Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Preeti agreeing with Shraddha. Dhruv and Bihaan tell Dadi that Thapki can’t do this. Shraddha says Thapki did big mistake in anniversary party too, Thapki took kalash when she went to make coffee. She asks Thapki did she take kalash in kitchen. Thapki says kitchen. Shraddha asks was there someone. Thapki says no, I did not even see it by opening. Preeti asks why did you take it there. Shraddha says you did big mistake to mix ashes in coffee. Suman asks are you blind, its Dada ji’s ashes. Dadi cries. Suman says you can’t know what Dadi is going through.

Thapki cries and says Dadi, I really don’t know how did this happen. Dadi shouts shut up. Everyone look on. Dadi cries and says I loved you so much, and you did this with me Thapki. Vasundara asks

Thapki why did you do this when you regard all of us your loved ones. Dadi says no, she does not regard us hers. Bau ji says no, Thapki did a lot for us. Dadi asks them not to take Thapki’s side, she did a lot, it does not mean we forgive her always for such mistakes. She cries and asks Thapki how did she do this, I was wrong to think you have good values, Vasundara says right, stammering people have bad heart. They all get shocked.

Dadi says old people get heart weak with age, but blessing and curse don’t fall weak, I always blessed you, but today for the first time.. Thapki cries and says no Dadi. Dadi says I can’t curse you, but I can’t bless you now, you are going to leave from this house in few days, I used to be sad thinking that, now I will be glad and won’t miss you. Thapki cries. Everyone look on. Vasundara recalls Shraddha.

Diwakar asks inspector to save him, as his inlaws will kill him. He shows his wounded state and says they have beaten me. He asks inspector to help him and take him back to his inlaws, he has no place to live. Inspector agrees. Shraddha cuts Suman, Preeti and Dadi’s pic whom she made against Thapki. She says now just Bau ji is left. She says Dhruv will be mine forever, once Bau ji gets against Thapki.

Vasundara comes to Shraddha and asks her to answer truly. She asks did you ask ashes in coffee to make Dadi against Thapki, I know Thapki can’t do this. Shraddha says you are doubting on me, I feel you trust Thapki more than me. Vasundara says I trust you, I felt you will do this to make Thapki out. Shraddha says no way, I hate Thapki, but don’t make me fall so low, I did not do this. Vasundara says if you did this, I would have not forgiven you and myself, but how did Thapki do this. Shraddha says Thapki lost Dadi’s trust herself. Vasundara says yes, Lord does wrong with wrong people. She goes.

Shraddha smiles and thinks I punished Thapki, I can never forgive her, I will lie to you always mummy ji, but I will move out Thapki from my life.

Thapki cries and asks Dadi to listen to her once. Shraddha comes and smiles. Thapki says give me one chance Dadi, I don’t know how did it happen. She taunts Thapki and asks her not to cry. She asks her to drink coffee. Bihaan comes there and hears them. Shraddha says don’t worry, I did not add anything in this. Bihaan gets angry. Shraddha asks why is he angry, what did she do, this time your wife did all this, don’t take stress, have this coffee, Thapki can’t have coffee all her life now, you take this. She keeps it and goes. Thapki cries and asks Dadi to open the door. Bihaan feels bad seeing Thapki’s tears. Thapki leaves.

Bau ji asks Thapki to prepare dye. Shraddha adds something in the dye made by Thapki. Bau ji applies the dye and his beard gets removed. Shraddha says this is final attack on Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. I won’t watch tpk really they check my patience day by day they increase negativity there is no hope to watch and there is no progress in thahaan relation…..its show SaaS bahu drama and no positive a days its full of nonsense…then come to thapki so called Mahan arms she is world no one stupid and again she get trapped by shradha evilness….Nw bihaan also dumb like dhruv….in whole pandey nivas influenced by vasu and shradha evil….

  2. Ruhi

    what is going on the show is bad
    bihaan n thapki why don’t u find some proof against Shraddha to expose.
    her evil plan is succeeding just stop her do something make her loose n out of the house

  3. puppy

    I really cried for thapki…I even tried a lot to not cry…but couldn’t…..

    I wonder y all writers keep torturing their female lead….don’t they have ever seen a happy life leading girl…..disgusting….

    Pl…bihaan find out yaar….ur thapki bechari …….
    I really want thapki to prove her innocence and then just get out saying “u all don’t deserve me”……
    Just she should find the truth also and love bihaan take him along with her and fight for their life ahead…..
    Stop this diwakar…I mean kill him……..

  4. neha

    this ridiculous drama getting on my nerves… really i wanna kill that mahatma thapki, vasu, shraddha and most importantly, the stupid writers… seriously…….!!!!!!!!!!
    worst serial ever…

  5. Prathi

    This serial is hopless, no progress at all, I’m not interested in watching this serial any more… Every time same scenes repeating …..

  6. riya

    I think dat chudailni will succeed in bringing thapki out of d house………. And then all d duties will be given to shradha and she will get irritated and tell d truth on her own…….. As it happens in all serials???

  7. Lovely

    This is the limit.on one hand this shraddha playing cheap games and other hand stupid diwakar drama.fed up of this…..

  8. I agree with you puppy . Gosh tat shraddah is so b——– sly person and this vasu is totally dumb does she not realise all things are done by the b—– witch. Gosh there both evil. Gosh I loved watching bhihaan made dewakar wear tapkis bangles. And I’m really not looking foward to tomw episode. Why is it the evils always win and innocent always lose in every blo*dy serial and it takes years to find the actual truth.

  9. Kay Cee

    Why is negativity getting more favoured in this serial. This will be a very bad effect because bad things cant go on like this. Positive things need to be shown so people learn good things.

  10. puppy

    I hope one day when they all come to know the truth and say sorry thapki should say,
    “I am not any god to forgive whatever u do with me”..
    “Pl…don’t spoil my life…stay away from me….don’t want to face u all…as u all fed me 3 months I have not filed case,this is more than enough… U all leave me….”
    This will be the slapping answer for their such behaviour….
    I hope this will happen.. Must happen……

  11. Nakshathra

    This show is also going like swaragini.. Worst! Stop dragging this show.. Seriously we hate this now. Stop dragging otherwise we gonna stop watching this.

  12. vaiu

    cool everyone this is just a fiction but tells about real life. in our real life do we have only happiness?? do we succeed in our every attempt?? do we are right always??? no! right??? so life gives us everything and we have to accept it. try to smile in difficult times ! if you dont like do not watch. this is just my opinion!!

  13. Ankita

    seriously yr…disgusting episode hufff….why evry1 is ready to torture ‘thapki’ only…I mean…common yr..bihaan k life me bhi kafi prblms hn..
    I mean…thapki ka 3 months abhi tk cmplt ni huya…n uske bd to wo ghr chod hi degi!!n vasu knws that…disgusting

  14. puppy

    I hope vasu is not convinced with shraddha’s and…her act today was quite different.. But anyhow I don’t expect a lot not even a small bit from CVS…bcoz they just
    Love dragginggggggggggggggg…

  15. S

    Are these people trying to train people for killing, abusing, cursing, and make them murderers. Does this feedback reach them in anyway or we just waste time by writing things about this series. Are we watching story of animals clad in bright suits and designer sarees? I did a mistake to watch this episode for few minutes. Has Colors channel no quality control or they are just obsessed to show such crap to their audience.

  16. Tuffy

    I’ve only read this not yet watchd the episode and already I don’t want to watch it. I mean why doesn’t anyone see shraddha doing all this, where’s all the other people in the family, apart from bihaan, vasu, dadi, Thapki and bau Ji. If vasu is aiding shraddha, why doesn’t she see her doing all this? Especially with the ashes.

  17. Swathi

    I can’t wtch this show anymore bcoz it crosses all the limits.,only read the written updt.The Pandey Nivas filled with idiot people .they have no backbone,they have no brain to distinguish what is true&what is fault.Even they behave as good one a single mistake make them enemies.
    The home under the feets of ShraSu.Writerji plz…..change the current track .There is no value for realLOVE&TRUTH.
    So I think it’s a below avg show.

  18. tharuvluvr

    If there is anything against bihaan and thapki means whole tpk is wrong and writers are so stupid and if the same thing is happened to dhruv means it is needed and he is paying for his mother’s deeds …wow wat a loyal fans u r all

  19. Dolly

    Makers are sick. They need to go mental hospital. Day by day they are just showing cruelty. Don’ t know why televisionis accepting such serial to show us. Pls ban this now. Its too much

  20. sasha

    This is too much…From time this serial is started not even once vasu is exposed and the scenes are only dragging.As for Thapki she only knows to cry and fall on Bihaan.She can scold Bihaan but can’t tell Shraddha anything….total bawaas and time waste.

  21. Daniel Sankar

    Why is it that all the shows demonstrate that evil triumphs over good
    This is a very bad message for t children in Trinidad and Tobago.

  22. Archal Dhruv Chandani

    **************************Day by day Thapki’s characters become unnecessarily boring and meaningless. I mean I don’t think real life people will be that stupid to add ash on Coffee. Apart from it Coffee is Coffee brown color and Ash is Ash color..How can she cannot identify that? And Shradda keeps on doping bad stuff and thapki……?**************************

  23. Dp

    Frustrating with shraddha and vasu..
    really horrible episode no progression in story line too
    just scroll the whole week episode no more hope in thahaan scenes.waste ever track in TPK..

  24. Malu

    SR is far better than TPK. Shradhas aim was deframe thapki infront of dadi,bauji y the track end one or two episode. They dragged two weeks this is very boring but in SR they showed two or three episode for such a things with story progression so hate tpk..
    but thahaan is ma favourite

  25. Maansee

    Yaar ye cv kyo itna bura msg de raha hai logo ko

    Itna devil koi kaise ho sakta hai

    Uff saas bahu ka sach laooo yaar sab ke samney

    Poor thapki

    Cant see such cruel ppls act .. So mot watching searial

    Plz do some thing cv if u wants your audience back for this serial

    Plz plz plz

  26. Kalavathi

    stop watching this serial guys, every wrong thing will happen in this serial and noboby is there to stop it, people who watch r mad, mad

  27. All these indian soaps are full of garbage…they hate their daughters in law….how sick….thts how they portray indian culture…..way to go….full of sh…t if u ask me….I don’t care to look at these stupid people…makes me ill

    • when will Thapki recognise who really cares about her,where is Dhruv in her sorrows whereas Bihaan is there by her side.I think too much abuse is inflicted on her ,time for a plot twist can’t imagine that it can be humanily possible for someone to be so unkind.What is the purpose of all this if Dhruv is not defending her it only show he don’t deserves her love. Really hope these thing are not reality in some part of the world.

  28. I’m not all sorry to say this,and I think no audience will feel sorry to say that your soap,the so called’thapki pyaar ki’ is of zero values,what message are you giving to the society? Evil wins? Children below the age of 10 may be also watching TV and may be ur sh…t,what will b the impact on them,either improve your show,or make it a garbage like SSK,that’s also a huge sh…t,o my god,I wonder,how can people b such to enact such stupid and hell like stories!!!…both SSK and TPK are gone.the best thing,stop your show.

  29. when will Thapki recognise who really cares about her,where is Dhruv in her sorrows whereas Bihaan is there by her side.I think too much abuse is inflicted on her ,time for a plot twist can’t imagine that it can be humanily possible for someone to be so unkind.What is the purpose of all this if Dhruv is not defending her it only show he don’t deserves her love. Really hope these thing are not reality in some part of the world.

  30. Daniel Sankar

    These actors merely use facial expressions to play their roles. Again like so many shows on Colors it shows the triumph of evil mothers in laws as though they were not daughters in law at some time. Also the grandparents are bad examples to ypung children

  31. Nel

    Why do they ask Thapki to do everything, isn’t it obvious that there is something wrong. What do wring things happen simultaneously?

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