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Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv getting ready. He sees the ink fallen over the speech and says who kept the lid open. Shraddha asks what happened. Dhruv says this was imp speech, I was preparing it since two weeks, I don’t know how to write it again. She asks is that one about CM. He says yes, did you read. She says no, I heard you when you were preparing it, shall I write it and give you. He says you…She says yes, I m your wife, relax, I will write it and give you. He waits.

Poonam calls Aditi and says the money I gave you yesterday… they hear some sound and go out to see. Diwakar comes with band baaja and in funny clothes…. They all look on.

Thapki talks to Bihaan in English, and asks how are we planning to leave, by bike or car. He says we will go by car. Bau ji laughs and

says Bihaan, you are talking English, it looks good, Thapki would have taught you. Bihaan asks Bauy ji to tell about his new tshirt. Bau ji says its good, you both talk in English. He thinks Ghazab, Bau ji wants to make more fun of me.

Dhruv is annoyed and Shradha asks him to listen to her. Shraddha mixed the speech with the items Suman and Preeti said. Dhruv says you can’t make fun of my work like this and reads out the speech to everyone. Bihaan laughs. Vasundara asks whats this. Shraddha says I m sorry, I will write again. Dhruv says let it be, I will cancel this live telecast, I can’t spoil my channel’s and my reputation by giving bad speech. Thapki stops Dhruv and says give me two mins, I will try. Shraddha stops Dhruv and asks Thapki how can you do this work, you don’t even know speech’s subject, leave it. She asks Dhruv to cancel this telecast. He gives Thapki the papers. Thapki checks it and sits to write the speech.

Thapki writes the speech well. Shraddha gets shocked. Dhruv smiles. Thapki says whatever I found right by Shraddha’s writing, I wrote it in my speech, check it once. Dhruv checks and says wow Thapki, this is great, its similar to the one I wrote, thank you. Thapki says welcome Sir, your show Dhruv is Awaz is not just your voice, its voice of millions, whatever happens, don’t let it stop. Dhruv reminds Thapki that he was going to cancel telecast once and Thapki stopped him, and even today she gave a new life to his show by helping him, I will go and prepare for live telecast. He leaves. Bau ji says Thapki you did not know anything, how did you write. Thapki says I practice reading newspaper and know what happens in country. Bihaan smiles and says wow, what a talk. Bau ji asks then to go. Thapki asks Bihaan shall we go. He says we go…. They leave. Vasundara thinks very soon this will end and Thapki will leave from here.

Diwakar greets Aditi and asks how does she feel that her husband is getting successful. She scolds him. He says I will become supermodel. Mishra laughs and says I m very happy today. Diwakar asks the men to play band.

Bihaan and Thapki reach the restaurant. He likes the place and says I will have great food and lassi. She says thanks, I don’t need your help. He coughs and she gives him water. He says I don’t want your help. Waiter comes to take order. Bihaan asks him to take his order first. Thapki says yes, he is very hungry and his train is leaving. He says I want train to leave since long, but it does not. They argue indirectly. Thapki asks waiter to take order in hindi, as his English is weak, you won’t understand anything. A boy looks on and smiles. Bihaan asks waiter to write the order. Thapki says same for me. The boy runs to Thapki and asks her to talk again. Thapki asks who are you, what should I say. The boy claps and says you stammer and talk, I had fun. Thapki gets shocked and looks at Bihaan.

Thapki asks the boy to go. The boy says I want to hear her stammering, tell more. Bihaan asks the boy to go politely. The man comes to their table and says if boy is insisting, entertain my son. Bihaan says you can stop the boy for wrong thing. The man asks Bihaan whast wrong if she entertains my son, and gives money bundle. He asks Thapki to entertain his son, you got money to stammer. Bihaan says stop it, leave from here. The man scolds Bihaan and asks what will you do. The man’s wife asks him to not drag matter, and come with her. The man asks his wife to shut up and challenges Bihaan, after boasting his status in the city.

Bihaan says I m saying last time, leave from here, and pushes the man. The man gets angry. Thapki asks Bihaan to sit. She asks him whats the need to fight with them. The man calls his goons. Vasundara asks the man did he do the work, is that envelop reaching my home. He says yes, it will reach in sometime. She thanks him. Thapki says I feel something wrong, we will go somewhere else. Bihaan says don’t be scared. She says Bihaan, please for my sake. Bihaan and Thapki get up to leave. The man asks Bihaan where is he going, have for what you came here.. Bihaan gets angry and holds Thapki’s hand. He starts leaving with her. Goons come in two jeeps and stop Bihaan. The man asks Bihaan did he get shocked. The goons with hockey sticks and bats surround them. Thapki gets scared. Bihaan looks on fearlessly………

Bihaan gets beaten up badly and Thapki gets shocked seeing that man shooting him with his gun. She shouts Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Uff same precap and now today’s episode was because of thahaan scenes finally the makers are slowly waking up

    1. It’s true fatarajo…it’s mvng vry slw…

  2. Thapki ,dhurav scene nice to c…tdy epsde s full f entertaining…,.nd shradha not playing negative role instd playing cmdy role….

  3. Noo.. Bihaan gets shot…
    So sad…..
    Actually is it plan by Vasu to kill Bihaan and send Thapki away from pandey nivas..????

  4. Unite thapki & dhruv…..unite love……………..

    1. Yes plzzzzz unite tharuv…….
      Love comes from a unique feeling bw two beautiful hearts <3 …….
      But thapki and bihaan's Jodi is done by vasu (the evil) ………….
      I still watch only thapki and dhruv's episodes that June, July,August some parts ……….. THARUV <3 <3 <3

      1. thahaan’s heart is only pure
        dhruv marry shraddha by his own wish
        thahaan will unite & that is true

    2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      He too yaar today their scene were awesome I think writers will unite dhruvki in last epi and have a happy ending

      1. Tharuv is the Not happy ending …….
        THAHAAN is the happy ending. …

  5. Nice episode, Thahaan scenes were sooo cute.But Bihaan will be saved then Thahaan will realize their love???

  6. wonderful episode finally thahaan scene its good to watch it I enjoyed it a lot
    but precape is so sad
    can’t see bihaan beaten n shot
    but I guess it will make both of them realise their love.

  7. Bihan should be shot but thapki should care him and they should realise their love

  8. This show is not dragging at all compared to Kumkum bhagya

  9. Thahaans scenes were very nice to see.Thapki this is a chance to show her love,admiration,care towards your should prove it.

  10. finally the show is getting interesting and exciting…
    Sad to see this bullying happening to Thapki and of course Bihaan the hero protects her.. costing him physical harm…cried all thru the scene..

    this was the one time i wish Bihaan had his gun.. besides what kind of a gun is this dude using it looks like an antique.

    The in your face scene with Druv was great, making Sharradha look stupid. LMAO
    Please oh please have thapki slap Sharradha just once…

  11. Don’t want Tharuv……
    Please make Thahaan together
    Both are alike in in heart… too caring loving, sacrificing everything for family and love. ???

  12. So, additional is now a different actor… Okay…

    This is another quite draggy episode.

    Loved the thapki/Bihan and thapki/shrub scenes.

    Shraddha was made to look like the idiot she is. Of course she,LTL blame thapki. Shraddha cause the ink to be spilt, she forgotten the lines, her husband nearly had to cancel his show. Thapki saved the day but oh yes.. Of course it’s allll thapki said fault.

    Vasu… God I hate you. Thapki saved you precious dhruv’s reputation, but oh no, she can’t see that.

    That annoying child in the restaurant, who lets their child talk like that to anyone.

    And the precap with the way Bihan gets beaten up is horrific. He got shot in the chest, it’s an awful, very violent precap. It was shown yesterday in the ‘kal’ precap and yet again today.

    The next episode will be just full of the fight scene with Bihan being shot right at the end I suspect so I think it’s at least 2 episodes before we know whether he survives or not.

    The their confusion is thapki knows vast hates her, knows she wants her to leave, knows she hates Bihan, but they still had the scene where Bihan says nighters can’t stay angry at their kids for too long. Very very sad and thapki in a way is keeping that lie alive for Bihan.

    I wish they would have another blo*dy Mary session and spill the beans about the marriage, the rat poison and alllll the other crimes vasuand shraddha have committed.

    Despite the dragging I,m sticking with the show but it’s very disappointing that this is another show where Yet again baddies are portrayed as always having the upper hand.

  13. That should say Aditi is now a different actor.

    Enjoyed the thapki/Bihan and thapki/dhruv scenes.

    The other confusion is that thapki knows…

    Bihan says mothers can’t stay angry at their kids…

    Apologies for allll the typos. My iPad autocorrects drive me mad. Sorry.

  14. Felt very sad to see bihaan get beaten up so badly. Why is it that ML have to to be shot for the FL to realize her love? It happened in madhubala then na bole tum na Maine much kaha and now in TPK. Are the female leads so heart less that some one has to go on death bed for them to accept their love. This trend has to change

  15. thapki helped dhruv its nice….i luv tharuv….nd y these fighting episodes in such a cool serial…? dey r practically impractical….

  16. By the way a HUGE thank you to the Amena for the brilliant update. My Hindi isn’t great so I appreciate these written updates. Really Helps my understanding of what’s going on.

    1. I agree. I don’t know the language very well nor do I speak it.I only understand a the jest of the conversation.

      And watching it online without the subtitles, I miss the good parts. The written overview helps..but mp

  17. please…don’t want thapki and dhruv together…want thapki and bihaan together

  18. Tharuv……. tharuv……. tharuv……
    I hate this couple on screen……..
    One and Only THAHAAN. …..THAHAAN. ……THAHAAN. … couple. …. I loved this cute faces. …..
    THAHAAN super se be HOOPER ………

  19. Thahaan is awesome and at the end they both will unite

  20. Bihaan should not die like this as he is helping Thapki but soon they should get divorce ; both shraddha and vasu should be either thrown out or must be taught lesson and Thapki should be united with Dhruv not Bihaan as it was forced marriage .

  21. Pls save thapki bihaan and throw away that shradha devil and vasu mental pls pls pls

  22. Save thahaan

  23. Evil nd devil vasu who is nt really a mother

  24. I love thahaan…….

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