Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan stopping Kiran. Vasundara asks why did he stop them, who is this guy. Bihaan says this guy will tell everything. The honey bees start coming there. Rithvik says his name and tells Vasundara that he wants to say…. Suman says run, honey bees….. they all run and scream. Dadi asks them to stand on one place and bees won’t do anything. Shraddha says bees have perfect timing, now Rithvik won’t be able to say anything, now bees will attack Thapki as she got honey mehendi applied.

Everyone stand still. The bees go to attack Vasundara. Thapki holds Vasudnara’s hand and takes her to room. She locks Vasundara in room and bees surround her. Bihaan goes to help. The bees get away as Bihaan gets vaccum cleaner to catch all the bees. Kiran says we all are fine.

Thapki asks Vasundara to come out now. She apologizes to Vasundara for locking her, but bees were coming to her side.

Dadi tells Vasundara that Thapki saved her today by risking her life. Dhruv comes and hears this. Kiran says Bihaan saved Thapki. Bihaan and Thapki see each other. Vasundara looks for Shraddha. Bihaan says its right time to tell her truth. Vasundara says maybe Shraddha has run away being afraid of bees. Bihaan says no, she has run away being afraid. Vasundara asks where. Dadi sees his hand bitten by bees and asks him to apply medicines. Bihaan says I will apply later. Thapki asks Bihaan to get aid done. Shraddha calls Rithvik and asks him to come to meet her, she realized she loves him. Rithvik says I love you too and coming there. She hides the quicksand board. Thapki applies ointment to Bihaan’s hand. Music plays…………. He looks at her. She says we will go to hospital. He says we don’t have time, we have to expose Shraddha. She says dad told about some herbs, I will get it from jungle behind our house. He says he will come along. She says I will get it, you be here.

Her dupatta gets stuck in his ring and she turns to see. Music plays………….She frees her dupatta and goes. Rithvik comes to meet Shraddha in jungle. She pulls the rope and his feet gets stuck in rope. He hangs upside down in air and she smiles.

He asks her to let him go. She says sorry, I can’t take more risk with you now. He looks at the quicksand. Thapki goes out of home to the jungle. Rithvik says I loved you Shraddha. She says she hates him, she will not leave any hurdle between her marriage. He says he will never come back and asks her to leave him. Thapki looks for the plant. Shraddha drops Rithvik. He falls down. Shraddha asks him not to come around her, else she will kill him. He says he won’t come again. She says coward, I will see how Thapki stops my marriage now. She goes. Thapki falls down in quicksand and shouts for help.

Bihaan waits for Thapki and thinks whether honey bees got after Thapki. Thapki shouts for help. Bihaan comes in jungle and looks for Thapki. He says this way is quicksand, she wo’t go that side. She shouts asking someone to help. She calls out Bihaan. He hears her and is shocked seeing her.

Bihaan goes to save Thapki and asks her to hold a stick, this is the chance to come out, try. She sinks. He shouts Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. BORING….

  2. Awesome episode
    eagerly wtng tmrw…

  3. Nice episode.thahaan scenes awesome.wait for tomorrow

  4. Ya…superb epi…as i hv already seen what will happen on sbs..but it will be a delight to see it on serial….bihaan swinging on a branch n picks up drowned thapki tightly on his arms n both come out…hope they fall in love soon n thapki realize dat bihaan is his saviour n a caring husband who will keep her more than happy in dis whole world….thahaan rokzzzz…tpk i love u.

  5. Sorry to say guys but I wonder why everyone has started fighting..this is a serial. Nothing is happening to the stars in real but if you are taking it to heat then I suggest that thahaan must be a pair as they are matter under what circumstances they did it..cause marriage is divine
    Sorry guys I didn’t mean to hurt anyone

  6. good epi……………….waiting for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. what a episode yaarrrrrrrrrr…superb…eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode.B for Bihaan B for Best forever…

  8. After what Thahaan did to save that vasu, all she does is goes and looks for that evil sharda.

  9. where is dhruv???????????????????? writers directors plzzzzzzz bring back dhruv… dont kill his character… he is the best in the show

  10. Oh.. Shraddha is such chudail ….Vasu deserves her but not Druv. Love today’s episode.

  11. Dragging… but Nice… vwaiting 4 twmr episode
    Love thahaan…….

  12. Thahaan rockzzzz!!!!!
    Waiting 4 tmrrw…….

  13. Wow thahaan rockssss….
    notice guys
    when tapkis dupatta stucks bihaans rings she was shock and nervousness but not anger in towards bihaan….
    really thapki start liking bihaan????

  14. Super episode wtng thahaans romance tmrw……..

  15. Welll…d episodes r getting boring day aftr day

  16. Yeh Thahaan will make a good couple.?

  17. As usual, another boring, mindless, bu*****t episode of this stupid serial.

    1. So dnt saw!!!!
      is ur wish..

    2. So dnt saw!!!! is ur wish..

    3. ya its very boring serial

  18. I waiting 2row epi. Precape so nice

  19. Not a single line for dhruv..thats mean im not dhruv’s fan still his character is becoming like a background artist which is not good ….and yeah i love thahaan<3

  20. wooww super epii nd super thahaan romance….:-) w8ng… tomrw thahaans most beautifulll love seanss omg !!! i cant w88….. love uu thahaahnsss thahaaan rOckzzzz

  21. Hai thapki please understand atleat the feelings of dhruv. I have a doubt realy you loved him?

  22. Bihaan and thapki please fall in love guys 😉
    You two look so good together

  23. Thahaan was super…..
    adipoli episode….

  24. Eagerly wtng tdys episode…

  25. Oh god lot of malayalis here…

  26. Nice episode and Precap …
    Bihaan cares for Thapki…and Thapki for Bihaan 😀
    But poor Dhruv 🙁 I think his marriage with Shraddha will happen and he will suffer for the sins and bad deeds of his mother.
    And Vasundhara will see that she did a very big mistake which can’t be reversed…because Thapki and Bihaan already fell in Love each other 🙂

    This is my opinion 🙂

  27. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  28. dhruv’s character should be revived… he is far better than bihaan.. plz dont make him marry shraddha… unite tharuvv

  29. Wowwww tdays episode thahaan gonna be rockkkkssss….

  30. Thahaan fell in love….
    this is each thahaan fans wants…
    thapki love u

  31. Now i am seeing only IKRS at last in this serial lead characters getting married and no third person come and get married to heroine .

  32. i hate love triangle,,,,,, original pair should be together… plzzzzzzz unite THARUV…………….. bihan plz go away from tharuv

  33. Such a crapy serial saying it as an impressive show but showing a girl very cheap as she can fall for anyone whom she is pairing with.. Poor Dhruv .. None is seeing his pain..

  34. Now I hate to watching this serial there is no value for truelove.nobody tries to realise Dhruv even Thapki…….boring……………I hate to watch this……..yack

  35. Dhivyanjalee

    Hnmm not bad it’s better than bv and others serial

  36. I hate thahaan pair.. and cheater betrayer bihan

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