Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st July 2016 Written *Maha Episode* Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan coming to take his return gift. Thapki asks him to go, see I have worn your necklace too. Bihaan says I won’t go without getting return gift. Dadi comes and asks Thapki to open door. Thapki makes Bihaan hide under the bed. She opens the door. Dadi asks was anyone here. Thapki says no, I was making my dress right. Dadi says oh, I thought Bihaan is here, did he come. Thapki says no, he just came to ask about watch. Dadi asks her to drink juice, and come downstairs soon. Thapki says I will come with you. Dadi says fine, but this juice. Thapki says I will drink it later. They leave. Bihaan hides again seeing someone coming. Dhruv comes there and looks for Thapki. He adds something in the juice. Bihaan sees this and gets shocked. Dhruv smiles and leaves.

Dhruv goes

to Thapki and gives the juice glass. Thapki says no, I don’t want to have it now. Dhruv says you will faint again, have it. Bihaan stops Thapki from drinking it. Everyone look on. Bihaan asks Dhruv what did you add in the juice just now in the room. Thapki says Dadi got this for me, why are you saying Dhruv. Bihaan says no, I have seen Dhruv mixing something in it. Bihaan asks Dhruv to say, you kept that bottle in your pocket. Bau ji says Dhruv will show it, whats the problem. Dhruv shows the bottle.

Dhruv says this is rose water, its refreshing, I thought to add this for Thapki, as she looked tired, you doubted on me. Bihaan says no. Dhruv takes the glass and says you had doubt, whoever present here can see. He drinks the juice and asks do you believe me now. Bihaan says sorry if you felt bad. Dhruv says no, I know you worry for Thapki, even I worry for her. He goes. Bihaan and Thapki smile. Shraddha signs the goons about Thapki.

Dhruv goes to his room and says I had to make Thapki faint, I had to take return gift. He says Bihaan made me drink that juice, I can’t fall asleep or faint, else everyone will know. He pats himself and pinches to stay awake. He recalls Bihaan and Thapki. He washes his face and says I can’t lose, Thapki is just mine. Shraddha asks the goons to go, I will send Thapki from here. She takes samosas and chutney. She asks Thapki to have some food. Thapki refuses. Shraddha says fine, and drops chutney on her hand. She says so sorry.

Thapki says its fine. Shraddha takes her to help. Her dress gets torn. Thapki makes her wear the chunri to cover her. She goes. Shraddha says she made me wear her chunri, I have to make her wear this chunri back. The goons catch Shraddha and put her in the tree. They start shutting the tree’s open side. Shraddha gets shocked and asks them to open her. She gets out of the bag. The man says madam you… She says idiot, why did you get me, get me out of here. The man gets her out of the tree. She gets angry and slaps both of them. He says you asked us to get red chunri girl, why did you wear red chunri. She says you should have seen face atleast. She asks them not to do this mistake again, go back and get Thapki here, put her in this tree, go and get her. They leave. Shraddha says Thapki, I won’t do this mistake, you will die today.

Vasundara looks for Thapki and asks where did you go, everyone was worried. Thapki says I went to washroom, chutney fell on my hand. Vasundara asks her to come for mehendi rasam. Shraddha comes. Thapki asks her how is she coming from outside. Shraddha makes an excuse. The goons also come there. Vasundara asks Suman to get the mehendi prepared for Thapki.

Dhruv says its good I had medicine to get off that dizziness, but Thapki I have to make you faint anyhow. He adds some powder in the mehendi and says when this powder dries with your mehendi, you will faint by its smell, I will take my return gift then. He hears Suman coming and drinks water. Suman asks Dhruv to come soon, mehendi is starting. He smiles.

Vasundara says we will start applying mehendi to Thapki. Dadi stops her and asks her to apply this mehendi which she kept near Lord idol. Dhruv acts to be on call and makes waiter stumble. The water falls in the mehendi. Dadi scolds the waiter. Dhruv asks have you gone mad, get lost. Dadi says this mehendi got spoiled. Dhruv asks is there no other mehendi. Vasundara says its there. Suman says its not a big thing, and keeps mehendi bowl near the Lord idol. She gets that back and says now we can apply this mehendi. They all apply mehendi to Thapki. Suman asks them to write B for Bihaan on Thapki’s hand. Dhruv gets angry and gets a blade. He says Thapki, my name is written on your hand much time before. He cuts his hand and writes T on his hand. He says now writing your name, I have completed our love, I will prove my love. He smiles.

Poonam compliments Thapki’s mehendi and says your dad would have come if he was fine, he is unwell and is in hospital. Shraddha takes Thapki’s phone and gives the phone to goons. She says her dad will call and Thapki will come here finding the phone, catch her and don’t do any mistake.

Vasundara blesses Thapki. Thapki smells the mehendi and gets dizzy. Suman holds her and asks are you fine, what happened. Thapki says I think I did not rest, that’s why. Suman says I will take you to your room. Thapki says I will go myself. Dhruv looks on ad she stumbles and holds furniture. Suman asks Dhruv what happened to his hand, why did you tie kerchief. Dhruv says nothing, I was completing some work and got hurt, don’t worry. She goes. Dhruv says Thapki is getting affected by that medicine, Thapki you went in your room to rest, I m coming. He goes to Thapki’s room and sees her resting.

He sits on the bed and thinks I will take return gift from you now, and will make it memorable moment. He takes selfie. He removes the blanket and gets shocked seeing Shraddha there. He says Shraddha you…. Shraddha gets up. He asks what are you doing in Thapki’s room. She says I was tired, this room was vacant, so I came here. She thinks I m trying to act as sleeping so that I can show everyone I m not involved with whatever happened with Thapki. She asks what are you doing here. He says I came to see Bihaan, no problem, take care. He thinks where is Thapki.

Thapki sees her phone with the waiters. She says its my phone, maybe my Papa is calling. They go away and she goes after them asking where are you taking my phone, give it. He takes out chloroform and she faints. He says she already fainted before we used this. They lift her and take her to that tree.

Everyone try to find Thapki and did not get her. Bihaan and everyone worry. Preeti says none of us has seen her. Bihaan points out to Shraddha and drags her. He says I know its your planning, tell me where is Thapki. Shraddha asks why are you doubting on me. He says just you are her enemy, you tried to kill her, if Thapki gets even a scratch, I will kill you, tell me where is she. She asks whats this madness, I don’t know where is Thapki. Dhruv gets worried. The goons start sealing the tree’s open surface. Bihaan asks Shraddha to say where is Thapki. Shraddha says believe me, I did not do anything. Bau ji asks Shraddha to say, no one will say her anything.

Shraddha says I did not do anything. Vasundara says she won’t agree this way, call police. Dadi asks Shraddha where was she. Shraddha says I was resting in room, ask Dhruv, he was there. Dhruv says Shraddha is saying right. Shraddha says trust Dhruv, he does not lie. Bihaan says I trust Dhruv, not you, I will find Thapki. He goes. Vasundara says we all will go. The goon calls and tells Bau ji that he has done bride’s bidaai, its revenge. Thapki gets conscious and finds herself locked. He asks the man to get her out. The man pushes her hand inside. She gets hurt. She calls out Bihaan. She faints.

The goons get a big axe to cut the tree and kill Thapki, as Thapki(being trapped within the tree) would also get cut along with the huge tree.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Kana

      Yaro shrada,dhruv nu solrengale avanga ellamaa nethu episodela vanthanga naan paakkave illaiye!!! Enaku nethu episode la ore oru paiyan nall sevappa pinku color gurta poddukidu irunthan avan maddum thane kannuku therinchan 🙂
      Chaaa enna alaguda sami 🙂 mmm yaruku kuduthu vaichiruko sathyama enakilla enakilla 🙁

  1. Juggu

    |Registered Member

    Che……..shradhavu , dhruvu made fr each other…in villainism……you idiots neengarendu peru tha crct leave mr$mrs ..mahan aatma to live…its k avunga plaanaala tha bihaanuku return gift kedaika podhu..??

    • ash..2

      Shradha..dhurv, both are million dollar couple. Ivanga 2 perum indha maadhiri siily.thanamaana ideas podalenna, namakku million dollar scene ellam kidaikuma sollu. Bhihaan.oda super k., and thapki.s return k. Idhellam avanga 2 peroda puniyathale namakku kitaitha varaprasadham. Nandri marakkadhey. Anavasiyama avangalai thittadhey. Avanga 2 per mattum illainna idhunga 2.m eyelock pannikittu, kaiya pidichikittu, pendha pendha muzhichikitirukkum. So thanks to the devil couple.

    • Juggu

      |Registered Member

      Aiyo…..indha eyelockuh…..semma kadupavudhu pa….epdi tha…avlo neram…sirikama nikudhungalo …..therila…adhu vara vara thapki lush mariye action kudukudhu…..proposal scene appa kooda keelaye pathutrundhuchu…vara vara adhuku konjam kooda parupe….illa….sry porupu……

  2. sakshi

    hey i have seen in sbs that bihaan will rescue thapki and she will give him his return gift
    also i saw their off screen masti
    they felt happy by spending time with each other
    i think that they were falling in love in real life
    its a good news for us the manyasa fans

      • Sriranjani

        |Registered Member

        chacha…. I am always Swaragini and Shakti fan…………. I will not change but I also fan of Nakuul metha , Divyanka and Vivek, etcc…….. Soo I will watch all the serials of which my fav. actors acting…

  3. Shobi

    @juggy-vada(bihaan’s return gift) poche

    @adithi-nowadays U r commenting less what happened dear?

    @thalavi-enna Nasreen akka ipdi aagiduche…

    @ash-nee enga pona aale kaanom!!!

    @kana-naama doctor kitta kanna kaata koodadhu,nala psycatist kitta dhan kaatanumkaatanum

    @riya chellam enga pona nee?

    @reji,raji,bala chitra,Gayathri & others where are you all?

    • tamil girl -riya

      hi shobi…….thanks for remembering me!!!!!!!!!now i am silent reader …..lazy to comment…… hahaha……

    • Adithi

      Hi shobi.. Actually I’m not getting time to watch thapki nowadays as I’m taking tuition for 10th student??
      Anyways I use to read comments..

    • Nasreen-Thalaivi

      |Registered Member

      @Ash______vandhutan Shobi kannu… inniki Na ice cream sapten… promise. strawberry flavor… nanmbu…. ennaku UN gyabagam than vandhuchu.. photo eduka marandhuten. nalaiki kandipaa.

      @juggu,kana,kumutha,ash,adhiti,goms,and otherz
      ,where are you all guys…?

    • Kana

      Shobi-phycatist!!! U mean mendal specialist!!,onnum seivom familyoda (tamil ponnunga sangam) povom 🙂

    • ash..2

      ???eduthukko. Inum venumnaalum vaangi theren. Kozhandha maadhiri adam pidikakoodadhu. Chamatha ice cream sapitukite thoongidu.

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Hey new enaku black forest ,green forest,red forest,white forest cake vangi tharenu doopu vutiye modhala adhu enga….idhu ts Mela sathiyam vera……

      • ash..2

        Unmayave black, white, red idhellam edhukku vangi tharennu sonen. Thapki ds ooti vitta cake.I saapidaame irundhadhane. Andha scene innum doubt.leye irrukku. Ava cake.I sapittala? Illaya? Modhalla adha clear pannu.

  4. pihoo

    Today episode was nice but want see tom episode because tom episode would be very special

  5. Ally

    Druv is now become a psychopath….
    He tried to rape Thapki by making unconscious what love is that….. ??
    I think he has a habit of making vedio while working in channel that’s why tried to make SELFI MMS with Thapki….. ???
    But Shraddha Bhabhi spoiled everything…. perfect couple at a point both are aiming..???but in opposite direction …..

    • Parvini

      I know how phsyco…is he. He is obsessed with thapki. Stalking her and Bhiaan together all the time. Trying to drug her forcing himself on her..

      And this is his sister in wife of his

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Shraddha Bhabi me asar hain ally isliye Ds me aisa halath if one stays with a psycho he himself will become one which is what happened in Ds case 😛

  6. Nasreen-Thalaivi

    |Registered Member

    Ennama idhu ipdi panreengaley ma… Nalla vela tpk paathu onr week achu… nalla scene vandha mattum than papen.. Dhruv ah mathra varaikum na paaka maten… pesama., thapki ya cloning pannirlama..
    Adhena sj Surya movie onnu varumey… adhey madhiri thapkiya cloning panni double akitu bihaan ku onnu dhruv ku one kuduthirlam.
    Rendu periyum kandupudika enkita oru idea iruku..
    Thapki bihaa. pandey___Thikuvai
    Thapki dhruv pandey ___Thikkamata
    Epdu idea.? sari sari thitadhing… √√√

    Sangam girls .. How are you all..

    • Nisi

      Vendam PA Dhruv ku Thapki mattum illa Thapki mathiri oru ponnu uruvathula kuda kadaka kudathu, avan kalam puram antha pombala Raguvaran Shraddha kudathan kuppa kottanum…. Avanuku athan sariyana thandanai…..!

      • Adithi

        Idea va pathu heart attack vanduduchu Nasreen akka ??
        Nisi reply pathu siruchuten.. Pombala Raguvaran ?

      • Nasreen-Thalaivi

        |Registered Member

        @Nisi..____bne correct ah sonna shradhha pombala raghuvaran.. But, basically dhruv romba nallavan pa. Shradhha mrge pannadhuku apprm than avan apdi ayitan. Shradhha dhruv ku set agadhu. Avan thapkiya avanuku koduthuta avan Pesama irupan. I mean nakamura thahaan than venum… But dhruv kum venum… Cloning panni kuduthirvom… Namma sangathu girls onna sendhu tpk director kita idha pathi pesalam.

        Kana enga?

      • Nasreen-Thalaivi

        |Registered Member

        @Nisi..____bne correct ah sonna shradhha pombala raghuvaran.. But, basically dhruv romba nallavan pa. Shradhha mrge pannadhuku apprm than avan apdi ayitan. Shradhha dhruv ku set agadhu. Avan thapkiya avanuku koduthuta avan Pesama irupan. I mean nakamura thahaan than venum… But dhruv kum venum… Cloning panni kuduthirvom… Namma sangathu girls onna sendhu tpk director kita idha pathi pesalam.

        Kana enga? Goms enga? Ellarum vandhucha?

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Nasreen aka enaku ennavo unga idea tha serinu thonudhu….recent episode LA enna romba verupethura vishayam……sooper dhruv entry tone ah poi revenge tone akitainga……en indha paiya dhruvku matu ipdi oru nelama…..bihaan dhruv Vida konjam vellaya irukadhala thapkiya ushar panita ….seri adhuku dhruv villain akitaingale….ipde pona …nane dhruv ah matu illa ankitayu veruthuruven pola…….

    • Goms

      |Registered Member

      Nasreen akka..vara vara thapki serial pakave kadupa iruku “ore villathanama” poitu iruku..??
      Thapki ya ithana naal shradha veeta vitu veliya anupa that pathuchu..ipo orediya (murder) anupa pakuthu..????

      Dhruv avan love thirumba kidaika pakran..??

      Writer’s epdi that ipdi kodurama yosikranganu therila??

      Apovum thapki serial pakurathuku ore oru karanam epdiyavathu Intha Bihaan thapki marriage nadanthudatha nu oru alpa aasai thaan..

    • Kana

      Nasreen-nan appave sonnan tpk pakatha pakathanu ippa paaru,haiyoo nalla iruntha pillai ippa ennenamo ellam pesuthu,pavam yaar peththa pillaiyooo!!

  7. Samyukta

    Yenda tree drama uff oh thahaan please una veugo.dhruv yunaki kalyana aayachi chod do thapki ko

  8. Poonam

    Awesome dhruv I think your love is true I like that you cut yourself for thapki and realize us that your love is true????????????❤???????????????????????????????????

  9. salwaaa

    Sab log dhruvv ko belv karthe hei..ughhh..!!
    Lekin dhruvv useeka faaida utaake dokha de raha hei…pls. writrss…dhruvv ka antr face sabke saamne laayiye…!!

    • Juggu

      |Registered Member

      No tension def ah bihaan thapki ya kapathiruvan and return giftuh thapki thanthutuva ….ivangala porutha vari oru Kiss tharathuku pathu karanam irundha tha thapki kudupa……ava sanskari ladkiyama….


    Today First 5 minutes episode interesting and other 55 minutes episode boring……..

    aaj a bandhar dhruv ne thapki ke saath kya karneka ka faisla kiyatha…..!!!??? agar sach Mai jyaada waqth mila tho thapki ki izzath bi lootne ki try karega a??? ….itna neeche girgaya a besharam……!!!???

    P for paagal pathi aur P for poorane pyaar ke peeche…P for paagal pathni aur P for poorane phaide ke peeche….i am happy to see this way of SHARUV……..

    abb naya naam suna Mai ne ……!!!! bauji ke dushman MAKKAN LAAL khoun hai…..!!!???
    Kya poorana dushman tha…..!!!???

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      1 hr ka episode dha?????…. tum sab zindha ho?haha…. im surprised.
      Hmm…. btw… druvs plan sounds familiar ??YAHI TO DIWAKAR NE ADITI KE SAATH KIYA DHA?? . Ye dono bhai hai kya? I think the writers r recyclin the same trick. But the winner is -HIRING HITMAN TO KILL SOMEONE BY STUFFIN THEM INSIDE A TREE?????. i hope our goons hav enof GluconD powder redy… else they may get exhausted cutin the trunk before reachin thapki????. Vaise… ye hollow tree hai kya?i think druv n shradda can cut a door n use it as a tree house onz they get kiked outa the houz wen al the secrets r out.
      shraddas plans for thapki have onz again failed. So shes come up with a new plan to send her out of the country so tht sharuv can live peacefully
      thapki and family are standing on a beach. Dadi is eatin peanuts. Bihaan is standin at a distance watchin.
      A few poor kids with a lot of balloons come to thapki
      “Di di…plz buy thse balloons.we need money for goin to school”
      Thapki gets emotional and buys all the balloons…
      ?thapki starts flyin with the balloons… shes in air!
      Shradda: yes!!! now she wil fly n reach some othr country
      Aage kya hoga? Kya bihaan thapki ko bacha payega?dekhte rahiye Thapki in Wonderland.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Thnx vinlo loveleen. N vinlo… its easy to bliv its a real promo???? jus think… if 2 wks ago i told u abt this tree promo u wud hav thot im jokin????. Nythn can hapn in tpk

      • Manyasa29

        Hey roshni….even i thought that it was the real spoiler?? …true……anything can happen in tpk !

  11. Nisi

    Mmm … Good episode, Dhruv nallave bulb vangunen, athuvum oru thadava illa rendu thadava, enaku siripu than vanthuchu avana pakum pothu….. Funny guy..

    Aprem namma Bihaan avanoda Thapki ah kapathura mathiri oru video pathen friends, athu mattum illa Thapki Bihaan ku return gift um kuduthutta (than pa KISS)
    So precap ah pathutu yarum feel pannathiga friends……,

  12. Nisi

    Na comment type pannum pothu yaroda comments um ithula illa, so Yarathu enaku munnadi intha visayatha solliruntha, it’s OK nu vitruga, sorry

  13. Vinlora

    |Registered Member

    Dhruvvvvvv????? ye itna cheap hai ye muje pata nahi tha ??? Thapki ko itni takleef de raha hai aur bolta hai “mein tumse pyaar karta hun…thapki sirf meri hai ” paagal?ye kaisa pyaar hai bhai ?iss pyaar ko kya naam dun?????

  14. Rachana

    Some of you fans are commenting dhruv was ready to force thapki…..guys yet the serial has not fallen so badly….so think positive…..

  15. sweety

    Hahaaaa ….both shardda & dhuruv made 4 each other…their evil plans are backfiring to themselves…

  16. harry

    starting gajabbb
    in next epi Thapki will kiss bihaan…

    lovely epi coming..

    Manish completes one year in Tpk congrats to him..

    jigs said that She is blessed to have him…

    If u didnt believe guys
    check on Insta….

    thahaan forever
    manyasa forever.
    1 more thing
    We didnt dreams As we know its not a dream……
    manyasa danced on peeloo song together
    they give marriage pose also
    love them both

    Me extra happy
    haters stay away…..

    Lovers keep loving thahaan manyasa

    • Manyasa29

      Harry…..thnx for the super duper news…..congratulations MANISH SIR….u r too gudd???…ur acting is gajab and the best in tpk?….want to see ur acting for many more years……Manish sir u rock…MANYASA FOREVER? adorable friendship and mind blowing tuning…hope to see u both as real couple…..

  17. moni

    Tommorow will be a gr8 epi…as bihaan thapki’s saviour is going to save her yet again as always….n yesss thapki’s kiss of love will be won by one n only bihaan…she is going to kiss her n give him his return gift…it will be a total emotional love scene between them…saw it today on SBS…sns rocks…for its latest news…manyasa n thahaan rockzzzz…keep loving

    • Syed58

      Dhurv can do anything for his love. But once thapki comes to know that dhurv can do any thing for his love then she will asked dhurv to kill himself. Dhurv shocks thahaan rocks.?

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    Arh yaar boring episode maha episodes always waste of time only episode’s starting was good. But I hear about the return kiss thing aww so cute love thahaan

  19. Mandal

    Ankit whatever role you are playing, you are just bringing life to the character.
    First the Dhruv who was dashing hunk with a bit of attitute and cuteness blended, who just stole Thapki’s heart. He was caring, understanding and loving.
    Next the Dhruv who was in deep pain and sadness as a consequences of being betrayed by his loved one and still unknown. For whom life had no meaning.
    And now this psycho, evil Dhruv who can go to any extent to get what he wants and deserves.

    Got to see so many shades of you. Thats called the versatility of an actor.
    Always a thumbs up from my side.

    • Loveleen

      I didn’t get to watch this episode but I agree, his a good actor. Shows great emotions through his eyes. Still reckon Manish is a much more versatile actor, out of everyone – his the best actor on set, followed by Vasundra (don’t know her real name) and than Dhruv. Thaapki is ok only I find her expressionless at times.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Hi mandal.Its gud tht ppl r appreciating his acting now coz i think in between the writers made his role so crappy tht his career wud hav been in trouble. I recal i some point he didnt even hav any dialogues. Nywy…. sweet , down to earth and calm person.. as from all interviews.i like him a lot off screen. And druv fans… just coz some of us prefer thahaan and kiinda oppose druvs character (evrybdy hs their own take on each charctr na) dosnt mean we all hate ankit as a person. So plz dont feel bad seein comments against “druv”…. druv is aftral jus a figment of writers imaginatn. So indirectly ppl r complainin abt the writers nt ankit batla?. Tc buddy

  20. Sujoy

    hahaha cant stop laughing seeing some foolish comments people here are giving here on the actors personal life.
    Ab shadhi wala sequence chal raha hain, so Jigyasa aur Manish ne usi get-up mein photo khichwayi hogi. Ab yeh photo dekhkar log yeh bolne lage hain ki woh dono real life mein shadhi ki tayari kar rahe hain. They are frineds so they are having fun on sets and some people are guessing that they are falling in love.

    So keep dearming as dreaming dosnt cost money.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Arey yaar….sujoy just chill. Just coz some ppl speculate tht 2 ppl r goin out dosnt mean tht its gona brekup ankit n jigs relatn if they r goin out. Its common style gossip buddy… “ranbeer is dating katrina kaif… they broke up … shes jealous of deepika etc etc”. Just ignore if u dont lyk. Celebrities , im sure, r wise enof to know tht along with fame..u get some side effevts like ppl takin interest intheir private life. Im sure they knw to deal with it EVEN IF they visit this site n read thse comnts . Besides… thse ppl take advantg of it too. If u hv noticed…while tharuv track was going on… druv n jigs used to romanz on al interviews. Wen thahaan track started they almost stopped givin interviews togthr. Thse r al marketin strategies. So jus let it b. Y strain ur self askin ppl to ‘keep dreaming ‘ wen they r alredy doin it nywys without ur request to do so. Watevr b the talks… jigs manish ankit wil liv their life the way they want. Chill yaar.dont get workd up. Alls well?

      • Sujoy

        Lightsabre: i really like your attitude and maturity.
        Sometimes it does hurt to see people commenting o the actors personal life as if it their life. But nice too see some intelligent guys here life you.
        Reading your comments just brought a smile to my face
        Thanks 🙂

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Im happy u tuk it in a gud a way. Just to make it clear… the comment is in a positive sense for both manyasa and jig+ankit fans. I thnk v al can agree on the 3 of them knw wts really hapenin. I thnk evrybdy has the ryt to speculate and evry reader of the comment has the ryt to differ in opinion…. but in a friendly manner (if at al it requires comentin). But lets not let tht create a rift between al of us. Lets al remain frens here and encourage a peaceful atmosphr hre.????.

  21. Manyasa29

    Average episode…only starting was nice…dhruv is gone mad …he is getting psycho …..btw how writers are getting such extraordinary ideas …pehle gorilla aur ab hollow tree ??……hate dhruv but love DS’s background is superb…..all are great actors in tpk ….well done guys !!

    • Mridula

      |Registered Member

      Right..I also like the background score of dhruv.??? Sahi kaha..Thahaan scenes hi achhe hote hain ! Haan pata Nahi kahan kahan se laate hain aise ideas..! One day they will also show that dhruv turned into a spirit and is haunting thapki, lol..?????? kyunki bas horror lana hi baaki hai show main..???

      • Manyasa29

        Ha sahi kaha tumne mridula …ab toh bas yahi reh gaya hai tpk me?? dhruv will turn into a ghost and Shraddha chudail ban jaayegi ????…..and who dono thapki ko pareshaan karenge ..phir bihaan aake bachayega hamesha ko tarah ….??


    abb Hai forum tho mahabharth ka kurukshetra bangaya hai……

    THAHAAN vsTHARUV(kourav)…
    khoun jeethega…..!!!??
    [mein ne already batha diya]hai….?????…
    CVS Sri Krishna bagavan ki jai ho….

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Naahhhiiiiii!!!! I wont allow..tu ro mat santosh. I want thasan. Hum ladenge tere liya. Vinlo javeria manyasa vani sumera loveleen… we wil form an army! Cheete (chetah) ki chaal aur santoshRao ki thalwar ???.

      ?Nahi tho tharilla hi sahi. Hmmm i wonder if a rabbit wil burrow a hole underneath the tree n create a tunnel to rescue thapki??… may it wil b ThaBit from now on??????.
      @loveleen…. how much of.hindi can u pick up? U seem to.b doin really well.
      And guys… registr yaarrrrr

      • Manyasa29

        @roshni…..main ab yeh soch rahi hu ki ….agar tpk waalo ko itne hilarous aur extraordinary ideas dikhane hi the…..toh woh tumhare paas aa jate….u ideas are better ? and sweet….thabit !!!…tharilla se toh better hi lag raha hai??

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Haha…yeh manyasa…. actually watching tpk has been a learning experience for me… “inspiration ” as they say in the disclaimer! its widened my imagination and sharpened my much so tht i got a call from hollywud.??
        Jurassic park …avatar …anaconda …godzilla. … titanic sab ko maro goli… ab mein likhungi Pandey park… druvatar .. shraconda……..thapzilla… bihaantic!!!??? iss bar to oscar meri hogi???????

      • Vinlora

        |Registered Member

        Roshniiiiiiiiii?????? ?
        Ab ye Thabit kaha se aa gaya beech mein….???

      • Loveleen

        Lol I think I got what you guys were sayin….hmmmm maybe not lol just be free and talk I will pick up whatever I can?

        I did try registering, firstly my name is not available so I tried something similar and I’ve been waiting for an email for 2 days no email was sent! I even checked my junk mail nothing…so I’m patiently waiting ?

  23. Mridula

    |Registered Member

    Don’t know why..but the background score of villain dhruv seems good..just heard it in yesterday’s episode..! Yessss..Bihaan is gonna save thapki as always..and also they were telling ki thahaan marriage is gonna happen no matter what..! That’s amazing. But what is dhruv doing, he used to be like an inspiration for thapki..and now poora psycho ho gaya hai..???
    Bas jaldi ab bihaan ko dhruv ke baare mein pata chal jaaye..? manyasa were looking amazing in today’s episode ?? and thahaan ka background score toh hamesha achha hi hota hai..?
    Bihaan ka woh uske khud ka B for bihaan walla background score kabse nahi sunna?
    Lol..aaj sab background score ka comment kiya hai maine..???????

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Hi Mridula…. y is thapki cryin in ur dp? Oh … i undrstud.. thapki rarely smiles in tpk. Must b real hard to get a smilin screenshot?

      • Mridula

        |Registered Member

        Nope..she was not crying in my previous was the expression she gave when dadi caught her and bihaan together after their marriage was announced..! ?? though I have a lot of screenshots of expressions of thapki..but I don’t have her pics when she is crying..baaki sab expressions ki hai.???? Just changed the dp to her yesterday’s episode look..??? Haha..will keep a smiling dp soon..???

  24. Chanda

    Do not agree with Dhruv’s method but I still can’t see Thapki & Bihan as a couple. How cruel is Bihan when he saw first hand how much Dhruv loved Thapki. Maa’s manipulation aside, he has a brain and should know better.
    All the wrath on Dhruv’s character by Thahan fans now is simply hypocritical as he is merely returnung the change from Bihan’s currency: betrayal

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Hmmm….. in a real lyf situation i wud agree with u. Just fr fun …. suggest wat bihaan shud hav done intht situation. Bihaan… illiterate (thnks to druvs parents) is a guy whos trained by pandeys to worship their needs coz they havnt given him the education or worldly experience or even a sense of independenceindependence to think otherwise. Hes eternally grateful to the family n worships his mom. The same mom blackmails him at the nick of tym… just minutes left for the weddin….to do a groom swap or else she wil suicide.
      ?if he disobeys… she may die (thts wat hes made to beliv)

      If he tells it to druv or the pandeys…then again …she may may also turn the rest of the family against her….esp druv. N sinz heis unaware of how deep duvs luv is for thapki… it seems to him tht druv luvs his mom more and wudnt want
      her to b dead or bcom an enemy.
      So min left for weddin…. wat wud u propose tht a person of bihaans bakgrnd wud hav done inthe seria so tht hus famiky isnt harmedl? Hmmm i hv my versions bt wud lik to hear urs

    • sham

      Tapki does not know the meaning of love she can change her love man by man first she supposed to marry diwakar and she accepted him, then Dhruv he loved her so much even she cannot speak properly, he supported her and because of Bihan and his mother he lost her and now Tapki she easily fall in love with Bihan even she know he betrayed Dhruv and Tapki. Finally all Indian serials does not know meaning of love where in India most of woman love only one man. Because of this serials there is no word love existing

  25. Loveleen

    I didn’t watch the episode so can’t comment as much yet. But I’m curious….usually when a family member is sick especially in hospital, you usually out of respect don’t have any sort of celebrations until they recover. And if thaapki’s dad is sick in hospital wouldn’t she be stopping everything n being by his side?

    What happen to Diwakar? But most importantly where is Thaapki’s sister?! I didn’t like the actor they replaced the original sis with but at least shouldn’t she be there since it’s her sis wedding??

    This show frustrates me sometimes. I have to keep bringing myself back n think it’s an Indian serial what do you expect! ?

    • Manyasa29

      I think there is some typing error in wu….thapki’s dad is not in the hospital……thapki’s uncle is in the hospital…..and it has been shown that all her siblings are in agra for some work…….but i think tpk people have not paid them money so they left…??….just kidding !!!

      • Loveleen

        Oooh ok I see….so where is her dad? But yeah looks like they couldn’t afford to have all of Thaapki’s family attend…

  26. ash..2

    Tamil ponnungala, eppo varra nalla, nalla scenes.I evlo enjoy pannamudiyumo pannikonga. Enakkennamo edho devastating scene varapogudhunnu ullukkule patchi solludhu. Bhihaanoda andha ‘innaikku nee birth day.I marappe, naalaikku nee ennaye marape’.nu sonna andha dialogue, oru velai thapkiku memory loss aagumonnu ninaikathonudhu.
    Heart attack scene::::bhihaanoda nadandha kalyaname marandhu, duruv.oda nadakka irundha kalyaanam mattum gyabakam irundha!!! DS adhukkuthaane kaathirukkan. Ninaichaale tension. a irrukku. Memory lose munnadi ds pathina unmai bhihaanukku therinjita , konjamavadhu moochu vidalaam. Bhihaan, ds kiterundhu thapki, I kaapathra scene ninachale, tension.oda super.a irrukku. Kadhai nalla irukka.

    • tamil ponnunga-kumutha (5)

      Ash unga kanavu kathaila kolli vaikka…epadilama yosipanga epedi oru twist mattum kathaila irunchu naan intha serial paka maten…aparum entha kathaiye engeyo partha mathiri iruku……..engeee…Kandu pudichiten intha kathai saravanan meenakshi thane…

      • ash..2

        Saravanan meenskshi…adhula yaarukku memory loss. Eanakku suththsma adhamoda story line theriyaadhu.

    • Kana

      @juggu-seekirama oru koolipadaiya ready pannu,kaasu naan tharan 🙂

      @juggu-intha memory loss unaku engayo patha mathiri irukka!!! Adi itha thane ellam dramalayum pakirom:)

      • ash..2

        Evlo azhaga kadhai solli iruken. Enna paaratti t.s.p saarbula award kodukkama….
        Naan positive.a thaane soliyiruken. Adhuku edhukku kolipadayellam. Nalla porulaalar. Nalla velai seyalalarai kaanom. Thalaiviye ungalai meeri edhdho seiaraanga. Konjam adaki vaiyunga. Andhar balti adichidadheenga.

      • ash..2

        Memory loss.ingradhu kudumba paatu maadhiri. Ella serial.eyum varum. Adhu illama tpk.I move pannanganna award kodukalaam.

    • Juggu

      |Registered Member

      Kooli padaya….(namma plan….ivaluku epdi therinjadhu….??? pinadi aal vachu follow panralo……)

      Seri…seri…ready pannirvo….??

  27. Mandal

    now-a-days its a joy to watch Vasu’s expressions whenever she comes face to face with Dhruv.
    She cannot even look into his eyes directly. She is full of guilt.
    She realizes how she destroyed hes own son’s life, how she made his life a living hell, that she is the main reason for all his misery and agony. How she gave her own son’s happiness to somebody else.
    But now she is just helpless and cannot do anything to make him the same old Dhruv who was a happy, jolly person.
    The only thing she can do is to sit and watch his actions whether its good or evil.

  28. Juggu

    |Registered Member

    Ennada idhu innaiku namma pechuku porandhavala,kanum kana inniku thapki return gift tharala odi vaa…..odi vaya….odi vaya……odivayayi…….

    • Kana

      Nee than korangu vaayan,ama vaayan,nari vaayan!!! Mariyathaiya odi vanganu sollu atha vidudu vaaya pathi pesura 🙂
      Athu onnumilla sevvai kiragathila ippa than vidinjiriku,seval ippa than koovichu athan ippa elunthu vanthu comment panran 🙂

  29. Poonam

    What you want dhruv ? Elkin adj dhruv me yet San it mar dia ki thapki we vo Sachs pyaar karat his aur thapki ne b San it kar d iya ki uske liye dhruv right hai Bihan k nam ke mehandi me take . Right yes thapki ki mehandi us tree p.o. lag gai na .?? bihan?????? dhruv feel bad too but bihan ke naam ki mehandi clean ho gayi to dhruv ???????❤????dhruv ?????????.

  30. Nasreen-Thalaivi

    |Registered Member

    Enna oru othumai paren shraddha kum dhruv kum.. Rendu perumey avanga love thirupi kedaikanumnu game adranga… But dhruv I love cheaper ah irukamatan.. Enakenamo ipdiye pochina dhruvoda nelama romba mosama ayidum.. Avan paithiyama poiduvan.. Idhu serious… I’m not joking.

    • Kana

      Enakenamo ipdiye pochuna nee dhruv aavurano illaiyo nee aayiruva 🙂
      Athanma keelpakkam keelpakkam,ennaa poriya???
      Unakenna pirachanai ippo cloning enkira,double act enkira vingnani mathiriye pesura nalla thanema iruntha,ithuku than tpk pakatha pakathanu sonna yaaru kekura??

  31. DOLLY

    l like bihan&thapki they are made for each other,i hate this dhruv how could he become so crule and selfish to get back thaki in his life,really,frankly saying negative character wound suit for dhruv,ps change this track

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