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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji saying its good if Shraddha hangs the bell in her neck. Vasundara says we should ask Shraddha once. Dadi says no, Sharddha just told that she can do anything for Thapki. Dadi asks Vasundara to tie bell to Shraddha’s neck. Vasundara unwillingly does so. Suman and Preeti laugh and clap. Shraddha fumes and feels humiliated. Bihaan smiles.

Poonam cries and asks Krishnakant why did he not get Thapki back after all this. Aditi says yes, get her back. Krishnakant says I tried a lot, but Thapki refused, you know Thapki well, she can bear pain and not give pain to anyone else. They cry. Poonam says Thapki lost her voice, she can’t even say anything now. Diwakar hears this and says what. He drops the glass and laughs on Thapki. He says celebrate, that her stammering

is gone with her voice forever. They feel bad. Diwakar makes fun of the matter and leaves. Aditi thinks she will teach a lesson to him, once she gets pics from him.

Thapki recalls Bau ji’s words. Bihaan comes and asks Thapki to smile sweetly. She asks how to use this. He says just press it and call Shraddha. He presses the button and says he has put a beautiful song. Thapki signs no. Shraddha gets angry. Bulava aaya hai song… plays in the bell. Preeti tells Shraddha to go, bell is ringing, Thapki will be in danger. Shraddha gets irritated and goes.

Bihaan asks Thapki to wait, Shraddha will come. Shraddha comes to Thapki and asks why did she call her. Bihaan says maybe it got hit by mistake. Shraddha fumes and leaves. Thapki asks Bihaan why did she call Shraddha. He says she just came and went, you want to call her again, fine and presses button again. Thapki signs no and worries. Shraddha comes and asks now what, I understand this game, I will reply for this insult that you both will forget to play any fame in life. She leaves. Bihaan says Ghazab….. Thapki gets annoyed and gets notepad. She writes to pass her message. He reads…. That he did wrong to trouble Shraddha. He says she always insults you, she should know the meaning of having bell in her neck, I know Shraddha broke your phone, so I got new one for you, take this. She takes the phone and looks at him. She writes again. He asks is she writing any Pravachan. He reads, what will she do of phone as her voice is not there, she won’t use switch, she can’t become wrong like Shraddha. He says what are you, if I do anything good with you, you call me bad, its impossible to understand you.

She writes…. you can never understand me, not even I could talk and now when I can’t talk, you don’t have a heart to understand. Servant comes and asks Thapki to come, Bau ji called her to prepare for Litti choka. She nods and goes with the bell switch. Thapki cooks alone. Suman and Preeti ask Thapki to go, Shraddha will do all the work, we will help her. Thapki goes to help Bau ji. Ashwin says he got kerosene in the water box. Bau ji asks him to keep to safe, and don’t get mistaken that its water. Thapki helps Bau ji. Shraddha gets angry and tells Suman that she can’t cook right and will tell Vasundara. Suman says stop, I will show. Shraddha says fools, I m making them work, they will cook and I will eat, I m clever.

Shraddha goes to talk to her friend. Suman says see she is so clever, she is making us work saying we are teaching her cooking. Everyone like the Litti Chokha and have dinner near the bonfire. Kiran suggests they will play any game. Shraddha says we will play Antakshari, and apologizes to Thapki for forgetting she lost voice. Suman and Preeti ask Shraddha how did she forget, when she is wearing bell. Suman says we will play dumb charades, even Thapki can play. Thapki nods. Suman and Preeti laugh thinking to trouble Shraddha. They divide the family in two teams. Kiran tells the dumb charades rules.

Kiran says lets start the game. Dadi sends Bihaan from their team. Kiran sends Dhruv from their team. Dhruv and Bihaan take chits and try signing to their teams. Shraddha guesses Dhruv’s signs and they win, while Bihaan and his team do not score any point.

Shraddha’s team gets one point, while Thapki’s team is at zero. Dadi say Bihaan made us lose. Bihaan says I was acting so well, no one could understand. Dadi asks what were you saying. Bihaan says Pyaar to hona hi tha and looks at Thapki. The game continues.

Suman goes and lights fire in the burner slab. Dadi wins and Thapki’s team gets one point. Kiran says next will be Shraddha and Thapki. Shraddha tries to sign the film’s name. They all do not guess right. Thapki’s turn comes and everyone praises Thapki.

Dadi asks Bihaan to guess what Thapki wants to say, as he says mind is needed to guess. Bihaan does not guess right. Suman and Preeti smile. Dadi guesses it, hum aapke dil me rehte hai……. Kiran tells Shraddha that she made them lose. Shraddha scolds their team for not guessing the movie name. Vasundara says Shraddha…. Shraddha says I mean it was simple movie, we would have won. Bau ji says its fine, winning and losing is part of the game. Shraddha thinks she just likes to win. Preeti goes to Shraddha’s room and gets her new sandals to teach her a lesson.
Bau ji says the scores are equal, now last round will decide the winner. Dadi and Vasundara go to play. Preeti shows sandals to Suman and they hide it. Thapki guesses it from Dadi and signs to Bihaan. Bihaan recalls Bau ji’s words on understanding the signs. He closes his eyes.

He then looks at her and guesses it right. They win. Dadi says Thapki and Bihaan made us win. Shraddha gets angry. Kiran announces Thapki’s team as winner. Thapki signs Bihaan how did he guess. He says you felt I m heartless, I have understood it by your eyes and heart. Suman puts hot potatoes and burning coal on the floor and keep Shraddha’s sandals there. Preeti asks what is she doing. Preeti says I will ignite this fire and then this fire will burn sandal, Shraddha will run to save sandals and her feet will burn by hot potato and coal. Preeti says awesome idea, what if Shraddha comes from either side. Suman says no, Vasundara has keys of that door. Preeti says how will Shraddha come here. Suman says we will bring her here. Preeti says wow, lets go and call her. They ignite fire and leave from there.

Servant is called by Dadi. He gives the potatoes to Thapki, asking her to keep it in Dhruv’s room. Thapki goes and keeps it in the room. Her dupatta gets spoiled and she goes to washroom to clean it. Suman and Preeti come there to see Shraddha. They go near bathroom and call out Shraddha, asking her to come out, as Ram pyaari has run with her new sandals, they tried to stop Ram pyaari. Thapki hears them. They leave.

Thapki comes out and leaves. Vasundara sees the fire and gets shocked. She looks for water and takes that blue container which has kerosene. Thapki comes there and sees Vasundara with that box. She tries to call out Maa. Some baja passes by and the sound becomes a barrier. Thapki shouts Maa. Vasundara does not hear her. Thapki runs to save Vasundara. She sees the burning coal and steps on them with barefoot, to save Vasundara. Vasundara opens the container cap.

Thapki tries reaching Vasundara, while Vasundara puts kerosene in the fire. Thapki gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gud that thapki got her voice back.. sad that thapki bihan r cmng closer..
    I miss tharuv badly..

  2. Oh!!!awesome bihaan…..really loved u….very much….wow…..thapki got her voice back…really thank u bhabhi…….finally bihaan understood thapki’s heart…keep rocking bihaaannn……

  3. The role of dhruv is decreasing day by day.writer what stupid is this?first Wikipedia did show starting ankit-jigyasa now it is changed Manish and jigyasa too bad I am expecting something extra in maha episode .that’s why I read this update but result is bad for me.I think the. Comments also decreasing day by day which means viewers are decreasing.writer mix some masala .what the audience want I am sure you will get a good result. I am sure most of the people can’t against love,because love is like a miracle. Thapki’s real lover is bihan then how can she fall in bihan?I am waiting beautiful moments with dhruv and thapki.because love never fail.if you have a perfect love you can live without happiness.

  4. I too want tharuv
    I m watching this serial because I think tharuv will unite one day

  5. I love today’s episode. ??
    Bihaan fooled shraddha by repeatedly pressing button. And Bihaan is starting to understand Thapki. ????

  6. As i said she got her voice back…but poor thapki saving vasu will all go in vain…coz vasu is so egoistic person dat she wud never accept dat thapki saved her on contarary she wud say dat she deliberately went into d fire so dat in d process to save her thapki will get her voice back which she did……whatever just happy dat now bihaan understands thapki even without her voice as he can read her eyes which shows he loves her….now it will be gr8 to c thahhan scene when he will lift her on his arms n take her to their rooms n apply ointment to her burned feet just like she did to her hand but thapki will hasitate a bit at first but dan she will let him do it…so do whatever u want to do shraddha n vasu…bihaan is wid thapki forever…electric bell remote scene was so funny….love u bihaan keep up d good work n teach good lesson to witch shraddha…thapki help bihaan in this…if u both unite no one can beat u…thahaan rocks n waiting for coming epi…:-) 🙂 🙂

  7. wow! Im happy that thahaan r getting closer. Vasu ko aag me jalne do thapki us k liye tum kyun garam coal pe chal rahi ho? Dont save evil vasu hate her.

  8. Gud to see thapki voice…
    nd bug an listening to thapki’s heart best and understanding what she tries to express by signs….
    luv u thahaan cum closer soon

  9. Oh God Thapki !!What the hell are you doing ? Saving that evil witch.By the Shraddha got nosecut .I’m happy about that.I’m so happy that THAHAAN are getting so close.Thahaan should get united fast.
    Saw Dilwale today, it was a nice movie ,romance and action distributed equally.

  10. Plz…plz…plz….make dhruv and thapki 2gdr….dhruv is d hero..dnt make bihan 2 b hero of thapki..plz

  11. Superb epi. Bihan understand thapki sign, nice. Bihan so much of cares 4 her.

  12. Thapki. Don’t be so good.. Vasu is an evil vamp.. She made your voice gone. Please… Don’t do it..!!!

  13. I think that Thapki will now no more stammer

  14. I knew it nothing new will happen and yet so I dint watched it today. . they tarnished dhruv character. waste of time. .

  15. Show mote thahaan

  16. Luv thahaan!
    I think thapki will nt stammer anymore…but i cudnr understand wat was d need fr maha episode?
    I think vasu will nt understand thapki evdn if she save her…

  17. Dhruv and Thapki are the hero and heroine of the show..both are still living each other..when Dhruv got win thapki got glad and when thapki got win Dhruv got that tym they did not worry about their own lose..
    Bihaan’s character is not strong enough to support Thapki to achieve her dreams.. We did not get any inspiration or anything from past four months..before that they showed that a girl moved towards her dream by passing the obstacles…and now thapki becomes very ordinary girl.
    Doing households..getting insults..tolerating torture… Etc..
    I think she is going to do all this as bihaan’s wife..

  18. Show something +’ve to all as.

  19. Wonderful episode. Love the cute scenes of Thahaan. Who else other than Bihaan/Manish can add so much colour to this story. It’s turning out to be a heart-melting love story 🙂

  20. Good…….nice thaaan scenes today!!!!

  21. bihaan wants to expose shadd but shielding his mother’s evil? druvh can neva do that. This series sucks. what inspiration am I getting from this series. I remember the first episode where thapki’s father was being insulted but she stood and defended her dad. that is the kind of inspiration I want to see. why do all hindi’s series cluster around marriages. don’t they have good story line without marriage?

  22. Still some tharuv fans not accept thahaan….they want them back again… it possible? Bcz Nw dhruv also got married shradha…if it is possible they have to wait upto 2017….then only thapki will get divorce frm bihaan and dhruv will get divorce frm shradha….then tharuv is final means y these much of dramas happens in tpk.I think tpk is story of stammering girl and orphan kid who wants mothers love…and I m sure bihaan will stand for thapki in all d situation and he help her to achieve her goal and made her a successful women….one more thing i thought that every successful women there behind a caring and loveable person and may not to be well educated.d person may only true love and care…so bihaan is best for thapki….

    1. I agree

  23. Pls unite dhruv and thapki pls.

  24. Thapki get her voice back….iam so happy.Bihaan your mind reading is absolutely are the perfect life partner of Thapki…..

  25. Thapki pyaar Ki is copying swaragini and also get spoiled like that serial

  26. Super episode

  27. epi was great…! after soo long i heard thahaan fighting wala bgm and romantic bgm is the same epi.. thahaan were so cute in that convo after dumcharade game. when bihaan said “tumne kha humare paas dil nahi hai .. toh sachme humare paas dil nhi hoga?” then thapki started looking sideways and bihaan continued to look at her side more n more.. he was like teasing her. moreover, when thapki did actions to ask how he understood it,,… that time he saaid” gumme kaise pta chala … hum kyu bataye?” dat was super cute.. perfect bff wala teasing ..u noe chhedna types then he said” aaacha batate hai!” then his epic line” humne tumhari aankhon se tumhare dil ko padh lia” awww baby… my thahaan.. u two dont know how cute u r! the cutest pair with the cutest tashan ever! and when bihaan was acting he was just acting for thapki.. he totally forgot that other ppl existed before being reminded by preeti . moreover the movie names thahaan were given! well cvs, know to play there game vry well… i donno why but today i felt thahaan had become like bffs , they are totally comfortable wid each other, they get angry, fight cutely, stand by each other and now even understand each other… there is an “unseen and Unkwnown ” frndship and some romance too!! And now. thapki will get her voice back… bcoz the purpose of the “voice losing” track has been served..and that is bihaan understanding thapki ! and thats done now.. so the purpose’s been served right i must say TPK Cvs are very clever!

  28. Nice episode love thahaan scene
    bihaan rules today

  29. This is the show of bihaan…….
    thapki realise love for bihaan
    both damn cute today

  30. This maha episode is for 2 reasons, one
    Showing bihaan falling in love with thapki unknowingly
    Next to get back thapki’s voice!!!!!!
    Well done bihaan,at last u caught ur chukchuk ghadi’s heart
    I mean u now know how to read ur thapki…
    And for tharuv fans !!!
    I don’t think thapki had loved Dhruv bcoz it was an arranged marriage for her only Dhruv loved her and convinced her for marriage, even after her refusal…….though he had true love he took wrong decision of saying yes to !marriage… But he should have waited till 3months…

  31. Anyhow I love thahaan ,waiting for thahaan scenes

  32. Plzzz plz unite tharuv. Bihan if u r a good brother, u should not snatch dhruv’s happiness. .

  33. Bihaan is not spoil dhruv life and he try to unite thapki and dhruv but thapki don’t go back to dhruv life.instead of blaming bihaan just think wat happened on marriage day n bihaan was helpless and he has no time to do anything.

  34. Hmmm. Finally Thapki got her voice back. Now it will be really interesting to see what happens when she saves Vasundhara. But wanted more thahaan scenes.

  35. But don’t thapki gat enough love from her parents? what inspiration are you getting from this movie apart from hate…. and you think bihaan loves thapki? lol. love is pure not cheat. bihaan can never be best for thapki because he has big influence from his foster mum. If there is a big twist and vasu find out that bihaan and druvh are twins , she will do everything to separate thapki and bihaan.

  36. I enjoy watching this serial. However, I really wish the males of the family grew a backbone, actually, most of the characters really need to grow a backbone. Dhruv never does anything but nod, and it seems Bihaan is the only guy willing to stand up against prejudice.

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