Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv coming to office. He cries seeing Thapki’s cubicle. He says I could not make me stay in my life, why am I not getting away from the memories. He misses her a lot and thinks what to do. Bihaan buys Ganpati idol and asks Thapki to cover it with the red cloth. They keep the idol in car and he asks her to sit in front seat, as he is not driver. He asks her to come by walk. She says wait, I will take the idol. He says I take idol home every year. She says this year I will take and do the rasam, I will sit in back seat. He says you are stubborn, stand here, I m going home. He leaves in the car.

Thapki walks on the road. Bihaan gets scolded from Vasundara for leaving Thapki on the way. She asks him to respect women and asks why did he leave her alone and that

too with Ganpati. Thapki gets tired walking. Vasundara asks Bihaan to go and get Thapki back. Bihaan starts leaving and gets shocked seeing Thapki coming home. She gets dizzy and he holds her. He asks is she fine. He says he will take the idol and she stops him.

She says I can take it inside, if I have brought till here. Thapki brings it inside and they all get glad. Dadi says its good that Thapki and Bihaan did ritual together and asks Thapki to place the idol. Vasundara says stop, and asks Thapki and Bihaan to place idol together. They place the idol. Suman thinks she will do what she has thought. Dhruv comes home and sees Thapki and Bihaan together. Dadi says now we will have happiness in our house. Bihaan plays shank, and they all do the aarti. Dhruv prays and moves back. Suman brings the modak and recalls she is filled the hot coal inside it. She gives the Prasad to Thapki.

Aditi gets a call and does not get network. She sees Diwakar teasing girls and gets angry. Aditi says he is so cheap and gets an idea to trick Diwakar. She changes voice and flirts with him. He ends call saying wrong number. She thinks he is very clever and will not get caught easily. Suman gives the modak to Thapki and asks her to eat it. Thapki eats it and screams. They all get shocked and asks what happened. Thapki throws the hot coal on the floor. They all get shocked.

Dhruv gets worried and stops. Vasundara asks how did this happen. Dadi says hot coal in modak. Kiran gets water for Thapki. Dadi asks Vasundara to see Thapki. Thapki still stammers and Suman gets tensed. Thapki drinks water. Bau ji asks who has kept hot coal in modak. Preeti says Baba ji has told Suman, she has done this. Suman denies and says maybe that Baba has done this. Bau ji asks Ashwin to get doctor fast. Bihaan looks at Thapki.

Bihaan scolds Baba and asks him to eat hot coal. Thapki asks Bihaan not to fight with anyone because of her, she can manage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Getting too much boring while watching it…
    Why didn’t Dhruv done anything till now???

  2. They started dragging like all serial.pls take 3months leap and make them divorce and we want dhruv and thapki jodi

  3. so sweet I really like this serial a

  4. Soo nice episode. ….. I don’t know why peoples don’t like thapki and bihaan jodi….and seriously i don’t like dhruv he has such a bad smile and thapki is such a cute and nice hearted girl and bihaan is such a naughty boy….so iff dhruv and thapki whould have married than there would be no spice in there life….

  5. please make thapki and bihaan close.

  6. Awesome pair thahaan

  7. pls thpki nd dhurv ko fir se sath dikhado…….ye dhurv ka koi n action q ni dikha rhe h esa hi h to use hta hi do na show se….dhurv pls do smthing… vshu ka sch samne kb ayega

  8. I lu v this pair.pls make thBi together.luv u thBi!

  9. I lu v this pair.pls make thBi together. I hate this dhruv and thapki pair.luv u thBI

  10. I also love thapkibihann they r cute together pls make them understand each other n fall in love i dont like dhruv he has very dirty face n worst smile bihann is gud looking n caring as well but everyone misunderstood him i wish thapki will be the first to notice his goodness

    1. 10000000000000000% agree bihan thapki roxk

  11. most entertaining and fun couple is bihanthapki love u bihann i wish thapki will notice ur kindness n fall in love with u

  12. Guys…Why all of you are getting to excited to watch Bihaan and Thapki’s pair???
    This serial is about Thapki’s weakness and how she could overcome it.That’s all…
    But if Thapki and Bihaan are unite then it might give the wrong effect of it’s main intention…
    Their intention is to boost up those people who had weakness like Thapki and they are neglated in society…
    In my opinion,Thapki should prove wrong to Vasu by making her thinking wrong..

  13. I am wondering how come someone put hot coal in a modak..:P ha ha what a rubbish goin onn..

  14. Brity aapke baat se mai bilkul sahemat hu
    shhyad jo log chaate hai thapki ayr bihaan ki jodi bane woh galat hai……. mai toh chata hu 25may se dhruv aur thapki ki he jodi / pair bane….

  15. Pls dhruv nd thapki

  16. What is the relations between bihaan and dhruv

  17. Agree with u Brity . bringing bihaan and thapkir 2gether is secondary. Th main point to make is thapkirs weakness how to prov vasu wrong. Then make vasu to plead for mercy. To get thapdruv together.

  18. tappki really has to prove lot of things and has to rectify it…especially infront of vasundra and if she becomes dhruvs wife then she cant…but as bihaans wife she has to do and also she has to get that motherly love for bihaan also….and tappki is slowly getting used with bihaan and she is getting to know him but with hatred in her mind and lets see how this hatred gives happiness to her and bring love …and i think for some spicy jodi bihaan tappki is better and nice

  19. I agree with sonamohan. Thapiki cann’t prove herself If she become druvus wife. Thapiki should be wife of bihaan to prove herself infront of vasu & people who wrongly estimated about the strengh of stammer people. Thats y we want thapiki&bihaan jodi. Vesebe They both are cute and entertaining. I love thapiki &bihaan jodi.

  20. agree with sonamohan..u r correct..thapki n bihaan ka jodi super..she have rights to prove herself..if only bihaan with her..both r nice pair…dhuruv married thapki means…serial s boring with out no spice…but now full of entertainment n jolly…both r cute couple…their fights become love…wish them both…give more love scenes to thapki n bihaan.

  21. why Dhruv didnot do anything till now? we want old dhruv and thapki. Please make 3 months leap and take divorce and we want dhruv and thapki. Buhaan and aditi jodi

  22. Yes Ammu & Sonamohan you both are right from your view…
    It would be good when two neglated people(Bihaan and Thapki) will unite and if they prove that they can also do everything then it might show the concept of this serial.But my say is Thapki should prove that She is also capable to become a famous family’s daughter in law and a famous guy (Dhruv)’s wife…

  23. plz no more criticise it

  24. like vry much tapki and bihaaan….<3 bihaaan…ur jzt awzme…<3 <3

  25. I agree with sonamohan and ammu thapki needs to be with bihann to do justice to the theme of the show bihann need thapki more than dhruv

  26. I also agree with sonamohan and bihann and ammu
    thapki needs to be bihann’s wife toprove everyone wrong about handicafe people even bihann was a poor orphan with no home n family they need to do justice to him they adopted him n turn him into their puppet a gangster

  27. I also agree with sonamohan and bihann and ammu
    thapki needs to be bihann’s wife toprove everyone wrong about handicapped people even bihann was a poor orphan with no home n family they need to do justice to him they adopted him n turn him into their puppet a gangster

  28. Its true enuf dat dhruv loves thapki bt in long he being an owner of a news channel he is to sum xtent perfect in looks,,in physique,,etc wud feel ashamed of thapki wen society wud b tautng him,,,he has grown up wid all luxuries n love n no such deprivatn nd so in long wl nt hav da patient n capibility to defend n protect hs love as he is weak heartd…
    Contrary to ths bihaan being an orphan knws hw to value scarce thngs in lyf…he is being pitied n thus undrstnds the value all thngs wich he in long run wen he falls for thapki he wud b capable to do nethng n evrythng to protect thapki,her respect…

  29. Could agree more I swear I HATE DRUV n ya his smile is sooooo pathetic I’m sorry if I’m being offensive but that’s what I feel n yes BIHAAN THAT KI LOVE STORY WILL BE SUPER SUPER SWEETS I never shipped druv thapki they both were sweet but ankits acting expressionless stonefaced he ain’t impressive at all thapki beautiful inside n out BIHAAN IS CUTE TOO N THAPKI BIHAAN WILL ROCK ??? THEIR love haye relation is effin
    cute ? Can’t wait to see them fall in love ? thank god druv chapter closed pls MAKE BIHAAN THAPKI jODI the CUTEsT Jodi AFTER MANMARZIYAN N BADTAMEEZ DILL pairing of this year serial

  30. thapki bihaaan luv u both
    bihan ur mine ur mine
    tere ishq mein haye tere pyr mein

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