Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bihaan to listen to her. He asks her to leave his hand. She says no, listen to me. The pearls box fall. All the pearls spread on the floor. He asks are you happy now. She says I will pick them, and they both fall. They try to get up and hold hands. Preeti comes and says you both are dancing awesome. She gets shocked seeing the pearls on the floor and says this is not fair. Bihaan says Thapki did this. Thapki says box fell down from Bihaan’s hand. Preeti says pick the pearls, I will also help. Preeti asks Bihaan to get the necklace work done. Thapki thinks how to tell Bihaan…..

Later, Thapki sees Bihaan and says I wrote everything in this letter, now Bihaan has to read this. Bihaan gets mud on his hands. She gives him the letter. He cleans his hands

by it and throws in dirty water. She asks what did you do. He says you gave me paper to clean hands. She says it was letter. He says so what, it was not your love letter. She says I wrote something imp. He asks her to say to directly. She says you and Sheena…. He asks what.

Preeti and Suman come and make Bihaan busy. Shraddha looks on. They give some items list to Bihaan and ask him to come home late. Bihaan says fine, I will get everything, what was Thapki saying. Suman asks Thapki to say. Thapki says its not imp. He says you gave lecture for nothing imp, Ghazab….. He leaves. Shraddha thinks Suman and Preeti made Bihaan leave, now I will do my work. Suman asks Thapki to come and choose rings. Thapki thinks to tell Dadi and Vasundara for not keeping Bihaan in dark. Shraddha calls Bihaan. He asks why did she call. She says you would waste money by buying the items, I ordered all the items already, I did my work by informing you, you can get items if you wish. He says fine and ends call. She says my work is done, now it will be fun.

Everyone sit to choose rings. They smile seeing Thapki. Vasundara asks Thapki to come and help them in selecting rings for Bihaan and Sheena’s engagement. Thapki says I have to say something. Vasundara gets very happy and says yes, tell me. Thapki says Bihaan….. Sheena asks Thapki which ring does she like. Thapki says ring later, first tell Bihaan. Sheena says leave Bihaan, see this ring, it will suit Bihaan. Suman says we will choose ring for Sheena too, come. Thapki says no, I wanted to say…. They all show her rings and do not let her say. Thapki shouts one min, I have to tell about Bihaan, why is everyone not listening. Vasundara says tell us.

Bihaan walks in and hears Vasundara saying Bihaan and Sheena are getting engaged, do you mean to say they both should choose their rings. Bihaan gets shocked. Everyone see him and get shocked. Shraddha smiles and thinks now there will be real drama, Bihaan attack….. Bihaan looks at everyone. Dadi asks Bihaan not to get angry, we were going to tell you. Vasundara says yes, Thapki is leaving, so we thought to get you engaged with Sheena. He gets shocked.

Bihaan asks them why did they not let him choose ring. They all get shocked. Bihaan says if its my engagement, ring should be of my choice, right Dadi maa. Thapki says Bihaan, you want to do this engagement. He says yes, I will get engaged with Sheena, that too tonight itself, no need to do much decorations, we will decorate the house with diyas, right Thapki. Thapki cries. Everyone get worried. Thapki makes excuse and leaves.

Dadi beats Bihaan and calls him shameless for agreeing for engagement. Sheena says I know you love Thapki, and you want to get engaged to me. Sanjay says we did not expect this from you. Suman and Preeti scold him. Dadi beats Bihaan and asks how dare you agree for engagement. Bihaan says listen to me, I knew this is acting. Vasundara asks how. Bihaan says I heard when Maa was explaining Suman and Preeti about ring selection drama. Bihaan says I m supporting you in this drama. Vasundara says Maa ji beat him more, you just scared us. Bihaan says but Bau ji did not get scared. Bau ji smiles. Bihaan says but this did not affect Thapki. Vasundara says no, it affected Thapki. Dadi says we have to continue this drama. Suman says you agreed for engagement, now Thapki can’t bear this. He says don’t know, I will have to talk to Thapki.

Bihaan asks Thapki to get an answer for him before the diya blows off, else this engagement will happen. She goes to him with a diya and says I love you Bihaan. He shows the mirror and says you were my bride, you are and you will be always my bride. Ranjhana…..plays…………

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow…. Evalo Tamil ponnuga Tpk pakuriga…, Enniya mathiri naraiya Peru irukaga inga…., Athe nerrathula Tamil ah comments panrathum, comments padikurathum kuda nalla iruku, happy ah happy ah iruku..,
    Enna um unga sangathula sethupigala?
    Tamil ponnuga sangathula member aganumna enna seiyanum…?

    1. Tamil ponunga - Adithi

      Onnum seiya venam.. Unnoda name ku munnala tamil pannunga podu… Welcome to the sangam…

      1. Thank you….

    2. Hi nisi I also from tamil nadu. Nice serial

      1. Hi Chitra….
        Ya it’s awesome serial..

      2. Tamil ponnunga-Kana

        Bala chithra welcme to ur sangam 🙂

    3. Tamil ponnunga-Kana

      Hey nisi nee already sangathila iruka thane apram enna kelvi?

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        ellarum vazhga solunga.

      3. Hey saambal unakenna short tym memory loss ah

  2. Mishal Raheja

    Finally I’m back to see the drama going good.looking forward for tomorrows episode

  3. I feel like the precap will be Bihaans dream and that in reality thapki will agree for Bihaan and Sheenas engagement to take place as she would not want to hurt the family.

  4. Hi Akka…my name is Kumutha…age 26…from Malaysia,klang..u akka

    1. Yartaium kekuringa….?

      1. Sorry spelling mistake,
        “yarta kekuringa?”

      2. to all tamil ponnunga sangam…….how about u??

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      1. sorry naanu nages akka ve kettan…eppo ungalaiyum kekaran….

  5. BEA, hello lovely!

    I replied to your post on the thread for the 31st May episode.

    Very excited that you’ve written something,

    Will defo read it! Let me know if you can get back to my reply, it not, I’ll post again.

    Take care lovely! Xxx

    1. Yay, you got the message.
      Thanks from me too ,Renu.
      I haven’t felt like posting much but have really been enjoying the episodes.
      I got your PM on IF too.
      I’ll get in touch with you later
      Bye for now.

  6. Really good episode.

    Poor thapki when Bihan agreed ton the engagement,

    Same Precap… Wonder if it will be on Friday’s episode, or later. It’s a bit naughty to show them again, but this one is good, so I’ll forgive them, this once ?

  7. @mini123 actually I don’t have an account in India forums but I read news feed for latest news and I only have fb n Insta among social media

    @santosh @vinlora I will write a one shot on TPK soon like 1-2 weeks time and as for individual show ff I do so only when I have a long break in September happy u liked strange and full of krazyness will update the next episode on Sunday and maybe I may come with another 10 epi ff for TPK but not sure yet

    1. Fatarajo thank u so so much. ..

      1. Thank u for what?

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nasreen…..

  9. Tamil neelah

    Hi……me tooooofrom tn….i also like to watch thapki …..:)

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      Welcme welcme to ur sangam 🙂

    2. tamil ponnunga-ash

      Konjam, konjam…andha ‘tamil’ pakathula ‘ponnunga’ serunga nalla irukkum

  10. First of all the ring thapki and Bhiaan have was bought by druv and given to thapki to make her stop his marriage. But she and Bhiaan got drunk and exchange the rings..not by eachother hand.

    So thapki and Bhiaan never had a bond that way..and thapki ripped her mangalsutra off so they don’t have a exchange of a symbol of marriage comments.

    So he does need to give her a new ring and remarry her..cause she does not have any true symbol of his love..

  11. Tamil ponnugga_gayathri

    Hi..tamil girls….naanum unga sangathula seralama….

    1. Tamil ponnunga-Kana

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  12. Enadu 12 vayasa 20years munnadi thanaa

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    Ayayooo ayaooo ayayayooo girls!!!!
    Sollittaaalleee avaaaa kaaadhaalaaa sollum pothe sugam thangala

    Kaipulla ithu nejam thanda nampuda nampuda 🙂 ayo naan enga iruken oru velai sevvai keragama irukumooo!!!

    1. Tamil ponnuga-Nisi

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    4. thank you so much dear kana…..i love u baby….ithu promise ah nijam thane….

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    Thanku ….. Thank.u ….. thank u ….. my dear frnds……
    Solla pona.. yes kana… nethan ennoda first tamil frnd nu na soluven… bcse naama than first chat pannom.. ippo paru…….Wow…. Great…. romba snathosama iruku….
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  15. awesome bihaan…very cute exp bihaan while dadi beat him..very funny…waiting for that magical moment .while thapki proposes wich exp in bihaan will give…hahaha…but dont make a dream or any twist…pls writer

  16. Tamil ponnunga-Kana

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    Tamil ponnunga-Goms (6)

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    Hey thank you sooo much kana.. Na link pathuten.. I’m very happy.. Wow.. Such a a sweet friends manyasa… Avanga 8 years ah friends… Earkanavae pair in some show before.. So superb chemistry..
    Anyways yaru keta hindi theriuma nu.. I know hindi…

  21. Syed Hussain

    Omg 190 comments, now I come to know how much people love thahaan.

  22. In serial no one love one person their love change episode by episode where Dhruv still love Tapki

  23. Can’t wait for thapki’s confession episode…?

  24. Pls those who knows English or Hindi pls comment in English or Hindi We want to read all your comments but we don’t understand Tamil so guys pls …its a request… I am from Assam..

  25. Wow 200 comments 🙂 I think today TPK have the highest comments among all the shows written updates in TU

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  27. Thahaan…………was ?????????? I lv u ????????…..thahaan .

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