Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th February 2016 Written ‘Trishakti’ Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today is the TriShakti Maha Episode of IKRS, TPK and SSK…. Update from 6.30 PM – 7 PM is below.

The Episode starts with Bihaan clicking Shraddha’s pic. Shraddha gets tensed. Bihaan laughs. Thapki comes and sees Shraddha wearing monkey cap and asks why she is wearing monkey cap. Bihaan shows her photo and says thief is written on her head. I will upload the photo on friendship sites. Thapki tells Bihaan that it is wrong and Shraddha’s respect is related to their family and Dhruv. Bihaan says Shraddha have done wrong, and says family name will not be spoiled because of her. Thapki deletes the pic from his phone. Bihaan tells her that her goodness is wrong and will drown her. He says we can’t tackle everything

with your goodness. Kanak leaves the Ashram with Viplav. Dhaani cries while the song Koi Na Dekhe Mere Aansun…sad version of the title plays………Dhaani thinks if Viplav gets to know about his mum’s reality then he will go against her and will hate her. She says I don’t want him to hate his mum and it is better for me to go far from him for forever. She cries and feels bad.

Shraddha sees a couple hugging each other and gifting red rose. She thinks she will celebrate Valentine’s day with Dhruv, then thinks how can she celebrate V’ day with this monkey cap. She thinks Bihaan might have uploaded her pic on social networking sites by now. Thapki comes there and apologizes to Shraddha for Bihaan’s doings. Shraddha says did you come here to sprinkle salt on my wounds. Thapki asks her not to worry and says she has deleted the pic from Bihaan’s phone and he can’t upload it now. She gives the lep to her to apply on her wound. Shraddha smells it. She thinks to apply it and see if it works really for not. She applies little quantity and the marks goes off. She gets happy and says thank you Thapki. She realizes that she said thank you to Thapki and says Thank you God. Now I can celebrate V’ day with Dhruv and can show my face to everyone. Thapki calls Dhaani and asks if she is fine. She asks if you are fine? Dhaani says I don’t understand, it seems like earth have moved from under my feet. She tells she will die and doesn’t know what to do. Thapki asks her not to worry and asks her to do what her heart says. She says God stays in our heart and that’s why we can’t be wrong if we listen to heart. She asks her to meet Viplav and clears the misunderstandings.

Kanak comes back home. Shalini gets happy seeing her. Kanak says I am tired. Viplav says Maa will stay here. Shalini asks if something happened in the Ashram. Viplav asks her not to question and do what he said.

Dulaari comes to Ashram and asks her if Kanak left. Dhaani says she got successful and left. She says her motive was to separate us, but we will not be separated. Kanak tells Dasharath that her work is done, and Viplav and Dhaani are separated. Dasharath gets happy. He says he doesn’t want them to be together. Kanak tells what Thapki had said to her and says she will meet Viplav and tell him everything. She decides to clear the misunderstandings.

Vasundara asks Shraddha if she is fine. Shraddha says she is fit and fine and infact want to say something. Dadi says yes, tell us. Shraddha says this is first valentine for me so I want to throw a party for Dhruv. Her jethanis gets happy.

Today is the TriShakti Maha Episode of IKRS, TPK and SSK…. Update from 7 – 7.30 PM is below.

TPK: Shraddha says I have to tell something important to you all, I want to throw a valentines day party for Dhruv. Preeti likes the idea. Suman says everyone will come in party. Preeti argues with Suman. Dhruv says party is not important. Vasundara and Bau ji convince Dhruv. Sanjay and Ashwin suggest they will manage arrangements. Shraddha says Thapki will manage. Preeti says no, and reminds what Thapki did in anniversary party. Shraddha says its fine, that time she was bahu, now she is maid, she will manage. Dhruv feels bad. Shraddha asks Sanjay and Ashwin to just get few things. They say they will have breakfast later and go to prepare for party. Shraddha smiles seeing Dhruv.

Bihaan tells Gulabo that you are more close to me now, as you are helping me in bringing Thapki close to family. He asks Sanjay and Ashwin is everything fine at home. Ashwin says yes, we are going to get few things for valentines day party. They leave. Thapki asks Bihaan to have breakfast. Bihaan gets sad. She asks why are you sad. He says nothing, I won’t tell you. She says fine, I will not ask you. He says its fine, we won’t be able to do in house party. She asks why. He says valentines party. He says its first time this happened that I m not with my family on happy moment. She says leave it, have breakfast. He asks her to go, I don’t want to have food. He asks where is she going. She says I m going to get tulsi leaves for tea, come and we will have breakfast together.

SSK: The lady adds medicine in the milk glass. Simar asks what are these medicines. The lady says its sleeping medicines. Prem says we have to do this. Simar says when all the ways get closed, Mata Rani will show some way, I think Mata ji will agree to us if we explain. Roli says we are doing this for Mata ji’s betterment. Prem says yes, its for her safety. Simar worries. The lady says trust me, its safe. Simar says sorry Mata ji, maybe you would have done the same being in my place.

Viplav cries sitting in his room. Ishq ka rang safed………….plays………. He recalls Kanak’s words. Sushma comes there and Viplav rests in her lap. She asks what happened, Shaalu said since you and Kanak came from ashram, you look worried, is there something. He says everything got ruined, Dhaani ruined everything, what was the need for Dhaani to do this, after facing so many hurdles, things were going fine. Sushma asks what did Dhaani do. Viplav says she doubted on Kanak, I know Kanak dislikes her, why can’t Dhaani respect Kanak as I respect her mum. Sushma asks what doubt. He says its such cheap thing which I can’t even say. She says fine, maybe she is mistaken, talk to her once.

Viplav tells Sushma that I always went to talk to Dhaani, but this time I can’t go, she created this misunderstanding. Sushma says I don’t know what happened, I just know its relation is truth, which is tough to balance, you look at me, you love me right, now obey me, go to Dhaani and ask her hand for marriage, I said as I thought right, you do as you want. She leaves. Viplav thinks how to go.

TPK: The Pandey family have a talk and laugh. Thapki comes there. Vasundara asks how did she come early for work, is Bihaan not there, if he knows then.. Thapki says I have come here for Bihaan’s sake. She says its that money I earned by working in this house, you keep this Maa, and instead of this, give me a small thing, Bihaan is son of this house, you all love him a lot, he is incomplete without you all. She keeps the money on the table and asks Vasundara to permit Bihaan to attend today’s party, he is very sad, the happiness here will also be incomplete if he is sad, don’t make him away from his family today. Dadi and Bau ji look on, as Thapki requests Vasundara. Bau ji says we did not make him away from us, he is still our son, he can come here if he gets happiness after coming here, right Vasundara. Dadi says yes, let him come Vasundara, our happiness will get complete. Vasundara says fine, Bihaan can come if he wants to, but will he come without you Thapki, no right, it means you will also come in the party with Bihaan, now I have a condition. She says you will come in party with Bihaan, but just Bihaan will attend the party, you will come as the maid and work in the party. Thapki agrees. Vasundara asks her to take back her earnings, as happiness in this house can’t come by other’s earnings. Thapki takes the money and goes. Dadi tells Bau ji that I m very happy today, my Bihaan will come in this house today. Shraddha asks Thapki to order laddoos for party from some sweet shop. Thapki goes.

SSK+TPK: Thapki calls Simar and says I m Thapki calling from Pandey Nivaas, I had to give laddoo order, sorry, I did not have your sweet shop number. Simar says its fine, I m Simar Bharadwaj, give me your address and order, I will inform at the shop. Simar hears Shraddha scolding Thapki badly and reminding Thapki that she is maid now, not a bahu of Pandey Family. Shraddha pushes Thapki out of her way and goes. Thapki resumes talking on call and says sorry, I… Simar asks why are you saying sorry, you did not do anything wrong, can I ask something if you don’t feel bad, the way that lady are treating you, why is this happening, I know you might not share with any stranger, you can share it with me assuming me as your elder sister. Thapki says I really feel I m talking to my elder sister, your voice has love and rights, I feel to share everything with you, but this is a long story, I can just say I m working as maid in my inlaws being helpless, and staying in cowshed. Simar says I understand it well what relations matter for a bahu, it needs courage which you have, any normal girl can’t do this which you are doing. Thapki says I just want no one gets hurt because of me. Simar says your goodness makes you special and different, our self esteem is not to leave, but stay there and fight, I heard your stammering is made fun of, but remember even if you stammer, your courage is high, be strong always and win this fight. Thapki thanks her for trusting her. Simar says don’t worry, your laddoo order will reach there on time.

Today is the TriShakti Maha Episode of IKRS, TPK and SSK…. Update from 7.30 – 8 PM is below.

Dhaani calls Viplav and tells him that she will wait for him in the temple.
Mata ji slaps Simar and asks them to leave the house. She closes the door and smirks.
Thapki tells Bihaan that Vasundara called them to attend the party. Bihaan gets happy hearing that and tells that Maa can’t leave without him, and gets glad. Shraddha asks Vasundara why did you call them to party and says I threw this party for Dhruv. Vasundara asks her to concentrate on Dhruv and says if thapki failed to do our work then she will leave our Pandey Nivas. Vasundara shows a big teddy which she will ask Thapki to wear. Shraddha gets happy. Vasundara says Thapki will surely refuse to do her work and they will kick her out.
Kanak tells Shalini that she have removed Dhaani’s name grahan from Viplav’s life and his life will be all well now without her. Viplav hears her and understands her plan.
Simar tells everyone that she saw someone standing behind Mata ji and says Mata ji is doing this under 3 bad soul’s influence about which Guru maa told us. She says we can’t leave Mata ji alone with the souls, and asks everyone to apologize and talk to her. Everyone knock on the door asking Mata ji to open the door. Mata ji opens the door. Everyone is shocked.

Dhaani tells Viplav that she has chosen her way, I want to end the bitterness in our relation, my love is the most important, I did not do wrong with Kanak, I respect her, if you think I insulted, I will apologize to her. She says she is ready to apologize to Kanak by holding her feet. Viplav says it is not needed and sits on his legs. Dhaani sees blood coming out of his hands and asks what is this. Viplav says I tried to raise hand on you and that’s why hurt myself. He says I didn’t know that Maa would do such a thing to separate us. He says Maa have accused her shamelessly. He apologizes to her. Dhaani asks him to stop it and says you are not only my friend, lover but also my God.

Viplav asks Dhaani if she will marry him. Dhaani says she is ready to marry him. Kanak thinks Viplav and Dhaani are separated and Viplav’s life will blossom now. Viplav and Dhaani get married in the temple.

Update Credit to: Amena and H Hasan


  1. ArShi

    Oh…finally. Our ViNi is going to be a couple officially. It’s really nice. But why Dhaani make ready to apologize to tht Safed Vutni????? I dn’t lik it. Dhaani u shud do wht is rit. Dn’t do antng wrng to keep Viplav’s mind.

  2. Hi friend really feeling happy that viplav has come to know about his mom n best part is that they would get married hurray congratulations n celebrations #####÷

  3. One thing is sure this trishakti will benefit all three shows among which IKRS will benefit the most, and best thing about the trishakti is that even all IKRS,TPK n SSK fans are combined commenting wow cool

  4. Ally

    Todays episode irritated me a lot …
    I don’t watch SSK…. But today I have to watch that ….???
    Boring episode not getting connection among these three soaps.I felt some sort of discontinuity ??

    • I think colors is inspired by zee tv for the trishakti lol , once every two months okay not every week like zee tv , and I also hate that SSK a lot among three shows TPK part was the best though I like IKRS n TPK equally and precap is awesome as Vidhaani getting married

  5. bharathi

    I thought that the misunderstanding will create in ikrs….but its opp……. nice episode…… i like it very much……

  6. some romantic??? scene at Valentine party seen in thapki pyar ki ,In party thapki nd bihaan dance together nd bihaan give red rose to thapki nd remind their past…. bihaan nd thapki give each other gift ( nok jok)type gift ???its really funny????☺Nd I think During party bihaan goes to know about thapki becoming maid in her own house?? by some teddy bear scen

  7. prachi

    Dey combined 3 combine comments of fans of 3 shows.:-). but der is a celebration on ikrs.feel very happy n excited for vidhani marrige..

  8. kavya

    This part of ikrs is taken from a Bollywood film called Beta where Anil kapoor hurts himself as he had slapped his wife suru. But i m happy at least they’ll get married and give a heart attack to that witch Kanak

  9. Parvini

    Since, my mom retired she has been glued to these shows her entire day revolves around the show times .  Now I have became a fan of Thapki Pyaar Ki.. I am so happy that i came across this site.  All of you keep me updated when I am unable to watch the show..


    Thapki and Bhian are sooooooo adorable… I cant believe his family is so hateful to Thapki who is the only one concerned about the happiness in their home. 

    I wonder if Bhian will ever find out the true motive for his mother to get him to marry Thapki and what would he do.

  10. Shraddha Sharma

    What is the use of showing maha episode as no channel shows what actually they promo for maha episode, instead make viewers irriatated…

  11. Kalyani

    I dont like Thapki while I like to watch IKRS abd even SSK. I skipped this mahaepisode just because of TPK which is demeaning to self respecting women and bahus and which advocates slavery in the name of sanskaar.

  12. Kalyani

    I am trying to post a comment on Balikavadhu’s yesterday episode but there is no window. Who should I contact so that comments section gets opened there?

  13. Rajee

    Ishq ka rang safed main hua ishq ka rang laal with dhani’s khoon bhari maang…

    Thapki pyar ki main hua thapki bani teddy pyar ki…

    Sasural simar ka main badha simar ka kaam …uske sasural wale Jo badhkar 16 se 19 ho gaye..

    Agey kya hoga janne ke liye dekhte rahiye
    Dha-pki-mar ki kahaani from 6:30pm to 8:00pm only on colors…

  14. Rajee

    I love ikrs. In tpk bihaan is adorable , ssk is horrible…
    But the combo offer was ‘ torture nights …bachao’ …

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