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Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishnakant asking Thapki to come with her. She does not agree. He says fine, stay here, this is time for the test of your fate. They cry. Krishnakant says you are not alone, I m with you. Thapki pyaar ki……….plays………….. Krishnakant leaves. Bau ji tells Thapki that she is very great. Bihaan recalls Krishnakant understanding Thapki’s signs and says amazing, I did not understand her sign, and her dad understood everything right. He recalls Bau ji’s words and says Bau ji was right.

Vasundara says see Shraddha, how Krishnakant was scolding us despite Thapki’s weakness, its good Dhruv’s marriage…. Shraddha asks what. Vasundara thinks she can’t tell Shraddha about Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage was about to happen. She says I was saying, its good

Dhruv’s marriage happened with you, you are Sarvagunn samparn. She says I have a gift. She gifts gold foot rings to Shraddha. Shraddha gets glad. She says I will go for dinner with Dhruv and asks Vasundara. Vasundara says you can go, just tell Dhruv. Shraddha thanks her. Bau ji says no, Shraddha won’t go today, she will have to dine at home, traditional food will be made today.

Shraddha hears Dadi and Bau ji talking, about keeping this food cooking at home to cheer up Thapki. She gets angry and sees Thapki. The bell sounds as Thapki works around. Shraddha asks are you giving me attitude and insults Thapki. She takes her phone and breaks it, saying its useless for you. She threatens Thapki to make her state worse.

Everyone come and see the phone broken. Dadi asks whose phone is this. Preeti picks it and says its Thapki’s phone, how did this break. Dadi asks Thapki. Thapki looks at Shraddha and points to her. She cries. Preeti asks did Shraddha break this. Shraddha says no, Thapki wants to say that you all should ask me. Dadi asks Shraddha. Shraddha says Thapki got a call, she can’t talk, and broke the phone in her anger. Shraddha acts sweet infront of everyone and shows sympathy for Thapki, seeing that bell in her neck. Bihaan looks at Shraddha’s drama. Shraddha says I can’t see Thapki in this pain, I wish Lord gave this pain to me, if I had to wear this bell, I would have agreed, Thapki is like my sister, I can feel her pain, if I get this chance, I will really do anything. Bihaan gets an idea. Dadi says Shraddha’s heart is so true and clean, who shares anyone’s pain and blesses Shraddha.

Bihaan thinks amazing, Shraddha broke the phone and acting to become Devi infront of Dadi, now I have to teach lesson to Shraddha Bhabhi ji.

Bihaan calls everyone out and removes the bell from Thapki’s neck. Vasundara asks him what is he doing and shouts on him. Bihaan says because this is not needed now. I have a device for Thapki’s safety. He shows a electronic bell and says this button device will be with Thapki, if she has to call someone, she will press this button and bell will ring. Suman asks where is the bell. Bihaan shows the bell. Preeti says its awesome. He says Shraddha Bhabhi ji will wear it. Shraddha and Vasundara get shocked.

Shraddha says what nonsense, why will I wear this. Bihaan says you just said you love Thapki, she is like your sister. Suman and Preeti laugh. Bihaan says you think when Thapki presses button, you will go to her first, you both will be happy. Thapki signs no to Bihaan. Bihaan asks Shraddha to wear it. Vasundara takes it and asks why will Shraddha wear it, you are insulting her. Bihaan says no, Shraddha will earn more respect. Bau ji agrees to him, and says even Thapki wore the bell, whats wrong in this, you want Thapki’s good, if Shraddha wears this bell, its better, we will be sure Thapki is fine. Shraddha gets shocked.

Vasundara sees fire and goes to blow off. Suman sees this and shouts to Vasundara that its kerosene oil, not water. Thapki hears this and runs on burning coal to save Vasundara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Pls thapki don’t save vasundra pls leave her she should die but she don’t get place in heaven also???????

  2. wow bihaan keep it up man

  3. Superb bihaan….bihaan rocks

  4. I couldn’t stop laughing today. Shraddha fell her own trap. ??
    Bihaan taught nice lesson to her?. I’m happy.. ☺☺☺

  5. Today i really love this epi. Awesome idea bihaan. He choose to shradha wear the bell. And also he thinks dadi words about don’t undestood to thapki sign. But slowly bihan realise him love with thapki. Just finger crossed. And precape thapki to saves vasundra after what will happen in seriel. she really change her opinion about thapki charector

  6. Wow….bihaan nice nosecut to shraddha ,trapped her exactly at her words…thank least u understood that shraddha had broken the cell…..

  7. Well done bihan !! i would be more happy when shradha wore the bell ,thapki dont save that witch she ll again blame u for all that incident.

  8. Wow superb bihaan. Keep it up. Stupid Shraddha fell in her own trap.Precap is very exiciting and dangerous.Hope that saving scene dosen’t land Thapki in heaven.Please unite thaan forever. Don’t let the divorce happen Ved Raj , I mean writerji.Love you thahaan.Poor Thapki,she was barefoot while saving that witch during yhe precap. Feel very sad for her.I’m waiting for that day when Bihaan will propose Thapki.
    OK Goodbye

  9. B for Bihaan G for Gajab…………your a spectacular actor Manish………….

  10. What’s the point thapki saving that crap vasu. She won’t even say thanks, all she will do is insult thapki.

  11. I read somewhere that while saving Vasundhara Thapki will walk on the coals and in that attempt she will get her voice back

  12. Ha ha like it todays episode shraddha trapped her own trap..
    bihaan rocks
    no thahaan romance?

  13. Wts the need of this mahaepiside crap thapki is proved again she is Mahatma..not good again seeing frustrating with thapki
    show more thahaan romance and get rise good trp otherways kitchen politics not worked I think
    no truth revealed soon so saw more romance its better
    thahaan is best

  14. Bihaan rocks
    gajab ….?

  15. Nice episode

  16. Want more thahaan scenes.

  17. Nice epi……………Bihaan looks soooo smart today!!!

  18. Ha haha i was so happy n laughing seeing vasu’s n her puppet sharaddha’s face…i knew she wud obviously react n how..she is shiwing her true face to everyone…n dat shraddha now where did her concern go…tit for tat….love u bihaan…n bauji for saying dat stupid vasu dat thapki also wore the bell n she is also bahu of panday khandaan….so rules r all same for every bahu…..maha episode is not going to be so entertaing coz basu will be saved by thapki but still wud say dat she wsa doing this intentionally so dat thapki’s voice come back which will come back while thapki will save vasu…she will even walk on burned coal…but still vasu is a brainless women n turn the situation on her hand saying she was doing dis so dat thapki speaks….but i can assure all thahaan fans dat further episode will be worth watching as after thapki burns jer feet bihaan wud lift her on his arms n take her to their room n apply ointment just like she did on his hand….at fiirst she eill hasitate but then she will let him do it….so soon their will be understanding devlopping between to love birds as bihaan will also try to learn now hiw to understand thapki by her eyes….as he saw his father in law ubderstanding every actions of thapki without her voice:-) love u thahaan n as always keep rocking guyzzz….tpk rules becoz of u both…manyasa is d best

  19. Nice episode

  20. Superb episode bihaan rocks

  21. Hate bihaan and thapki.thapki didn’t go with her father because the love she’s having for bihaan hate this serial pls unite thapki and dhruv

  22. Want thahaan

  23. Why does people want bihaan and thapki and thapki shouldn’t forget her first love and move on with the person who ruined her life.and bihaan is starting to act as he loves thapki cause he wants the respect he lose and if he really loves thapki why doesn’t he tell everyone about what his mum did with thapki

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