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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha thanking doctor for lying to her family that she is pregnant. She pays money for his lie. She sends him and says I did not know my acting would be of use, I acted that night that Dhruv and I united, the truth is nothing happened between us that night. She recalls how she added tablets and made Dhruv sleep. She says its good Dhruv came close to me, and now even Vasundara will accept me.

Aditi and Diwakar argue. Diwakar and his mum say they were just acting good. Poonam asks how can they fool them like this. Aditi says we can’t expect anything else from them, and scolds them.

Thapki looks for newspaper. Bihaan uses it to clean Rampyaari. Thapki rushes and gets it, saying its fresh newspaper. He says its all same for me, be away. O ranjhana….plays……….

she says I did not read it in morning. She takes the paper and slips. He holds her in arms. They have an eyelock. Vasundara comes out and sees them arguing. Vasundara asks Bihaan why is he troubling Thapki. Thapki says I want this newspaper, no one read it, he is not giving. Vasundara says Thapki is saying right, listen to your wife, respect your wife. She gives newspaper to Thapki. Thapki thanks her and goes.

Bihaan says Maa you know Thapki did all this to know marriage truth. Vasundara says she did right, if she did not do this, I would have not known her truth, forget what happened, its for everyone’s good. She goes. He recalls Shraddha’s words and says no, like she cheated me, I can never forget this, she will always be wrong for me.

Vasundara goes to take care of Shraddha and takes juice for her. She gets shocked seeing Shraddha dancing and shouts Shraddha. She stops music and asks her to care for baby. Shraddha thinks there is no baby, just see what happens. She says I was feeling like dancing, its one of my mood swings. Vasundara says look at yourself, sit here and take a breath, wait for sometime and drink juice.

Suman and Preeti come there. Shraddha says she wants to see dance. Preeti says we will play songs and see dance on tv. Shraddha says no, I want to see live dance at home. Suman asks who will do. Shraddha says you two, I know you both won’t make me upset. Vasundara asks them to dance, Shraddha is pregnant, is she is asking you to dance, then dance. She plays music. Jalebi bai…. Plays………. Suman and Preeti dance. Shraddha smiles and thinks you both also troubled me, see how I make you dance.

Shraddha asks them not to stop and dance more. Suman and Preeti get tired and fall down. They still dance. Shraddha praises their dance. Preeti thanks her. Suman says now we will leave. Shraddha says one more song. Suman says I have kept milk on gas, I will go. Preeti says we will come back and dance. Suman asks Preeti why was she dancing like this, Shraddha was making fun of us. Preeti says I did not think this, we have to do something to take revenge from Shraddha.

Vasundara tells Shraddha that everyone does not get blessing to become mother, this is 9 month test, you have responsibility of a small child, take care and eat well, go for regular checkups, I will take you now, get ready. Shraddha gets tensed. Vasundara says I will call Dhruv, go with him. Shraddha says I m going with my dad, that doctor is dad’s friend, he gave me tomorrow’s appointment. Vasundara says its good, fine, but keep eating something.

Dadi tells everyone that Shraddha can’t eat junk food. She asks Shraddha not to eat til laddoos. She asks Suman and Preeti to throw all this in bin. Shraddha sees sweets and says if its here, let me eat it for last time. Dadi says food affects the child, you stop seeing action movies, you will just hear bhajan and see devotional movies. She asks Thapki about Bihaan. She sees Bihaan and stops him, asking him to get devotional movies cds.

Shraddha is alone in kitchen and says this old woman made Suman throw everything, what shall I eat now. She takes til laddoo box. Thapki sees this and gets shocked. She asks what are you doing Shraddha.

Trishakti promo: Thapki sees Shraddha’s secret of fake pregnancy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. never knew these types of mood swings happen during pregnancy .. jay ho writers ki lol

  2. plz update faster

  3. Stop that shradha’s drama….its too irritating…..pls cvs bring thahaan luv track soon …watching TPK only for thahaan…?

  4. Thanks for fast update Amena..?

  5. Bihaan, vasu and thapki scene was good. Vasu scolding Bihaan for Thapki. In coming episodes, I would love to c a scene in which Bihaan insulting Thapki and Vasu slapping him for d same. It will be completely opposite to that scene in which Vasu had beaten Bihaan for supporting Thapki.

  6. Bihaan is being ridiculous. In my opinion what he did was so much worse than what Thapki *did* to him. In fact I don’t think Thapk i did anything wrong. She didn’t intentionally hurt Bihaan. As far as she knew Bihaan thought of her as a friend (or perhaps frenemy is a better way to decribe their relationship). Her lie didn’t have as big of an impact on his life as his deception had on Thapki’s life. He needs to stop sulking and realise that Thapki was just being clever when she did that. He’s always doing things like that to bring out truths so why can’t Thapki do the same.

    1. she don’t know bihaan loves …….??
      But …..
      why she eye to eye lock with bihaan ……..??????
      not one r two Every time …….!!!!!!!
      Ho ….I understand this is friendship na ….!!!!!!!

      1. Oh ya….I too forgot wo dono tho dosthi dosthi khel rahe hai na. .????hehe….iss daily soap mein ne na pyaar dosthi mamtha bharosa in sabka definition hi badal daala hai. …totally confused…

    2. exactly Meethi, Bihaan behaves so immature but i guess he would start behaving better now that his mom told him too. and whats with Thapki falling all the time is something wrong with her balance i thought she had a speech defect? time to change those scenes getting quite boring.

  7. Plzzzz be quick writer ji and unite Thahaan.
    And after watching many shows I can’t understand one thing .In each and every serial the boy (hero) is surely a rich guy.And the girl (heroine) is not that much rich.
    Ha ha ha.
    Is TPK going off air?????????

  8. how can i write an ff please help me

  9. I wonder how shraddha could influence Bihaan as he knows her better…. ?
    Writer should change Bihaan’s attitude towards Thapki. I think After knowing shraddha’s truth and Thahaan’s cold war Vasu will try to get back Thapki for Druv whom already happy about Thahaan fight. ??

  10. i hate shradha.

  11. Gazabbbbb. ……Totally today episode nice ……. …..I am full kush becoz
    thapki ki nahi saree
    Preethi ki re entry

    badki kahi dino baadh aayi muje use dekh karr kushi huva……
    Sad news hai ki bihaan baabu ka gussa
    Abi katham nahi hone wala hai ….uska baghavaan maa ki baath ko mann mai inkaar kardiya …….
    why bihaan why……????????

    Coming to the eye lock scene …… aap dono ne aye scene ke liye 14 takes liya ……?????
    Lena padega na itni achhi scene thi wo……….!!!!!!!

    Upcoming episode bihaan ka buddhu kaam DVD exchange. ….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …….it’s very funny. ….
    see the source video link……

    1. I think up coming episodes. …..
      Shraddha ki nahi chaal abortion drama …..
      SHRADDHA – thapki ne doodh mai kuch milaya wo tho mai ne piliya iss liye mera bachha godh mai hi margaya…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      (fake crying)…….. Barosa nahi hai tho doctor se poochiye………
      DOCTOR -yes…… A teek keharahi hai

      All are hates thapki

      And again thapki gharr se bahaar……..
      Iss baar bihaan saath nahi ayega
      wo apni papa ki chalthe hai

      Waha jaakar diwakar ki problem solve karthi hai …..
      iss ke liye poore 1 saal lagthe hai…..

      idar pandy nivas mai shraddha phir se pregnancy lekin iss baar really pregnant. …..
      again delivery 9 months goes to 9×3 months………
      Aur bihaan thapki ko poori tara bhool jatha hai …..kyo ki hai moti buddhi hai na…….
      Aur thapki bihaan saath bithaya huva wakth ko baar baar mehasoos karke jeethi aye ……………..serial ending in 20…….. (year patha nahi)

      Finally wha bhi confusion muje thapki mann mai bihaan ke liye love ya friendship. ….

      1. Oh my god santhosh.……!! U have well read writerji’s brain. Manna padega kamaal ki story hai yarr. Writer jii agar abhi bhi aap log confused ho. What to show next…¡¡¡ toh yahi story daal do. Thodi sensible hai real TPK se.

      2. Wow Santhosh …….tu bhi na yaar. ..awesome thinking. …filhaal tpk ki speed dekh kar muje tho lagta hai yahi honewala hai. …aur CV’S ya director mein se ek pyaar ka dushman hoga….kyunki pehle tharuv ko ek hone nahi diya aur ab hamare thahaan ko…aur santhosh tumara confusion bhi 100% rite….ab yahi hai million dollar question. ..aakir thapki ke mann mein bihaan ke liye kya hai?????Dosthi ya pyaar….

      3. Muje tho tabela track hi bahuth achha tha ……..ongoing track dekh ke itna gussa ha raha hai ki ….dekh the dekh the already ek baar remote thoda hoo agli baar ….tv thodnese phele thahaan ko ek kardijiye ……

      4. Santoshi please translate your post

      5. hahaha santhosh! you are really funny… and seeing the present track of this serial, it does seem that the serial is gonna follow your story line…lolzzz..

  12. how can i write an ff please help me . stop the current track. we only need thahaan scene

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      U can find contact us at top of page. U should submit article.. And they will review and post soon.. It will be nice to see ff. I think ff writers should be given chance of real writers of show..

      1. Why you change ishveer to surya? Tell me the secret.

  13. Ohhh directr we r nt interstd to watching shraddha’s drama. Pls stop dis nonsence. Wat typ of serial is dis.?? Too much irritated.

  14. Oh god the writers are just delaying thahaan love story..?? Firstly they made bihaan angry on thapki for a reason which is not at all acceptable and now when his MAA is with thapki..then also he can’t understand why thapki did all that. There is nothing wrong in what she did. And also she did not even know that bihaan loves how did she betray him!! The writers did not get a proper reason also to make bihaan angry on thapki. They are just doing tp so that they can stretch all this nonsense as much as they can. Already the trp is getting low. There are many who watch this only for thahaan but then also they do this..??? First he used to see in his eyes and understand everything..then why can’t he now understand. ?

    1. *her (I mean bihaan used to see in thapki eyes and understand whether she is telling the truth or not, that was the reason he supported her earlier..) Want the supporting bihaan back. That track was really nice..???

    2. You have a great point I was thinking the same. Why have so much faith in the evil sister in!aw who threw them out of the house.. ?

      They need to get back on love track… Saw yesterday’s episode can’t take ugly sharrada face?

      1. Seriously that shraddha is given more importance.. hope that shraddha is exposed in front of the family now. Then thahaan love track can start..???

  15. Hey bihaan hamesha bolta rehta hai “jo bhi kiya maa ke liye kiya…Maa mera Bhagavan hai…” ab Maa ne hi kehe diya na “jo huva bhul ja…apni patni ko respect karo” tho ab kya problem hai bihaan ko….ek taraf wo shraddha ko sabak sikhane ka ek bhi mauka nahi chodta doosre taraf us shraddha ki ek baath pakadkar baita hai aur thapki se lad raha hai. …chalo shraddha ke mood swings ka tho reason hai lekin iss bihaan pandey ke mood swings ka karan kya hai. …???hehe …sach mein moti budhdhi hi hai wo……ab tak pandey nivas pandey zoo tha….lekin ab pandey circus company….aur aage paagalkana. …CV’S ka kamaal……story mein koi logic hi nahi hai. ..sirf chamtkaar hi hote hai….phir bhi hum dekhte Hai kyun? ??? Sirf hamaare thahaan ke liye. …aaj ka eyelock bahuth achcha tha…hum tho usi mein kush….thapki pyaar ki kahani atak atak ke bolne wali thapki ki hai…shayad isliye thapki bihaan ki love story bhi eyelock pe hi atki hai. ….ye tho mera view hai….kisi ko dukh pahunchaane ka iraada nahi hai….love thahaan. ..thahaan forever. .

    1. Haha..that’s true..! ??

    2. Hai dosth……….Namaskaara…..
      Yenu ivathu bihaan mele istond kopa bandide…..?
      Yella cvs krupe….!!!!!
      yenu maadokke agalla….!!!!!

      1. Hmm haudu santhosh. .

    3. Hey Vinlora my friend. itna saara kya likha hai. lagta hai saari frustration nikali ek hi baari mai. Lol

    4. Please translate.

  16. Hehehe today’s episode is seriously so funny… N shardha is such a dumb lady whose plans never succeed…lol

  17. Thahaans part is fabulous…others are horrible.Bihaan,how can you behave like this…I don’t like to see you in a painful situation….I hope Thahaans life will be start soon.

  18. Hi guys. Today episode is not bad. Im eagerly waiting for thahaans romance.

  19. Hey all it’s confirmed TPK will not end instead IKRS will end 🙁 but I like IKRS a lot even more than TPK, but if TPK ended I would have missed this show a lot as it would have been kinda unexpected

    1. Hai fatarajo. …
      Mera guess sahi nikla….
      But it’s sure. …??????
      Please confirm …Give me the link. ….

    2. If ikrs ending …..I like to see dhaani in tpk ….pair of dhrvu. …..DHRAANI……..

    3. Ho…..I read it in India forums IKRS off air….

  20. Initially when I read updates I thought today’s episode would be boring but once again thahaan rocked today’s episode loved thahaan scenes thahaan rocks it was so cute the newspaper wala scene

  21. Finally thapki knows her truth

  22. Please writers stop this falling catching nd eye lock game..I am totally fed up..we want more than dt..

    1. Lagta hai thahaan romance eyelocks se bhi thoda aage badne ke liye unko pandey nivas se door bejna padega. ..nahi tho thapki family members ke beech aur bihaan galath fahmi ke sath ulajthe rahege. ..tabela tho teek tha lekin ab rampyari bhi disturb kar rahi hai. … tho thahaan ko kahi door bejo jaha wo dono ke siva koi bhi na ho…..

  23. thahaan love story start karo why they are always stuck with eyelock and hand holding scenes ,when thapki will realise her love? she has more interest on all family members except bihaan ,she was not even thinking why he is behaving like that

  24. Seriously what is this THE SHRADDA SHOW ? We are sick and tired of her getting the majority of our screen time. She must surely be the wife/ girlfriend/ sister/ bff of the director/ producer/ writer for her to always get so much screen time otherwise there is no reason why we are being forced to endure her for so long. ENOUGH ALREADY . Writer take note we don’t watch the show for SHRADDA . Relegate her to the side show she is .

  25. I hope Thahaan will go a little beyond fall and catch. It has been to repetitive. After so many months atleast a hug.

  26. hahaha……….a humorous episode……it was very nice………preethi bhabhi welcome back to your sasural…..i was eagerly waiting for your awesomewala acting………i am a tharuv fan but today i enjoyed thahaan scenes……..and thapki what special????????????? today you wore saree instead of chudidar……..really you look sooooooo pretty in saree……and must admit everyone is a kind of specimen in pandey nivas….especially bihaan…….how can he act so blind like vasundara acted…….????? it was thapki’s right to know about her marriage truth…………

  27. Please stop this drama and bring back thahaan..

  28. why they are showing so many scene of shraddha even more than thapki’s scene. the only saving grace of this show is thapki & bihaan love story. but they show thahaan scene for just couple of minutes & only at once. pls dont show us shraddha scene she is more irritating. if it contineous the same way people will start disliking the show including me.

  29. IKRS off air. ….read the news here. …
    TPK safe. ….

  30. Who have the past two episodes not had sub titles.?

  31. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Why they irate love between thpbih? Eishhhhh

  32. Thapki has been spotting some pretty nice threads lately. Do we assume that these are the new clothes Bihaan promised to buy her after their wardrobe burned down? All that’s left is the addition of a mangalsutra and sindoor and she would look like a proper married woman. Good enough to be Bihaan’s arm candy.

  33. Another episode and I’m completely speechless with what lesson the writers wants to convey. Is it:
    1- Not one person in India is happily married.
    2- Cheat your way through life.
    3- Your position, strength give you the right to do whatever you deem right.
    4- Good deeds are for the devotees completely alienated from real life.
    5- Never mind falling in love, you will ALWAYS suffer.
    I tried to stick around to see how it turns out but it is now time to move on. There is no point watching something that is so wrong on so many levels…

    1. You hit it on the head..I tried watching the Trisha kit but it was a waste of time..mindless slap comedy. Wow ..mixed up DVD s . Only good part was Bhiaan scene where you see her is very innocence.

      But as Thapki said in one episode before she can see in his eyes if he is truthful..she didn’t this time..?

  34. I’m a srilankan fan of tpk,even i don’t know hindi i never miss any episode bcz i just only watch for thahaan 🙂 i suggest to my friends to watch tpk.
    But nowadays i’m very upset bcz of dragging
    All of us are waiting for thahaan love track but they are dragging toooo much 🙁

  35. Hy..

    Same here I’m also sri lankan fan of tpk…anyways kana nice to meet u…my fav shows of colors is thapki pyar ki and swaragini…

    1. Hi shani,
      There are lots of fans here in srilanka 🙂
      One and only hindi drama i watch is tpk bzc i like thahaan 🙂 if they dragging too much without starting thahaan love track then it will be waste of time 🙁
      Manish and jigyasa is my fav jodi on screen as well as off screen too 🙂
      Manish’s acting is tooo gud 🙂

  36. How this bihaan trust that shradha chudel he become mental. Thapki use nalayak phakhandi besharam shradha ka parda faad do. Maa ke nam ka misuse karrahi hai ukhad ke pheinkdo usko bahar

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