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Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Thapki that he will not melt seeing her tears and asks her to do as he says. He says you have to stay as my wife Mrs. Thapki Kabir Katyal….Thapki is in shock and tears. Kabir goes from the room. Vasu is sitting shockingly. Shraddha says I can’t believe that Vani is Thapki, and says don’t know how Bihaan might be feeling and says we shall go and search him, he can take any extreme step. Dhruv asks Shraddha to go and says my brother is not weak to take such step. Shraddha badmouths about Thapki. Aditi asks her to stop it and says Thapki must have taken this step due to some big reasons. Shraddha says I was innocent to marry Dhruv, the star, but Thapki was clever enough to trap rich guy Kabir Katyal. Vasu gets angry and is about to slap Shraddha, but Preeti

comes and holds her hand asking Vasu not to punish her or others for Thapki’s mistake. She says what we can do as Thapki is married. Vasu says no, and says when Thapki said that the marriage was a drama, then it was drama only and tells that she will clear this misunderstanding soon.

Balwinder says I have full trust on Thapki, even Bihaan should trust her. Let him come, we all will talk to him. Kabir feels apologetic and thinks he is helpless to do all this. He says I have to give you pain to take revenge for my sister. He says Bihaan have to die, says I am sorry. Sankara comes and holds his hand…She says you said right that everything is fair in love and war. She says yes, I know everything about you, I know that Vani is Thapki and you have supported her in her drama. She says I didn’t tell this to anyone as I want my Bihaan. She says I thought I have lost Bihaan, but you have changed everything. She shows the laddoos and says Thapki is yours now and Bihaan is mine for forever. She asks him to shake hands with her, and says enemy’s enemy is a friend. She says I know your secret. Kabir thinks he shall use Sankara to defeat Bihaan and thinks he is feeling bad to use Thapki, but will feel good to use Sankara. He shakes hand with her. Sankara smiles.

Thapki cries and thinks Bihaan is angry and will not trust me, but I will tell everyone and they will believe me. Just then she hears Bihaan shouting asking Kabir to come. Thapki and others come and see Bihaan coming there with Police. Bihaan asks Inspector to arrest Kabir for making fake papers of marriage and troubling his wife. He tells Thapki that he will not repeat the mistake of not trusting her again, and says he knows that he is taking advantage of her helplessness.

Kabir asks if you thought of me as moti buddhi and illiterate like you, and says I have proof of our marriage. Bihaan says I may be illiterate, but I knows that Thapki is married to me even now. He asks Inspector to arrest Kabir. Kabir smiles and runs to room. Vasu tells Thapki that she can’t do anything wrong. Bihaan says I know Kabir have betrayed you and everything is a lie. He asks her to tell Inspector that Kabir has done a drama. Thapki is about to tell Bihaan. Kabir comes back and asks Thapki to wait, says I went to room. He says I went to bring the proof so that you can understand that I was saying truth. He gives some papers. Inspector checks papers and says we can’t arrest him. Bihaan asks why? What is in this papers? Inspector says this is Thapki and yours divorce papers. Bihaan and Thapki are shocked. Everyone is also shocked. Kabir smiles.

Bihaan asks Thapki, how can we get divorced? Kabir says your divorce is done, and our marriage is right according to law. Bihaan says this is lie. Kabir asks Inspector to go. Bihaan says I didn’t sign on any papers. Kabir says my wife got your signatures on some papers saying it is deal papers. A fb is shown. Kabir says that papers contained divorce papers as well. He asks Thapki to tell that she got his signatures. He holds Bihaan’s collar angrily and says I have bear enough till now, but I will not bear if you regard her as yours wife. Thapki is shocked and silent. Bihaan is shocked and holds Thapki’s hand recalling slapping her. He slaps himself with Thapki’s hands. Vasu asks what you are doing? He says you would have slapped me, but why you have done this with me. Kabir shows the divorce papers and says your all answer is in these divorce papers. Your love story have ended. He holds Thapki. Dhruv is angry. Bihaan looks on shattered.

Vasu asks Thapki that she didn’t do right by marrying kabir and divorcing Bihaan. Thapki asks Kabir to tell truth to everyone and says everything is misunderstanding her. Kabir tells her that he is with her in every means.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. All Thahaanians…finally our wishes are reached the moment of completion ,yes friends Thahaan get Divorced.
    Thank you writers for giving such a wonderful gift for us.its better to PLS KILL BIHAAN.

    I thought Shankar and shraddha were the most characterless persons in this story but now I can realized the truth that is they were much much much better than you Mrs.THAPKI…….

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Ya pooja shrada and Sankara r much better than this stupid thapki .why she don’t speake a single word zubaan hai b k nahi pata nahi.even shradha do many things to win druve only 4 money she is much better than thapki she stood like as she don’t understand what happening around her and with her.but I don’t like Sankara.

      1. NO , Thapki just make a mistake…………poor Thapki

    2. S.Bala chitra

      Bihaan need this. He did the same with shrub.

  2. Manish ki deewani

    Oh no thahaan divorce really heartbreaking episode not only for Bihaan also for thahaan’s fans.if no more thahaan,watch tpk just for Manish.again they show the sad or crying face of Bihaan.I wish now thapki know about the letter and then she realize what she did?
    Writer g so many thahaan fans watch tpk for them but u don’t care about fans even in shakti they don’t drag separation track .writer plz unite thahaan if not so plz give some happiness to Bihaan .take one year leap in this Bihaan left pandey niwas and come back with a bang in this leap u made him a famous boxer.

  3. Manish ki deewani

    Writer g One more thing don’t u dare to do the marriage of Bihaan and samkara .its a humble request.and plz unite thahaan very much

  4. Stupid thapki.cvs do big step,they will lose the viewers…a women with 4 marriage as a central story???wow
    It is time to stop watching it

  5. Today episode was ??
    I all episode I watch till today was seeing Bihaan get hurt ? the only reason for me watching the show is Bihaan ?
    But unfortunately I decided to stop because I know the writer will make more and more drama until Bihaan and thapki back together or maybe he will remove Bihaan and make kabir the hero I don’t know but the writer it is the crazy writer I everrr seen this the first show to see the heroine marry four man ?
    And tomorrow episode the family will leave thapki alone thapki deserves this your revenge make you blind you lost the whole family I am happy to see thapki crying she destroys Bihaan life with her revenge ? Stoped show stoped thapki ???

    1. poor Thapki……………..

  6. How can thapki forgives bihaan so easily ? boring track since kosi’s entry and now this kabir they shd end the show

  7. bhuvaneshwaribalasubramaniyam

    what a hell is this

  8. Mansak

    i am sakshi
    i cant even believe that the cvs can stoop so low
    rubbish first diwakar then dhruv then bihaan then even gorilla and now that kabirrr
    i dont know what these guys are upto what they want to show us
    we are only living by reading ff’s and guys i have written a ff too on thahaan iam fed of tpk on colors
    may my ff got publish fastly
    only waiting that may god end this serial i am fed up
    guys see thapki in rishtey channel. recently the marriage has happended b/w thahaan and after some time we will see our thahaan happily

  9. bhuvaneshwaribalasubramaniyam

    I think kabir slowly started loving the thapki so the fight is start between bihaan and kabir

  10. bhuvaneshwaribalasubramaniyam

    I hate thapki and also feel bad for bihaan but kabir,shraddha and sankara are discusting characters

  11. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I was surprised with the thahaan lovers, willing to waste money to buy quota for watch TPK.they mean will be interesting entertainment, but in reality our hearts have always been hurt by the director and writer ….. oh my god, forgive them … .i dont know what to say …..rela habisin duit buat beli quota dgn harapan dapat hiburan nonton serial thapki,eh kenyataannya hati kita selalu tersakiti menyaksikan episode demi episode yang menyakitkan hati….bravo thahaan lovers….kalian memang hebat…berarti saya hebat dong,hehehe

  12. oh my God…whts that….total rubbish ..miralless….even i m nt watching this worth serial but a lot of anger even after reading the written update…hats off to those who are still watching it…ooppsss….i can’t understand thapki why she always become so strong infront of bihan and to give him tears…but always become crying toy infrnt of vasu shrdha dhruv and kabir ….infront of every villan….shame on such stupid girl….i think bihan should leave this girl….im confusd wht happen next….now thahaan are no more thahaan….where is the main hero heroin….stupid serial….

  13. I had stoped watching it. I will stop reading it too.

  14. Thapki fell in her own trap…. Now she will understand the importance of Bihaan in her life….

  15. Not only bihaan always get hurt, but thapki too always unfortunate. Everyone that she trusted always betrayed her, and everybody always blamed her. Poor thapki, poor bihaan. I hope this time bihaan would fully believe in thapki like the way thapki believed him when he was accused stabbing bauji, and everybody were blaming him.

    1. You’re right.. ☺

    2. You’re right.. ☺

  16. God, whre is the moral of this film? Teach woman to married so many times? Teach us to playing with marriage? How educated this film, mybe this is woman emancipation hahaha
    Hope script writer read this

  17. And you think you r so cool CVS people, no you are not, you stupid morons, i am not gonna watch this bullshit again. You go to hell with this nonsense drama, i cant even stand the music of this show, you ruined every good moments I’ve had with thapki and bihaan’s love. Hate you

  18. I agreed with rada. Thapki made mistakes plan lots of time. She should listen dhruv that Bihaan didn’t read letter. Also thapki pushed bihaan to marry Sanker same as time thakpi wait stranger Kabir too far.

  19. Bihaan is really redneck. The solution of all problem is just fight. How come a such logical character like Thapki can get long well with a redneck, like Bihaan.
    Hope Kabir open his motive to Thapki

    1. Bihan’S character is the most illogical out of all. I don’t even see what people find so special in him. He’s rude, always ready to fight, uneducated, uncouth, selfish (it’s always about his pain, how he’s been away from Thapki ergo how much he’s been hurt, how he loves her so she’s his, it’s always me me me with him) treats Thapki like she’s a possession and manhandles her on a regular basis. Sure he’s good at heart as some people claim, I don’t see how though conserving he’s a thug. I don’t get what Thapki sees in him. The story was supposed to be about a girl with a stammering problem, I don’t see how it’s become about Bihan now. Dhruv was always a better option and even now Kabir is better for Thapki than Bihan. I hope CV’s take this pairing (ThaBir) seriously and develop their story further.

  20. Why on earth was Thapki just standing there looking dumb and shocked she could have spoken anytime. Writers are stupid for writing such scenes as if someone would just stand by without speaking up. Don’t people read what they are signing, especially Thapki who is supposed to be smart

  21. Ya..Thapki deserves this..She just needed to take revenge on Bihaan and her own family..that’s why she was trapped in her own trap…She will realize her own mistake now..and also realize Bihaan’s love..and regret for her misunderstanding about the letter’s truth once she comes to know about the truth…

  22. HI, Im new to this forum, but have been watching TPK for a while now.
    I think that Kabir is a very misunderstood character in TPK. What he is doing for his sister is actually quite sweet and something that any brother would do for his sister <3 That brother-sister dynamic is really good! I actually commend Sehban Azim's acting and the writers for this 🙂 You can see his guilt for hurting Thapki by saying thier marriage is real.

    Im a Thahaan fan too and its awful to see Bihaan and Thapki hurting in that way but I guess they are individually justified for what they do and the way they feel.

    I just hope it all ends well and Kabir doesn't become too much of a villian.

    1. Finally someone who sees an alternate point of view!! I quiet like Kabir’s character as well. He’s shown to be someone with high morals, someone who really respects women and you could actually see that he couldn’t meet Thapki’s eyes whilst telling her that they were officially legally married.

      I’ve never been a Bihan fan or Bihan-Thapki fan so I am really enjoying this track. I would really like to see Thapki and Kabir together and if thats not the end game, I really hope the CV’s dont ruin Kabir’s character.

      1. Thanks Avanti! And I too hope that they don’t ruin Kabir’s character

  23. Kabir and Thapki are both the same, they want revenge and have condemned Bihaan and have convinced themselves of his guilt but no one has actually confronted him and demanded answers. So they think he is guilty and the poor guy doesn’t even know why he is being punished. If your putting someone through so much pain at least know for100% certain if they truly deserve it

    1. I totally agree but seeing how Bihan’s character is shaped. IMHO Even Kabir had asked Bihan, he wouldnt have given him a proper clarification. Bahaman is shown to be too egoistic to be give any answers.

  24. İ am so Sad today again, the episod was really boring. Drama always drama ! İ miss you thapki and bihan’s lovely days. İ have watched all the serial’s episod, but the way that’s go on is really rabbish. Pakwaz ! Thapki, sister, you have to be strong again and has to show them that you Are right ! İ love bihaan but he made wrong with his wife. Life is not easy in marriage, he should had to be confidente in thapki, he has to trust her… All men Are the same, they always think to their needs, never their wife’s thought. İ believe in you thapki! Go on!

    1. Agree.. ☺ go oon., Thapki., find out the truth.

  25. Just shut up everyone! think of it in your perspective how it was for thapki in the beginning. When this show first started it was based on an innocent girl called thapki her flaw was that she stammers however her qualities and talent was amazing! People would laugh at her because of her flaw and that led her to many consequences in life. What about when bihaan and the whole entire family accused her of things she hadn’t done and she was innocent?

  26. Lena… too much of a villian of course he is a demon he is ruining people’s lives bihaan had created the fire between him and kabir. Thapki’s baby died before she gave birth to it because of bihaan. Why should thapki suffer i just wished dhruv and thapki were together. Bihaan’s love is stupid he realises after kosi devi’s truth how wonderful is that? 2 years he didnt think about her and when she makes an entry as vaani he remembers memories.

  27. I am disappointed Bihaan and thapki already divorced by evil Kabir. I think writer or director rubbish spoiled thapki and Bihaan hurt stab too much. Enough!!! Please stop drag !!

  28. Was it her fault people were after her she was just a beautiful model she never realised that. Revenge is just if i killed ur sister u would want to kill me or would u just forgive me straight away. I am aware revenge is the wrong choice but ic u want u can take revenge it isnt bad. When thapki’s baby died she cried every single moment if bihaan cries now who cares in order of being a mother she was doing her duty. Guys obviously at tge end of bolywood shows there is a happy ending dont give up on watching this have some patience. Fellow members who agree??

    1. ? ☺… Agree., N..

    2. I agree, We have to be patient for Thapki+bihaan’s happy days ?

  29. dear director sir, really you are ridiculing the indian women it is not good, also you are ridiculing the marriage bond. please stop your rubish things in this serial please. tapki you want to revenge bihaan but see you fell in this trap. i was watching this serial from the begining at first you were bethrod to diwakar and it was stoped and then you loved druv and his mother vasundra did not like because of your stamering, and she was asked bihaan to marry you and he married you first then when you come to know that druv was not your husband you hurt a lot bihaan by your words and he accepted everything because he did mistake in your life and he tryed to unite you and druv but you listened to vasundra. then you come to know the truth and started to love bihaan and you married second time bihaan. he never led you alone during your suffering and he proved to his family members that you are innocent. and from your part also stood with bihaan. but when kosi came to his life he behaved with you badly you hide your pregnancy to him, and you wrot letter and left and you knew that kosi and sankaar are against you and bihaan, then how can he get your letter don’t you have sense? and when you returned as vani you hurt him a lot you must know that your marriage bond is made by the Lord every time the Lord tried to unite toyou and bihaan, because bihaan is simple and very much devotee. Lord siva, Ganesh, Ramer, Kali devi all with him and they only united you in marriage bond. why the Gods want to unite both of you? because bihaan is orphen and he was strugled to get love from his own mother kosi andstep mother vasu, so Gods selected you to be his wife and mother to him. and for your case you also suffered a lot because of your stamering and you prayed to gods the desided that bihaan is the best for you and they united in marriage two time. and now you went against the will of god so they are punishing you.

    1. yes. Thapki is a good woman
      but she never trust any body and shouldnot allow any person betrayed her easily.
      she must try talk about the truth.
      she must try tell a bout her idea, emotions,……..

  30. Im rooting for Kabir-Thapki (ThaBir) I really like this pairing and I hope they get a fair chance.

  31. Lucy I agree with your post.
    But Thapki is really irritating me now.
    All of a sudden she can’t speak up for herself.
    She can’t tell someone the truth?
    I am so disgusted with her.

  32. ..maybe this kabir will replacing bihan in TPK coz manish want to get out from this series which has lost its viewers, shown in the declining ratings everyday ,due the unreasonable storyline..if it is true i will support manish 100%… this serial is ridiculous anyway..

  33. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    saya tidak peduli thapki cerai dengan bihan atau kawin lagi dengan problem…yang saya khawatir jika sutradara membuat adegan dimana bihan dijebak oleh sankara dan harus menikahinya…tapi sepertinya sutrada mengarah ke adegan seperti itu.sutrada yang tidak punya hati…kejam…

  34. I’m new here, but I’m a silent reader.. Since kosi track cs till now, they had ruined the lead character (BIhaan / Thapki), the storyline was a disappointment. BIhaan & Thapki had along journey to reach their real marriage, after that they just show the leap and Thahaan’s separated is start, they just make missunderstanding both of them. BIhaan’s character in the next track is like brainless & fragile and thapki’s character is strong but stoneheart.. I just think, maybe they make this show just to explore the leads acting, not to attention about storyline, some parts & dialogues aren’t consistent, but some scenes is awesome performance from the actor / actris especially emotional scene.. In the Blindfold & romantic dance is good chemistry from their lead, kabir’s entry,& adiruv love story don’t too attrack my attention & sankara is the worst disgusting.. Just my opinion, I’m fed up with this track & don’t know when this track will finish..

    1. My freind read the novel they give birth to two children their name is mohit and mohiti but they died and their children read history.

  35. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    its really Debie?manish want to get out from this series??wow…i like your information.because its true,i dont have reason for watch this serial.i hope your info thats true.

  36. Serial ini tidak untuk ditonton dengan logika….karena akan sangat tidak masuk akal…bikin pusing….coba bayangkan…thapki seorang pengacara…tetapi sikapnya jauh dari seorang yang mengetahui hukum dan berlatar oendidikan tinggi….lebih hanya seperti perempuan yang tidak bisa melawan…menerima nasib…menangis dan menangis……so…sy ingin tahu siapa sih writernya? Pengin ketemu…..

  37. Hii everyone!!!!!!! To bring it to your notice that the bihaan and thapki will seperate and thapki will live jer married life with kabir… so thapki cheating 3 guys.. dhruv bihaan and kabir…

    1. no.Thapki just belongs bihan

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