Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kosi shows Thapki in the mirror that she has brought Aryan here only to marry Tina and now she has broken the marriage herself. Thapki pleads to get her outside, Kosi laughs and goes downstairs to witness the drama downstairs. Thapki cries inside.
Vasundra asks Thapki how she can take such a decision herself. Thapki argues she is the mother, Vasundra can never take place of a mother. Samar’s mother asks her to forgive Samar, Bani says he must have apologize the minister. If he can behave so ill-mannered with the minister what would he do to Tina. Vasundra asks how Tina would live without Samar, Bani says she won’t die. Samar prevents his mother from apologizing Bani anymore. He speaks to Bani he will always follow Thapki’s rules of truth, she will soon get his resignation but he will

always be Thapki’s side.
Kosi comes downstairs and stops Samar from leaving, Bani in Thapki’s disguise tells her to stay out of the matter, Tina is her daughter and no one can change her decision regarding Tina and Samar’s wedding.
Bani comes to the room. Thapki watches Aryan come behind Bani into the room. He questions Thapki why she did this all. Bani says he has no right to question her. Aryan reminds his right to Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Panday, he came here on a condition. Thapki knocks at the mirror to take Bihaan’s attention. Aryan says now they must marry Bani along with Tina, as Munna loves Bani. Bani says if Bani doesn’t want to marry Bani, they can’t force her; who is he to interfere in this matter. Aryan says he is Munna’s brother, Munna for Manav Khanna else he would tell the whole family he is not Bihaan Panday but Aryan Khanna. Bani was taken aback and fell over. She says firstly her mother betrayed her and now her best friend Munna as well. Kosi comes to the room and says this all has also been done by Thapki, if she thinks Thapki didn’t know Aryan and Munna are brothers. Thapki shouts from inside that Kosi is lying but Bani couldn’t hear. Kosi says Thapki is again sacrificing her happiness just for Tina as Tina is marrying her choice. She tells Bani she would take care of the matters any further and sends Bani to change. When Bani has left, Kosi speaks to Thapki that she will now see how this wedding takes place. Thapki was sure Vasundra will make this wedding possible.
Tina comes home. Vasundra was worried and tells Tina what Thapki has done. Tina breaks a vase nearby and says she will marry Samar at any cost, she requests Vasundra to let Thapki live her daughter. Vasundra and Panday promises Tina to make her marriage happen. Aryan comes there saying Thapki might have a reason to break this marriage but they have no reason. Suman comes with the note Kosi left on Thapki’s bed, she considers it as Thapki’s and reads it that Thapki would never be a part of Tina and Samar’s wedding. Kosi wonders what kind of mother Thapki is that she left her daughter crying.
Thapki was crying and prays for her respect as a mother, she prays that her daughter’s wedding doesn’t stop in anyway. Vasundra tears the note and says she will get Tina marry Samar at any cost. Thapki thinks Vasundra would never let her daughter’s happiness get ruined. Vasundra says if Thapki doesn’t agree, she might not; she may also not be a part of this wedding but they will get Tina and Samar married today. She announces even Bani and Munna would marry each other today. Bani hears this from upstairs. Aryan watches here there. He comes to her in the corridor. Bani turns to face Aryan and asks if he wouldn’t call her ‘Bani Beta’, Aryan calls her so. Bani says he actually seems to be her father, having similar voice. She says sometimes he doesn’t appear to be her father, it feels he is someone else. Aryan says he doesn’t know what happened to Thapki, but he will get Tina and Bani married. He says he knows Bani doesn’t love Munna but she must still marry him, he is special to him and dearly loves her. Munna hears this conversation. Aryan asks Bani if she would marry Munna. With tears in eyes, Bani says she is ready to marry Munna. Munna runs there and confirms if she is ready to marry her? Bani says she can’t betray anyone’s feelings and love, she walks away crying.

PRECAP: Thapki watches Kosi feed yogurt to the two brides and as the two faint, she changes their veils. Thapki was shocked. Kosi foresee the whole Panday family would be shocked to see what she has done.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Another borring episode of TPK…thank you CVS for giving such a endless adorable borring episodes….
    Nothing more to say really depressed..
    Hello my dearies…wish a superb weekend to all…enjoyed it.

  2. It doesn’t make sense at all.. ? ?
    Horrible story-line.. Very disappointing..

    I hate to see Thapki just keep silent of what Bani has done..
    At least Thapki could tell the situation to Vasundra.., but now it’s too late..
    Kosi & Bani have ruined everything..
    What kind of idea which cvs have..??

    1. Same me ???☹️I hate csv . I think thapki pyar ki is not good . Pandey family is gone! I miss Bihaan and thapki romance.

  3. again a big nonsense….i cnt see jigs wid anyone except mnish….thats y i was demanding arni jodi as a fresh one…but hate such a stupid makers….cant u fan control them….plz speak agaist the makers….i m wonder how this nonsense can runing for long time….plz ban this drama….being thahaan lovers….mnyasa lovers we cnt tolerate this…

  4. Now bani should be married Aryan. This way she can take revenge her mom thapki and her best friend munna.if it’s happens thenbit’s biggest turn and twist for viewers n TV serial history give us biggest surprise n happiness also.just kidding….

  5. Now bani should be married Aryan. This way she can take revenge with her mom thapki and her best friend munna also.if it’s happened then it’s biggest turn and twist for viewers n TV serial history also. It’s gives viewers biggest surprise n happiness too.just kidding!!!

  6. Mahua fully agree with your comments. Just joking…

  7. Now bani should be married Aryan .this way she can take revenge with her mom thapki and best friend munna. If it’s a
    Can happened then it will be biggest turn and twist for viewers and TV serial history. It’s get biggest surprise and happiness for all of viewers. Just kidding!!!

  8. Now bani should be married Aryan .this way she can take revenge with her mom thapki and best friend munna. If it’s a
    Can happened then it will be biggest turn and twist for viewers and TV serial history. It’s get biggest surprise and happiness for all of viewers. Just kidding!!!

  9. Iam also agree with you mahua khan.

  10. I am also agree with you mahua khan.

  11. Mahua,porshia,puspaa very funny!!!

  12. Mahua,porshia!! Too fanny

  13. Saaame like u sadia. I even didn’t want thayaan. Because they r old & ak has no attitude of bihaan. But who’ll listen us

  14. 1 QUESTION: WHOM DO U LIKE MORE?- THAHAAN MANYASA? (pls ans &select only 1)

    1. I really loves both manyasa and thahaan…but now i think iam more obsessed with thahaan..because i cant tolerate aryan with thapki if he is not i think i loves thahaan more..but i love manyasa too????if there is thapki then bihaan is only with her..and if jigyasa is there then manish is perfect for her??

  15. PLZZ stop this nonsense hate cvs don’t want bimar plzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t want to see jigs with any other I am watching this bakwasss only for manyasa

  16. No one wants bimar then why are they doing this

  17. What is all this??? I cant tolerate this..i loved tpk otherthan any serial till the entry of kosi…thahaans mariage,fight,divorce drama,sharng if room,shradhas entry..thahaan’s plan against sradha,bihaans year moment,staying in cowshed,holi,divorce ,bihaans love realisation,bihaan’s anger,vasu turns to positive,sradha and her evil plans ,cold storage scene(my favourite scene?)bihaans confession ,sheenas entry,thapkis jealous,thapkis realisation..thapki confession etc…and chuk chuk gadi and i really wonder howmuch tpk changed this that time i watched all episodes correctly..but now iam not intrested..i think they sust ended this with thahaan marriage after dhruv drama..but they dragged it..even iam happy that i get more thahaan scene..but now i think they ruined a beautiful story.
    You all know i used to watching old episodes in voot..that day when thahaan love confession..i watched that episode many times…
    I dont know what to comment about todays episode…iam sad that i didnt commented in the golden moments of thahaan..
    But whatever happens thahaan forever..they really the best couple..hope tpk will end soon and manyasa will come together in a new show…
    I know this is a boring comment..sorry for that dears..this all because i really loved thahaan..ok..gud nyt dears

    1. I still love thahaan..i will always love thahaan

    2. Hello Jasi di, how r u..?
      di u snatched my mouth words..

      SJ di I’m also very possisve about Manyasa..

    3. Hu kudrath iam fine dear…how are you??yes iam also possessive about manyasa..thats why i dont like banis charecter beacause she cant be paired with manish naa..and still iam believes aryan is that so they should focus on thahaan..because this is story of thapki..they can show others in parellel..the first time i thinking about tpk’s ending..because i cant see this all being a true fan of thahaan…

    4. Ha di, I agree please end this , I also not able or tolrate to see jig with another person, so it’s better u change bani face or end the show..
      even I masseged to Mani also that please….

  18. Jis ur ans is just like my mind mirorr. THAHAAN\MANYASA FOREVER. THE BEST EVER COUPLE

    1. Yes thahaan forever?????their chemistry is really awessome

  19. Very Good Evening friends..
    friendo I’ve request if u can so, please accept my request..
    Request is that our very talented friends write a INTRESTING, ROMENTIC, EMOTINAL, SUSPENCBLE, ATTRACTIVE or beautiful THAHAAN ffs..
    so, please read nd cmt bcoz it’s our duty to encourage them..
    or who knows in futuer they gorgious girls our TPK writes..
    so please cmt nd encourge them..

    ffs r:
    1. “so we met like this”-writen by Vinni7
    2. “You r mine”- writen by Simrank
    3. “Thahaan a new start”-writen by Juveri.galib
    4. “The blessed love-Thahaan” writen by Suhana
    5. Writen by-Anubuti, alm.ambas,

  20. Apeksha

    Hello friends another mahaboring episode of tpk. Manyasa’s screenspace is reducing day by day. I just want to kick cvs so that they may understand what they are doing. By the way i completely agree with u kudrat we should encourage all our ff writers as they are writing ff on many different and interesting concepts. So its my kind request to all friends plz promote our ff writers by giving ur precious comments

  21. Love you Apeksha di,
    God Bless You…

    1. Apeksha

      Love u too my kudrat dearie. I can understand the thoughts of all our ff writers as I too have some thahaan based ffs in my mind and I understand how it hurts when someone gives nil response on ur hardwork as I too write. By the way I wanna ask all of u that will u accept me as a thahaan ff writer.

  22. Such cheap story. Same as udaan. Brides and grooms were changed. Similar gonna happen in thapki.Thapki, udaan, most movies only bride and groom swap is happening. Does this happen in India in reality? These cheap stories are giving wrong education to people. Better old movies where they taught morale to viewers. Most of my friends stopped watching udaan and thapki.

  23. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    you all funny…imposible if you all say that dont want to see if jig couple with another man…but agree if thapki only bihaan and bihaan only for thapki…i still sure aryaan is bihaan

  24. I really couldn’t understand what exactly cvs want to show to viewers…
    Now both Bani & Tina hate Thapki..
    Thapki’s life has been miserable since Kosi came… Poor Thapki.. ? ? ?
    I think Aryan will keep supporting Thapki to reveal Kosi devil…
    See you.., friends… ?

    1. bani and kosi should be dead for good

  25. Alister La Frenais

    Unbelievably ghastly! I did not watch Thapki as I have stopped watching this serial few months back, however, I try to keep up with the help of the written update in the hope that the storyline would improve and mirror real life. Unfortunately, the serial script writers are living on planet Cuckoo, because no one in their right mind would believe the story that is unfolding. Whilst, I know that that the show is fictional, but surely it could follow a parallel path to real life situations.

    1. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

      omg…is planet cuckoo???hahaha….i think the writer come from planet pluto????

  26. Ofcourse apeksha di,
    why not we accept or want u as a thahaan ffs writer…
    di it’s our pleasure(sobhagya) that we…
    so, now didi plz tell me when u update our ff..
    I’m very eager to read..

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