Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bani why did she do this? Bani tells that she wants to break Samar and Tina’s marriage. Thapki is shocked. Bani tells that she gave drugs to Tina on her engagement day so that her engagement doesn’t happen. She tells that her entry was planned and she collided with her intentionally. She tells that she wants to hurt Tina so that she gets hurt, and says I want to give you same pain which you gave me as I hate you and will continue to hate you. Thapki is shocked. Bani tells that you did my kanyadaan even though I begged infront of you not to do this. Thapki recalls Shraddha telling that she has snatched her everything from her. She tells Bani that Shraddha had done everything wearing her mask and that’s why she is in jail. Bani refuses to believe her.


says I am not a kid whom you can fool. She says your motherly love etc is all fake. Thapki says no. Bani says you have snatched my childhood and kept me away from my family. She tells that Bihaan died while saving you and blames her for everything. Thapki says no and says I am your mum. Bani says you have broken relation with me in temple like this, and declares that she will not have any relation with her. Thapki asks her not to do anything. Bani says I have just one mission of my life, is to hurt you. She rings the bell and leaves. Thapki recalls Bani’s words and gets shattered. She questions Devimaa and asks what did you do? I got my daughter, but I lost her again.

Bani comes back home and cries. Kosi asks what happened? Bani hugs her and tells that she told truth to Thapki. Kosi is shocked and says you have ruined everything. She asks what did you do? Bani tells her that Thapki came to know that she was behind the party conspiracy and she was constantly asking her the reason and she told. She cries. Kosi thinks she will get me thrown out of house and asks what we will do now. She tells that Thapki will expose and kick us out. They hear Vasu calling them and asks Bani to go.

They see Tina, Munna, Balwinder and Vasu standing. Vasu says Thapki told us everything. Kosi thinks to pack her bags. Tina says I will tell Bani whatever I want to say. She covers her head with dupatta and says you are going to be bride. Vasu says you are going to marry Munna. Tina says Tina weds Samar, Bani weds Munna. Vasu says Thapki told us. Balwinder asks her to take Thapki’s blessings and says she convinced us for your marriage. Bani comes to Thapki. Thapki hugs her and cries. She says what do you think that I will be angry with you and will ask you to leave. She says you are my life and asks her to make a new start. She says you will not have any complaints with me. Thapki stammers and tries to pat on her shoulder using Bani’s hand, but brushes off her hand and says she don’t have any relation with her. She says you have fixed my relation with Munna without knowing my wish. Thapki says you said that you loves him. Bani says who gave you right to take decision of my life. Thapki asks her to tell what to do to make her believe. Bani asks her to return her 15 years and asks her to bring back Bihaan. Thapki is shocked. Bani says just as my Papa can’t return, same way my hatred can’t go from my heart for you.

Bihaan’s lookalike asks Thapki if she is a stalker and asks what do you want. Thapki says I want you to become my husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Don’t tell me ariyan will act bihhan to make thapki and bani relationship good again ?

  2. It so pathetic how everyone in thapki show always take revenge from her!!!! I mean everyone in the show has done wickedness on thapki and now it her own daughter doing it too. Upon when thapki told her it was not her it was sharddha still she didn’t even wanna hear.. The show has become so so useless to watch?????…. Let them end the show already..

  3. Very sad episode… ? ?
    The story-line was in miserable condition since the first time Kosi’s track began… ? ? ?
    Only hope there will be a nice ending…

  4. Vinolin.d

    Hai my dear friends…sorry i am not using instagram now and my mobile is also problem. I forgot my password also to delete my account. so pls guys don’t get angry on me. I will open my account soon pls and i will upload my ff also. I am so sorry my dear friends. I don’t have time so that.

    1. Hi vino how are u? I hope u come back soon

    2. Miss u so much di
      Plz take care…

  5. Somehow I want they shows Thapki wake up sweating heavily in the tabela, Bihaan was sleeping soun beside her. Its all just her worst nightmare.. Sound really stupid, but its the only way to bring back thahaan romance.. And anything can happen in indian serial, right? lol ???

    1. Tabela ???????how a great idea !or wake up beside bihhan with her baby bump ?

  6. Alister La Frenais

    I was a fan of this show, but stopped watching when the show developed into ‘Get Thapki’ However, today whilst catching up on my favourite comedy on &TV, I thought that I would take a peek at the written update of Thapki. However, from the contents of the write-up I have learned that the show has descended further into a quagmire of gobble gook muddled storylines. For goodness sake get new script writers or bring the show to an end.

  7. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    no comment, want to watch only thahaan lovestory,no kosi,no shankar,no revenge….story about thahaan and the daughter with all problem…dont like story now,very annoying

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