Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tina introducing Bihaan to Bani. Bani meets him and says ghajab. Bihaan likes the word unknowingly and says it is good. Bani teaches him how to pronounce it well. Bihaan says ghajab….Bani says your dad is cool. Tina asks about her dad. Bani says she doesn’t have a father. Bani says now they will play basket ball, but sir didn’t have. Teacher requests Bihaan to teach kids basketball game. Bihaan agrees and says ghajab. Bihaan plays with the kids. Bani runs to Thapki and asks her to play basketball with them. Thapki refuses at first, but later agrees. She comes to play and sees Bihaan. Bihaan looks at her but couldn’t identify her.

Thapki plays with the ball and recalls playing basketball with him before. He gets flashes of them playing basketball. He returns

and tries to play ball with her, but she doesn’t let him play. He moves her holding her waist and takes the ball. Thapki recalls Bihaan doing the same thing before while Ranjhana song plays………They have a cute fight over getting the ball and get stuck in a tere liye moment….They have an eye lock…….Thapki reminisces the happy times. Tere Liye song plays………………………………

Thapki’s hairs get stuck in his shirt button. He frees her hairs… A fb of the same moment is shown. Thapki gets emotional reliving the moment. Bihaan plays with the ball and put it in the basket. Thapki looks at him. Bani introduces Bihaan to Thapki and says he is Tina’s father and played well. Tina says even aunty played well and tells Bihaan that this aunty have saved me from lab. Bihaan thanks her for saving his daughter. Bani says your dad played well. Tina says even your mum played well. They befriend each other.

Tina asks Bihaan and Thapki to become friends just like them. Bani says great idea and asks her mum to befriend him. Bihaan says hi…I am Bihaan Pandey and forwards his hand for a hand shake and asks for her name. Bani says my mum’s name is Thapki….bihaan finds the name familiar and turns his face. Tina and Bani look at each other surprisingly. Bihaan wears his coat and walks off. Thapki is clueless. Shraddha tells that tyre is punctured while they are on the way. Sankara worries that before reaching them, Bihaan might take Tina from here. Shraddha gets Dhruv’s call and tells that their car is punctured.

Preeti and Suman think that Shraddha is acting sweet with Dhruv and hopes Bihaan gets well and teaches her a lesson. Sankara says she is worried for Bihaan. Shraddha asks her not to act and says you don’t care about him, but luxurious life and costly mangalsutra. Sankara says yes, I am afraid that I will might luxurious life. Balwinder says Vasu’s prayers will be answered, and tells that she spent 6 months in Hrishikesh for Bihaan’s recovery. Tina gets hiccups. Thapki makes her drink water and her hiccups stops. Bani says you are just like mummy and tells that even her hiccups stops with water, says you are my sister. Tina asks really. Thapki smiles. Tina says Bihaan said the same thing. Thapki thinks if Bihaan forgot her and if he remembers her then why is he acting? Bihaan is in the washroom and thinks what is his relation with this name Thapki. He have the medicine.

Thapki asks Bihaan what happened to him and asks if he is acting or forgot everything. Bihaan apologizes to her and says I am meeting you for the first time here, haven’t met you before than this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Completely a GAJAB wala episode…


      this is not fair Pooja… ??
      superb…superb…superb…episode but ur cmt 2 short……‼‼…????..
      hw r u… !!!???

  2. today epi start to end lovely.?each and every scene I would like to say ghazab ? and after a long time bihan said ghazab ??? .wow I really enjoyed this track?.

  3. bihaan you look awesome in new look hello pooja Anu vino trupti Lee na Sri rink navami devi how are you all my dear friends.


      A phor Awesome nahi A Phor HANDSOME…. ???

  4. Thapki…how cruel of you to them… look what have you done to Bihan..and his daughter…you make his (your) daughter tortured by sankar and shrada….poor Bihan abd Tina…

  5. Manish ki deewani

    today episode is amazing .o my God Bihaan said gajab in his style which i miss so much i just want once he call thapki chuk chuk gari .kaan taras gai hai meray is word ko suun nai k liay bihaan ki taraf sai. really today episode is again gajab .BIHAAN and Bani first meeting just wow hw much i wait 4 thier meeting i love this .tina bani became bff .
    hello friends
    santhosh bhai where r u .kaha gayab hai ap


      main yaha hoo Reshal… ???…soch raha tha CVS ko itni akal kaise aagaya…..

      kall main poore hafthe ki episode ek saath
      dekha , Monday episode chodkar baaki wala toh totally GHAZABBBBBB tha…?????
      precap ki baare mein baat kare toh thapki ko itni tension kyoun horahi hai patha nahi. bihaan ka saare zindagi barbaad kardiya aur ooper se hun par hi gussa …..!!!???thapki bhi wahi chathi thi na phir itni parishaan hone ki kya zarurath…????.
      lekin, jo bhi ho THAHAAN scenes bahuth achcha laga……?? ..

      iss baar CVS ko DIL se jai ho….???

      1. Manish ki deewani

        Hello Bhai .hw r u .
        Bhai CVS ka dimag tikane pr aha gaya hai na is liay story achi or di hai .
        Is thapki ki ton mujhay kabhi samj hi nahi ai .apni mahanta jarti rehti hai .or ab b bihaan ka he qasoor samagti this .
        Bhai ap sham ko he dekha kijiay na 6:30 pm .
        Chalay mil kr CVS ki jai ho kehtay hai or thanks b

        Bhai ap busy hotay hai kya .roj heaka Maya karay a

      2. Manish ki deewani

        Roj he as jaya karay .typo mistake

  6. Today’s episode was just Gajab one and i loved it too much, hello everyone i am new here and i love this show a lot


      sus-swagath…. ???

  7. Vinolin.d

    hai dear arzab… welcome to tpk family???how are you?

  8. Vinolin.d

    hai dear arbaz… welcome to tpk family???how are you?

    1. Thanks,vinolon d, everything is going fine just like in thapki pyar ki

  9. Vinolin.d

    today episode I love it.that’s why I does comment.bihaan and thapki becoming more beautiful day by day.
    bani is becoming more clever.Tina u r so sweet.I love this episode.I hope they will reunite soon.
    hai my dear pooja, garima, reshal,Anu,Jo,sruthi,naitan,Leena,
    kudrat,sadia,rifa,sri wayuhi hatta,Ritz,juvi,and all my tpk friends…how are you?

  10. I love this . Poor Bihaan don’t remember thapki. I blamed Sanker and shaddrara damaged to Bihaan ‘s life . I am happy Bina told Tina I am your sister . How sweet. Yes Bihaan and thapki are very confused. One day Bihaan should stopped eat bad pills. I am surprised Shankar don’t care Bihaan. I missed Vaus . I heard thapki pyar ki will be finish this Saturday. See Facebook !

  11. Hi.., friends.. ?
    really nice to see Thapki & Bihan’re playing basket together with their kids.. ???
    I hope Thapki gets realize soon of what happened to Bihan.., makes him stop to take the wrong medicine..
    Keep waiting for more interesting story-line.. ?

  12. Hello Arbaz bhaiya,
    how r u?
    warmly welcome 2 our sweetes nd mel..dious family…
    so let’s start

  13. Hello 2 all my sweets thahaan lovers,
    how r u all?
    meli afshan vino pooja prabha garima vinni juvi navmi rinku sri leena reshal anu fataroj suhana santhosh bhaiya sulbi sakshi ratanmala alia kiran …
    so let’s start


      7 pm miss kiya toh kya hua…!!?? retelecast dekho…. ???
      12:30am, 3:30am, 5:30 am.. .
      main kabi 7 pm episode miss kiya toh 5:30 am ko


      7 pm miss kiya toh kya hua…!!?? retelecast dekho…. ???
      12:30am, 3:30am, 5:30 am.. .
      main kabi 7 pm episode miss kiya toh 5:30am ko uttha hoo aur recording kartha hoo,phir dekhtha hoo. …???

      1. Manish ki deewani

        Tpk an into badi retecast hot a hai .ap itni subha uth kr usay record kartay hai

  14. Hello dewi di, heera di
    how r u?

    muje bhut gussa aa rha h
    I miss yester episode
    plz someone tell me
    how I
    control my anger..

    reshal di aap to smj rhi hongi
    m kitni exited thi kal k episode ko leker..

    lakin pta h aap ko
    chlo choro
    I love u all
    keep missing me..
    take care

  15. Heera di
    Y kya !!
    matlab schi!!
    o my god!!!!
    kirpya es baat ki pusti kro ko…ee

  16. gajaab, thapki so preety in that dress, and bihan so handsome with shirt

  17. ab bas aise hi dikhaye CVs aur pehle ki tarah crap na dikhaye phir shayad TRP increase hojayegi.

  18. Santhosh bhaiya aap n btaya nhi aap kese h
    bhaiya mere gher m TV nahi h..
    wese thank u re…ptel..cast ki timing bta n k lea..
    or ha!
    bhaiya mene kal ka episode aaj clg ja ker dek lia..
    thanku so much cmt krne k lea kabhi kabhi cmt kar dia kro …
    ok bbbbye
    b happy

  19. hey guys ! check this spoiler.

    Shradha blackmails Thapki again ! shocking isn’t?

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