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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki getting shock seeing the report falling near Bihaan. She picks the report quickly. Kosi comes and asks them to come as everyone is leaving. Aditi tells Dhruv that she loves him, and that’s why don’t want to get close to him. She says I don’t want any problem to come in between Shraddha and you. She says Shraddha have done all these arrangements for you, and not me. She asks him to be with Shraddha and not her. She says I will make my heart understand, and was once betrayed, don’t want this to happen again. I hope you understand. Shraddha comes and says Aditi…Aditi is going. Shraddha thanks her for making Dhruv stay, and asks her to go. Aditi leaves. Shraddha comes to Dhruv and says sorry for calling him there. She says she has planned this romantic dinner

with him and asks how she is looking. Dhruv gets angry on her and asks her not to do this again.

Pandey family is again seen near the river. Kosi tells Vasu that she wants her to be bahu to learn this. Thapki is doing puja and the paper falls from her hand. She is shocked and sees paper went far in the water. She goes following the paper. Kosi asks Thapki not to go further as the water is deep. Thapki gets the paper, but loses balance as the water is deep. Kosi shouts asking someone to save her. Bihaan jumps in water and swims towards Thapki. Sankara is angry. Bihaan saves Thapki and brings her back. Vasu asks Thapki, why did you go inside the river. Kosi says Bihaan have saved me and not her.

Bihaan looks at paper in her hand and asks why did you go far. He asks what is in that paper for which you got ready to die, and snatches paper from her hand. Thapki asks why I shall tell you? Why did you save me and risked your life for me. She asks him to answer. Bihaan returns her paper and goes. Thapki looks on, and thinks how to tell you Bihaan that this is our child memory. If you have seen this, then you would have known that I am thapki and not Vani. She says I wish you would have saved our child that day.

Dhruv thinks about Aditi’s love confession. Thapki comes and keeps hand on his shoulder. Dhruv turns and says I was thinking something. He asks if you have done puja. Thapki says puja is completed. She asks if you have handled here. Dhruv says I will handle Aditi well. Thapki asks what happened to her? Dhruv says I will handle Kosi and separate her from Chacha. Thapki feels weak and says she will be alright with rest, and goes. Dhruv misses Aditi and thinks why he is thinking about her. He thinks I can’t fall in love again and that too with Aditi. He thinks why her face and talks are not going from my mind and heart. He comes to Kosi’s room and keeps envelope on the table. Chacha thinks it is the same envelope which Kosi was hiding. He reads letter written by Vani, and thinks Kosi has hidden this truth from me. Dhruv thinks I made you know you.

Jeweller comes to Pandey house. Thapki says she called him and asks did you bring what I asked you to bring. Jeweller says yes. He shows the rings and says it is bride and groom’s ring. Kosi asks bride and groom’s ring. Dadi asks what is happening here? Thapki says these rings are for me and Bihaan, for our engagement. She says I have decided to get engaged to him tomorrow itself. Bihaan comes. Thapki says you came at right time and shows him ring. She says diamond ring will look good on you, but you can take any ring. Dadi says Bihaan is unhappy with this forced marriage and says she has complains with God.

Thapki says then you have to leave from this house, as we will get engaged tomorrow. Dadi is shocked and angry. Thapki says wrong had happened in this house and you and your God knew about this. I am just trying to make everything alright. She asks everyone to support her, else they can do what they want. She says this engagement will happen tomorrow. Kosi says they have gone mad, but I am happy. I will see who will stop your engagement. Sankara says Kosi Maa. Kosi asks her to think from her mind and not heart. She helps Vani in selecting the ring. Sankara thinks she won’t let this happen.

Thapki informs Dhruv about her decision. Dhruv says Bihaan will not agree. Thapki says Bihaan can’t refuse. Dhruv asks her if she remembered seeing broken star before with him. He apologizes to her. Thapki says she has forgotten her past with him, and says someone will come in your life who will love you truly.

Bihaan tells Thapki that she have to signed on the stamp papers, as she wants to marry him forcibly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. its just OK this track was boring.writers pls give some nice story.

  2. Just druv focus in the mission….thapki is busy with her heart…bad story.

  3. Yaar jaldi se vaani ka maksat poora karo!!!!! Mujhe aaj kal isi cheez ke sapne aate ha ki thapki ka khulasa kaise hoga!!!!
    hum viewers = befaltu ?????
    hii ..santhosh ….yaar instagram par itne saare account ban rakhe ha thahaan ke …???? instagram wale log vaise kaafi achhe ha ……vaise aajkal vinlora aur roshini bhi nhi dikhai de rhe??? Hum indians se jyada pakistan log pasand karte ha tpk dekhna??? ek toh italy se ha ..???

  4. Now it should become kosi ma pyaar ki ?????????????????

  5. I like final part remember Thapki-Drunv ?. Please re-united thapki and drunv.thapki married drunv made each other.bihan married sanskar.Thapki please don’t married Bihan.thapki will pregnant drunv.I like this lovery couple plz director re-united this couple.Thapki and Bihaan is boring

    1. S Bala Chitra

      s my wishes also the same before. But i am watching the serial only becoz of Dhruv

    2. yes i to like thapki and dhruv

    3. But now dhruv and aditi are in they will make a pair aditi+dhruv=adiruv??
      And thapki cant be paired again with dhruv ……as dhruv is in delhi now. .??

    4. Don’t think abt that, I love thahaaaan. Go dhruv will marry sankar &she will be pregnant. If vaani is pregnant this will happen only bcse of our B 4 Bihaan.

  6. Ohhhh my God I can’t understand why this series is so ridicules, thaapki’s sister married with the first guy who did not marry with thaapki and now with dhrove . :)))))

  7. Ah ah cheqad gohe in bihaan, loos bemire zoodtar nekbat

  8. Nice episode…. Adhruv scenes are nice…

  9. Nice episode…. Adhruv scenes are nice…super..

  10. Garima

    oh I am totally confused hello pooja santhosh die for manayasa and Manish ki divani .

    1. Joylin

      hey garima congratz for being selected in the compt

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    I saw yesterday episode and it was like watching Tpk after many days and also i read in spoilers i thought finally Bihaan will know the truth but no again these cvs r fooling viewers ? Pakau show like this track is way dragging too much like a chewing gum really disappointed with thi. Iss show ka pair Thahaan/Vahaan is an amazing pair but the show is equal disappointment. If they got good ratings doesn’t mean they should drag the show so much, no offense but show should have ended with an happy ending there was no need of time slot change at least it would have stayed in everyone’s heart now whenever i watch Tpk is like watching tragedy it has become Tragedy Pyaar Ki uff reading updates and also this 6.30pm time doesn’t work for me as I tend to be busy that time

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    And sorry everyone for not commenting for many days that’s because I am really busy these days due to my classes and also current track of show not worth commenting . Happy Belated Diwali to all of u.

  13. pooja prabha

    Disappointing episode.there is no connection between spoilers and episode.hi…garima…this track is distracting all thahanians …
    Hello…reshal,santhosh,Jo,Sruthi and all.

  14. Just want thahan….but confuse with the tracks…

  15. i am 25 years old and i want to thank tpk serial that they make life . i am sharing my peronal thing with u today . every quote in tpk is correct . but one thing is really mising that why dhruv is not getting his first love why?why?.every viwer of tpk had forget this but i will never forget this in my life also that thapki teach me to love colors
    she teach this to me also and dhruv also.
    his is very old story but anyhow i remember this that bihan told dhruv that “hamhe pyaar se kabhi harna nahi chahiye”in the presence of dhruv work bihan told this but dhruv use this for his love thapki and he make thapki ready for marriage. i also do same thing i fight for my love and i got it back. so many people are ther in the world who are in this condition . i know u people want to say the world that we dont have to stop in the life. but u know all are not like u . u are so strong thapki. some people are doing sosite some have lost there smile .i want or the welfare of the people plz unite thapki and dhruvand alos dhruv had done so many things for his love he fight. so for the world i request u to do this plz plz plz plz plz plzplzplzplz pl z plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz .

    1. I’m sorry, this is just my opinion. No heart feeling. Maybe, Dhruv deserves to get he first love back after fight so much for her, but, he deserves that when his first love not in love with someone. In Thapki case, her love, her life, her life partner is only Bihaan. I know, when she really want Bihaan with her side 2 years ago, Bihaan is not there, but Dhruv who was with her at that time, it does mean Dhruv deserver her. I consider what have Dhruv done for Thapki in 2 years ago is as an atonement of his sins for Thapki before. What have Dhruv done to get Thapki back before, is not Dhruv fault entirely, the situation, his wife and his beloved mom that make he become monster. He deserves to mad, but the way was wrong. Before Kosi mom entry, Bihaan how was with her side to fight all the obstacles. It just, Bihaan lose and become blind because motherly love from Kosi. We all know, when associated with mother, Bihaan become weak and blind. Same happen when vasu use Bihaan to destore Dhruv and Thapki wedding. Sorry this is just my opinion and my english also not to good, sory for the confuse reading my comment. ..

  16. plz thapki aasha ko reply send karna . dont forget to send reply to assha . and send your reply on [email protected]
    please…………….. please………………………..

  17. sorry thapki that is [email protected]
    sorry a lot

    but reply iss email per jarur send karna

    please send karna
    i am waiting

  18. Assha is correct thapki di

  19. I am aasha u can send thapki your reply wherever u want

  20. Why is tapki not going to tell everyone about her reality

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