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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bihaan how will she get his forgiveness. He holds her hand and says you had fever… She asks fever. He says Preeti told me that you have high fever, so I came here. He leaves her hand and says so you started getting others with you to cheat me. She says no, maybe Preeti told this so that you come home, I just wanted to apologize. She asks why is he so angry, that matter ended, mum has accepted me now, and realized her mistake.

He asks who are you to prove Maa right and wrong. She says if Maa and my relation got well, why can’t our relation…. He asks what relation, shall I say what is our relation, and puts hot wax on his hand, saying this is our relation….. She gets shocked. He asks her to just go, I m just burning every moment since I got you in

my life. She cries and asks him not to get angry. He pushes her and she falls. Everyone come home and see Thapki fallen.

They see Thapki fallen near their feet. Bau ji recalls the man’s words and asks Bihaan did he push Thapki. Thapki says no, I fell down as I slipped. Bihaan asks why are you lying, I have made her fall. Dhruv and Shraddha look on.

Bau ji asks where did you learn this, will you raise hand on your wife. Vasundara says I will talk to Bihaan. She asks Bihaan to sit with Sanjay and Ashwin…… Preeti says I thought Bihaan will get happy seeing this, but this went wrong, Thapki don’t cry, everything will be fine. Bihaan says she just know to shed crocodile tears.

Bau ji gets angry. Dadi asks Bau ji to calm down, Bihaan does not have sense. Bihaan says yes, even my fate is bad, that’s why I got Thapki. Bau ji asks Bihaan what are you saying. Vasundara gets tea for Bau ji. Bau ji throws it. Bihaan says Thapki fell like this and put blame on me.

Dhruv says Bau ji, I will talk to her. Bihaan says Dhruv be thankful that I took your problem on my head, you would be regretting if you married her. Dhruv asks him to stop it. Bihaan says I m regretting a lot. Dhruv says stop it Bihaan. Bau ji asks Bihaan what is he saying, did his life get ruined before marrying Thapki, you were nothing, Thapki made you a human, wash her feet and drink that water….. you cheated her and she bears you.

Bau ji says she does not bear me, I m bearing her, since she came in my life, she ruined my life. Everyone get shocked. Bihaan says I did a lot for her, I have apologized to her many times, I fought with everyone for her, I stayed in cowshed, she always taunts me. Bau ji asks him to stop it. Preeti says Thapki did all awesome arrangements to say sorry.

Bihaan says it should all go to hell and even she should go to hell, and throws table. Bau ji gets angry and slaps Bihaan….. Bau ji asks did he go mad…. Bihaan looks at Bau ji and sees Thapki angrily. He asks Thapki is she happy now, as she wanted this, to make dad and son fight, Bau ji slapped me today. Bihaan tells Dhruv that you missed Thapki and got this clever wife Shraddha.

Dhruv asks him to be quiet. Bihaan asks him to slap him too. Bihaan says everyone can’t hear truth, this family such bad bahus. Bau ji scolds him. Thapki cries and asks Bau ji to calm down and stop this, I m wrong, I will leave from here. Bihaan says she always says she will go, and never goes, she stuck to this house as termite, she will make this house fall down.

Bau ji asks Bihaan to stop it and apologize. Bihaan says I can give my life, but not apologize to Thapki, she is not my wife, she is disease for me, I will die but not keep any relation with her. He gets angry and says a lot. Bau ji slaps him and asks him to stop it. Dadi asks Preeti to shut door, neighbors would hear it. Bihaan says no need, they should know how Thapki ruined our house.

Preeti shuts door. Bau ji says I will forget you are my son, stop it. Bihaan says you forgot it, you don’t see my pain, I m not this house’s son, you picked me from road. Bau ji slaps him and says you raised question on our relation. Bihaan says no, you raised question Bau ji by slapping me, that too for this girl, I will not forgive her even if she dies. Vasundara requests Bihaan to stop it. Bau ji says you deserve to be on road.

Bau ji says he does not respect women and proved he does not deserve to be here. Bihaan says Thapki cheated me, still she is good and innocent. Bau ji says I know who is good and bad, Thapki is very good. Bihaan says she is Mata Rani, and asks Thapki to wear crown, he will make temple for her. Bau ji says I will kill you Bihaan and holds his collar. Everyone try to stop her. Thapki sees this and cries. She recalls Bau ji and Bihaan’s sweet relation. Thapki pyaar ki……plays……………

Dhruv asks Bihaan to come with him. Vasundara takes Bau ji and makes him sit. Bau ji says throw Bihaan out. Bihaan says fine, throw me in junk. Dhruv locks Bihaan in room. Thapki cries. Bihaan fumes. Bau ji says I did big mistake bringing you at home. Bihaan breaks the family pic and asks Bau ji to rectify mistake, throw me out and stay with Thapki.

Bihaan says I did not see Thapki’s true face, she ruined my life. Bau ji gets angry and goes to Bihaan again. He asks Bihaan to come with him, and slaps him again. Bihaan falls down. Everyone look on shocked. Bau ji says I will kill you. Bihaan says fine, take my life, who stopped me, kill me. Bau ji cries and says Bihaan you ended everything today, I heard upbringing is bigger than birth, you proved my upbringing wrong, you stained the name which I gave you. Bihaan cries and stares at Thapki.

Bau ji holds his chest and falls down. Everyone get shocked seeing Bihaan with the knife. Dhruv asks Bihaan what did you do. They all rush Bau ji to hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Comment if u vote 4 thahaan

    1. vote fr bihaan

  2. All those who claim to be real ThaHaan/Bihaan fans are liars. You guys are ThaRUv fans in disguise..shame on you guys.. when Bihaan is right throughout the episode you are bashing him and that Thapki was silent throughout.
    Tell me one thing that he said was wrong? Thapki ne char aansoo giraye and everybody started bashing Bihaan..
    Don’t call yourself Bihaan fans if you can’t support him..go kill yourself with that chakoo..

  3. Comment if u vote 4 tharuv

    1. Always love bihaan even doing bad…bcoz we love bihaan acting so much…I feel bad for him…terrible acting by manish…I thought they spoil his character…be negative n make tharuv….but I want only thaahaan…story s crap…bye to thapki pyaar ki …I can’t tolerate hereafter to wait thahaan unite…better leave..

  4. Ek d baqwaz episode not happpyyyyyyy at all. I m finally quiting a show. Yaar headach hogay deekar. Itna duk daik kar duniya mein aur phir tension zada drama daikoo. Writers big time disappointment

  5. Do anyone think that this was a drama b/w bihan & bauji?…. to knw thapki’s reaction…

  6. I want to dhruv and thapki to be united.

    1. Yeah I want tharuv back m8

  7. innu ondu week ade precap thoristhareno……???
    thnx 4 d update.

  8. I don’t see why u guys are bashing Bihaan here. Seriously he deserves claps…a person who lives with a woman like Thapki, will obviously get frustrated. He was right. Well ofcourse, some words were mean but it was justified. That guy did so much for her but she and her attitude…really deserved those words of truth. A reality check for her. Bihaan was an orphan and the way his family behaves with him hurts him..because he is a human. So he was just venting out his frustration. And Bauji…he is always in support of Thapki….even now when she is at fault. And all this happened because of her. Just because he made a really big mistake once doesn’t mean he is ought to be sorry forever and that too after he did so much for that woman who cares for everyone except him and who just a few days ago lied to him and kind of played with his feelings.

  9. Ok I would like to make a point after reading all your comments. I am assuming that none of you have actually watched the episode. It was one of the most emotionally connecting, well executed, well written episodes of Thapki Pyar Ki. Please watch before commenting guys. And I would like to make several points on the episode which ,ost of you guys have missed.

    First of all None was wrong in today’s episode. The situation was wrong. Bihan did push Thapki but she fell down accidently. The family saw Bihan abusing his wife but never saw the love he had. He admitted what he did but the family doesnt even have a whiff that Thapki has wronged him. She has broken his heart. And Thapki she is too shocked to speak at all.

    Everything Bihan said today was his frustration. He said she shed crocodile tears and the family always fell for it. He may have been wrong abt the crocodile tears but what he said about family being partial to thapki’s tears was true. Just becoz Bihna doesnt cry doesnt mean he hasnt got pain. He has suffered all his life craving for love and Thapki played with his love. Every human being has a breaking point.

    He said she destroyed him and its the absolute truth. She has played with his feelings, his hopes. He loved her with all her heart and instead he was lied to. He apologized to her like a 1000 times through his actions and she, she apologized to him through mere words and how many times even. He stood by her every single time and what did he get back . Dhoka. It was his frustration which spoke becoz Thapki doesnt seem to understand the depth of her actions on him.

    For him who has loved the family unconditionally all his life, yearned for love all his life …the love of a mother, the family it was too much that the family supported Thapki, someone who came to the house a few months ago. For him she stole everything from him. The love of the mother, the father and everyone else. She turned them against him when he had gone against them for her. and both of them knows that she is the culprit.

    As much as I sympathize with Thapki. She is the reason for the fight. A single word from her, the admission of her foul play would have made a huge difference today. She has unintentionally stolen everything Bihan had and given him the worst possible saza. She did destroy him. For an orphan like Bihan the family was his treasure and she stole it, their love. It was his jealousy, resentment and hurt speaking rather than the unrequited love. Just look at the scene he breaks the family picture. It is so evident.

    If the Pandey family cant understand Bihan …its there lose. No family reminds an orphan that he was adopted. They broke Bihan today. Bauji broke bihan today. and what is happening to Bauji is a mere accident. But if Bihan is deranged after all this, the family and Thapki would be the culprit

    1. Well said, apart from thapki, vasu and Bihaan the others don’t know what’s happened under their own roof and he can’t tell them because of his promise to his mum and he had no one to talk to so it was bound to explode sooner or later and him being accused of abusing Thapki was the breaking point. Once he started he just couldn’t control hus feelings any longer, the rage, frustrstion, conflicted feelings etc

    2. If thapki would have admitted in front of all that she lied to him to know d marriage truth then d truth of vasu would have been out too which thahaan did not want but yes…she should have done something else to stop d fight….and that orphan one topic bihaan himself started by telling bauji that ‘sadak se uthake laye the’….which made bauji more angry……..and as far as thapki snatching bihaan’s family is concerned then she was d only one who had kept her self respect at stake just to prevent separation of bihaan from his family…..bihaan’s biggest flaw is his anger….at times anger is necessary but it should not overpower a person and same has happened with bihaan…….If he had listened to thapki once keeping his anger aside then this situation would have never been developed.

    3. @lachu
      No offence but i would say that you also wrong about this whole serial…about bihaan nd thapki that you said for them…

    4. IndoEiréannGirl

      I’m sorry, but in my opinion you are completely wrong here, the whole blow up was actually caused by Shradha! SHE is the one who came in between them and ruined their whole relationship. If Bihaan had gotten the chance to tell Thapki how he felt, perhaps just perhaps, Thapki would have responded to his confession of love, or if not then she would have explained to him what it was that she was doing in a way that didn’t hurt Bihaan. But instead Shradha came in the middle before anything could happen between them, and poisoned his mind ruining their whole relationship, so SHE is the root cause of what happened in today’s episode.

  10. Anything will happens negatively or positively Iam always being a Bihaan fan.

    1. Me too..whatever happen I am only belong to bihaan fan…I watch only for bihaan…but I feel bad for him…so leave

    2. Me too

  11. Thank god didnt watch todays epi..cant see bihan turning negative

  12. And how true was Bihan when he told that Thapki will never leave and she is torturing him. She stayed for the truth and the truth she got to. She wanted to be the perfect bahu. We can see the justification in that, She wanted to prove that the stammer doesnt define her but what the hell is she doing in the house now…She has literally no rishta with Bihan . why cant she tell the damn truth abt this rishta to the family and stop playing the happy bahu?

    Still any one thinks Bihan is completely wrong and thapki is completely right. I have no words for those guys

    1. She said “if me and maa’s relationship can be fixed then y cant ours”. So that means that shes givin bihaan a chance. So technically…. thapki didnt lie.

      1. Oh yes she did…she said she is staying to find out the truth and lied to him abt their marriage…and what rishta ? Bihan asked a very sensible question today…they do not have a rishta…it’s not a friendship nor is it love

        And like I said its not about the lie anymore…its abt thapki taking his family from him

      2. Hi lachu. I get ur point. But thnk abt it… y is the whole family against him? Coz he ruined the familys name by deceitfully marryin thapki…also thereby ruinin druvs happiness as well. So whos really separating him from family? Non othr than vasu. Bihaan is adult enof to knw tht watevr is happening r the repercussions of wat vasu made him do . He caused way too much hurt to thapki than wat he did . Tuk her luv away from her… made ppl like diwakar insult her charctr n her family etc.bihaan knws very well wat she did fr his family… stayed bak…protctd his mom durin tht rat poison episode… stayed bak in cow shed (thapki wud hv gaind nothin by regainin pandey parivaars impression) ..bcam a maid to keep him close to family. Bihaan did do a lot for thspki…and aftr wat he did to her… he infact was morally obliged to. Wt he did ws sweet…but expectin her to fall in luv ws unreasonable. Wen he realisd his luv fr her… he shud hav spent a lil more tym tryin to make her fall in luv with him. Insted he snapped the day he ws abt to propose itslf. Bihaan is actually my fav charactr inthe show. So im just sayin this sotht the writers don’t spoil his character with this unseasonably exaggerated anger .little is this is too much

  13. Yes… me too I m always a bihaan fan even if he becoms the villain.

  14. Todays episode made me cry….why bihaan bash thapki like this if he was love or not .thapki realise her mistake and console sorry to bihaan but he was rude.. if being a thahaan iam heartbrokern …
    cvs ruined everything…
    if tharuv back i will quit the show. after bihaan get arrested ,Shraddha exposed her false pregnancy,sharuv divorce ,,
    tharuv reunion ,bihaan and shradha become out an out villains…..
    No if anymore tolerate i will kill the cvs blo*dy beggers hate hate…

    #we want thahaan reunion

  15. What kind of episode this was completely useless n I don’t understand why people is hating Bihaan so much he is right in his place but what he is doing with Thapki is little bit too much too much anger not good Bihaan Baal jaldi Safed Ho jayega 😛 but so sad for Bauji poor Bauji isms unke kya kasoor Thi but Bihaan arrested -_- makers r fool or what sorry to say I can’t watch a single scene of this episode m skipping This episodes and maybe a few episode for sure

  16. Many are supporting bihaan that he let out his frustration. But he did not answer thapki when she asked what she has to do to get his forgiveness. She is trying her best to seek forgiveness. So why can’t he give her a chance. If the family is with her because she always was good to each and every one of them though they misbehaved with her.. She won all of them except shradha only through her good nature. Pl bihaan stop this non sense and come back to thapki.I am very disappointed with your behavior.

    1. The question is what has thapki done for bihan…except show him attitude every single time…look at how bihan earned her apology by standing with her in the toughest of times without even uttering the word sorry…but thapki…do teen baar maafi mangli without any support or love….she even scolded him for shradha…she never thought for once that this is bihan and he might be right

      She broke his heart. Its not a simple matter and the confrontation was not about a broken heart

    2. Oh yeah! Thapki always support the wrong people all the time and u say she is the best. What has she done to Bihaan? Ever? She has only showed arrogance and attitude to Bihaan in spite of all the support he gave her – he even took the bullet for her so that they don;t insult her… What hass she done other than snatching his family from him. By not owning up she showed how weak she is. She asked for forgiveness it seems… my foot! She has asked once on her own that too with so much attitude – the other two times it was because Dadi and Vasu insisted not on her own! And why does she want Bihaans forgiveness? She achieved what she returned for. Why is she still at PN? Spineless Liar she is!

  17. Pls change bihan’s behaviour?…bring thahaans luv track ….don’t drag more……?

  18. In upcoming episode

    Bauji in coma and bihaan get arrested. WTH

    I found another spoiler which says Bihaan finally decided to leave Pandey Niwas and Thapki
    forever, everyone tries to stop Bihaan but in vain.

    This spoiler dated 30 April 2016

    But one thing is clear by this spoiler n that is current track is thahaan separation track….

    I watch this show only for thahaan nd now I don’t want to watch thahaan separation so I quit the show…

    Cv’s go to hell with ur track

  19. Bihaan is a crazy abusive bully….if this was real he should be in jail….get a grip…he’s an ugly douchebag….go away!

    1. Thank u so much for your information…dekhte rehiye thapki pyar ki

  20. I saw the episode and heres my point of view:
    1)does bihaan have a reason to be angry with thapki?
    I think karma struck bak at him. Sure..hes hurt… but didnt he do the same to thapki and druv. Broke both their hearts. So shudnt bihaan be more understandin of the fact that he broke thapkis heart too an it wil take some tym to heal. Also its nt easy to fal in luv with the ex boyfriends brother. Today bihaan says hes burnin evry day coz of thapki.i recal thapki telin same dialogue onz.
    2) bihaan says he did so much for thapki and yet she hurt him:
    He married her by deceit. If not for him thapki wudnt hav been in those situations…. she wud hav eithr married druv n goten his support against vasu or wud hav been at her own house. So nothing he did was a favor to ws like an act of penence. He shud hav just let her be at her own house… or hmmm sponsored her a ticket to hide in some other place/country to avoid public humiliation. Writers r jus exageratin bihaans dialogues
    3) y did bihaan listen to shradda n not gv thapki a chanz to xplain.
    Writers hav so far given us the idea tht bihaan is smart n dosnt believe shradda. Imagine a scenerio wr bihaan gives thapki a chanz to xplain n she says “i ws givin u a scnd chanz bt saw the sketch u made and got curious.” I think its unrealistic writin to mak bihaan react based on shraddas words
    4) was thapki wrong? She shudnt hav lied and it goes against her character profile to do so. In her defence… she herslf sayz she needed to knw the truth to free her own mind. Durin past episodes hes burnt album.. sent off Pan etc and taunted thapkk mentally wen she tried to knw the she had no choice.
    5) bad writing
    The writers of the show r makin it seem like bihaans ego is hurt. I mean think abt it… bihaan may seem impulsive and thick headed bt hes the most tolerant… selfless… understanding and lovin person in the family. He has silently suffered Maas bias n al the blame from evrybdy fr cheatin thapki.he is smart enof to identify shraddas character. Shudnt such a guy understand tht thapki deserved to knw the truth to be happy and tht she may fall in luv with him aftt knwin the truth. Y be mad at her wen he never confessd his luv for thapki. He asked thapki to gv the marriage a chanz… that cud hav been an act of penance… not luv. How cud thapki hav known?!
    5) writers r goin overboard with dialogues
    Wat bihaan said regardin how his life has bcomim stuck like thapkis speech reminded me of diwakars dialogue when he broke of the weddin with thapki. Plsss dont ruin thahaan. Words onz said can never be taken bak. By givin bihaan thse dialogues… ur ruinin his gud image thts been created. Now druv seems better
    6) wat on earth is wrong with pandey parivaar.on one side bihaan seems to be evrybdys fav.. yet they keep exchanging dialogues of his past.
    This same stuff happened bak wen shradda wrote thapkis name for donation n bihaan got blamed. Same drama again??
    7) dont giv similar dialogues for bihaan and diwakar (remembr tht mandap scene wr diwakar breks off marriage wid thapki)
    Hs dialogues wr too harsh… worser than diwakrs. Its ruinin the sweetness the relationshps whch the viewrs used to luv
    8)i saw the episode… wonderful actin by all. Manish rocked… hes an expert in arousing sympathy. Hs hurt n sufferin look alwys dos the trick.
    I thnk a real life bihaan wud hav been more understandin n accept the fact tht thapki is givin a chanz n it wil take tym. N tht now things r betr with maa also.

  21. If they change Thahaan to Tharuv; TPK will lose its charm.. Bihaan keeps TPK live with his acting skills. Again Tharuv boring romance will come..
    OMG I can’t tolerate that.

  22. Looks like thapki is dreaming

    1. Kaash aisa hi ho…

  23. guys…plscheck jigyasa insta pic…there a tharuv pic there…not offscreen…..i think its a start of tharuv track…its a new pic…waiting for tharuv reunion…bihan is blo*dy …stuppid…tapki did nt do much as bihan did




  24. i don’t think Thapki deserves this much for a small lie.. even she don’t know that Bhiaan loves her..
    if looking from Bhiaan’s view, thapki lied to him about their relationship that too when he decided to confess his feelings to her.. so it feels so bad and hurted.. some people over here saying that thapki asked for forgiveness is just not enough..
    now, up to me whatever Bhiaan doing right now is something beyond limits..
    really.. he sneezed all her happiness and stand by her side means he is good..
    a small lie to know for what she have been cheated became a big sin.. wow..
    wonderful… at last cvs successfully ruined Bhiaan’s character…

    1. Totally agree. He said way too many mean thing… it was like a combination of diwakar ( ye ruk ruk kar bolti hai…my life hs bcom like tht too) and shradda-vasu ( shes stuck to the house like glue). They shudnt hav spoiled bihaans charming character

      1. Bihaan is being Bihaan! If anyone’s character needs to be reinforced its Thapkis. She is a weakling who could not own up her mistake bcoz of which she destroyed Bihaan;s life altogether. Both Thapki and Vasu should go an drink amruth and celerbate their revenge on Bihaan! They achieved what they wannted! Bihaan the orphan has been destroyed ! sadak ke baccha sadak pe vaapas jaayega!



  26. Bihan telling Tapki ruined his life where he ruined Dhruv and Tapki’s life. Now Tapki started to love Bihan as i said before she can love anybody first diwakar then Dhruv and now Bihan. But Dhruv loved only Tapki

  27. What i feel is… Bihaan knows that shraddha is trying to end her pregnancy drama by putting blame on thapki so he is just trying to protect her by forcing her to leave the house because thapki wont believe bihaan when he says that shraddha is faking her pregnancy

    1. .me too…kuch bhi ho jaye mein tho thahaan or manyasa Fan hun…..aur hamesha rahungi. …
      Aur jis taraha ab tak bihaan ka charecter dikhaya hai us isaab se bihaan itna negative hoyi nahi sakta…..I’m 100% sure…bihaan purposely kar raha hai ye sab. ..wo bauji ko chaku tho by mistake lagi hogi. ..ab sab blame bihaan pe ayega…wo arrest hoga. ..bihaan ki agnipariksha….aur iss baar thapki bihaan ka saath degi…..aur thahaan ki love story phir se shuru with proper romance… I’m thinking positive. ..and I know bihaan can’t be a negative charecter. …’s just that cvs plan to give surprise for thahaan fans…before giving a beautiful surprise may be they plan to give a shock to increase curiosity. …love thahaan. ..thahaan forever. ..

  28. I think deep down Bihaan has a lot of insecurities, everyone in the house loves him but the one thing he wanted, his mum’s love he never got. As an orphan he’s desperate for that love. Then he started trusting a person who he thought would never lie to him because she’s so innocent and pure and the one he fought for to give back her lost respect in his eyes betrayed him, yes he believed shraddha but thapki never denied it, and she knows he’s got a temper that he reacts before he thinks. Yes he married thapki but the emotional blackmail by vasu messed him up and as soon as he came back in his senses you could see the remorse and you know he would do anything to make things easier even fake his own death. If thapki had left in the day of the divorce he would have been broken hearted but he would have accepted it cos he was to blame, but she gave him false hope and he couldnt handle that.

  29. Earlier tht day (in d serial ) thahaan were stuck in d cold storage nd were like ab to wo log marne wale h… it wud have been better if thpki ko kuchh ho jata, I mean wo marti nahi, lekin 2 3 din tak hospital me rahti ya aisa kuchh hota toh shayad bihaan uske taraf thoda soft ho jata, maybe wo uska zyada khayal rakhta…. dono nazdeek aate thoda… wo dono theek thaak bach gaye to kya anjaam hua ye to sab dekh hi rahe hai… bihan , aisa bhi kya gussa… sari hadein apni bhula di tumne….

    n guys, diwaker scenes abhi almost 1 week se nahi dikha rahe ye log… record bana diya yaar..!! :-p

  30. I don’t understand why people are n’t thinking about Bihaan and from his POV. Thapki has always showed off to all that she is mahanta ki murti – only before Bihaan she has shown her true colors. She has lied – that too a very big lie. OK u all say she had no other way that that. But she shud have just told him that one month lets c and then decide. Right now I am withholding or something like that. After she came to know the truth n proved herself to be the perfect bahu why did she stay back? She had no intention of becoming Bihaan’s wife. If she was not Bihaan’s wife, she was no body in the house! She is first the wife and then the bahu which she seems to have long forgotten!
    She says she can mend her relation with Bihaan. What relation does she have? Nothing really. Bihaan asked a very pertinent question – what is our relationship!
    And when the marriage happened Bihaan owned up his mistake. Here Thapki doesn’t own up her mistake. She keeps mum. Thats the difference. That alone makes Bihaan a stronger character than Thapki! She is a weakling always giving lectures and crying and supporting all the wrong people always! Thats what defines her! Its not her stammering that defines Thapki – Its her weak character! She always stands for the wrong people. She is defined by the fact that she didn;t own up her mistake that she committed with Bihaan! Dont tell me that could have brought out Vasu’s truth! She cud have found ways like how Bihaan did abt marriage. Knowing fully well what place family holds for Bihaan, she should have done something to stop the fight!!! No no no… she is MA. How can she? All she can do is just cry cry…

    Its not Bihaan is out of character here. Its Thapkis character growth that is so required! She is a spineless liar with full of arrogance and superiority complex. High time she fell of face flat from her high horse!!

  31. Ye saara jo kuchh bihaan kar raha h, sab shraddha k kaaran, na wo uske kaan bharti thpki k khilaaf, na wo itna hurt hota aur na hi itna gussa hota…. and uska (shrdha rani ka) expressions dekha tha jab bauji n bihan lad rahe the. .. ekdum like ‘OMG ye kya ho raha h!!’ Sab us gandi chudail idiot stupid shraddha k kaaran….

  32. Also after she found out the wedding truth and won vasu over, we don’t know what she planned to do with regards to bihaan cos shraddha opened her big mouth. But as soon as she saw Bihaans anger getting stronger and stronger and how hurt he was she should have left because he had no where to go and being stuck together did not help and in everyone’s eyes thapki is beyond reproach. Did anyone not think why bihaan who has always supported thapki all of a sudden is angry with her. Vasu who is the only one who could have helped by calming bihaan down. As soon as the marriage truth came out she should have talked to bihaan

  33. I think I might be the only one who enjoyed the episode!

    BIhan is very very hurt which we all know, but he is finally letting out all his anger and feeling very sorry for himself that the family are siding with Thapki. I was really hoping that he would blurt out vasu,s truth at one pint but that didn’t happen.

    He was right the family are full of Les and deceit and also right to have said that about shraddha.

    He is very hurt and is on self destruct!

    With all the plotting and evil deeds that have gon on in that house by pretty much everyone except Dadi and buaji, his outburst yesterday was refreshing t see,

    Yes Thapki has hurt him, but part of his angst is probably because he realises just how awful Thapki must have felt,

    He is still adamant that his ma was right. Whenhapkibtried to apologise and say that even ma had said sorry, he got really angry. As long as he can’t admit his ma was wrong, then I’m afraid to say he doesn’t deserve Thapki.

    In terms and f Bihan, all his life he has craved the love of his mother. She lived him but he was always pushed to the sidelines in favour of dhruv who was and is still her no 1 child. So when Thapki came along, for the first time he was introduced to unconditional love and he learned the same. I think, that’s why he is so hurt, because she was the only person to have given him that.

    I could sort of agree with what Bihan was saying, although he was aiming it all at Thapki, I feel the real person he was angry with was vasu, but of course he has been conditioned to always protect her.

    No idea what the stabbing was about, but I don’t believe Bihan did it.

    1. I meant to say, all his life he has played second fiddle to dhruv, and now he is playing second fiddle to Thapki. Bihan has even lost Bauji.

      She really should leave PN now.

  34. bihaan’s anger was correct but he said it in a very harsh way and thapki if she is a really pefect bahu or mahanatma she would atlest speak the truth but she did not exposed to create sympathy infront of the whole family when she was not accepting for relationship what is the use of sorry ,if she really fells sorry or feeling guilty she should leave PN

  35. i loved this once but now i hate bihaan character and story line.all writers just go to hell

  36. Syed Hussain

    What is happening yar in this serial, two days back in cold storage scene both bihaan & thapki were showing love for each other. But in todays episode it sounded very annoying & weird to me. Bihaan scolding thapki as no one will scold with enemy also In such a way. Todays episode was worst episode of this show. I got tired by saying unite thahaan. But now I will say manish to quit this show & take a chance to work in other shows. You are very talented actor.
    Go to hell writers & directors.

  37. I think we are looking at a classic case of ‘transference’ here. Bihaan is usually very respectful to his family and especially the elders. However what we saw today is a man in ‘meltdown’ mode. I think that Vasundara is the only one who can really help Bihaan to heal. She is the only one he is protecting and by his own admission, “Maa is lord.” Bihaan is keeping too many things in his heart and it is poisoning him. Vasundara needs to confess to what she has done with regards to Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage and come clean before the entire family. The problem is that although she has made amends with Thapki (she has apologized whole heartedly to her) she has not apologized to Bihaan for (1) manipulating him and (2) forcing him to continue to keep her secrets. Just recently, Dhruv found the drawing and Vasundara immediately sought Bihaan to take care of the situation.
    Bihaan loves Vasundara and (in his heart) is angry with HER. However, because he reveres her so much and is constantly striving to earn her love, he cannot direct his anger AT her. Instead, he has directed it towards Thapki. She has become the object of his anger and hate. Bihaan does not know about true love. Vasundara has taught him that love = manipulation. Bihaan craves true, pure love and the wife he NEEDS must first be a nurturer (like a mother.) Thapki can be the perfect wife to him, but first, Vasundara needs to stop manipulation Bihaan and Thapki. In order for things to change between them, they must stop aiding and abetting Vasundara in covering up the despicable things she has done in the past. I really didn’t intend this comment to be so long, , but I would just like to say one more thing. Bihaan needs to understand that ‘Maa’ is the key player in all this drama and heartache. She is the only one who can really set things straight. Thapki IS a true , honest, virtuous woman at heart. How can she really show herself to be this woman without pushing Vasundara from her pedestal and making her fall in the eyes of the family?… Thapki’s problem is that she has allowed others to manipulate and emotionally blackmail her to a point where she appears (to Bihaan, at least) to be the epitome of all evil that is destroying the Pandey family.

    1. IndoEiréannGirl

      Hi Gina,

      I think so far (and this is taking into account all the previous comments), you’re the one who’s actually hit the nail BANG ON its head!!! Your insight into the characters is spot on and very well articulated. Are you a student of psychology by any chance? ?

      But…, there is one point I do disagree with, the idea that Bihaan sees or rather projects all of his negativity onto Thapki, because he thinks she allows herself to be manipulated. No matter which way I look at it it doesn’t justify his thinking that she is ruining their family, when he is very well aware of Shradha and her conniving ways, including suspecting her of faking her pregnancy, accurately I might add!

      1. Hi IndoEireannGirl.

        No, I am not a psychology student. Perhaps I have missed my vocation in life! Unfortunately, I was (technically, still am) married to a ‘Bihaan,’ so I feel that I know this character and all his drama very well. That’s the sad truth…

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