Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki scolding Bihaan and accuses him for letting the switch open and tells that she had felt the pain of losing a child, which he didn’t. Bihaan asks what do you mean? Dhruv tells Vani to stop blaming Bihaan and tells that nothing has happened. Balwinder says nothing will happen as Vasu came back. Dhruv turns and looks at Vasu. He folds his hands and says Maa. He says I have made place in this house, but will I be able to make place in your heart. Vasu gets emotional and hugs him cryingly. Dhruv also gets emotional. Vasu says you was never away out of my heart. She sees Thapki and thinks who is she, who resembles Thapki. She comes to Thapki. Kosi comes in between them and tells that she is Vani Oberoi and I am her partner. Vani signs her.

Later Bihaan comes

out and holds Thapki’s hand. Thapki asks how dare you to touch me. Bihaan puts a bucket of water on her head, and says your head is so hot, asks her to cool it down. HE asks why you are acting and blaming me again and again. He says I am not selfish to take innocent life and tells that he had closed the machine, don’t know who had open it. He says I touch you as I know you are my Thapki. He says I don’t know why you have become stone hearted, and goes. Thapki thinks she is stone hearted because he kicked her out that day and she lost her child. Dadi tells Vasu that she is happy to see her, and hugs her. Suman and Preeti asks Vasu to make everything fine and says Kosi called Vani to stay in the house. Dadi says she is Thapki and not Vani. Vasu comes to Bihaan and asks if she is Thapki or Vani. Bihaan says you know her well, and she was like a daughter to you. Vasun says her heart is saying that she is their Thapki and not Vani.

Bihaan tells Vasu that she is Thapki, but don’t know why she is acting to be Vani. Vasu says we have to find the reason behind her move, and says your mum is with me. Bihaan holds her hand. Vasu says we will find out together why she has become Vani. She says my daughter stayed away from me since 2 years. Thapki tells that she was away from Vasu for 2 years, and lost her baby also. Dhruv says this is called struggle. He gives her strength and says you have taken a big step towards your motive, by bridging the gap between Shraddha and kosi. He says they will attack on their relation big. Thapki says it is difficult to lie to Vasu. Vasu tells that Thapki’s truth will come out tomorrow. Bihaan is determined too.

Next day, guests ask Suman about Kosi. Shraddha calls Kosi. Kosi asks her not to call her from behind and scolds her. Shraddha tells her that she made juice for her. Kosi thanks her and asks why don’t you stay like this always, and becomes witch sometimes. A fb is shown, Dhruv sees Kosi drinking juice and recalls adding chuna in the juice. Kosi asks her to take care of guests, and goes. Shraddha asks guest to sit and asks him to say what he wants to have. She calls Aditi and asks him to serve him. She introduces Mr. Kapoor to Aditi and tells him that Aditi will serve him whatever he needs. Mr. Kapoor looks at her. He asks about her name. Aditi says her name. Dhruv comes there. Shraddha comes and calls Dhruv to come inside. Dhruv goes with her. Aditi is tensed. Mr Kapoor stares him. Suman tells Vasu that they shall begin aarti. Kosi says 1 min and comes there. She holds the aarti, and tries to sing bhajan, but she couldn’t sing. Mr. Kapoor asks Aditi where is washroom. Aditi says okay, I will take you. Vasu asks what happened to your voice…kosi. Preeti says it seems someone has made her eat chuna or sindoor. Kosi recalls Shraddha making her drink juice. Shraddha asks Kosi not to stare her and says I didn’t add anything in juice.

Vasu tells that visarjan aarti will be done by special member, and asks Vani to do aarti and sing bhajan. Thapki tries to sing and stammers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It was a good episode.Thapki I can understand your state of mind…but,some times I feel she has to hurt Bihaan unnecessarily.we want our unification not their isolation.I wish vasuji will be help him.hi…Garima,where are you?Reshal,Jo,Santhosh,Anu and all.
    Thank you santhosh Bhai…but there is no telecast at 4.30 because big boss will telecast at that time.which means TPK repeat timing has totally changed it showed at 8am only.
    Guys,anyone can see the new serial promo…I wish SSK going to off air.Friends…pls comments yaar.


      ssk not going off air..
      after bigg boss ending new serial take that slot(10:30 pm )
      new serial➡DIL SE DIL TAK.


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  2. vasu…don’t do like this.what is this drama is becoming difficult.

  3. vasu…don’t do like this.what is this drama is becoming difficult.and duruv ur rocking performance.

  4. Super episode….kosi scenes are so funny….

  5. Why do I think that the writer keep dragging the storyline? After 2 years leap, it was first shown that Bihaan had changed into a goon and Thapki came back for revenge but until now, Thapki has done nothing for the revenge.. It’s only Dhruv who create a gap between Kosi and Shradda while Thapki seem to be confused all the time because of Bihaan..

  6. I want thapki-drunv is perfect couple.I want thapki pregnant the drunv and Married ?

    1. Same here

      1. me too!

      2. The story is good so. If you don`t like the story line then stop watching this show. Evreyone can see that Thapki will be end up with bihaan. And Dhruv will be with Aditi.

  7. Nice episode..Dhruv superb performance..Hope Vasu and Bihaan scenes will be interesting to know Thapki’s truth…Kosi funny..

  8. when will bihaan know the truth of his baby?or vasu will help him find the reason of thapki? Come on,do take too long….

  9. William Fernandes

    Hey… Actually actually according to me I feel that thapki should end up with dhruv. As bihaan liked aditi before when the serial 1st started thapki used to work for dhruv and then dhruv fell in love with her.. But then vasu made bihaan and thapki to get married. Then thapki fell in love with bihaan.. And what dhruv got in return.. Nothing but dhoka.

  10. William Fernandes

    And one more thing when vasu returned home she felt emotional with dhruv becoz she feels bad for breaking dhruv and thapki’s wedding and also dhruv sacrifices his love for bihaan. And a funny thing I don’t know what this director is doing is that kosi was supposed to kill bihaan.. Why didn’t she kill him?

  11. I agreebwith you. Why is Kosi not killing Bihaan again to get the for her son. This is two years after.

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