Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi and Naman seeing Vasundara going ahead. Naman says tortoise is leading. Kosi asks them to get down the car. They take the idol and start walking to be first. Suman and Preeti go to the room to get broom. Sankara calls them out and says no need of broom, this got fixed. Suman locks the door leaves, while Dadi was waiting for them. John says its all set, perfect, I will go and get ready. Shraddha stares at him. Preeti says John is gone, you have to work. Shraddha says I will get ready. Suman says you left Shringhaar, why now. Shraddha says I have to get ready as new guests are coming, Ganesh ji, I will get ready for him. She goes. Preeti says whatever, we will clean this soon. Suman asks Sankara to work fast.

Vasundara and Thapki thank the Jhanki guy for keeping

idol. They reach home. Kosi, Bihaan and Naman also get Ganesh ji and chant. Kosi says I can’t go fast, let me think. Naman asks what to do. Kosi throws coconut on the ground. Bihaan steps on it and gets hurt. Bau ji, Thapki and Vasundara stop. They rush to Bihaan and ask him is he fine, did he get much hurt. Kosi asks Naman to come fast. Kosi and Naman go inside the house to won and leave Bihaan wounded.

Bihaan sees them and then realizes Bau ji and Vasundara’s true concern. Sankara claps and says we won. Kosi says yes, we had to win. She asks pandit to take idol. She sees Bihaan coming and starts acting. She says sorry, I could not wait for you, I had to get Ganesh ji at home. Naman says mahurat was passing. Bihaan says its fine. Kosi says Thapki’s idol can’t be placed and her hardwork will go waste, as one Ganesh ji will be placed. Pandit says this idol can’t be placed, its broken. They all get shocked. Kosi recalls the idol falling in the car.

Pandit says you should have been careful while bringing idol, we will place the other idol if its not broken. Vasundara and Thapki get glad. pandit says this idol is fine, we will place this. They all pray. Bau ji tells Vasundara that Lord has helped them. Pandit says we will start Ganpati Sthapana. Thapki says Lord is same for everyone and asks Kosi to attend her puja. Bau ji says yes, you can come with us to do puja. Bihaan says we don’t have to come to you, but to Lord, that’s why we will attend puja. They all do aarti. Jai Ganesh……plays…………. Bihaan and Thapki see each other.

Pandit tells Bihaan that his relation with his mum is like Ganesh and Parvati, and asks him to tie thread to his mum. Bihaan looks at Kosi. Pandit says your mum is here, tie the thread to Vasundara. Bihaan ties thread to Vasundara’s wrist. Pandit ties threads to everyone’s wrist. Thapki prays for family and relations.

Later, Kosi tears thread and throws. Naman asks why are you angry. Kosi says Bihaan has tied thread to Vasundara’s hand. Naman says pandit does not know you are Bihaan’s mum. She says yes, the world does not know truth, tomorrow the world will know who is Bihaan’s real mum.

The ladies come and greet Vasundara. Vasundara asks Suman and Preeti to make the ladies do Ganesh darshan. She asks Thapki did you invite them. Thapki says no. Kosi says I invited them, shall I tell them food is not made and they can leave. Thapki says no one will go hungry from here, we will do arrangements. Kosi says I m doing arrangements, see what food guests get and what does Pandey family get.

Suman and Preeti are worried to cook for many people. Thapki says they can do it. Shraddha thinks I have to work again. Vasundara asks Thapki to prepare dishes, and sends Suman and Preeti to attend guests. Shraddha asks Suman and Preeti to work, and goes to attend guests. Vasundara, Thapki, Suman and Preeti work in kitchen. Sankara asks shall I help Thapki, its good to serve guests. Vasundara says fine, and asks Suman and Preeti to get laddoos. Sankara says I will prepare puris. Thapki and Sankara cook food. Thapki goes out. Kosi comes there and adds some powder thinking just see what happened after guests eat this. Sankara turns and Kosi hides the paper. Sankara asks what are you doing. Kosi asks her to say. Sankara says I was helping them to cook food. Kosi says I will also help. She heats a tong and sees Sankara.

Bihaan asks Sankara what happened to her hand. She says my hand burnt while making puris. He applies toothpaste to her hand. She cries seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. pooja prabha

    Its just an OK episode…something is better than nothing…but,precap is a nasty one.Guys….pls update your comment. I feel really unhappy to see yesterdays comment rate.Where are you friends…Anu,santhosh,ally,garima,fatarjio ,each and everyone of this circle.pls come back….

  2. Garima

    |Registered Member

    And I am little bit busy so I don’t comment it does not mean I quite this show thapki pyar ki is my Best show and what you think pooja about current track.

  3. pooja prabha

    I am good dear Garima,I hope you too good.current track is highly sophisticated family drama.precap make me so angry.lets see.guD night dear…

  4. vino

    very bad precap.what nonsence all this.??rubbish story.y he have to apply medicine to her???I think again they going to make new pair with him and confused.

  5. sadia

    if i m not wrong 30 augast is the mariage day of thahan s first marriage so why they are not celebrating anniversary…..and where is the ff of thahaan blessed love by suhana as i think so …why she is not writting next episodes i m waiting for it…..

  6. Inda

    if this bad episode go on. I don’t know what will happen with the rating? Where is thahan? Fans need thahan not Sankara

  7. Ally

    I think Sankara is Bihaaan’s Balika vadhu….
    So new new love triangle is coming soon …..😔😔Thapki-Bihaan-Sankara

    And what happened to Shraddha is she forgot Dhruv so easily… and running behind John…..

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