Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu telling that visarjan aarti will be done by our special guest Vani. Mr. Kapoor tells Aditi, lets have fun and pushes her on bed. Aditi is shocked and scared. Thapki is shocked and doesn’t know what to do. Vasu asks her to begin the aarti. Thapki is about to start singing bhajan and is shocked. Vasu thinks Thapki’s truth will be out now. Thapki stammers and sings bhajan. Dhruv gets tensed. Vasu smiles as her doubt is right. Bihaan smiles and looks at Vasu. Kosi, Shradhha and others are shocked. Dadi smiles happily. Thapki continues to sing bhajan and does aarti. Kosi thinks if she is Thapki. Bihaan asks how can your fast speed tongue stammered today just like Thapki. Thapki says that is because……Bihaan asks what? She says actually….and stammers again. Bihaan

says this is your real avatar, and you couldn’t hide your truth from us, as you are thapki and not Vani. Kosi holds her head shockingly.

Bihaan says now I can call you Thapki….Miss Vani ji. She says then you should call Thapki to Kosi ji also. She tells that she had a juice which Kosi had. She says you have shown your true face today, and tried to prove me Thapki. I don’t want to stay in this house anymore. She says I kept silent thinking you are sad about her demise, but today you have crossed all the limits, and that’s why I am ending business relation with you. Kosi is shocked.

Thapki asks him to move from her way. Kosi thinks she will suffer loss of millions. Bihaan stops Thapki and asks her not to go, says he will not do this again. Thapki asks him to apologize to her else she will not stay in the house even for a moment. Kosi asks Bihaan to say sorry. Bihaan apologizes. Thapki asks him to apologize with folded hands politely. Bihaan gets angry, but controls his anger somehow. He folds his hand and apologizes to her, assuring that he will not do this again. Thapki looks on. Bihaan thinks she can’t be my Thapki, just the way she asked me to apologize. Thapki hears him and says yes, I am not your Thapki, but a mother who lost her baby. I can’t become your old Thapki, even if I try. Dhruv tells where is Aditi and says he will check. Shraddha stops him. Meanwhile Aditi asks Mr. Kapoor to leave him. Mr. Kapoor forces himself on her.

Preeti and Suman ask Kosi to come with them. Kosi tells that she has a bad throat and gets angry on her. Shraddha tells that she didn’t do anything. Thapki comes and smiles seeing Kosi getting angry on Shraddha. Thapki asks why did you make me drink juice, and says thankfully I had only half glass of juice else my throat would have been paining. Kosi is angry on Shraddha and goes. Shraddha thinks she has to teach a lesson to Vani. Mr. Kapoor is forcing himself on Aditi, just then Dhruv comes there and breaks open the door. He starts beating Mr. Kapoor. Aditi hugs Dhruv and cries. Dhruv angrily asks him how dare he to misbehave with Aditi. Dhruv tells everyone that Mr. Kapoor tried to molest Aditi. Thapki loses her cool and slaps Mr. Kapoor, calling him animal and asking how dare he to raise eye on her sister. Everyone is shocked.

Thapki and Dhruv make plan to break Bihaan’s trust and get property papers. She says she will take revenge from Pandey family also for her child’s death. Meanwhile Bihaan and Vasu tell each other that they have to plan big to make Thapki’s truth out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Its just an OK episode,but I feel little bit sad because the way Bihaan apologize her.This is not much of draggness,everyday Bihaan will tried to expose her and experiment with new plans.Thapki has to spoiled everything…Waiting for better episodes.Hi….friends.

  2. Superb episode.I like it

  3. I think Dhruv is same as before..
    First of all.. why Dhruv is making Thapki against his own family..
    Thapki wants to take revenge on the behalf of her child from pandeys especially Bihaaan.
    And everytime Thapki scolds Bihaan and Dhruv has same evil smile seeing this…..
    I think It’s Dhruvs plan to molest Aditi by . Mr .Kapoor….By saving Aditi infront of all he can create good impression especially in Thapkis heart …He already cratered it by supporting her.
    Dhruv never told her to clear differences between her and Bihaan…& pandey family .

    1. sorry created…it by supporting her

      1. Sorry ally but I don’t think dhruv is actually the same because he could have married thapki in 2 years of gap by manipulating her against bihaan. He is just supporting her as she is right and even it is necessary in order to get rid of kosi. As far as Mr.kapoor, shraddha and kosi are the ones dealing with business matter and dhruv has nothing to do with that. He has started liking aditi not thapki.

  4. I like couple thapki-drunv is lovery and beautiful couple I hope re-united couple thapki(vani)&drunv ???

  5. Manish ki deewani

    Hi pooja i’m also not happy with today’s episode I want that bihaan apologize 4 his previous mistake not like that .when he knew about his baby’s death then bihaan feel really guilty but when this happened writers. but I don’t like this I’m also feeling very sad today

  6. It’s soo funny that Vasu gone from the house.. When ever Pandey parivaar Suffurs from a problem.. I don’t knwo how can she coming like a mahaan.. offcourse Vasu also don’t know.. Only Writter know about thiss…

  7. whts wrong wd tpk….ab bihan ko vasu or pandy fmly se koi isue nh hu rha..jb thpki th tu tab thahaan alg h isi lye hve th ab sb set hu gya or thapki agae bdla lene ….ajeeb h….

  8. Ones upan a time.. Tapki hi Vasu ko ghar lekar ayii.. our Vasu Tapki ki vajah se hi pandey parivar se firse jhuda hai.. aur ab uss Vasu Tapki ki againest bangayii uss Idioty Bihan ko help kar rhi hai..

  9. and jb thpki th tb kosi her wqt bihan ko marne ko lgi rhtii….th abtk use mara q nh…ye sara msla h isi lye hva th….thpki hyper isi lye th k wu kch kr nh pa rae th….or bihan se phly th pore pandy fmly se bdla lna chye unksth tu thpki sae h….sara bdla bihan k lye h….ajeb bat ….

  10. Hi…Reshal,how are you dear?Garima really miss you friend.I think your busy so,you are not able to comment.Anyway,good luck for your works.come back soon.

  11. I like dhruv acting.and nice episode.atleast thapki has to take revenge for kosi and shraddha.because they r most reason for her baby untill pls bihaan and vasu don’t do anything for thapki truth.

  12. don’t blame dhruv character.he wes just supporting for her.when she met in accident he was only there with her.if bihaan in negative character that time also all r appreciating his acting.then y blaming his character.this is also acting.that’s all

  13. Why do they always have a pooja..the story needs to get many rituals…

  14. Last but not least, guys!!!!
    Thapki makes a really cool couple with Bihaan so they must get united happily very soon. They love each other, therefore, must not make more mess. Please writer keep this couple united in the end, and oblige.

  15. Once the papers are signed a deal is done.I didn’t know business deal can be cancelled at the click of a finger, like childs play.

  16. Bihaan try to find vani’s true in front of the family,it is fool bihaan.he can find another way with only him shown than bihaan bad character..

  17. It’s good that Thapki’s truth is not revealed..even though it is sad that Bihaan apologies unnecessarily..but track is good only..

  18. Alister La Frenais

    Enjoyable episode with twists and surprises. I think that Dhruv plays the part of a mischief maker very well and is very subtle in his methods. Good performances by Shraddha and Vaani/Thapki. Bihaan, is becoming boring in his quest to trap Vaani.

  19. Colors’ Thapki Pyar Ki (Vaishnavi Media and SOL) will also have huge drama over ‘Karwachauth’,
    Well, as per the plot going on, Vasu (Jaya Bhattacharya) and Bihaan (Manish Goplani) have been going hand in hand to expose the fact that Vaani is Thapki. However, their attempts have failed till now.
    During Karwachauth, Vasu will vow to expose Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) before everyone.
    As per the plan, Bihaan will bring in the portrait of the real Vaani in order to get the truth out of Thapki.
    On the other side, there will be huge drama over whether Thapki as Vaani would have kept her fast or not.
    As per sources, “Vasu will do all that it will take to feed Vaani on the day of her fast. Thapki will try to resist and will also try to feed the food given to her to ants.”
    Shraddha (Monica Khanna) will also do her best to trouble Thapki.

  20. jo admi apni wife par bilkul trust nahi karta …..
    jo kisi ke bhi behkave mein aa jata hai…
    vo hai hi isii layak…
    and jab truth proved hota hai to sorry bolta rehta ki ki main tum par trust ni kiya…galti ek barr hoti hai yar baar baar nahi….
    jo baar baar galti kare use uski adat kehte hai…this time thapki is right….

  21. I am waiting for tomorrow episode

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