting…..

  20. Maja aa gya jab bihaan n kha thapki ji humne aap ko phli baar dekha.. H
    m bta nhi sakti mere dil ko kitna skoon mila h
    hum thapki nahi vaani h vani vani obr..y
    tab humare bihu ko kitna duk hota tha..

    hello 2 all my cuties,
    how r u all?
    rinku,anu,reshal,dewi,afshan,arbaz,santhoshbhaiya,suhana,lena,sulbi,heera,sandy,navmi,vini,vino,nandy,NaiTan,pooja prabha….

    wish u all very smiling tuesday..

    reshal koe keh rha tha ki es saturday thapki ktam ho jaega..
    is it true?
    plz sab apna dhyen rekna
    love u all..

    1. Vajra-SG29

      aisa khoun bola tumhe TPK Saturday off air hojayega…..❓❔
      fake news hai yeh chintha math karo…????

      1. Manish ki deewani

        yeah bhai totally fake news aisay kaisy is saturday tpk end ho sakta hai

    2. Manish ki deewani

      kudrat meray dil ko b bara sukoon mila jb Bihaan nai usay yeh kaha or chala ghaya .mai nai toh pehlay b ek din likha tha k thapki k sath aisa he hona chaiye

  21. Acha reshal ek baat btaoo
    PAK m 10th k baad clg start ho jate h kya

    aap ko pta h reshal mene TPK ki video chating dekhi pta usme sare fans dolly ko keh rhe the ki aap TPK kab chorogi

    1. Vajra-SG29

      mujhe patha nahi…. ??? ….
      haaa lekin, 10 baadh toh 11th start hotha hai…??? …
      hiii KUDRAT apna sahi naam bathado….

    2. Manish ki deewani

      hello kudrat .
      han yar 10 k baad college matlab 11 or 12 college mai .or higher studies phir university sai mai toh 12 mai hoo .tm apna batao .
      yar mai nai b unki live chat deki thi .Manish nai do dafa live chat ki mai nai dono dafa miss kr di .dono dafa mujhay baad mai pata chala .
      tm insta pr ho kya

  22. ghajab bihaan is getting tortured by shradha and sankar.
    check dis spoilers:

  23. Thahaan n BaniTina shall unite soon. Guess dat is going to happen soon.

  24. Hello santhosh bhaiya,
    thax 4 cmt here…
    or ha
    sahi naam matleb!!!!
    itna acha to h, vese aap ko jo psend ho aap oos naan s bulaoo…
    vese meri friends muje pyaar s TEMATER khti h..
    kyoki mera chehra jyedater lal rhta h means jab bhi m hesoo rou matlab jab bhi exited rhti hu…
    vese bhaiya aap apne bare m kuch btaee…a

  25. Hello shrenu di,
    how r u?
    thax 4 spoiler

  26. Wese reshal PAK m quote schools h..


  27. Wese reshal PAK m coed schools h..

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