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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara telling Bihaan that she knew Dhruv loved Thapki. Dhruv cries outside and asks the Lord why did he do this with him. Vasundara comes to him. Dhruv says Bihaan cheated him and hugs her crying. She says I came to know this, Bihaan is immature, I did not know he will do this. He says he loves Thapki a lot. She says we can’t change this truth that Bihaan married Thapki. He says no, I love Thapki. She says we have to tell this to everyone, and Thapki too.

She takes Dhruv to Thapki. He recalls Bihaan’s words that no one knows he has married Thapki, not even Thapki. Krishnakant says Thapki is fine now. Thapki says don’t worry, I m fine, I thought to break my fast after our marriage. Dhruv cries and says Thapki your marriage did not happen with me, it happened

with Bihaan. They all get shocked. He says he was not sitting in mandap, it was Bihaan sitting with sehra. They all look at Dhruv.

Krishnakant asks why such big cheat, what enmity Bihaan had with my daughter. Thapki cries and leaves. Thapki goes to the mandap and recalls Dhruv’s words. She says she does not accept this truth, and she will end her life if Dhruv is not in her life. Dhruv asks is she mad and stops her. He says listen to me Thapki and shouts. He comes out of his imagination and calls out Thapki. Kiran asks what happened, are you fine. He looks at Thapki. He asks is she fine. She says yes, now we are married, I will be fine. Suman asks Dhruv why did he change sherwani so soon. Dadi says maybe he was feeling hot, and tells Thapki to change her bridal dress too. They ask Dhruv to make Thapki drink juice and break her fast, as per her wish. He handsover the glass to Thapki and cries. Bau ji says we will do bidaai and grahpravesh rituals also, so that Thapki can rest. Vasundara thinks why is Dhruv not saying the truth. If Bihaan married her, how will Dhruv do all the rituals.

The bidaai rituals are done. Vasundara thinks why is Dhruv not telling anyone. Krishnakant tells Dhruv that Thapki’s happiness is his responsibility now. Vasundara asks Dhruv where is he taking her. She asks why did he not say truth. He takes her to Bihaan, and says no one will tell the truth, they all trust me, and Thapki is sure that nothing wrong can happen in my presence, when she knows, she will break, if she takes wrong time… He says we have to keep this secret. Kiran asks Dhruv to come for grahpravesh and he goes. Vasundara asks Bihaan to tell the truth to everyone and take her.

Dadi asks Vasundara to do aarti. She waits for Bihaan. Bihaan comes and stops them. He says he has to say something. Bau ji asks how did he come inside, when he was not allowed till marriage functions get over. Vasundara says marriage is over now, let him say what he wants to. She asks Bihaan to say. Bihaan says he wants to tell them truth which they all don’t know.

Dadi says Dhruv’s marriage was incomplete with Bihaan. Bihaan says he has to tell the truth, and that’s…. Dhruv asks Bihaan why did he go to tell the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Continue dhruv don’t let him speak be a husband for thapki and close bihaan chapter how vasundra can be like a stupid….

  2. I still hope that dhruki will be united!!!
    I will watch this for a week and if they didn’t make Dhruvki together, then surely waste of time!!
    Great tata byeeeeee byeeeeee……..

  3. What gonna happen next ..????

  4. Vasundara…….Vasundara
    …….vasundara really you are a great witch
    Dhrub is your son please thought how to makes her life happiness & just leave the cheap though in your mind……..

    1. *his life

  5. Vasundara thought Thapki have a great embarrassment for Dhrub,but she don’t know Thapki was a very talented girl,
    Dear director please change the saadi track & add some new masala in the show????

  6. Ye kaisy maa ha uski beta se uski kushi cheene chahathi hai……………. Dhruv , bihan ko sabke samne sachai bolne ka avasar math dena!

  7. Plz stop dis nonsense…plz unit thapki and dhruv..or else stop dis serial

  8. 🙁 poor dhruv

  9. Why r all the dramas the same even in swargini this had happened swara and laksh were in love with one another but the plot continued un the opposite direction i really taught that the tpr will make it all out lyk it was sum big dream but it was reality hate this series

  10. Confuesing Episode!!!!Like it Dhruv…

  11. Oh I just love this episode!! Vasundhara is in trap now.. If she speaks out she will break her son’s trust and now that dhruv knows that she knows bihaan marrying thapki.. Dhruv will ask his mother to help protect the secret!! Hehe

  12. Vasundara you are a witch and a greedy mother

  13. Joyline D'souza

    I hope Dhruv nd Thapki stay together. . Dhruv shouldn’t let vrihan tell the truth nd behave as if he married Thapki..
    The show will loose its meaning as well as image if Dhruv nd thapki won’t b together. .

  14. Writers please unite Dhuruki as how Prem married Simar by divorcing Roli in Sasural Simar Ka..☺

  15. So many unnecessary twists. All the serials in this channel begin well till lits of b*t*hy women chrs appear…many dream sequences predictably meant to give a sense of happy ending only for another twist….ugh. Shastri sis thapki sasural simar swaragini n now ashiqii.
    Each and every story is becoming boring….its high time good comedy without vamps and villains were written and produced

  16. If druvb and thabki don’t get together then the serial is waste of time

  17. Stupid n worst serial ever….. Waste of time

  18. indira bhajan

    Goosh this eposide is so hurtful please let druve sir and tapkie unite let love prevail once so everyone believe there is true love for person with flaw

  19. Love thapki- bihaan pairing. Waiting for the story to move now. So much time wasted on the wedding drama

  20. I’m very sad for dhruv thapki and also bihaan…… bihaan ne jo kiya vasu ke liye kiya.. taaki vo vasu maa wala pyaar paa sake…. but use vasu se kabhi pyaar toh Milne wala hai nahi… uper se vasu ne bihaan se paap (sin) aur karwadiya…. bechaare teeno… is vasu ne toh dhruvkihaan ki zindagi barbaad karke rakhdi…. hate her more than laalu prasaad yadav…

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