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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara saying Bihaan stopped my work, Thapki could have gone far from Dhruv if Bihaan did not save her. Dhruv comes to her and asks why did she do this. He asks about the imp news, why did she not tell him. Bihaan comes there and asks her to tell the truth, there is no use to hide it, else he will tell the truth to Dhruv. She gets tensed. Bihaan says I took that call and forgot to tell you, mum did not wish to tell you, sorry. Dhruv says it was imp, don’t say sorry, I m your brother, I just want you to change a bit. Kiran comes and asks Dhruv to come with her. They leave.

Vasundara tells Bihaan what he may be thinking I did wrong, I m a bad mum, right. Bihaan says no, I regard you Lord, whatever you do is right for me. She asks why did you save Thapki, and pushes

him. She says you came in between and beats him. She cries and hugs him. He holds her and cries happily, as she has regarded him a son today. He says I have grown up, you did not hug me till now, and today I got peace, I can’t express it, I made you sad unintentionally.

He says he will solve her problem, he knows she is worried, and he has seen on engagement day that she was in confusion, whats the problem. She says you really want to know, this is big problem, Thapki, I can’t let her become Dhruv’s wife. He gets shocked knowing the truth. He asks what is she saying, you like Thapki a lot. She says I don’t like her now after knowing she stammers. She says what all she did to stop the marriage and sent her to hotel by lying.

She says I wanted her to lose name and this marriage breaks, but you reached there. He says I did not know this. She says you always said you can’t see tears in my eyes, you can give your life if I say. He says yes, tell me what to do. She asks him to give her a promise that he won’t let this marriage happen at any cost. He promises her and is stunned.

Dhruv’s haldi is done. Dadi says she can’t apply haldi, as per traditions. Dhruv insists and says you are my lovely Dadi, its above any traditions. He says he learnt walking holding her hand and grew up hearing her stories. She cries and says Vasundara gave good values to her children, and applies haldi to him. He asks her not to cry, I love you. She says I love you too, and hugs him.

Bihaan says engagement has happened, Dhruv loves Thapki. She says no, he has pity for her, she fixed this marriage, she did mistake. He is marrying for my happiness, I can’t ruin his life. Bihaan asks her to talk to Dhruv, maybe he will refuse himself. She says you know him, he can’t hurt anyone’s heart. He asks her to know Dhurv’s happiness once. She says I know Dhruv’s happiness, and shows him Dhruv’s toys.

She says she has kept them safe since his childhood and cries. She wants perfect things for Dhruv, how can she bear his wife to have such big weakness. Vasundara tells him that she did not say moon stories to Dhruv in childhood, as it has a stain, if she can’t bear the stain on moon, how can she bear Thapki in his life. Krishnakant happily cries seeing Thapki’s haldi going on and blesses her all the happiness. Vasundara asks Bihaan to agree to her, else forget her as his mum. Bihaan says no, and agrees to do what she says.

Bihaan makes Paan call Krishnakant and threatens him to break Thapki and Drhuv’s marriage, else it won’t be good for them. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode seems not good. Precap also not so good. vasundara know well how to handle Bhiaan. She did it perfectly.

  2. Bihaan bro don’t do so!!Vasu you just irritating the viewers.

  3. Vasundhara it’s just enough,
    Vihaan don’t do this,that vasu get lost
    Disturbing elements of that show…..

  4. Really vasu is very irritating person.epi was not so good.vasu is showing mother love towards bihan and blackmailing him immotionally to do her work what she wants.if dhruv will know about this he will hate vasu.

  5. bihan nd thapki…………………….thrill to watch

  6. Vasu g you keep on saying that you love your son and wants to give him the best !! And doing all these things for your sake even after Dhruv told that he will doe without Thapki!!
    At last but not the least ,if you win in stopping this marriage, then you will surely go far away from Dhruv’s life after he comes to know your true face!!!
    Surely Dhruv will hate u to the core and will go against you!! Then u will surely feel for Thapki !!!I wish Dhruv to marry Thapki against his mom and keep her the queen of his TajMahal ……

  7. so bad…when.bihan get to know that dhruv love her he will not do as vshu like…why r director making this serial so slow nd boring ….starting was vry good nd suprrbbb bt now it is not good ..vshu is really vry boring acting…plzz speed fast…

  8. Oh vasundara became so irritatinf now…she is emotionally blckmsiling Bihaan…wish if dhruv overhear thr conversation..pls dnt sprte dhruvki

  9. Yes don’t separate dhruvki.bihan don’t do this.I hope atlast aditi will do something.waiting for next.

  10. vasu is so mean how dare she

  11. bihaan what dont do this…. dhruv is ur bro whom u consider god/lord… and thapki is so cute. . how this woman vanu can’t understand a girl, who herself is a girl… plzz suman and preeti do something … and let this marriage happen…

  12. bihaan…..dont do this…. dhruv is ur bro whom u consider god/lord… and thapki is so cute. . how this woman vanu can’t understand a girl, who herself is a girl… plzz suman and preeti do something … and let this marriage happen…

  13. I feel bad 4 Dhruvki, but won’t it be fun to watch opposite poles together- Bihaan & Thapki ??

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