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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a leap of two years. Preeti asks the servant to do all arrangements soon, and don’t do any mistake, you know anger of Choti Malkin. Shraddha comes as Choti Malkin and scares them. She says I expected this from you. How did the vase break? Suman says it happened by mistake. Suman and Preeti ask her to see the decorations. Shraddha asks them to get gourd juice for her. Preeti says Vasundara has gone on tirat for Thapki’s Barsi. Suman says yes, we did not know Thapki will die instead leaving from this house. Suman gets the juice and gives to Shraddha.

Shraddha shouts on them and sends them. Kosi comes to Shraddha and says you are ruling over them well. Shraddha says I m checking arrangements since morning. Kosi says yes, if that special woman coming today likes

this, I will give you a prize. Shraddha gets glad. Sankara comes there in Thapki’s clothes. She smiles and says Kosi Maa, Shraddha did good arrangements for my engagement. Kosi says don’t get glad, its done for that rich woman. Shraddha says she is big company owner, we opened hotel at Dhruv’s channel place, she is coming for that partnership deal.

Kosi taunts Sankara and says just be glad that I m getting you engaged with Bihaan. Sankara says I m trying to become like Thapki, Bihaan agreed to marry me. Kosi asks do you think he said yes seeing your beauty, he has become stone, he will marry anyone I say. Sankara goes. Preeti says yes Bihaan changed a lot. Kosi asks them not to say anything, have the food. Suman says we are taking food for Dadi. Shraddha says forget it Kosi mom, we have to think to move the low class tea stall infront of hotel. Kosi says city’s biggest goon will remove that teal stall, where is he, Bihaan……

Bihaan is sleeping in the stable after getting drunk. Servants ask him to get up. They say Kosi is calling and throw water on him. Bihaan angrily wakes up and asks whose death came, who has thrown water on me. He looks at the servants. He scolds the servants and ask don’t you want to be alive. Kosi comes there and stops him. She says its big problem, a tea stall opened infront of the hotel. Bihaan signs her to stop. He takes her blessings.

Bau ji sees Bihaan’s state and blesses him. Kosi asks Bihaan to go. He leaves. Bau ji asks Kosi why are you making him do all this, he left all that work, you made him goon again. Kosi says so what, he is talking to you, you would have been on road, if I did not stop Bihaan, so leave everything on me.

Suman and Preeti ask Dadi to have food. Dadi says I won’t have food, you want to kill me. Suman says its us, your Changu Mangu, have apple. Preeti requests Dadi. Kosi says wait, I will make her have it. Suman and Preeti leave. Kosi asks Dadi do you not want to see Bihaan alive, if you do this acting, I will kill Bihaan infront of you, have it. Dadi sees Thapki’s pic and asks where did you go, see what happened here, no one asks about me, Bihaan also changed.

Bihaan goes to the tea stall and beats the man. He angrily breaks the tea stall. The man asks who are you, why are you doing this. Bihaan dismantles the shop and leaves. The man cries. Shraddha says I m very busy, its next to impossible to maintain figure in this house. She spits the gourd juice and says its gourd or chilli juice. She asks Suman and Preeti about the juice, and asks them to have it to take care of diet. Preeti drinks and spits it. Suman asks what happened. Preeti says its so spicy. Shraddha says so Suman made this. Suman says yes. Shraddha says you will get punished for mistake, that business tycoon is coming, there is engagement in this house, you both will wear chillies as Shringhaar. Preeti and Suman get upset. Shraddha asks them to do as she says and makes them leave. She says none has seen that woman on magazine and on tv, we will meet today, she is coming here for the big deal, once Bihaan does that work, it would be good.

Bihaan comes home. Kosi says I got call from hotel, bless you, go and get ready, the company owner will come. Bau ji sees Bihaan’s hand bleeding and does aid. He says you have made heart wound deep, Thapki would be hurt seeing this, if a person dies…. Bihaan says Thapki did not die, she is alive as I m alive, hatred is inside me, I will do what she used to stop me for, I will take revenge, she used to say Thapki Bihaan are same, I will make her away by getting engaged to Sankara. Bau ji says do what you want, none will come to stop you. Bihaan says she will come, I m doing this engagement for her to come and see this.

Bihaan goes and recalls Thapki’s words. Sankara comes and says I m looking like Thapki right, I know why you are angry, I will not say anything again, I m staying as Thapki, why did you not stop me, you said yes for getting engaged to me, that’s big thing, wear this sherwani. He says I did not stop you so that my wounds don’t heal, my hatred gets high seeing you in Thapki’s dress, I will hurt myself. He throws sherwani and goes. Sankara says get engaged to me, if you don’t want to wear this sherwani.

Shraddha welcomes the guests. Sankara smiles happily. Preeti and Suman wear chilli Shringhaar, and guests laugh. Shraddha says they both will eat just chillies in dinner. Sankara tells Shraddha that she is looking for Bihaan. Shraddha says he will come, keep mouth shut. The man asks Bau ji where is Bihaan. Bihaan comes there. Sankara smiles.

The ladies says groom and in such clothes, I think he could not forget his first wife, is he pressurized for this marriage. Kosi praises Bihaan. She says a special guest is coming, you would have heard the name, Vaani Oberoi. The lady says who don’t know her. Shraddha says she made her business reach on top in 2 years, none of us saw her, we will see her today, she will come on time, she said she will come at 7pm, two mins are left.

Thapki arrives in the car. Dadi feels her and gets up. Kosi says Vaani ji has come. Thapki’s assistant tells her that this is Jaiswal Nivaas and one min is remaining. Dadi comes running to see Thapki. Lights go off. Kosi asks how did lights go. Suman goes to get candles. Dadi takes the candle and whats for her. Thapki comes to them. Dadi smiles seeing her. Thapki is in disguise. Dadi says Thapki, you came….. The lights come. Bihaan gets shocked seeing Thapki. Everyone get shocked. Thapki wears a broad specs, and braces. Thapki’s look is like Jassi.

Dadi says my Thapki has come. Her assistant says she is Vaani. Dadi says no, she is my Thapki. Thapki bends and picks pen. Dadi blesses her. Thapki shows the pen. Dadi says no, she is my Thapki. Kosi asks servant to take Dadi to room. Secretary says madam does not like anyone treating old people badly. Servant takes away Dadi. Kosi says sorry, she is mentally unstable, come. Suman and Preeti say Thapki is looking different, is she Thapki, or double role. Kosi tells Shraddha that Thapki died, dead people don’t come back. Secretary asks for deal papers, madam’s every min is imp. Kosi sends Shraddha. Shraddha says papers are here. Thapki sees Bihaan. He stares at her.

Suman and Preeti ask Vaani what will you have. Secretary says madam does not take anything. Sankara asks why does Vaani not talk, does she have any problem to talk. Thapki gets shocked. Kosi worries to lose the deal. Thapki says that I have no problem to talk, but you all are stammering here.

Kosi says big person came to our house, so everyone is stammering by happiness. Thapki says we felt you are also big personality, many times people are not like they are and they are one who they don’t show, maybe you are like them. She asks secretary why did she do deal with them, we do business with equal people, come. Kosi stops Thapki and says we are also rich. Thapki says we know who made the hotel and how, I have read all the details. Suman says this can’t be Thapki, see she is not stammering. Thapki says I will read papers and sign later, what about the engagement here. Kosi says yes, my son Bihaan’s engagement, come madam.

Thapki goes to Bihaan, and says Bihaan, congrats for a new relation. Sankara says say congrats to me also. Thapki says we will give wishes with gifts. She gives them gifts. Bihaan stares at her. She says these gifts are for both of you. Shraddha asks her to sign the deal, it will be gift for us. Thapki says relations are imp than business, whats that person who does not understand importance of relations, start ring ceremony, I will get you engaged. Kosi says why not. Shraddha gives the rings. Bihaan does not forward hand.

Thapki holds his hand. He makes Sankara wear the ring. She makes them get engaged. He gives his hand. Sankara says your hand is wounded, how will I make you wear ring, Kosi Maa won’t I get engaged. Thapki says I heard a lot about Bihaan, that he talks less, and uses hand and legs more, he has cleared the tea stall today, if he is so strong, he can bear some pain for his would be wife. She holds his hand and removes the bandage. Sankara makes him wear the ring. Everyone clap. Thapki says lets go, and leaves.

Kosi stops Vaani and says madam ji, you got my son engaged, have sweets. Secretary says madam has imp meeting. Thapki says its fine, I will come here later, I will inform you after checking deal papers, Mr. Bihaan all the best for your new life. He stares at her.

Sankara thanks Vaani as Thapki ji. She says sorry, you look a bit like Thapki, so I said by mistake. Thapki says don’t call me Thapki again, I hate this. Bihaan looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Divyasri SivaKumar

    OK right this track seems so damn interesting !! Now I think there is lots more of twist to come

  2. I’m waiting for thahaan now jhok ….

    1. B for bihaan pandey b for bawafa ho gaya

  3. Oh…..! Amazing… I can’t believe. Episode is going different. After 2 years.? So where is Thapki’s baby???

  4. Awesome leap… loved it 🙂 thapki should now take revenge as vaani oberoi..

  5. A.xx

    Apparently,, Thapki lives with Dhruv,,, hopefully as i like Dhruv.

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Okay so well after leap a lot of changes and surprises. Well the makers didn’t reveal the main change after the leap in spoilers and that is thapki doesn’t stammer anymore. I was thinking that will she be stammering anymore and I got my answer and I m not surprised i had this feeling she won’t stammer anymore. And areh yeh thapki Toh jassi jassi koi nahi Nikla main Toh jassi ka Jabra fan Hoon ??? itna zyaada Ke mujhe sab Bachpan main jassi bulate Thi ? Baapre mujhe ab nahi ban na hain jaasi thapki Ke haalath dekne Ke Baath ? I m now J for Jabra fan of J for Jigyasa didi too yesterday epi her acting was really good and today well yet to watch the epi and yeh Bihaan Toh khalnayak nikla
    Surprise package is sankara. But i must admit she is looking preetier ?
    Well i will say that this option of 2 yr leap is much better than 5 yr leap but still cvs i don’t trust them Kuch bhi
    And wow vaani Bihaan doesn’t even know thapki formal name is vaani kaisa Pati hain.
    And i think thapki Yani vaani stopped stammering when she got to know about her miscarriage and maybe she shout in shock or whatever
    And i have confusion where is thapki staying with her Mom? Does her family knows that she is alive? Not pandey family her family.
    And final decision for now out but after leap show is not bad but i just don’t feel like watching Indian dramas now well show will be more interesting after dhruv entry. (Sorry thahaan fan that is what i feel) i m not thahaan fan i m vaahan/Bini fan ? Areh best for me is thahaan only ? Dhruv ka entry Ke Baath will rethink ?

  7. But thapki ko kuch zyada hi simple bana diya inn logo ne.. business tycoon ko thoda acha dress de dete… specs is alright.. aur bucktooth I think is to remove her stammering… but dress…OMG.. Isse acha toh suman aur preeti bhabhi pehanti hai..

  8.   Report  Quote

    Kush tho bahuth hun mein aaj. .. reason bahuth saare hai. .

    Kal maine kaha tha na? THAPKI stammer nahi karegi aur uska naam VAANI hoga  my guess was rite…

    Aaj ka bihaan ka new avtaar bahuth achcha laga…rough and tough…

    Aur Thapki ka look kaise bhi ho lekin uska attitude. …wow …I loved it…and best part was kudh Thapki ne Bihaan ka engagement karwaaya  Bihaan kya bolta tha “mein thapki se nafrath karta hun…aur usse aana padega ye dekhne keliye ki kaise uske saamne yi uska bihaan usse alag hokar kisi aur ka ho jayega ”  jo bihaan ne maanga wo usse mil gaya na Thapki aa gayi …bihaan ki engagement bhi hogayi kisi aur se  lekin maze ki baath ye hai ki thapki ne kudh uski engagement karwayi. .. lekin Bihaan tho ye digest yi nahi kar paya. ..uski nazar tho Thapki se hat thi nahi thi. … loved thapki today. thoda sukoon mila ki Bihaan shankara ki shaadi nahi huyi. …haa…engagement huyi hai lekin koi baath nahi unki shaadi kabhi nahi hogi  kyunki ab Mrsj .Thapki Bihaan Pandey wapis aagayi hai na??? Vaani Oberoi banke 

    Aur dekh na jaldh yi kosi kudh  Bihaan ki shaadi Vaani se karwayi gi  property ke laalach mein lagta hai ek aur shaadi track shuru honewala hai aur kya pata maybe ek aur bride swap bhi 

    Totally I’m enjoying new track. seems interesting 

  9. Nice episode….Thapki’s new look as Vaani Oberoi and bihaan became goon again..very sad for Thahaan….what happens nxt let’s see..

  10. I actually think they have done absolutely the right thing, they’ve given her a nerd look but a hard attitude, for this persona to work she has to be total opposite of thapki. I also think if she has lost the baby the anger will fuel her and when she used to get angry at Bihaan her stuttering used to stop

    1. Absolutely

  11. nice twist.I am waiting for dhruv entry

  12. One thing I found stupid was if she was supposed to have died surely there would be a funeral with a body, postmortem revealing the pregnancy and have the writers forgotten she has a family, she’s not an orphan. But silly me when does common sense ever stop these writers from Getting and doing what they want

  13. I also think Thapki set up the tea stall, because she would have done the research and knew Bihaan had gone back to his old ways (actually far worse) and knew Kosi would send him to remove it before the partnership deal. Also this reminds me of MATSH when Ranveer was thrown out and came back 6 months later as a business Tycoon.

  14. can’t wait to see 3rd october episode… excited…

  15. Is this show now going like others, kalash on life ok, same track, devika came back as ambikha and now there is bride swap track going on. Also, bihaan knows nothing about the note, or pregnancy, he doesn’t know that thapki was waiting for him. Only dadi can clear this when she tells him that kosi/naman blackmailed her and are still doing so.

  16. What ever about the story, this is intresting now, but just make sure the writer still keep them together, please what ever happen thahaan should end up together, and if she didn’t lose the baby maybe the story gonna be more exited, she just get angry to bihan bcs she’s alone when she gave birth the baby, and bihaan realy didn’t care about her, so she bcme tough

  17. I think her baby is alive as well! We will slowly find out!

  18. i told y’all!!! i called it! i know it’s not a 2 years leap in real time but 2 years leap in the storyline! 😀 i love this new story even tho i’m confused bihaan is doing what dhruv did – marrying others to forget thapki which NEVER works. damn son pls get your stuff together

  19. Yess!!! I like this episode

  20. Alister La Frenais

    I must have fallen asleep and drifted off into a time warp. There is a huge transitional gap between Thapki being hit by the car in the last episode (30/09) and the current one (01/10). Did Thapki vanish after the car hit her, did she die, why is it that Bihaan is clueless about the whereabouts of his wife. However, let us consider a leap of time, where Thapki has now transformed herself into a powerful business woman with a name change and physical outlook. The niggling point of the whole saga is; where did Thapki get the money to create a business empire. Also, consider the name she has chosen for her new identity, Vaani Oberoi, anyone with half a brain would soon realise that the woman pretending to be Vaani is none other than Thapki, because her given name was Vaani, and that because of her stammer she was called Thapki. I do hope that the Producers know where this sitcom is heading, because as far as the viewing public is concerned the serial is heading for deletion. Once again the 1 hour long episode was missing the English sub-titles. It would seem that along with confusing and incoherent storylines and the disregard for non Hindi speaking Audiences the Producers of this sitcom are playing Russian Roulette with the longevity of the serial.

  21. pooja prabha

    I just want to say that this episode completely refreshing me…Waiting for Thahaan scenes…Shankar,you are disgusting.I am sure Thahaan is the finest pair…they will reunite soon…

    1. I agree I can’t stand Shankar..mentally the new track..thapki is rocks love her powerful persona..???

  22. The new track is very interesting and catching.i wish The new Thapki as Vani would have been wearing more powerful or western to completely throw Kosi and others off guard.the resemblance to Thapki should hv been kept minimum..
    If the victory of evil like Kosi keeps happening then the faith in God and goodness becomes challenged.Now Thapki as Cani should deal with wicked Kosi with winning each round.

  23. Anubhuti

    Very lovely????? waiting for thahaan tashan….

  24. Did u all noticed thapki’ s front tooth it was duplicate … may b it was gone due to the hit during the accident..smtyms bcoz of dat her stuttering vanishedd..

  25. Die for manyasa

    Hey thahaanians me shruti santosh maine tumhe birthday wish bhi kiya tha shayad tumne pada nhi koi bat nhi this track seems interesting thapki ne khud bihaan sankar ki sagayi karwayi mere khayal se thapki ka baby mar gaya hoga isliye wo badla lene aayi hai tum sabne ik chiz par gor kiya thapki ne bina ruke bola par kaise ? Koi mera friend mujhe upcoming datewise update de sakta hai to plz dedo

  26. I hate this track

  27. Bihaan looks soooooo ugly! Thapki rocking it!

  28. Why bihaan still alive after 2 years?kosi did’nt kill him,thapki leave pandey niwas because of kosi want to kill bihaan,and why when he saw thapki he look angry,i think he will happy when he saw thapki comes,i don’t understand

    1. Yes, I think so. I think when bihan sees thspki, he will be glad, but he looks so angry. And why he hated thapki? Its thapki should hate him!

  29. Shankar is aditi.. Owh i just realized..

    1. swetha kannan

      what are u saying aditi is thapki sis

      1. If you try searching in google “aditi”.. You will find shankar there… Shankar has acted as aditi previously….

    2. Divyasri SivaKumar

      No its Alisha panwar..dolly chawla just went for the audition to play aditi role but both dolly and Alisha look almost alike

  30. pooja prabha

    Guysssss,I have a doubt really Thapki have any memory problem…or she has to pretend it for to prove her sincerity in front of the pandey family.because I just feel like that.anybody have any idea????
    As a great Thahaan fan I have so much of expectations from this TPK…

  31. i think oberoi is the name of the person who saved her. and whoever he or she is must have a lot of money which is how thapki has reached where she is

  32. This is total garbage. How poorly is thapki dresses! She looks like a ordinary girl where as she should be rich and high fashioned! From where did the makers get the moron costume designer?


  34. I hope thapkis baby is fine and bihaan realises what wrong he did and what is wrong with shraddah her greed is the thing that will make her regret one day

  35. What’s happened to John????

  36. whr is that letter which was written by thapki?did anybody stolen it?

  37. that’s fine to have twist but i don’t like this because thapki is now away from bihaan.And i don’t like her new look.

    1. And i hope thapkis baby is fine.

  38. Now druv and tapki to become one. Coz bihan was stupid for believing a mother that tossed him and killed his father.

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