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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara telling Bau ji that they had to go orphanage for his dad’s death anniversary. He says he invited 50 kids here and they can arrange food for them here. She says how to arrange food in 2 hours. He says she can manage and he will help. She jokes. Suman and Rachna say they will supervise servants and get the food cooked. Vasundara says servants will not work, we will cook and its work to get blessings. Bau ji makes ghee halwa and asks Vasundara to make butter milk well. Suman and Rachna help them.

Vasundara asks the servant to get clothes for washing and she gets hurt while talking. Bau ji asks what happened and sees her hand hurt. He asks her to go and apply haldi, he will make the butter milk. Thapki comes and asks for Dhruv. She sees Bau ji making the butter

milk and greets him. He asks how is she. She says she is fine, what is he doing. He says its his dad’s death anniversary and he called kids from orphanage. She says its great work, and helps him in making the butter milk. Vasundara comes and smiles seeing her.

Suman says she has come again. Rachna says I will make her go. Vasundara says she will manage. Thapki greets her and asks what happened to her hand. Bau ji says she needs rest and takes her. Vasundara gets glad. Suman and Rachna talk that Thapki can impress Vasundara and before that they will impress her. They go and taunt Thapki. Dhruv comes and sees Thapki working. She says she is glad to see his plaster removed. He says he called her for office work and she is here. She says she will like to help for this good cause. He asks does she know to make butter milk. She says yes, my mum taught me, but I m making this quantity for the first time. She serves him and asks him to taste it and say how is it. Tujhko ji paaya…………plays………..

He tastes it and says it needs more salt. She adds some and gives him. He tastes it and likes it. He leaves. Poonam tells everything about Mishras to Krishnakant. Aditi hears them saying that Mishra gave fake gold ring to Nimmi’s daughter. She gets angry. She says she is going for interview, but she has imp work and wants them to come. He asks what work. She says she will tell and asks them to just come. Suman and Rachna see Thapki making butter milk and get an idea.

They get the goat to the kitchen and makes the goat consume the butter milk, and spoiling the rest of it. Thapki gets shocked seeing this. Suman and Rachna say what will they do now, the butter milk can’t be made now. Vasundara looks on and sees Thapki crying. She thinks whatever the reason, Thapki has disappointed her a lot today.

Suman and Rachna think Vasundara will kick Thapki out today and laugh. Thapki thinks Vasundara trusted her, she has to do something. She hears servant telling about washing machine. She gets the machine with servant’s help and cleans it. He asks what will she do. She says she will make butter milk in it. He asks can it be made in this. She says she has heard butter milk made in such big machines and she is trying. She puts curd, water and salt in it. She starts the machine and sees the time. Suman and Rachna ask is she washing clothes and asks her to wash their sarees. Thapki says she is not washing clothes, she is making butter milk. She makes it and asks them to taste. Rachna drinks the whole glass in one go and says its not so good. Suman says she will get Vasundara’s jewelry. Rachna says the butter milk is made good. Suman says see what I do now. Thapki tastes the butter milk and likes it. She says kids will be coming now and smiles.

Suman asks Thapki to get zeera powder from terrace and Thapki falls inside the water tank in attempt to take the zeera box.

Update Credit to: Amena

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