Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki struggling for her life. Shraddha comes downstairs, while everyone sing. Shraddha thinks to give other book to Dadi, else she can send anyone to store room. She gives the book to Dadi. Dadi asks about Thapki. Shraddha says I have seen her going out, maybe she went out with Bihaan to get icecreams. She thinks till Bihaan comes, Thapki’s hand will be cut. Dadi sits praying and that save Thapki.

The ice slides towards Thapki and Thapki rests her feet over the ice. Kiran gets the new year cake and asks them to come. Preeti and Suman argue that they will cut the cake. Vasundara stops Suman and Preeti and says this year, Dhruv and Shraddha will cut the cake. Thapki shouts for help.

Vasundara says Shraddha has won the competition and its her first year with

us. Suman and Preeti say its Bihaan and Thapki’s first year of marriage too. Vasundara says I just said it. Kiran says Bihaan is coming in 5 mins. Dadi says Thapki went with Shraddha, Shraddha told me. Shraddha thinks now everyone will know Thapki is in storeroom.

Bihaan comes and gets icecream. Bau ji asks where is Thapki, she went with you. Bihaan says no, I went alone. They all look at Shraddha. Shraddha says sorry, but I felt that, I did not check her room, I will go. Vasundara asks Bihaan to check. Bau ji says we will cut cake after Thapki comes. Bihaan asks them to cut cake, if they get late to come. The ice slab melts and Thapki struggles again. Bihaan calls out Thapki, and she gets fainting.

Everyone start count down. Everyone wish happy new year to each other, and hug. Thapki gets unconscious. Bihaan comes there and sees the water flowing out of storeroom. Shraddha takes cake and asks Vasudnara to have it. Vasundara says first, give it to Dhruv. Bihaan turns and gets shocked seeing Thapki hanging to the exhaust. Her shouts Thapki…. Dhruv hears this and turns. They all rush, leaving Shraddha alone. Bihaan holds Thapki and tries to switch off fan by other hand. He removes her dupatta and shouts Bau ji and Maa. He asks her to wake up. They all come and ask what happened. Bihaan tells them that she was hanging to the exhaust fan. Bau ji checks her and says her breath is not running. Bihaan shouts no, and they all try to wake her up. Dhruv panics and runs out.

He gets water and says Thapki, nothing will happen to you. He asks Bihaan to sprinkle water on Thapki’s face. Sanjay says doctor is coming. Everyone pray for Thapki. Shraddha looks at them. Thapki gets conscious and they all get glad. Bihaan makes her drink water. Dhruv happily smiles. Shraddha stares at him. Everyone thank Lord that Thapki is fine. Everyone bring Thapki out. Bau ji asks how did this happen. Thapki says don’t know, I went to store room to find Durga Chalisa, I saw it on exhaust fan, my dupatta got stuck in the fan. Dadi says but Shraddha gave me the book. Thapki asks what. Shraddha says yes, maybe I got another book. Bihaan asks but how did the book get stuck in exhaust fan, who went to storeroom. Bau ji says we have shut store room. Thapki says no, it was open when I went there. Bau ji asks who opened it. Suman says I will say, I have seen Shraddha, she has opened storeroom. They all look at Shraddha.

Bihaan gets Thapki to some place, by blindfolding. He opens the cloth and shows the decorations. She asks did he do this alone. He says yes, for you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super episode…
    Dragged too.thahaan scenes awesome wt caring huby bihaan. I think Really he shouted in the bottom of the heart. Damn sure bihaan fell for thapki….

  2. Awesome episodeeee…
    Thahaaan rules in tpk.
    waiting for tmrw..

  3. How was new year guys???
    is tpk rock today/??
    bihaan is the real herooo of saving thapki even She doesn’t thank her cruel thapki…
    she was fool how much time bihaan saves no matter for doesn’t understand bihaan thapki plz accept bihaan as a husbend and start love ur innocent hubby..
    this is ur life or fate dnt rewrite again…
    writerji plz start some soft corner from thapkis side to bihaan it was good to saw trp will gain more…

    1. Yaa deepu didi, really rocked and sure tomorrow it will rock and kill us even more!!!! Hope Thapki have a happy new year……

      1. I am not a female yar…..

      2. Sorry bhaiya….

  4. BritishBengaliGirl

    MUHAHAHA i evilly used this to tease my Amu into watching more but then I puposely spoiled it!
    hehe.. im mean.. 🙂

  5. I hate this show

  6. tahaan rocks…

  7. Guys!! Did you notice in the episode Vasu was really worried when thapki was unconscious. She actually had tears in her eyes if you payed attention. I think she will change if shraddha stops manipulating her

    1. I don’t think she felt for her…she might have been scared of her father’s reactions…

      1. Ya notice
        but before also same situation she fear for thapki. She fall on terrace. But vasu never change after that incident so there were no soft corner of vasu towards thapki….

  8. Biihaan fall for her .there reaction of loosing thapki more than hus.
    epic reaction by bihaan happy to every pandey mansion here for witnessed caring of bihaan towards thapki. Tooday double dhamaka phone scene,date of thahaan wow extnggggg……

  9. suprr epi

  10. Happy new year everyoneee??????

  11. Wow super episodeee…
    eagerly waiting todays episode..

  12. Read this guysss….?

    Shraddha (Monika Khanna) gets jealous seeing family’s love for Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) in Thapki Pyaar Ki The upcoming episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki will show that Thapki gets unconsious due to hanging with a fan. Bihaan saves Thapki’s life and family decides to celebrate New Year seeing Thapki is all fine. They all cut the cake and Dadi makes Thapki eat the cake. Shraddha fumes seeing Thapki getting the family’s love. Thapki accepts Bihaan’s (Manish Gopalani) gifts happily Apart from this, Bihaan brings Thapki outside the house and gifts her flowers and make her to eat ice-cream. Thapki feels happy seeing Bihaan’s new gusture and accepts his gifts without any objection. Friendship blooms between Thapki and Bihaan which will soon turn into love.

    1. Wow awesome yarrr

    2. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Thank u so much for the awesome spoilers Deepu 🙂

      1. Welccome @fatarajo?

      2. U r welcome Deepu 🙂

  13. Thahaaan??
    tpk gone top

  14. i want tapki and druv together..b coz..they will seperated by someone..druv never hurt tapki…miss them a lot….bihan…u r awesome…but u also cheat thapki…and..u have also know vasu did not like thapki…then why do u revealed that truth to druv

  15. frnds….i think that jigyasa(thapki) and ankith(druv) are love in real life…they are always together and…thapki confessed that their relationship is above frndshp:)

    1. ya minnu I too luv tharuv as I mentioned it before…..luv scenes r beautifully depicted by ankit bcoz he loves her in real life too..

  16. Ok dear accepted as real life couple but in onscreen only thahaan.
    how the nonsence if tpk only thahaan is the lead they admitted in her interviews so wt the need of tharuv reunion…
    accept the fact yar..
    thahaan rocksssss

  17. awesome precap can’t wait for it.super exicited to see it.thanks for spoiler deepu.i think thapki will falll for thahaan.

  18. Waiting for 7pm…thahaan rockzzzzz….love is in d air.

  19. I dont know why Bihaan leaves Thapki alone for too long,knowing that she has 2 strong enemies in that house,He has saved Thapki s life Many times,Please take Thapki with you where ever you go Bihaan or you might really become a full time widower.

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