Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Bihaan that his answers are in the divorce papers and says your love story is ended. Bihaan cries looking at Thapki. Channa Mereya song plays………Thapki also cries. Kabir is sad too. Vasu tells Thapki that you have hurt Bihaan since many days and brought Kosi’s truth infront of everyone, but you have married Kabir, this is wrong. Thapki asks Kabir to tell everyone about their marriage truth and says everyone is misunderstanding her. Kabir says until when we will hide this secret, we got married and haven’t done any crime. I am with you in every means Thapki is shocked. Vasu goes upset. Everyone go inside.

Thapki tells Dhruv that everything is…..Dhruv says I don’t know how and when this has happened, but whatever happened is wrong, and

I can’t support you. He apologizes to her and goes. Thapki cries. Kabir feels apologetic and thinks I can’t do anything. Even you have to bear this pain along with Bihaan. Thapki cries badly. She recalls Bihaan telling Thapki to forgive him, and the recent happenings. Bihaan also thinks Thapki asking him why she shall accept him. He recalls Kabir showing the divorce papers. He keeps gun on his forehead and is about to commit suicide. Kabir says you want to die so easily at one go. He says did you ever think why this has happened with you as you deserves this. He tells you have ruined a home without any mistake, and blames him for burning a happy home and family. He says this punishment is just minimal for you. Bihaan points gun at him.

Kabir says you have done many crimes, one more is okay. He asks him to kill his Thapki’s husband with his hand. Bihaan couldn’t shoot him and is shattered. Dhruv tells Aditi that he can’t believe that Thapki can’t remarry. Aditi asks why Thapki can’t remarry when you can marry me forgetting Shraddha. Dhruv says I don’t love Shraddha when I married you. Aditi says whatever Thapki did was right. Shraddha thinks they are fighting because of Thapki and it will be easy for her now. Vasu sees her peeping in their room and asks Shraddha to leave tomorrow. Shraddha says I will not go old woman and you have to see my face.

Thapki recalls Vasu asking Thapki, how can she do wrong while taking revenge and Dhruv telling her that he don’t expect this from her. Thapki thinks to clear the misunderstandings with Bihaan about the letter. She goes to room and knocks on the door. Bihaan opens the door. Thapki sees the decorated bed with flowers and is shocked. Bihaan says this is my punishment, I will yearn now and have decorated this room to welcome your new life. Bihaan asks Thapki to go and live her life. Kabir hears them. Bihaan goes.

Thapki holds Kabir’s hand and takes him inside the room. She asks him how Bihaan is dying all moment and says I thought to talk to Bihaan about the letter and will leave from here, but you have spoiled everything. She says now nobody is trusting me and all the family members went away from me. She asks why you are doing this and asks him to tell the reason. Kabir says there was a time when I supported you without asking anything and you should do the same. Thapki says what do you think that I will agree. Kabir says there is no choice for you, and asks her to support him without any questions, be with wife when you have married me. Thapki folds her hands and asks why you are punishing me and for what. She asks him not to do this, and says I have already bear enough. Kabir says I am sorry Thapki and goes. Thapki sits on bed and thinks what has happened? Why Kabir is doing this with me. She thinks to know the reason behind Kabir’s drama.

Vasu asks some women to bless pregnant Aditi and gives nek. Kabir asks them if Thapki suits him or Bihaan. Everyone looks on embarrassed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thoroughly a suffocating episode…somewhere I read that Shankar has tobe made a awkward plan for getting Bihaan.which means all Thahaans are get ready for facing more torture…my friends reshal,garima,Jo,vino,santhosh Bhai and all if you can pls share your comments and wishes which willbe help us to refresh our mind.whatever…BE POSITIVE DONT LOSE YOUR CONFIDENCE.ALWYS HOPE FOR THE BEST.
    Advance mesmerizing CHRITMAS WISHES for all my dear ones.

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Hello Pooja yar we r always think positive but these writers spoil everything. Hate them a lot.
      Advance Merry Christmas to u too dear.I’m so exited 4 it from tommorow onwards till 3rd Jan our college is off .holidays wow.yipee.whats about u pooja l mean us Christmas holidays.take care.

  2. Already Vasu and Chruv are already not supporting her or having her back seems like they forgot everything they did already, the Pandey Nivas family is like the worst family ever, Thapki should stay with Kabir and move away in my eyes, at least she be away from the family who always blames her and has to help.

    1. You ara so right ! Like every time, they dont trust on her, they dont even listen her.. Thapki has always suffered in the serial, her stammering, her false weedings, vasu’s nefret… She merites ti be happy, Really really happy !

      1. So do you prefer Bihaan or Kabir? Im more of a fan of Kabir but Manish’s acting is really good. At least Kabir feels some remorse and he doesn’t like doing what he does whereas BIhaan doesn’t give a damn. Is it me or every episode Bihaan is breaking something, seriously he is such a kid

    2. Exactly! Thapki deserves so much better. Bihan is just shown to be an overgrown child an dont even get me started on the Panday family. I really wish CV’s would give Thapki and Kabir a fair chance. I really like Kabir’s character.

      1. If i have to be honest, I prefer Bihaan than Kabir. Because Bihaan and Thapki have lived a lot of things together… But Bihaan have Really make wrong, in fact he should support Thapki regarding their past.. May be you are Right, Thapki should give a chance to Kabir..

  3. Tapki are you happy now? Do you know about marriage bond? It is only for two persons and God is uniting them this truth is taught by all religions Hindu Christian Muslim etc… but you used this for your revengefulnes on bihaan what happened at last you are in danger tapki. We who are reading this story and watching it feel more pain it so bad. The society will speak about you very bad and this same pain bihaan has to undergo because he is your husband it is better for you go to bihaan and share everything to him and he will trust you. But your adamant character will not allow you. Even when you are with bihaan you never shared your feelings with him and how can you share now. If kabir kills bihaan the people will say about you bad. So please try to explain yourself to bihaan

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Ya Cyrilraj every religion give though us we have to respect it but these writers don’t know what is their motive? Why thpki didn’t talk with Bihaan .now suddenly after all she want to talk about letter with Bihaan .tpk makers don’t respect relations

    2. For God’s sake!! Leave it be! It’s only a blo*dy DRAMA!!!!!

  4. DivyasriSivaKumar

    Serve u right thapki

  5. What a drag of an episode! The story hasnt moved on at all. I like how Kabir called Bihan a coward and how he turns to violence all the time. Thapki’s conversation with Kabir was heartbreaking! You could really see Kabir did not want to do what he was doing but he had to get justice for his sister.

    Panday family is a joke. Till yesterday Vasu and Dhruv were supporting Thapki and all it took was a stranger for them to turn on her. Far as I care Panday Niwas people be damned, I want to see more of Kabir and Thapki!!

    1. She let Kabir speak for her and when he said they were married , did she deny it. no!!! she could have spoken up when the police were there in stead she just stood there and she has admitted to Dhruv and Vasu she wants revenge, even before Dhruv tried to stop her and she wouldn’t listen and told him to concentrate on AditI. Vasu wanted to ask Bihaan clearly but Thapki didn’t want her to. She made all these plans but she didn’t think why is a stranger willing to help her for such things, cos she was so blinded by her misplaced anger that she has trapped herself. End of the day She allowed the stranger into their lives and she put him in a position to manipulate things and end of the day he got her to sign where he wanted to and get divorced from Bihaan so she is ultimately responsible. Thapki hasn’t learnt she also got trapped trying to expose Kosi but instead of confiding to Vasu and bauji that time she asked Shraddha to help and got herself in more trouble because even then her plan backfired on her

      1. Good luck analysing Thapki mate, I dont even try to find logic or try and justify her actions. The only time thing that I do feel for her i that the fact that she is discriminated because of her speech impediment and the way she was treated. At the end of the day after marriage your spouse comes before all and what pissed me off was the way she was treated. I wouldnt want her to be with either of Kabir or Bihan. She needs to go off, work on herself, her self respect, her speech and just live her life where she can gain some common sense and do something useful in her life rather than watching her back and justifying herself every other week.

  6. Manish ki deewani

    Again and again they show the sad crying and heartbroken bihaan.and thapki all family don’t trust u becoz u didn’t say a single word .behappy becoz now or revenge is fulfil Biihaan is in pain which u really want .writers ruin everything. Thapki plz use ur brain find out the truth behind all this.don’t again became dumb.
    Writer still soooo many loyal thahaan and Manyasa fans watch ur serial 4 the unity of Thahaan .and plz don’t show this idiot Sankara with Bihaannhate her very very much.hello friends

  7. Thapki deserves this thing right..Bcz of her revenge, she once again lost her own family and Bihaan..Bihaan already agitated by you Thapki..and now again u r giving him pain..You lost ur true love..U are regretting for ur own u will realize about Bihaan’s love..

  8. Oh thanks so much pooja happy christmas

  9. Happy happy happy happy happy christmas to all my friends

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Hello garima .hw r u dear .advance happy Christmas to u dear

  10. Yes reshal dear I am also excited for celebrating Christmas…

  11. Swetha you are right…now its Thapkis turn for realizing about her true love…

  12. This move truly shows miss communication between people would be a huge drama!!

  13. Thapki please come back stronger ! You have always knew how to manage problem, you Are smart, İ am sure you will resolve all this drama. Bihaan is stupid, sorry but he deserve Thapkis love. He should have notice that kabir dont let Tapki speak. So if Thapki has divorces Bihaan she can divorce kabir too ! The big problem its no communication !… But after all, Thapki+Bihaan forever !

    1. I do hope so.. The writer will make Thapki
      manage problem by discover Kabir’s motive.., and Bihan finds out Thapki’s letter / pregnancy report.. Don’t ever let Shankara come in between..
      Thapki n Bihan forever.. ?

      1. Yesssss yar ! I pray for ! I want to watch their lovely moment again, i cryed last Time ?

    2. Kabir and Thapki forever in my eyes LOL

      1. Yeeeeeesssss sister !

  14. Thapki came back for revenge and to expose Kosi and she’s gotten herself into an even bigger mess. Now she’s banging on about hoe she wanted to tell Bihaan about the letter and then moving away well duh that’s the first thing she should have done. She asked Bihaan why he didn’t think why she had become Vaani well did she not think how comes he has never mentioned the letter or the baby. Bihaan was devastated when he found out about the accident and wouldn’t accept she’s dead so surely if he had found the letter he would have mentioned it to the rest of the family. In Indian serials there’s no consistency no logic. Dadima has disappeared no mention of it. Kiran disappeared the only daughter never to be mentioned again. If a character leaves why don’t they give them an exit storyline

  15. Tapki try to speak with bihaan first your problem is with him not with others so you should go directly and ask him don’t back bite the things please. You are unfaithful to bihaan but he is always faithful to you. I don’t know why the author bring bad name to tapki please stop this nonsense story. Any way bihaan please be near to tapki she needs you. So dear friends wish you happy Christmas may God bless you all. Also we wish a happy Christmas to bihaan and tapki bihaan panday

  16. I didn’t read the writing update and didn’t watch the episode I just come her to put my opinion of Mrs thapki ?I wanna tell you thapki your stopped you deserve what happened to you plezzzzzz go out of this Pandey Nivas house from the day you come you make problem between vaus and druve and between shrahda and druve and now the only person who really love you and always standup for you want to make with him problem the truth is thapki don’t deserve bihaan she is crazy …. stopped… don’t know how to stand up if anyone do wrong with her……I hate this thapki character I really hope no one act as her stopped mind ?like if I know a girl that live thapki live i will tell her to go to hospital and take medicine and not go for crazy revenge ?anyway now I think thapki should go with her new husband sorry the 4 husband house and live 3 month hate and then she will fall in love with kabir like bihaan thapki story start with hate end with love and the fan will make thahaan will make thabir hahaha I will never watch this show againn, last comment in this show .?

  17. I don’t understand that shraddara didn’t go out of this pandey house which Vaus told shraddara go to cab with father after party .Why she stayed house ? I hope thapki will find out what is on with Kabir and alive sister soon. Also she can divorce Kabir soon then leave pandey house or love Bihaan back.

  18. Congrats for thapki and kabir…coz from now you both have to accept consequences caused by your own revenge??

  19. plz writer stop this nonsense and got the point bihaan had enough and thapki also so make them reunite plz finish this shankara and kabir evil

  20. i dont think bihaan did this such a think to burn innocent people house there misunderstanding between kabir and bihaan so make the truth come out

    1. Rahma, you are right thapki find out what Kabir hide his alive sister. She follow Kabir at night or not . Or she catch Sanker and Kabir are friends.

  21. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    ganti kostum…. ganti karakter…artinya karakter tergantung kostum….its funny…tp kabir dan thapki nda masalah deh…bihan sangkar juga silahkan….apa aja mau sw terserah….kita nonton sj,koment sampai berbusa busavl juga tdk ada gunanya…

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