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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling everyone that she has to tell them a truth. She says Maa has….. Vasundara gets tensed and faints. Bau ji and everyone hold her. They take her to room. Thapki looks on. Bau ji asks Vasundara not to think a lot. Thapki says Bau ji is right Maa, whatever has to happen will happen, have this juice. Bau ji gives the juice and asks Vasundara to take rest. Vasundara drinks juice and acts of weakness again.

Later, Vasundara wakes up and sees its 7pm. She says it means I m sleeping since 4 hours. She recalls she has drunk juice, it means Thapki has added something in juice, so that she can tell everything to family, she would have told everyone. She rushes to see and does not see anyone. She gets Bau ji’s letter. He writes you broke Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage,

by getting along Bihaan, you cheated your children, this sin can’t be forgiven, so we decided we will leave you and go away forever. She cries and shouts no.

Thapki comes there and looks on. Vasundara scolds her and asks are you happy now after snatching everything from me. Thapki say you also snatched everything from me. Vasundara says yes, I snatched your dream to marry Dhruv, I made you marry Bihaan, I was shocked knowing you stammer, I wanted to take Bihaan’s support, he was senseless and felt you and Dhruv love each other, then I showed him my pain, he regards me Lord and then he did what I told him to sit. Bihaan has sat in the mandap, Dhruv tried a lot to each mandap, Bihaan has hit him with the stick, but still Dhruv tried, but I have made Dhruv smell chloroform, the bottle which you got. Thapki says it means you did this. Vasundara says yes, I did this for my son’s happiness, what you did, you proved you don’t deserve to become this house’s bahu, you broke this family, I will never forgive you for this. Thapki cries.

Bau ji and Dadi come there with everyone. Vasundara gets shocked. She asks where did they go. Bau ji says we had gone to temple. Dadi says we left Thapki for your care. Bau ji says Thapki told us what you were hiding, why were you hesitant to tell me. Vasundara asks what. Bau ji says that you had mannat if Thapki stays here forever then you will give 11 lakhs rs worth mukut, you felt that we will think how did you keep big amount mannat, 11 lakhs is nothing infront of Thapki and your happiness, are you fine now, nothing can happen to you when Thapki is here. They all go to their rooms. Vasundara turns to scold Thapki, and sees her gone. She says Thapki has played big game, she acted to know the truth, Thapki wrote this letter, she did not tell family about the truth, but made me admit the truth.

Thapki looks at the moon and recalls Vasundara’s words. Vasundara comes outside in lawn and sees Thapki. She says you are very clever, you made me admit the secret by cheating me. Thapki asks cheat? Did I do cheat? I have brought truth out, the cheat which you did, you deceived me, Dhruv, Bihaan, both families and pure relation like marriage. Vasundara says whatever I did was for my son, my son would be not happy with you, he would know your back heart, he would hate you as I hate you, stammering people have evil in their heart, the proof is this letter. She tears the paper.

Thapki says I regret to see your thinking, you see no one is happy and even you too maybe. Vasundara scolds her and says I will not lose, go and tell anyone, take revenge, I don’t care. Thapki says no, I won’t tell anyone, I wanted to know truth, who played this game with my fate, its not in my values to make elders fall short in eyes. Vasundara shouts shut up, I know you well, you are greedy, selfish and useless girl, you are not able to bear that you could not succeed and not get Dhruv, you can’t bear to see how did Shraddha became my bahu, go and see your face in mirror. She praises Shraddha and says she is perfect, she does not stammer, you have weakness, not in Shraddha.

Thapki says you know every person has weakness, if I have weakness, Shraddha will also have it, you are not able to see it by your eyes, just change your perception, see Shraddha well, you will know who is true and who has weakness. Vasundara asks are you challenging me. Thapki says no, how can I, I m saying you can test me and Shraddha with no biasing, take our tests, you counted my weaknesses, check me and Shraddha on the basis of what you said, just once.

Bihaan ruins the decorations and says you did not do right by cheating me. She says you will regret after doing bad with me again. He shouts and says you will regret, I will show you such avatar which you did not see till now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Offfffff………. Yeh thapki ki toh……kitni idiot hai woh………. Perfect bahu….my foot……… Arey thapki toh didn’t even get to know hw bihaan was blackmailed………… Bechara bihaan pehle uske maa ne usse dhoka diya aur aab patni ne…… Bechare ki toh kismat hi kharab hain………. Aaur iss shw mein toh luv se zyada prblms aur challenges dikhaye jate hai…….. Sahi hain dhruv deserves thapki jst as an idiot deserves an idiot………….. Bihaan ke saath koyi nayee ladki ko lao aur thapki ko jelous feel karwao……..

    1. Hmm u r rite…. abhi tho bihaan ke life mein ek ladki ki entry kara ni yi hogi …thabhi tho mahan aatma thapki jealous feel karegi aur tab Uska akal tikaane aajayega na….

  2. hey pls make dhruc and thapki they loved each trurh s out.thapki dis big mistake by not trusting him.
    and also pls save aditi frm diwakar. make aditi also a bahu of pandey nivas as aditi bihaan pandey.pls…..

    1. yes…now i m with tharuv….unite these idiots , thapki does not deserve bihaan…introduce a new girl who is also like bihaan, a gold hearted person…and then make bihaan and the new girl lead

      1. yes u right bihaan i agree with you but dont make aditi bihan pair he deserves a new girl rather than thapki and aditi

      2. No one can become lead as the serial name is thapki .Mr.Bihaan

  3. Luv u bihaaan

  4. i am happy for precap…i luv thahaan pair..but i hate completely thapki…she s wost..any true feeling girl never neglect bihaan…he s such a dream hero..and perfect husband…eventhough he cheat to married thapki,he always help her n support her…dhruv s gud but he nothing cant do thapki even shraddha also…now also crying n dreaming…bihaan s such a super husband n human…all r using him n hurt him…better kill thapki…or pls make pair that so called MAHATMA thapki with DUMB dhruv ….pls introduce energetic and smart bubbly girl and fall with bihaan pair…ex vasu niece or balwinder niece…make them…its seems interesting n enjoy…dont dhow mahatma…thank shraddha for her doings,first time she did correct with bihaan….

  5. Just watched he epi….

    Hmmmm…… Thapki thapki thapki

    So you finall get the truth and instead of telling everyone, you decide yet again to protect Vasu and instead of saying enough, you challenge Vasu to test you against shraddha to see who is the better Bahu???

    I mean why do you want to prove yourself to Vasu??. You know what Vasu thinks of you? This confrontation was a repeat of the previous one where she told you she hats you because of
    your stammering.

    The precap with Bihan getting angry. Not surprising but equally he still hasn’t told her the truth so in fairness to thapki why should she trust him. I mean a grown man doing something so terribly wrong on his mothers say so is still wrong.

    But, I do feel sorry for Bihan because he has Vasu as his mother.

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