Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with family playing dumb charades. Bihaan goes and picks alphabet R. He signs about Rose and Thapki guesses it. Everyone compliment their pairing. Bihaan says Thapki had to guess this as we have memories linked with Rose. They smile. The game continues. Dadi says both teams have equal scores now, the winner will be one who earns a point now. They all ask Dhruv to go. Dhruv asks Thapki not to guess even if she understands. He chooses T and expresses love for Thapki by signing about Tajmahal. Bihaan says we will lose, what is it. Thapki says Tajmahal. Preeti says Thapki had to guess this, as it was sign of Dhruv and Thapki’s love. Bihaan looks at them. Dhruv says its no use to say all past things, Thapki guessed that as she likes Tajmahal since childhood, and she will remember

just Bihaan’s memories. Preeti apologizes. Dadi says Thapki’s team won. They all clap.

Bihan sits thinking and sees Thapki. He checks Dhruv’s message. Dhruv smiles. Bihaan leaves. Dhruv goes to him and asks why did you come here. Bihaan says I m thinking why did I not guess Thapki’s sign when I love her so much. Dhruv says we know each other since long, we did not get married but we are still friends, give some time to yourself and her, don’t think. He leaves.

Dhruv goes to Thapki and gives her an envelope. She asks whats this. Bihaan looks on and says what are they talking, I can’t hear anything. Thapki sees friendship card. She says I hate you, whats all this. He says this is for Bihaan, I know I can win your trust when I do something for you and Bihaan, I just want your love to get strong, give this to Bihaan. He goes.

She says no, this maybe your plan, I will not give this to Bihaan, its hard to trust you. She hides card there and goes. Bihaan checks the friendship card and says its fine, they are friends and that’s why Dhruv gave him this card, but why did Thapki hide this card. Dhruv looks at him. Thapki gets Dhruv’s note to come outside and meet him. She thinks what is Dhruv upto, I have to go and see. Bihaan gets Dhruv’s message and says why is he calling me outside house at this time of night.

Thapki goes out in rain and sees Dhruv’s car. She goes there and sits in the car. Bihaan comes there and sees Thapki. He says why is Thapki going to meet Dhruv. A beggar comes to Bihaan and asks for money. He disturbs Bihaan. Bihaan gives him money and sends him. Bihaan sees Dhruv explaining something to Thapki. Thapki gets down the car and leaves. Dhruv goes to Bihaan. Bihaan asks Dhruv what was all this. Dhruv says nothing. Bihaan says I have seen crying, tell me whats the matter. Dhruv says I will say truth, that’s why I called you here to say, Thapki has some big fear in her heart about marriage, she was crying telling me that, it does not mean she does not want to marry you. Bihaan says but she loves me a lot, you know how she told about her mannat.

Dhruv says she is afraid that’s why she kept that mannat, she is sad and lonely. Bihaan says why did she not tell me, I always ask her to share things with me. Dhruv says you are her love, not her friend, person shares things with friends, you and Thapki did not become friends, you both don’t have that friend’s feeling, I m her friend, she is comfortable to share things with me. Bihaan recalls how Dhruv and Thapki guessed the words. Dhruv says don’t worry, I will make Thapki get rid of this fear, you are my brother, go home now, its late. Bihaan leaves. Dhruv says Thapki, now your and Bihaan’s relation will break. He tears their pic and throws angrily.

Dhruv thanks Shraddha for helping, and says I would have not done this without your help. He kisses her hand and smiles. He says thanks for wearing Thapki’s clothes and getting her back in my life. FB shows Thapki going to Dhruv and asking why did he call her here. Dhruv sees Bihaan and says sorry, I called Shraddha here, and shows Shraddha’s name written on the chit. Thapki leaves till beggar keeps Bihaan busy, and then Shraddha in thapki’s getup sits in the car and cries. Dhruv says very good, you will work for me now. He sends her. Bihaan sees Shraddha and thought she is Thapki. FB ends.

Dhruv says I know Shraddha you have worn Thapki’s clothes and went to hotel. Shraddha asks are you blackmailing me. He says absolutely right, infact if you don’t agree to me, I will expose your plan, you gave money to two men to put Thapki in tree and kill her. She gets shocked. He says I have captured those men, think what to do, you will go from house to jail, you will get punished for attempt to murder, but if anything happens to Thapki, I will hang you. She says I m on your side. He asks her to keep supporting him, if she has to stay awake, now I will do my work being the good guy, I made lightened the spark, I will make this turn to big fire and burn Thapki and Bihaan’s relation, Thapki is mine and will become just mine.

Bihaan goes to Thapki and says I need to talk to you. Thapki goes to Dhruv and scolds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thnx amena for the fast update…omg!!! Dhuruv why can’t you stay away from thahan???? Now its dragging unnecessary…ff are more better rather than this….

  2. Dhruv beats Shraddha in playing dirty games. ??

    Poor Shraddha her facial expressions are watchable.. ??
    Bihaan is suspicious on Thapki now I hope he will not back off from marriage .
    Shraddha do something if Dhruv black mailing u don’t worry u also knows his plots against Bihaaan and Thapki. Black mail him back.. ??

    Why every time Thapki goes to Dhruv for arguments as she knew his intention. If Bihaan see them together he will again doubt…
    Just give Tight slap to Dhruv infront of family and tell everything frankly. Then only he leaves you.

    1. The problem is Thapki has no proof… probably going to have a fake death track where Thapki pretends to die then fake haunts Dhruv until he blurts out the truth…. soooo predictable

  3. tamil ponnunga-juggu(4)

    Sobba……mufila ennala…dei kalyanatha….pannungada…..kadupedhuradha niruthungada…… Nerupu da naangala….erichiruvom…pathuka….ada pongada neengalu unga thahaan oda marriageuh…..frm nw i hate …….

    Cvs ……

    Enna dhruvnu solvenu pathiya…..kana asku busku….hes my darling….

    1. Ithodaa!!! Asku bushku nanga pooddiku varuvomnu nenaichiyoo!! Dhruv ah nee sight adikirathila engaluku entha problem um illa,permission granted 🙂
      Aana manish pakkam maddum vanthiratha,appuram veddu kuththu aaki poirum 🙂

      1. Juggu

        Dhoda……manish enaku bhai……so no worries anniyare…..sry….sry..

      2. Kana sis….ungalukku bihaan na avalavu pidikkuma…..

    2. Hi sis…sollunga sis entha clg , enna course….

      1. Juggu

        Nee chennai ah una pathi konjam sollu…na agni colg la bio med engg join pannirke…iniku admission ku pora……adhanala seekiram elupi vitanga……huh.

      2. Juggu-aahaa!! “ANNI” kekurathuke evlo inimaiya iruku 🙂 cheri cheri apdiye annanaiyum anniyaiyum vaalthi oru paadda paaditu oodi poiru 🙂

        @fira-ethu!!! Bihaan ah pidikumavaaaa!!! Naan atha epdi solluven ennanu soluven!!loveuuuna loveuuu apdi oru loveuuuu ♡ ippa paaru en darling ah pathi oru paaddu paadiren
        Ivan Yaaro Ivan Yaaro Vanthathu Etharkaaga
        Sirikinraan Rasikinraan Enakkae
        Ennaachu Enakkae Theriyavillai
        En Moochin Kaaychal Kuraiyavillai
        Ada Enna Ithu Enna Ithu Ippadi Maati Kondaen
        Ithu Pidikirathaa Pidikallaiyaa Yaaridam Kaettu Solvaen

      3. Illa sis…naan ramnad….

      4. Juggu

        Podi podi punnaku podatha thappu kanaku……pala kiruku unaku iruku……..adhuku mela….theriyaaaaaadhu…….

        Podhuma panni……

        Sry …..chiii…..anni…..

      5. Juggu-adiyeee!! Anni enkirava innoru amma mathiri annan enkiravan innoru appa mathiri,nee engala olunga mathichu nadanthina naalaike college la unaku ethachum prachanaina B phor Bihaan pandey ya anupi vaipen la,puriyatha aala irukiye nee!!! Cheri cheri olunga sorry solli kaakka pidichu vaichuko avlo than solluven 🙂

      6. Kana sis song super….ama juggu sis….kana sis sa nalla kaaka pidichu vachukkoma?…

  4. Rubbish what is this is this a kid ,s play all what and shen is tha wedding.

  5. tpk getting irritating
    hate chipku
    bihaan plZ trust thapki

    Shraddha plz unite thahaanian

    hey My alll Thahaan fans
    my readers
    sorry i Will update ff late as busy in tests preparation


    ANU (Santosh ki deewani)

    Is it right or wrong
    and Santy tum mere sapno mai aana chod do na
    kya koyi galti ki TUMHE FF KA LEAD BNA KE
    ya agar nhi pasand TO ROSHNI YA VINLO KO…





    are tumhari SANTOSHI….

    Isliye Mat aao na sapno mai…

    Manish ko mauka do


      this is too much, i am taking about seriously …
      vinlo aur roshni mera dosth se jyaada sisters hai…..

      aur thum a mazaki baath ko kaha se kaha lekar jaarahi ho…. a billkull teek nahi ANU apni baatho mai thoda nahi jyaada hi dyaan dho……

      a teek nahi kaha thum….. mere baath samaz mai agaya tho 2 ko sorry boldho

      1. Vinlora

        Arre yaar SANTHOSH tum kyun tension le rahe ho ?kisi ke kuch bhi kehne se rishta ,dosthi badal jaathi hai kya? ?? Hum Dosth the,Dosth hai aur Hamesha Rahenge ?aur tumne sister maan liya tho aur bhi achchi baath hai ???waise mera bhi koi bhai nahi hai. …?

      2. Lightsabre

        Awwww….. how sweet santosh. … u called me sister.? sooo sooooo sweet of u ???? . Lekin tum hamare anu par gussa mat ho. Mazhak mein bol diya. Chal chod. ?? ok guys. Hi to al. Wil cum bak aftrwards. San ke pyare msg padkar raha nahi gaya. Had to msg. Mujhe sister sunne mein bahut acha lagtha hai?

    2. Thank u anu very much ???tumne mera naam nhi likha

    3. Vinlora

      Well ..Anu I understand ur feelings. ..but hume SANTHOSH ka heroine math banao plzzz….?Hum unke DOSTH yi teek hai. ..?Dosthi bada rishta kya hota hai. ..?? Am I rite ROSHNI and SANTHOSH? ????Muje aur ROSHNI ko tho hamare Dosth SANTHOSH ki taang keenche bina khaana azam nahi hota …plzzz hamara sukoon humse math cheeno yaar ANU. .???

      1. Manyasa29

        Sahi kaha vinlora??
        ….waise MANSAN Matlab mai kya ???
        Plz Anu…..thasan tak thik tha but ab aage mat leke jaao isse……..
        Santhosh hum sab ka achche dosth hai… fact meri usse aaj hi baat hui……woh toh mera bada Bhai ki tarah hai……..santy bro ?!!
        And hey Anu….I know ki tumne yeh mazak hi kiya hai…….issliye bura mat maano….mai toh gussa nahi hu tumse….but santy bro gussa hai I guess…..toh ek baar sorry bol do usse. Phir sab thik ho jaayega.

    4. Vinlora

      @ANU waise humara dosth SAN kaise diktha hai yaar…humne nahi dekha usse..tumhare sapno mein aata hai na ???plzzz batao. ..?

  6. Now tpk has become little boring….bas cvs se prathna karo ki jaldi se thahaan ki shaadi dikhado varna aesa rha toh jo dekhte the vo bhi dekhna band kardenge …..and also dhruv ne shraddha ko kaha ki uske baad ek saboot ha uske khilaf but shraddha dont have minds she also have a saboot against dhruv,that he tried to kill his brother…. ne common sense in tpk


    THAHAAN??? ke s for shaadi aur s for sapna??? chod dho….
    s for shaithasn?? aur s for sapola??? ka sar poddho???……. (wo tho character hai na usko maaf kardho…)

    haaaaa idea mila….
    c for CVS KO c for CHAPPAL???????????? MAARO…….

    this is too much of dragging…my head is spinning??? blood is boiling????….
    BP is increasing⬆⬆⬆……

    ho god ♚♚……
    iss se phele mera heart??? break na hojaye CVs ka mental ??? mind change kardho…….

    hai dostho… vaise aap logo ka thabiyath teek hai na……❗❗❗❗❓❓❓❓

    1. nhi yaarr santhosh…. tpk shuru hone se phle to theek thi..phr shuru hone ke baad achi tabiyat b bigad gyi..

      1. Lightsabre

        Hi sumera. Hw r u? Hws our zabardast track on tpk. Isse to behtar gorilla track dha… no cheating.. just happy- go- lucky gorilla.
        ???y did thapki meet druv inthe middle of the road?! If they wana fight..they can do it inthe house na. Did she wana get kidnapd again?! Ye india hai india… al this chori chori chupke chupke meeting is “controversial “. PN to ek island ki tarah bada hai… kissi ko koi khabar nahi rahta ki kon ky kar raha hai.
        Writers- uh.. dumb dumb di da dumb dumb????

    2. Hey santhosh mera dil toh pehele hi toot chuka ha thapki dekhkar tumhara bhi kabhi samye ayega. ..t for thapki t for tension dene wali t for totally mad

    3. Javeriathapkij

      Ny heart is already broken .ye track bht bakwasss hai yar maine to yaha ana bhi chordya itba bakwass hogya ha show…Hey i saw you posted something on my wall 2 days ago.can you tell me what u wrote?? For some reason im unable to open it..

    4. Manyasa29

      Waise main toh thodi thik hu….kyun ki jab bhi kuch illogical dikhate hai toh mai isse comedy show ki tarah dekh leti hu???
      …..sirf dhruv ka chehra dekh ke kabhi kabhi BP badh jaata hai……??

    5. Lightsabre

      San… thahaan weddin keliye wait karte kart tumare 5 frens ki shadi hogayi. Ab patha nahi kitne logon ke shadi hone ke badh ye weddin hoga. Funny part is… they r alredy married! Vaise.. game mein agar thapki ko b for bihaan dikhana dha to bihaan ko point kyon nahi kiya. Hmm s for sapola karna hai to kya karegi?!? and preeti is so dumb. Koi aisa kabhi bolta hai kya.

    6. nahi malariya huaa hai

  8. hyyy frndzz-roshini..santhosh..vinlo..luvleen..thapki..nd all…wow thapki ki team jeet gyi waise hi kas ye cvs thapki ko apne bihaan ke saath shaadi krne me jita de..

  9. wow ab shraadha dhruv ki patni jaakar uski security urf naukar ban gyi hai…kya get up liya shraddha bhabhi g ghazab…par dhruv ko shraddha k plan ke baare me kaise pata chala..aur jo usne thapki ko jhaad me band kr diya thaa..???ye dhruv to thapki aur bihaan ki diwali manana chahta hai..isliye itni aag lagaraha hai..dekhte hai ye drama kb tk chalega..

  10. Nasreen-Thalaivi

    Hai my sangam girls ,,,, elarum epdi irukinga ?
    Ponga pa na unga ellarum mela romba kovama iruken,,,, yaarachum enna pathi ketingala? yarukumey enmela akara illa,,, enna ellarum marandhutingala? ponga ponga ,,,, enakum oru naal varum!

    1. Adipaavi nasreen unmaiya sollu “yarume” “yarume” unna pathi kekalaya???

    2. Juggu

      Hey sokka idha thana whatsuplayu keta……ama anga vandhu rendu naal ache…..inga ipa tha vara.ash..kanana unaku elakarama……kelunga d rosha kara pakkigala…

      Ena akka bitu la podhuma…..ekachakama poteno….paravaala nuvvu namba akka ……idhey mari nalaiku vandhu bitu …bita podren ipa thoonga. Poren…iravu. Vanakam. .. .

      1. @juggy-adiye nee thalapathi fan nu inga kaatriyaakum…podhum podhum

      2. @juggy-adiye ne thalapathi fan nu inga allaruku kaatriyaakum…podhum podhum avaru bitu podra style eh vera

      3. Juggu-adiyee!! Shalwar podda “saguni” un sathi velai ellam inga sellathu,nee evlo bit ah venalum poddu poo,un kooda eppa sernthamo appave vekkam,maanam,soodu,sorana ellathaiyum kuli thondi puthaichitom 🙂
        @shobi-ennama enna?? Thider thider nu kanama poira??

      4. Juggu

        @shobi……lusu indha dialog vijay odadhungradha kandu pudikave unaku rendu naal ayirku…….enna solriya korangu…….nu musko…..

        @kana…..sry yaa na unna mari salwarlq poduradhu illa adhella auntys poduradhu…….

        (Mind voice: cycle gapla ivala auntynu solliyachu…….yeah……vetri kuri)

      5. @juggy-ada pakki pulla…naa iniku dhan comment pageke vandhen

    3. Hi nasreen sis….alhamdulillah ellarum fine…neenga eppadi irukkinga….

  11. What is happening here

  12. anu (santosh ki deewani)

    hey guys my friends have contact the Director Mallich jahid

    he Say that whenever marriage will happen it will be thahaan marriage but NOT NOW



    1. Hey anu can you also ask them ki vo yeh track kitne dino tak chalane vale ha

  13. Truelove

    totally west episode. No thahaan scene only sapola scenes. i will stop watching if they make missunderstanding between thahaan.
    really bored by current track.
    bihaan what happen to u …….. why can’t u see anything?
    thapki why don’t just give A DAMN S for Slap to S for Sapola.

  14. anu (santosh ki deewani)

    hey guys my friends have contact the Director Mallick jahid

    he Say that whenever marriage will happen it will be thahaan marriage but NOT NOW



    1. Vinlora

      Shaadi hogi zaroor lekin thapki serial ke last episode mein wo bhi jaldh yi hone wali hai. …kyunki serial itna drag karenge tho TRP pakka giregi aur show ka bhi THE END hoga very soon….?
      Muje lagta hai bihaan doubt nahi karega Thapki par ?

  15. All are betraing dhruv….just think from dhruvs side once…..

  16. Manyasa29

    Really….thapki is gone mad?
    She does not do what she has to do and vice versa..
    What was the need to go to meet dhruv ??
    I pity shraddha’s condition ?
    Btw….why was dhruv carrying thahaan’s photo in his pocket ???
    And I did not understand that why thapki went the other way after getting out from the car….she came from one route and went the other route….wohi raaste se waapis jaati toh bihaan dekh leta …..phir misunderstandings nahi hoti !!!!
    Fed up from this track now ??
    Btw…..hello to everyone .?

    1. Mridula

      Haan..sahi kaha. Bas misunderstandings paida karne ke liye kuch bhi kar rahe CVs. Just a method to drag and drag coz they love sapola. ?????????????????

  17. Mannichukkonga thalajviye. Sangathula ottu mothama ellarum kaanama poitaanga. Irukira 4 per eathanai perai thaan thedaradhu. Nethu juggu vandha, inniku neenga vandheenga. Varuga, Varuga. Sangathu ponnugale, thalaivi vandhaachu, seekirama ellarum vanthu ‘O’ podunga

    1. Ooooohooo!!!!

      1. Unmaiyave soldrean kana sis…unga comment and juggu sis comment read panna enakku romba happy ya irukku…..unga rendu peru comment laiyum yetho magic irukku….

      2. Juggu

        @kana. …viyarkadhe enaku visirigal kodi iruku…

        Hahaha ….
        Juggu fans list

      3. Fira-haiyooo!! Enna rompa pugalra nee,enaku vekka vekkama varuthu 🙂

        Juggu-ethuuu!!! Naanum un fan ah!!!! Koyyale 🙂 nee vankira 5,10 ku ithellam(vilambaram) theva thana!!!

    2. Juggu

      Opodu……oopodu..potachu ma nee poi sapatuku dosa sudu….po..

    3. Hi ash sis….ooooo

      1. @fira-juggy comment la magic iruka???
        Paathuma fira andha pulla vilangamaana aalu magic nu solli sooniyam vechura pora…be careless.

      2. Juggu

        @shobi….aman di amaaan ….first sunyam unaku tha vaikanum ….vara vara un alapara thaaaaaanga mudila………oh god save me frm tis chimpanzee. …

      3. Hi shobi sis….

    4. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……podhuma ash?

    5. KUMUTHA


      elarume epadi irukinga???

    6. Thalaiviya podhuma, eththanai per ‘o’ pottanga. Sandhoshama

  18. Mridula

    They show a good thahaan scene and then do all this. I am not watching this since long. Just reading the updates. That sapola is now seriously being sapola.????????? Zeher ghol raha hai thahaan ke beech main.?? Why do these TPK ppl have to show the leads dumb always! Ab shraddha ko thapki jaise mat banao at least. Thapki toh already dhruv ke khilaaf kuch nahi kar rahi..shraddha should do something for her husband. Shraddha is the only hope left now for thahaan. Thapki is ruining everything by hiding it from bihaan. Konsa dhruv poora din uspar nazar rakh raha hai..just tell bihaan and then silently attack sapola.???????????????? Lol..I hope 400 episode tak thahaan ki S for shandaar S for shaadi ho jaaye. ????? Hoping for something good in TPK is actually nonsense now.????????

    1. Manyasa29

      Agree with u mridula….. ???????
      Hoping for something good is truly nonsense !!!

  19. Karvi fans (karthik &survi) aka joylin

    Hey tamalians ready to see rajnis kabali movie

    1. Hi joylin 🙂 r u frm TN?
      Nerubu da….. kabali da…….

    2. I am waiting?

      1. Juggu

        Asuh ticket 2000 ah enaku sethu vangitha…….ana rajni.kamal inno ethana varushathuku tha nadipainga..chai….theri baby nainika kooda kooda jodi ah nadipainga pola……na vijay veriyan….ma

      2. Naanum vijay fan thaan. Aana en thambi, rajini veriyan. Ajith piriyan. Enna kootitu pogama vidave maatan.

      3. Avangala “super star” “ulaga nayagan” apdi ipdinu paddam ellam kuduthu usupethi viddengala,athuku than intha thandana 🙂 kaddaila pora varaikum nadipainga 🙂
        Ohh nee vijay uncle fan ah???

      4. Juggu

        @kana amanga paaaaaaaaaaaaaty……..nangala vijay annnnnna……oda……fannnnnnuh……

      5. @juggu-vijay uncle ah annan nu solral,appuram aunty’s dress shalwar poda maddenkiral,iva aunty ya illa naan aunty ya??? Yen ipdi kulapikidu irukal?? Iva thane etho bio med engg etc.. etc… padika porenu solral,ivala nampi amma appa epdi college la sethu vidanga????

  20. Mishal Raheja

    The show is too draggy…. really unwanted extension. how can we have so many misunderstanding.

  21. @sujoy-for ur kind information,i’m not using any social network,and plz don’t judge all the people in the same way 🙂

    1. @kana-U r right kana baby indha sujoy oda comment padikumbodhu enaku kadupu aerudhu…ivanga yaaru namma Manish pathi solradhuku….

      1. @shobi-athane!!!! Kelu kelu nalla kelu 🙂 🙂
        Nammala pathi sonna kooda paravala,namma manish pa nammmmaa manish ah pathi thappa sonna viduruvomaa!!!

      2. Juggu

        Shobi kannu therila unakku auntya poi babyngra………

        Ama sujoy oda cmnt eh inga illa….unga rendu peruku dhejavoo vandhurucha….

      3. Shobi-ethum karukira vasana varua mathiri illa??? konjam Fire service ku phone panni viduriya???

        @juggu-athan solrathu forumku daily varanum ilana kooda atleast comments ah padikavathu seiyanum rendum illadi ipdi than dejavooo mathiri theriyum 🙂

      4. @kana-ama kana engayo karugudhu aana Adhuku fire service la vara thannilam pathadhu….thookitu poi kaalla potralam

      5. Sorry pa *kadalla

  22. thahaan…thahaan…thahaan…shit. what’s all this.then y r u gave that love scene with dhurav…straightly u can give that idiot thapki and thurav know.he is also human only.they broke his heart.but all are supporting for that thahaan they want only romance. but they don’t problem that’s come with anyone.that’s y all r saying thahaan.dhurav is very nice character. if they r not give any importance to u in this thapki pyaar ki pls quit this.surely I will get very nice show for ur talent.

    1. Quit sapola, u wil get a better show than this, aap jaisa sada hua face ko koi peon ka character bhi nahi milega. Ha bhikari ka character zarur milega.

    2. Lightsabre

      Its understandable tht u feel bad coz it started off as a tharuv show. thewriters screwed up with the audiences head intentionally. They had casted manish first.. so bihaans character was alredy writen from the beginin. They made him an orphan n illiterate so as to justify how he fell for his moms blackmailin…. else they wudnt hav made him poorly educatd. They also never made bihaan address thapki as bhabi.. or thapki adres druv in nyothr way than “sir”. Also… jigs was casted aftr they saw her on an ad with manish.they also knew abt their previous projects 2gethr. So tht means they wantda gud thahaan chemistry so tht the swap plot works. N now they r turnin druv negative. So al the evidences point to one thing- writers alredy had thahaan track in mind. And yeah… they messed with the viewers . But this is show biz… they wil manipulate track as per trps. But at the end of the say…al characters r fictional. So no hard feelings . N ppl like bihaan coz he is gud at heart. Even wen he did the swap he did it for a selfless reason- to save his mom (whos druv mom too).. but druv.. ryt now … wants his own happiness.there’s a difference. N bihaan hs stud up for thapki way more than druv did, though his was initially a gud charactr too.

    3. I also support u that Dhruv is a very nice character

      1. Now he is so bad. He should become like before

  23. surely u will get nice show for ur talent dhurav.quit this bad show.

  24. I am loving this track…good going dhruv…u r rvil side is vry nice to watch…loving ur negative role…

    C i was tpk viewer whn it started and from the begining i am thapki nd dhruvs fam…tharuv…
    I judt hope they get back togetger happily but i know this wont happen….

  25. You all of I pls shut up thapki pyar ki is always high and hit just like you people I hate

  26. Nice episode. Love Bihaan.

  27. Thapki tu sapola ko ek zor ka thappad mar do, kameena phir dobara koi gandhi harkat nahi karega.

  28. Paavam namma bhihaan irukira 2 villangalaiye purinjikka mudiyama thavikiraan. Pudhusa new entry sorry re entry. Yes divakar is back. Innum bhihaan.i eamaliyavum,komaliyavum kaataporangala. I want to see bhihan as angry,possessive, aggressive romance ( I like it )and most brainy. Ninaichale summa kulu irukku. Idhellam thapki pakkathula irundha romba kashtam. Ellam andha cvs kaila thaan irukku.

    1. KUMUTHA

      Ama ash enaku than kastama irukku….please bihaan palaya mathiri iru apathan unna yaarum ematha maatanga…..bihaan parkave pavama iruku….eppa intha serial la thahaan romance varuthoo apathan naa parpen…..

      1. Avlothaan. Nee kadaisi varaikkum paarkamaate. Naamellam ‘ nattadhum roja indre pookanum ‘.nu solra case. Cvs maasathukku 1 vaati kooda kannula romance.I kaatamatengran. Kaatinalum, yaaravadhu vandhu nasty panidaraanga. Full satisfaction kadaisi varaikum kidikamatengudhu. Nee paravayilla thahaanu.kaga parkare. Adhanaale vittute. Aana naan bhihan.nukkaga parkaren. Vida mudiyalai.

    2. Bihaan ku manda mattum than perusa irukku, athukulla moolai (brain) kutti ah padachutar kadavul……

      1. Hey nisiiii,cycle gap la bihaan ah pathi thappa pesura nee!!! Pichiruvan 🙂 🙂

        Ash oru vishayam kavanichiya antha pandey parivaar la dadima,bauji ah thavira mathathunga ellame villains and villinga than,intha latchanathila intha thahaan eppa kalyanatha panni eppa pulla kuttiya pethu podurathu!!! Naama eppa santhosama irukirathu!!!

      2. Kana, kalyanam indha serial.uku sambandham illadha vishayamellam pesadhe. Dhurv vandhana? Thapki.I verupethinana? Thapki moraichala? Scene potala? Challenge pannala? Thothala? Bhihan sirichana?…..Indha maadhiri loosu.thanamana kelvi nerya kekalam. Badhilum immediate.a kitakum. Adha vitutu…..kalyanam kuzhandhai……..very bad
        Enaku varra aathirathukku…bhauji thaan main villain. Avar vaya moodi summa irundhirundharna, adhunga paatukku paduthu kidandhirukum. Dhurv.m summa irundhirupan. Aduthu indha dhadima, veetu perisa elaraiyum kandichu vaikame thiriya vitanga paaru avangalai solanum.
        Aduthu Idhunga 2.iyum solanum. Room bathroom.ku thalz podaraanga, sanda podaradhuku thalz podaranga, aana mukiyamaana nerathula mattum door.yum podamatengudhu, potalum thalz.a podamaatengudhu. Indha latchanathula naama enga sandhoshama irukiradhu. Idha mattum thahaan follow panangana, avangalum sandhoshama irupaanga? naamum sandhoshama irukalam? Adhuvarai????

      3. Juggu

        Very bad aduthavangaloda bed room kulla padakunu po koodathu nu kooda avanuku therila seri…..thahaan achu sollanum illa…..inga paru dhruv idhu couples oda room ulla varumbothu kadhava thatitu va nu……idhunga vaaila irukua kolu katta karaira varaikum onnu panna mudiyaathu. …..

      4. Eanaku suthama montage.a pidikalai. Bhihan…thapki…between dhurv vara maadhiri potirukanum. Indha montage.ku artham dhurv…thapki…naduvula bhihan varamadhiri illai iruku. Paathale veruppa iruku. Idhayellam ean pakarenu kekarengala. Enna panradhu, idhayellam pakanumnu iruke? sometimes kannai moodikuven.?ennai paartha comedy.a irukka?

      5. Ash pathiya dhruv than arivali nu patha avanoda fan athan juggu evlo arivu poorvama pesuthu paaru,oru celebrity,tv channel MD etc.. sense illa??? Manners illa??? Ithellama poi sollikidu irupanga.saatharanama oru kiramathu padikatha alunga kooda ivana vida decent ah behave pannuvanga ivaruku irunthu ellathaiyum sollikidu irukanumam!! Ithu entha ooru niyayam??

      6. Dhurv.oda fan.a irundha indha alvuku thaan yosipanga. Idhunga 2.yum solanum. Ulle vandhavanai kazhutha pidichi thalradha vitutu,Vaanga sir, cake sapitu ponga sonna, avan idhuvum panuvan, idhuku meleyum panuvan. Logic.a illadha tpk. 5star hotel room.I swaha panitu, super.a veliye vandhu eari poran. No smoke detector. Enga vitula 2 candle adhuku kizhe koluthinale, SD labo kathum. Enga poi mutikiradhu. Dhurv.ku indha alavuku moolaina, avan fan.ku. Naan yaaraiyum sollalaipa.

  29. why all are you supporting thahan

    1. Y not. Hes better than druv who is playing dirty tricks for his own happiness. Bihaan did what he did because he did not know how to escape Maas blackmailing and he lived miserably after that. Druv has forgotten he has a wife . She faked pregnancy to get his attention.if he loved her she would bcome good . Nobody forced him to marry her . Maa only asked him nicely . now thapki is bihaans wife . Not girl friend or fiance .thapki is his bhabi .not is all over. If to do all this he should hav done long bak before thapki fell in love with bihaan!!!

      1. Vinlora

        Exactly Rach?shraddha se shaadi karthe waqt thapki keliye uska sachcha pyaar kahan gaya tha????tab kyun thapki ko vapas paane ki ichcha nahi huyi uss so called bechaara Dhruv pandey ko??? Ab jab thahaan ek doosre se pyaar karte hai tho ab kyun jealous ho raha hai sapola?bolta hai ki thapki se pyaar karta hai lekin sabse jyada dard tho thapki ko yi de raha hai ?ye pyaar hai ya paagalpan ????

      2. Lightsabre

        Yeh.this aint “true love”. Its customer’s goods exchange policy : shradda defective nikli… thapki hi behthar dhi.
        Btw… thapki did warn druv. I dont see any “true” love in stalking ur ex girlfriend aftr she moved on … that too wen she moved on only aftr hearing tht hes gona b a father!!!!

  30. Dhruv deserves thapki and from his side we should all think stupid thapki falling in luv with bihaan even after learning about his betrayal and forgiving others who literally spoiled her

  31. Bad news for all TPK fans, as u know new show named “SHANI” will be aired soon on Colors tv. But again two new shows will be coming on colors tv as “DEEVANSHI” starring Amir dalvi & “MEENU MAUSHI” starring in lead sainaya irani.
    Sources: TOI

    So there is a least or no chances at all for Thapki Pyar Ki survival.?

    1. Manyasa29

      Oh no……so saaaadddd??
      I hope ki koi aur serial band ho jaaye jaise ki ssk or balika vadhu …….tpk is much better than these serials atleast…..or yeh naye shows Saturday ko dikhaye ….that would also do….
      But agar yeh current track zyada dino taak continue raka….toh I wouldn’t mind if this show goes off air??
      Coz i watch this show just coz of thahaan and MANYASA ……..!!


      i read it already….
      shani replace ashoka…..
      but another 2 show…..i don’t know which serial is ending…..

      vaise BV aur IKRS ki trp tho bahuth boora hai….also TPK in dsnger zone…
      IF news…

      “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat,” which took a 12-year leap recently and introduced Mohit Raina as emperor Ashoka, may soon go off air. Although it is not known as to why the show is being pulled off, it appears like the low TRP ratings is the reason for it. Despite the huge buzz surrounding the leap and the new cast, the show has not been able to live up the audience’s expectation.
      According to an India Forums report, “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” will be replaced by Swastik Production’s new show titled “Shani.” The show will mark the return of cricketer-turned-actor Salil Ankola back to the small screen. The actor, who was last seen on reality show “Power Couple” will essay the role ofSurya Dev while popular actress Juhi Parmar Shroff, who will also make a comeback with the new show, will play the role of Shani’s mother
      However, Mohit said that he is unaware of the development. “I haven’t heard something like this, I am clueless about the same,” he said.
      There were reports earlier that the makers might bring Siddharth Nigam, who played the role of young Ashoka, back on the show as Askoka’s son, in case Mohit failed to impress the viewers. The young actor had created a benchmark with the role of Ashoka and has a huge fan following.
      Also, rumour had it that the makers were not happy with Somya Seth’s portrayal of princess Kaurwaki. The makers were apparently mulling over the idea of replacing her with another actress.
      It now remains to be seen if Siddharth re-enters the show and help boost the show’s TRP.
      News is 4 dayz old
      here is the link

      1. Manyasa29

        Sahi kaha……new ashoka ke wajah se toh serial kharab ho gayi…..i used to watch this show…when ashoka was a kid….love siddharth nigam’s acting !!
        Agar sach me ….siddharth nigam reenter hua show me….then i will definitely watch this serial again….!!


    diwakarrrrrrr ki entry….❗❗❗❓❓❓

    1. Manyasa29

      Yahi baaki reh gaya tha ab iss show me???
      Yeh sapola kya kam tha joh ab dusre sapole ko le aaye CV’s ???
      Kahi aditi diwakar drama phir se shuru na ho jaaye ??
      Trp pakka aur kam hone wali hai !!!

  33. Wow CVs nice job u guys are doing, now u r trying to show that bihaan doesnt understand thapki, & u r trying to show now sapola understand thapki & they are good friends. I think CVs has lost the memory.

    They have beautifully developed the bonding of thahaan. First thahaan were hating each other, again they start supporting each other, they start to understand each others need, again they became good friends, again they start trusting each other (in cases where both stand for each other when family members thrown them out) , again they start feeling that they cant live without each other, again they start loving each other.

    And now CVs trying to show that thahaan are not friends. Well done CVs Well done..

    Thahaan are not met once & fall in love with each other. It takes them a year or so to build that love & bonding.

    Sapola was only for one month with thapki & they are best friends & understand eachother.

    Bihaan was with thapki for more than a year. But they were are not friends & doesnt understand each other.

    Well done CVs, well done CVs…..

    1. Vinlora

      CV’S murdabaad ????

  34. Juggu

    Seri ok ellaruku rply panni bore adikuthu na kelamburen iniku episode wula meet panla…..bye panni (kana), koranggu (shobi), jalra (ashuh), thalaivi, kums, fira chlm…..and all seriel pakkura aunty’s. …

    1. Bye da chellam…my cute and sweet sis.. ..

  35. nd2 creations

    Seriously, anywys if this present track is gnna be for too long, then its better to stop tpk, cz it jst mk boring with soo many illogical stuff. Even im watching this nly fr thahaan s chemistry…. i think ff r better than thapkis actual script

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