Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki getting ready for her marriage with Bihaan and says it seems like we are going to unite after many years, and our togetherness will be for life. Bihaan also gets ready and says Thapki…we will be together always. Sweet music plays…..Heer Heer song plays……They reminisces romantic moments between them…Kabir comes and complements Thapki and says God must be in a very good mood while making you. Thapki thanks him for many compliments and smiles. Kabir says you will look more beautiful when you feel shy. Thapki says I will look beautiful if I wear other earring also. Kabir gives her other earring, and says I want to unite you and Bihaan together, as misunderstanding happened because of me. He asks can I become your best man and take you to mandap. Thapki looks

on. She says circumstances forced you to become a bad guy, but you are really a nice humble man and I will be happy to go with you to mandap and even Bihaan will be happy. Kabir thanks her for understanding him and forgiving him for his mistakes. He says lets go. Lastly Bihaan is very lucky to get you, and I am not lucky to get you even after getting you, gets sad.

Dhruv kisses on Aditi’s hand and says she is looking good. Aditi shows her dress. Dhruv says it is gifted by me and you are looking beautiful. Photographer comes and asks them to pose for pic. Shraddha comes and stands in between them asking photographer to click their pic together. Dhruv asks what nonsense? Shraddha says afterall you are my baby’s father. Photographer clicks their pic. Aditi goes. Dhruv follows her. Shraddha poses for pics.

Pandit ji asks Vasu to call the bride. Vasu says our bride is here. Kabir brings Thapki and gives her hand in Bihaan’s hand. He says your amanat…Bihaan holds her hand and says ghajab. Thapki is going to mandap with Bihaan and her dupatta touches Kabir. Kabir gets sad. Pandit ji asks them to make each other wear garland. Bihaan makes her wear garland. Thapki makes Bihaan wear garland. Everyone smiles. Vasu does their ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks them to take rounds. Vasu asks Pandit ji can they take wedding vows by themselves. Pandit ji says yes. Thapki and Bihaan take first round. Thapki promises him that she will never leave him even in the difficult time. Bihaan promises that he will never let difficult time come in her life. They take second time. Thapki promises that she will make his sadness as hers.

Bihaan says my happiness is yours and your sorrows are mine. They take all rounds. Ranjhana plays……….Everyone shower flower petals on them. Thapki says I will wake up my eyes seeing you, and when I close my eyes I will see your face. Bihaan says I will die and live for you and with you. Pandit ji says all rounds are complete now. They look at each other. Shraddha asks Kabir what he is thinking? She says you must be thinking you must be taking rounds with Thapki instead of Bihaan. Kabir asks what nonsense? Shraddha asks him to hold his heart and tell that he never loved Thapki. Kabir gets sad and goes from there. Shraddha says one sided love makes the person worthless.

Bihaan makes Thapki wear mangalsutra and fills her maang with sindoor. Kabir takes their pic and smiles. Bihaan and Thapki touch Vasu’s feet. Guest gossip that Bihaan is lucky to marry Thapki even being an illiterate and even won 5 crores Rs. Thapki asks how can he say that he is illiterate. Guest says what wrong did I say that he is illiterate. Thapki slaps him and says you are illiterate to call him illiterate and says he is far better than a literate man. He says my Bihaan will get educated. Vasu asks guests to leave. Thapki asks Bihaan to get educated. Bihaan says he will study. Kabir says now we will leave, we have a flight to catch. Vasu asks them to stay there for few days. Kabir says we have to go and thanks them for giving so much love. Thapki says you was stranger before, but not anymore. Bihaan says you are a family now. Kabir thanks Bihaan for forgiving him.

Police is after Sankara to catch her. Sankara runs. Kosi comes and stands infront of her. Sankara looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    Spectacular episode…from the beginning to end it was mind blowing…Thahaan looking fantabulous today…I would like to write more but my over happiness will make me speechless…stay blessed together…
    Looking forward to the upcoming episodes….Manish…GAJAB…

  2. today epi I would like to say let’s party ?or dance after long time ?my thahaan get united ? I never expect that day will come but everything is well ☺now and I request the writer plzzz don’t end the show ?it just start?

    1. Yayyy let’s party ? ?????

  3. Lho ko masih ada shankara…???

  4. This is perfect and WOnderful marriage without sadness I really enjoy thahaan ! Beautiful and cute couple they are made for each other. Their happiness make me enthusiastic happppppppppy.I can’t predict shraddha character sometimes she is good sometimes she become evil.apart all of the sadness today pandey family is very happy and take pics and photos .kabir u r so sweet .

  5. Vinolin.d

    thapki and bihaan…you both are looking very very very beautiful in marriage dress.mind blowing episode.shraddha you never change yaar.aditi looks very beautiful.
    I don’t Like precap.because of again that two damn woman’s are entering to pandey nivas.but I hope whatever happens god will save our thahaan.
    totally I was enjoyed very much.
    thanks a lot for this superb episode.

    hai pooja, garima,reshal,Leena,Anu,Jo,sruthi,navami,naitan,Ritz and all my tpk friends…what are you thinking about today?

    1. It was amazzzzing ???

    2. Gajaaab

  6. Want thahaan sences not thabir scene

  7. Just end this show here

  8. RatanaMala

    Loved Thahaan wedding wows, simply superb. Thahaan forever 🙂

  9. pooja prabha

    Yes afshan…now its party time yaar.
    Hello vino…extremely happy dear.
    Hi,reshal,garima,any,sruti,navami,sandy,santhosh Bhai…share your views guys,its a very special day for Thahaanians…don’t miss it.

  10. Yes well done Thapki slapping people you seem to be learning from your brute of a husband. Thapki is such a weird character when she thought Bihaan killed her child she wanted revenge, when someone calls her husband illiterate she slaps them. Yet the moment she finds out Sankar hit her with the car and Bihaan tries to stop Sankar from escaping then Thapki stops him and says the police will catch her LOL. Didn’t Thapki want revenge from Sankar??

    Anyways I liked the scene with Kabir and Thapki at the start they seemed really close, he seems to really love her.

    1. Absolutely true shahid.Thapki learned so many bad things from the WU here seems like kabir fell for thapki.
      Kabir left the pandey niwas.But no news of sehban’s track end/exit.
      So!will he in the show after the leap??Bomb blast yet to happen then maybe Bihaan presumed dead and Kabir taking care of thapki and her baby??
      I am so confused….please clear my doubt if you know anything

      1. I don’t think they will ever kill of Bihaan too many people will get emotional, but im trying to keep away from the future plots all know is Sankar and Kosi will try and blow up the house and that Shraddha will swap babies but not too sure.

        The Kabir scenes were the best in my opinion, I used to like BIhaan and Thapki seens but all they do is go round and around I mean they been seperated for over 2 years is that how relationships and true love meant to be??

        Now I preer Kabir as a main lead, he knows he can’t have Thapki so he letting her be happy with Bihaan.

  11. Die for manyasa

    Wow what a lovely ep hey thahaanians me shruti i am very happy today and our bihaan manii was looking gorgeous i was totally flat he is the best dulha looking in red sherwani itne time baad happiness come in TPK new writer ne to kamal kar diya :-* can anyone plz give me trp of this week and is it real news that tpk is going off air;-( plz frnds confirm it and party to banti hai guys plz anyone tell me the upcoming story and is leap is coming plz tell me and my all frnds pooja anu manish ki divani garima vino rinka ritz sandy santhosh bhai shuva leena lucy and all comment plz and thahaan forever and ever

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Hiiii shruti hw r u.dear if u search on 30 Jan update u find spoiler there . tpk going off air still not confirmed becoz of low low trp trp is so low 0.9.just becoz of there unbearable torture But if trp increase they don’t end this I hope this week there trp increase .only trp is the hope ..only u guys can do this
      Indian thahaan fans plz guys watch tpk daily

    2. Hi Shruti… the upcoming is there in toi spoiler..
      Hope trp increase
      Hope for the best

  12. I think the episode was slightly spoiled by the guests comments, and obviously Shraddha has to add a bit of poison in. Also I wish they bring back Kabir he’d be a much better addition then Dhruv. Dhruv and Aditi return has added no value to the show, when they returned I thought they’d get more substance but most of the time they are just background characters

    1. you’re right.. Lucy..
      I also feel quiet disturbed by guest comment n Thapki’s reaction… ?

  13. Super episode

  14. I’m glad that the writers didn’t spoil Kabir by making him acknowledge his love out loud and that he accepted Thapkis choice as he knew it was one sided

  15. Best pair thahaan

  16. Hi.. friends.. ?
    awesome episode..! ?
    Their wedding vows are really heart touching.. hopefully they fulfill the promises.. ? ?

    starting to worry about Kosi n Sankar.. ?

  17. Nice episode tpk should not end

  18. Can’t describe my happiness in this episode it just AMAZING finally without any problems their wedding happened ?
    ????thahaan wedding happened ???
    Yayyyyyy ????
    And I loved when thapki decided to make Bihaan educated I know this episode will come ??

    But I didn’t like kabir scene It look like kabir still have feelings to thapki which make me feel bad for him ?
    And sanker and kosi will return ?
    Let’s see what the writer will do next hopping for good ?

    Thahaan fans am sure you are flying form happiness today finally our wish come truth and thahaan reunion happen ?
    I hope they will never spirit ?

    1. Hi Sandy…your comments really describe your happiness, and you want to share it with the whole world…like always… spreading love and smile 🙂 ♡♡
      Actually, I’m longing for your ff update… you used to update it daily before on the previous ff, so what’s wrong now? Perhaps you’re busy…
      Just tell us when your next update, and we’ll be aware.
      Thank you, tc, and keep smiling 🙂

      1. So sorry I forgot to update ?
        Tomorrow I will update the next episode ?
        And I will update when I got free time so there not a special day that I upload ?

        Thanks leena for ur sweet comment ?

  19. Manish ki deewani

    Wow a gajabbbbb episode first thahaan marriage without any problem disturbance and swapping drama enjoy thahaan marriage very much. Today I am sooooo much happy 4 thahaan.thahaan r looking awsome in wedding dress .Bihu u r looking superb duperb handsome so cute .
    Hello pooja garima vino shruti Ritz di sandy santhosh Bhai kudrat Lee-na.enjoy guys

    1. Hi Reshal 🙂 🙂

  20. I am glad finally thahaan marriage happen.

  21. bihaan you are awesome it is very good episode it is good that bihaan you get education and hy pooja Manish ki divani and die for manayasa and Lee na Sri rink vino navami.

    1. Hi Garima…yes they should end up this illiterate issue by getting him educated.
      But from the spoiler he will get distracted while studying, I’m sure it’s because of his beautiful wife…the cute romance begin 😉

    2. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

      hello Garima, I am very happy with the wedding thahaan. I do not know what to comment about it, they were both created to love each other. I pray that CVC does not put an end to this series. Only TPK india series that I watch and I really like

  22. Vinolin.d

    hai reshal dear…how are you…sorry I forgot to add your name in my comment

  23. I really didn’t feel happy to see kabir still have feelings to thapki it rewind thahaan wedding and when he give her the earring and filter with her I was burning inside ,
    But what to say the cvs maybe he will decide to break thahaan again when kabir become a obsess lover like druve ,
    I was so excited to the episode but seeing kabir and his love to thapki all my exited die and I didn’t enjoy seeing thahaan wedding all I think about is why kabir is her and why he is smiling,
    And one thing more stop predicting the upcoming episodes you make fans feel disappointed .

  24. Gajjaabbb… Amazing episode today… Happy remarried for thahaan, glad to see the smile on thahaan’s face & their happiness.. Bihaan looks so georgeous & thapki looks so beautiful.. Wonderfull wedding of Thahaan..
    Thapki did a great job, she slapped the man who insulted bihaan & she will be make bihaan become educate person.. excited for that
    Thahaan Forever

  25. Superb episode..☺Thahaan s looking gorgeous in wedding dress..?

    Hope Tpk should not end..

  26. heena balram shrichandani

    Plz sankar aur kosi devi ko pakad kar fansi ya umarkaid de do aur kabir aur neha ke carecter ko khatam mat karo unka contract ka extension kar do plz aur kabir ke life aur neha ki life me naye jeewansathi aaen plz…

  27. O my god!
    kahi m kusi s pagel na ho ja o
    me perso s continusly hasi ja rahi hoo..
    ding dong..
    diding dong..
    to nacho..
    beja o band baja..
    finally humare pyaare, lovely,cuties
    moti budi or chuk chuk gadi ki 5v baar saadi ho gae..
    Yaar enko bolo na ki real life m ek baar sadi kar k ketam kare
    lakin ha!
    pase m nahi dugi…

  28. Hello to talanted,gorgeous,beautiful
    anu,shruti,leena,pooja prabha,garima,reshal,sandy,vinni,navmi,rifa,rink ritz,vinolin,kiran,sulbi and thahaan fans
    how r u all ?

    1. @kudrat kya yaar tumne mujhe gorgeous beautiful v bana diya…how you know I am gorgeous and beautiful!! haha kidding….how are you dear? till Sunday I will give my ff episodes daily….treat for Thahaan

    2. Hi Kudrat…I’m fine thank you…

      1. So sweet of you…

  29. Hi divya,
    how r u?
    divya tumhare kabir fans keha chele gae…
    m roj tumhare cmt pedti hu
    or muje pad kar kesa lagta h y to…
    chalo choro ek kaam karo apna ad..r..s bta do hum sweets bijva date h
    or ha!
    akele mat kana apne kabir fans ko bhi dena…

    1. Glad to know you are so obsessed with my comments and stalking my comments everyday.i think everyday you eagerly waiting to reply me but finally you got the courage to write your message for me.
      Though you ask me for kabir fans,then i will say better they left the show rather wasting their precious time already they stopped watching the crap,if the cvs couldn’t capable of tackle or running kabir’s track properly then why should we watch this drama anymore???we always wanted a strong kabir ,they gave us to certain extent but if In a day they will take 360 degree turn and treat us like nothing then why we would give them viewership??
      About your sweets …………”Thank you” But ”No thank you”You Couldn’t afford the sweets for any kabir fans.Their standard are very high and sophisticated,as you can see from their choice and preference .better you donate some money to that bihaan pandey for his unborn child’s cerelac or some necessary things.
      Ooh i forgot the main point to mention…If thapki was so proud of her husband illiteracy then why now she ashamed of that illiteracy tag????And funniest thing going to happen if in 2 years,after leap bihaan return with business tycoon tag and his fluent English.Aise ameer to Ranvir of Meri Ashiki THH bhi nahi bana tha.ha ha ha
      Yes now kabir left the PN but not sure whether he will be after leap or not,but if leap then most probably kabir fans would not like to watch him as free caretaker of PN.

  30. Is the last episode tomorrow?

    1. @sonia there isn’t any last episode… the show is not going off air right now

  31. Wowwwwww …… gajjab finally my favourite groom bihan pandey and mrs. Thapki bihan pandey…

  32. I am still curious as to how long Thapki and Bihaan will be happy for ?
    And once again,Where do they get the Police officers from ? lol
    Incapable of catching a girl,running in sandals,at night,in a sari ?
    Oh and like so many of the soaps on Rishtey,someone falls in love with another persons partner ?
    But where you and I say,Oh well that’s life,These people start to obsess over the person they have no chance of ever getting.
    In a lot of instances the object of their desire tells them,There is no chance of me leaving my partner.
    My wife watches a soap where someone tried to kidnap the woman,Even though she told him that she would never ever love

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