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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poonam and Thapki reaching Noida and taking auto to go to some place. Poonam sees the high fare and auto driver asks her to pay. He argues with her. Thapki stammers and says he got them by the long way. She says this GPS will show the short route. A lady comes and scolds the driver. Poonam pays moderate fare and thanks the lady. Poonam and Thapki smile. A man welcomes them and shows the home he finalized for rent. Krishnakant calls Poonam and she says she are going to see home.

Thapki talks to Krishnakant and says home is good, we are seeing now. He asks her to settle and talk later. Poonam sees its all dusty and asks what is this. Thapki says we both will make this home. They start cleaning. They make the home look better and Thapki says we will have Chole Bhature

outside. The lady comes and says her name is Neemi, she stays nearby and runs a parlor. She brings some food and says they cleaned the house. Poonam introduces Vaani/Thapki.

Neemi says she forgot to say, she made parathas for them. Thapki says its very tasty. Poonam says we came as Thapki is selected in News 365. Neemi says Dhruv is great and praises him. Poonam says Thapki has come to join desk work, she will not read news. Neemi gets a call and says I have to go, my client is waiting at the parlor. She asks Thapki to prepare well for her first day.

Thapki rehearses. Poonam smiles. They have a laugh while Poonam groom her. Its morning, Thapki gets Krishnakant’s call and he wishes her all the best. She sees traffic and gets down the auto to walk and reach office. She smiles seeing the office and suddenly a car hits her. Thapki falls down and people gather around her. People scold the driver. Thapki gets up and says its my mistake, I did not see the car, sorry. Her appointment letter falls there. A man gets down the car and gets that letter.

Thapki stands to get in the lift, she has to go to 13th floor and guards stop her. She requests the guard. She goes in the lift with Dhruv, and keeps Lord idol in her purse. She sees everyone busy in work and rushing. She does not get her appointment letter and Dhruv says its here. She is stunned seeing him. He gives the letter and leaves. Thapki fills the form. The pen does not work and she bumps into a lady. She says sorry Mam. The lady scolds her and leaves.

The lady says she has to shoot with Dhruv, and talks on phone. Thapki takes pen from some guy and fills the form. Sonu takes all the girls to green room, and asks them to get makeup done, giving them news script. Dhruv talks to that lady, and asks her to come. Thapki writes few lines addition in the script. Thapki comes to know they are taking audition.

Thapki wants to say she did not come for auditions and smatters. The lady asks her to leave and scolds her. Thapki cries and looks at Dhruv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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