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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha insulting Bihaan. Another waiter comes to help. Bihaan says I can clean table, but its already cleaned, and taunts Shraddha. She scolds Bihaan. Thapki stops Bihaan. Shraddha asks Bihaan to pull the chair, as she has to sit. Thapki asks Bihaan not to pull chair for her. He says let me do my work. Shraddha asks Bihaan to get mineral water for her. Thapki says you are not doing this right. Shraddha says I m making waiter do the work, I called you to show this. Bihaan puts water. Shraddha makes water fall on her and scolds Bihaan intentionally.

She throws water on his face and further humiliates him. Thapki gets shocked. The waiters come there and people look on. Shraddha says I asked for mineral water, not cold water. Thapki asks Shraddha to stop it, its enough

now. She says you forgot I also said no one is small or big, waiters serve us food, the hands which serve food to us is like Lord, you should respect such people and not insult them, the way we respect our mum who serve us food, I think you behaved same way with your mum. Shraddha scolds her.

Thapki asks Shraddha to think about waiters, how they feel she insults them. She says you crossed all limits of humanity, you forgot waiter is also human, hardwork is like Lord’s puja, no one has right to insult it. Waiters and people clap for Thapki. Shraddha scolds Thapki and asks her to see her status first, you worked as maid at my home, you did all the work in my house. Bihaan gets angry and throws the table. He asks Shraddha to stop it, I have bear my insult, if you say a word against Thapki, I will forget who you are. Shraddha asks how dare you talk to me like this, where is your manager. She scolds manager for keeping Bihaan here. Manager says sorry, its his first day here. Shraddha gets angry. A lady looks on from far. Shraddha shouts on manager and leaves. Bihaan asks Thapki to go home. Thapki asks him not to feel bad of Shraddha’s words, I m proud of you. She leaves.

Manager asks waiters to do their work. He asks Bihaan to come to cabin with him. Bihaan arranges the chairs. The lady comes and says you have good courage, this is my card, call me, you will get work of your choice, don’t throw card, fate and situation can change, keep it. He sees the card. The lady leaves. Shraddha informs Vasundara that she did what she had to, now you know what you have to do.

Manager scolds Bihaan. Bihaan says I did not do anything. Manager asks him to do work of door guard, else go home. Bihaan says I really need money and recalls Shraddha’s words. Bihaan gets angry as manager makes him salute him. Vasundara comes there and slaps the manager. She tells manager that Bihaan is my son. Manager apologizes to Vasundara and Bihaan. He salutes Bihaan. Vasundara scolds manager and leaves.

Bihaan goes after Vasundara. She emotionally blackmails Bihaan and asks him to work for Bau ji, simply vacate the house, and earn money, Thapki did the work, but she did not ruin the family name and respect, which you are doing. Bihaan says no, that work is not right, if Thapki knows… She says we can’t see if anyone insults you, take this address, this matter will just be within you and me, Thapki won’t know this. He recalls Thapki’s words. She asks what is he thinking, is Thapki more than your Maa. He agrees to do the work and leaves. She smiles and says now this news should reach Thapki.

Vasundara goes and insults Thapki. She asks Rampyaari to have food. Thapki gets sad and says animals are better than me, one weakness my stammering became so big that I don’t deserve your love, how can anyone be so angry on others, you made me maid and made my fun by making me maid, you asked for cowshed rent, am I not bad, don’t you see any goodness in me, I know you hate me, I also used to hate Bihaan, but I see many good things in Bihaan now, I m not complaining, I want to know what is the limit of your hatred. Vasundara tells Thapki that roses can be counted, but thorns can’t, likewise my hatred has no limit, when you leave form here, I will get peace. Bihaan gets shocked.

Bihaan goes to vacate some house. The man asks Bihaan to take 20000rs and not vacate the house. Thapki calls Bihaan and talks about honest earnings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If we give award in the category best comedy /funny serial (colors )
    we must give it for Thapki Pyar ki

    Because it surely deserve it!!!!

  2. Oh wow , now this is getting out of control ??????


  4. One of the clear examples of drama…tolerating only because of love for Thahaan.

  5. Oh no its really getting so boring

  6. What I loved te most about today’s episode is that Thapki taking stand for Bihaan well done Thapki kam se kam iss mahaan atma ne iss bar sahi Insan Ko support kiya
    And finally that Bihaan saw vasu’s true face
    Today Thapki just rocked the episode well done thapki

  7. What a boring episode thehaan ka koi sceane hi nahi aya lekin thapki bihaan ke liye lari its so nice ……………I hope in ki story jald hi start ho ki …………………have a nice day

  8. thank god ye waiter ka natak zada din nahi chala
    but I hope bihaan ab kisi galat raste par na jaye
    n thapki ke trust ko bhi na thode

  9. vasundaraji,you are the correct synonym of selfishness,Shraddha….how can you do like this…what a irritating chracter you are.THAHHANS part is good especially Bihaans supporting dialogue of Thapki…eagerly waiting for coming episodes to know how they successfully completed their challenge.

  10. Why they are dragging this so much baselessly….its just useless

  11. Plz update SPK…

  12. Thapki knows the truth about vasu unblieavable…?than also she respect her . Bihaan and thapki truly luv and respect for vasu but can’t luv bcoz bihaan is not her own child and thapki cant speak properly. Vasu u have to see how much bihaan nd thapki luvs u .In next vasu will beat bihaan with stick ????as a punishment just bcoz he support thapki and flow her ideas nd right path?…

  13. Hi guys there is new spoiler

    The upcoming episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki will show that Bihaan asks Thapki not to work anymore as he got job.

    Bihaan has to earn 10 thousands completing Shraddha’s challenge.

    It will now reveal that Bihaan gets a job of street fighter where he fights with goons to earn money.

    Bihaan beats goons and gets injured in the process of fighting with them.

    Bihaan beats goons for money

    Bihaan does not show his wound to Thapki and pretends of become strong.

    Thapki doubts on Bihaan’s job and tries to find the truth.

  14. I’m very excited live thahaan ? ? ?

    1. I love thahaan

    Bihaan (ManishGopalani) lies to Thapki (Jigyasa Singh)about his job in Thapki Pyaar KiThe upcoming episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki will show that Bihaan asks Thapki not to work anymore as he got job.Bihaan has to earn 10 thousands completing Shraddha’s challenge.It will now reveal that Bihaan gets a job of street fighter where he fights with goons to earn money.Bihaan beats goons and gets injured in the process of fighting withthem.Bihaan beats goons for moneyBihaan does not show his wound to Thapki and pretends of become strong.Thapki doubts on Bihaan’s job and tries to find the truth..!!

  16. too much dragging.just tolerating it for thahaan.plz ………………………………………………………… plz
    writers make thapki know her marriage truth.plz…………………………………..plz.then only her concern for bihaan can turn into love.

  17. Truly, I love this serial. Whenever I want to laugh out loud, I just read an episode of this serial. Wonderful serial. We all must write to PM Modi to watch this serial without fail. After all it is our utmost duty to make people in higher echelons aware what kind of wonderful serials, on all channels, are waiting to be watched EVERYDAY.

  18. Worst episode. …change the track. …

  19. Wat’s going on???no scope for thapki and druv’s love???this serial itself showed how they truely love each other..

  20. this serial is crap just tolerating because of thahaan ..want to know when will they start realising their love

  21. Sradha and vasu pls kill thapki … and finish it off… end this bakwas serial…!!!!

  22. Bihaan, to say to maa that ,thapki is not the girl you are thinking, she is very good girl. I always listen to you when you said she is not good, or not match for dhurve. But I told you she is not like that, and also she is going in some days, so can you forgive her only for me
    Vasu got irriked and she beat bihaan with stick, and said . Now you become puppet of thapki, the boy who always listen to his mom now only listen to that thapki.
    Bihaan said ,I love that you beat me, atleast if get no love form my mom, atleaast I got scolded…manish u rock man…

  23. Poor thyapki she had her own challenges and now she is stuck in this dysfunctional family. Come on …the whole idea of the show was to empower someone with a flaw. It’s great to forgive and forget..but only when to other person has a heart..not true for her inlaws.

    Heck she needs to even cut Bhian lose and run for the hills…please thapki RUN!!

  24. I don’t understand one thing. Bihaan might not be educated enough to work. But thapki is educated na. Can’t she go out and find a job which suits her and which would give her more earning. Why do tailoring? Even, I respect dignity of labour but that doesn’t mean that you do any kind of job even though you know you can get a good job for your qualification.
    Do the writers think that viewers are dumb?

  25. Why don’t these daily soaps show women to be strong and educated enough to stand on their own feet?


  27. really this serial get boring now a days.waiting for a good episode

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