Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki hearing kids crying and comes near the haunted bungalow. She thinks to inform everyone and turns to go, but then again hears kids cry. She goes inside. Bihaan thinks Thapki went to get water, but haven’t come back. He thinks to go and check. Sankara comes and tries to get closer to Bihaan. Bihaan asks her to stay away. Sankara says just now you kissed on Vani’s cheeks. Bihaan says she is not Vani, but Thapki, and nobody can come in between them. Thapki is inside the bungalow and looks for the kids. Bihaan comes near the bungalow and sees the bottle kept there. Kabir is about to shoot Bihaan. Thapki hears goons keeping kids captive for making them beg for them. She gets scared and sees the burning coal.

Thapki tries to beat the goons and gets caught instead.

The goons tie her hands. Goon tells that she comes every time to save the kids and asks his goons to make her handicapped and take off her eyes. Thapki shouts for help. Bihaan comes inside calling Thapki. They take the burning iron rod near her eyes, but Bihaan comes there and beats the goons saving Thapki. He says how dare you to touch my Thapki infront of me. Goon identifies him as Bihaan Pandey and says you came here. Bihaan says you want to make my Thapki and kids handicapped. He says kids have God’s avatar and beats the goons. He calls Inspector and says B for Bihaan is here. He says Makhan is here with his goons, and asks him to come and arrest the goons.

Bihaan turns to Thapki and asks why did you come here, don’t you care for your life, if I hadn’t come here then….Thapki says no, I don’t care about myself and says I will die, but can’t let the kids die. She says I am not like you. Bihaan says what do you mean that I saved you and not the kids. He says even I love the kids and care for them. Thapki says you didn’t love kids and tells that he don’t care about his own baby. Bihaan is shocked. Kabir targets gun at Bihaan. Vasu and others come inside. Dhruv warns Makhal Lal for keeping kids captive. Inspector arrest Makhan Lal, and says he will send kids to their house. Thapki says she will do. Inspector says it is their work. Vasu sends servant with the kids. Once everyone goes, Dhruv asks Thapki, why did she risk her life. Thapki says she can’t let kids die.. Bihaan comes back and says death can’t reach you when I am standing infront of you. Kabir targets Bihaan again. Bihaan says lets go now, as you keeps problem on your head. Dhruv says lets go.

Kabir says Bihaan will die without having pain if I kill him. He says Thapki will give him pain and punish him, as she is her life. Kabir comes to Thapki and says Bihaan loves you and I am sure that he knows that you are Thapki and not vani. Vasu hears him and is shocked. She recalls the happenings and cries.

Thapki reveals to Vasu that she is Thapki and asks her not to tell her truth to Bihaan else she will have to see her dead face. She says she will punish Bihaan. Vasu asks what did Bihaan do? Thapki says Bihaan had killed his own kid. Vasu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Not bad….precap ok.
    First time Writer ji gives us best scenes

  2. Not bad.. I wish thahaan should turn against Kabir & sankara

  3. Just irritating with Shankar…I hope Kabir shoot Shankar now….pegel aku…

  4. pooja prabha

    Very interesting episode…i think Bihaan will soon find Thapkis pregnancy matter because he is getting confused through her words.precap is nice I hope vadundaraji will proves Bihaans innocence in front of Thapki…Manish dashing performance yaar.hiiii,garima,anu,reshal,santhosh Bhai…

  5. Kabir target on bihan but bullet come to Shankar ….so end the shankar track soon yeehhhhh

  6. Good episode…hope the truth will be revealed soon and Bihaan’s agony will be over..Tapki and Bihaan together again..keep up with the good script…?

  7. At last… ,the episode getting more interested… ☺

  8. Finally vasu know the truth I hope she will tell bihaan soon ?

  9. Thank you writer; B for Bihaan Pandey ; Thahaan is good

  10. pooja prabha

    Somany days later its a better episode…so I just think its a BIRTHDAY GIFT for me from the side of TPK team….anyways Iam happy.


      wish you happy birthday dear Pooja & Anu…
      dono sada kush raho ….☺☺bhgvaan tumhari har ichcha aur kaamna ko poori kare♚♚♚♚♚♚♚♚♚♚♚♚♚.
      let’s party time…

  11. what this vani is Doing? Bihu loved him a lot hate her fake love hate her blo*dy revenge like always our bihu will suffer at last may kabir try to kill vani and bihu will come inbetween and may she realise when he is struggling between life and death. Cvs always made our hero victim hate u vani oberai want our thapki bck hpy bday again pooja

  12. At last vasu came to know truth but I think vast will clear all the misunderstanding between Bihaan and thapki… She is the one who can help Bihaan.. I hope Bihaan and thapki will become one..

  13. At last vasu came to know truth but I think vast will clear all the misunderstanding between Bihaan and thapki..


    TPK trp decrease…
    1.5 (last week 1.6)

  15. Vinolin.d

    hai pooja,garima,anu,reshal,joylin,sulbi… how are you guys…I love the precap.after the long time CVS gives nice scene.

  16. Vinolin.d

    hai pooja…wish you a many more happy returns of the day dear

  17. It was obvious from the beginning of this new track that vasu will eventually knows about her truth before others , and also I think both thapki and bihaan’s roles are domb , seriously both of them talking about the truth but neither of them are not able or don’t want to hear it . Besides there is too much complications and dramas happening at the same time in the serial and it makes people dizzy , I think they should rap it up and get to the point or at least reduce the complex situations cause It’s really getting boring , I mean even if don’t watch this serial for two or three weeks I haven’t loose anything cause nothing is happening in serial nad It’s like stopping . So please if anyone of the filmmaker of this serial reading this please do something about it and make it more interesting and don’t make another confusion , for God’s sake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I hope vani/thapki should tell vasu about kosi is evil not Bihaan . He confused. So Kabir should kill Sanker and kosi.

  19. hi vinolin the epi was by the way good as some scenes of Sankara were dumb

  20. pooja prabha

    Thanks alot my dearest santhosh Bhai,vino and dear anu…

    1. Happy birthday pooja…

  21. thanks dear buddy crazy girl….

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