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Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki taking Bihaan’s side. Aditi leaves with Diwakar. Thapki goes to room and cries. She sees Lord idol and says Diwakar is punishing my family, do bad with me, not them. Bihaan comes there and sees her crying. He tries to cheer her up and looks for his phone. He throws her clothes and bag, and makes her angry. He asks her to keep her bag on side. She says it was on side, shall I keep it outside. She argues with him. She rings his phone and its his in pocket. He says he forgets things. She says you don’t forget to trouble me, that you always remember. She goes from the room. He smiles.

Suman and Preeti talk to Dadi about burning crackers. Preeti says they have to do puja and then burn crackers. Bau ji says they won’t do diwali puja today, as Thapki’s family

is very sad today. They are also part of their family, we can’t celebrate. Vasundara says happiness and sorrow are part of life.

Shraddha and her father come and ask why they won’t celebrate Diwali. Thapki says Bau ji was saying something else. We will celebrate diwali, and asks Bau ji. Bau ji agrees on her saying, and says its Thapki’s first diwali in this house. Shraddha says mine too. Vasundara says you completed our family. Vasundara tells about a ritual in their house, everyone donates their fav thing, they note the name and that thing on envelop, and then we see the notes after puja. Shraddha smiles. Vasundara says then we keep that thing in weighing machine and equate it with grains, then donate both, thing and grains. Shraddha says its interesting. Vasundara asks them to get ready for puja. Dadi asks them to get the things for donating.

Vasundara goes to storeroom and sees cycles. She recalls Balwinder gifting cycles to Dhruv and Bihaan. She says she can’t give away anything related to Dhruv and takes Bihaan’s cycle for donating. Everyone do puja and keep the notes. Dadi asks Bihaan and Thapki to do puja. Bihaan asks Dadi to do. Vasundara sends Bihaan. Bihaan and Thapki do puja together. Dadi tells Vasundara that Bihaan and Thapki will become like Ram and Sita. Vasundara laughs in heart.

Diwakar asks for sweets and tells Poonam to do puja soon. He laughs as light goes. Vasundara asks Shraddha to do aarti with Dhruv, as she is going to become her bahu. Dhruv does not come ahead and Shraddha looks at him.

Bau ji reads the note that Bihaan will donate Thapki and scolds him. Bihaan says I did not write it. Thaoki says I m ready to sit on weighing machine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. My god….. Same precap for 4 days….

  2. Anyway…… Loved thahaan scenes:)

  3. Same precap….. I saw yesterday’s episode… Is Shraddha negative???
    Hi… Guys… Remember me…

    1. Yah i think tmarw shradha change to bihaan sheet

    2. Yes…she is negative…. and psycho too.???

    3. Maybe you guys are right … I think because Shakshi left the show so they are making negative drama based on Sharadha and Diwakar…. Guys Wasn’t Sharadha played in other serial??? I think I saw her… Her face is quite known to me…

      1. Shraddha used to be in a drama called Pyaar Ka dard that came on Starplus

      2. It’s not like that in the case of sakshi she left the show due to molestation from someone from TPK set…

  4. somny dayz.. Same…pracap…:
    So sweet…. Thahaan romance..
    Vasudhara. Realy evil selfish…

  5. Same precap again ..

  6. Hm…
    Bihaan tried to distract Thapki’s sadness by searching mobile and simple argument.It’s realy worth to watch. That witch vasundara is selfish and giving Bihaans cycle as Dhan. One day she will be punished for her misdeeds.
    Only irritating thing is the same precap they are showing these days..

  7. Nice episode,awesome smile Bihaan….DEAREST MANISH(Bihaan) I WISH A MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR YOU in advance……..HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR………..

  8. again same precap when will this diwakar n shradha drama get over ?wat da hell! why these writers r bringing 2, 2 villains in thahaans life?‎pls end this track soon………

  9. Almost tired of this precap

  10. Really touching when bihaan tried to touch her and took back the hands.but started distracting by some other way !! Lovely……..
    I am tharuv fan! But I think thahaan should be united… So that vasu cannot rectify her cheat even if she,want to…….

  11. Ya happy birthday manish in advance…wish u success n good lucks in ur life…n pls dnt draggg same precap…otherwise u shoul’nt hv shown this precap on monday coz it showing it from 4 days…vasu u r really cheap…by doing this u r going to loose respect from dhruv i m not so sure but definately the son who loves u more dan anything in this world n dat is bihaan….n thahaan scenes again was awsome when he tries to cheer thapki n smiles…love thahaan..tpk rocksss.

  12. Brity… yes shraddha negetive. Very curninq and that is who vasu is chosen for druv sir. Why same precap 4days now pls we need change. Love thahaan.

  13. I think after knowing about shraddas truth the mrg wil stop and on otherhands aditi and diwakar’s mrg truth wil cme out and may be druv wl mry aditi

    1. no…i think ki dhruv will marry thapki and buhaan aditi..bcz both still love each other ..and remember the first scenes where aditi is with bihaan

  14. Loved thahaan scenes
    Just make vasundra jealous …vasu is doing wrong by giving too much imp to shraddha……
    Why she took too many tests for thapki why doesn’t she test shraddha,u r a selfish creature.. .

  15. Bihaan console thapki in a cute way.his smile was sooooooooooooo cute…thahaan scenes fabulous.pls reveal vasu truth.many many happy returns of d day to Manish in advance….take care

  16. Vasu is sooo selfish………. Whatever she does,the family members will support our dearest thahaan…….?

  17. bad epi,,,trying to show bihaan closer to thapki.. he is not tht type of guy who will take away his fVOURITE BROTHERS LOVE… wat msg writers r passing by showing this…based on immature fans of thatthan,,not acceptable…writers hav some duty towards society ..dont pass immoral msgs…plsssssssss….

    1. Forgot the old things now it was present live as better future.
      thapki is bihaans wife she doesnt want to move druvs life
      remember the scene thapki shout and beat bihaan. For trying to unite tharuv

  18. ?
    today I miss the episode
    wtng for tmrw 1pm
    missing thahaan…
    devil Vasu is cocern own son y she does nt realise bihaans good deeds.
    shraddha is irritating too now.
    omg today also same precap
    I think tmrw will telecast the precap section isnt??
    otherwise thahaan moments was super….
    plz unite thahaan

    1. 1 correction do watch the serial repeat at 1:30pm it has gt changd…

  19. britty shradha was firstly seen in house wife h saab janti h serial…she is house wife in chaturvedi family before shona came…

  20. Good epi………….but irritating precap!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Vasundhara aako ek baat sayad yaad nahi hain ‘jaisi karni waisi varni’
    u r bringing a snake lyk u for ur own son nd donated a nice person lyk thapki for bihaan(ur so cald son)
    u wl regret wen u wl feel dat u have actually ruined ur son’s lyf nd build bihaan’s lyf….
    U want best for dhruv nd worst 4 bihaan bt u gave bihaan da best n dhruv da worst…
    Ur arrogance wl go wen dhruv wl hate u to da core nd bihaan wl remain loyal to u even aftr knwing ur truth….

    If writers keep bihaan n thapki they wl justify da thing da two incomplete lyf r completed by each other….

    1. Kithna achese likayar . Haa etho sathyahe.

  22. Hmm poor bihaan what will happen now..

  23. Nice episode .Advanced birthday wishes for Manish.I think still Dhruv loves Thapki&thapki also loves him but she think he got a good wife than me and I am a burden for him.Thahaan seen good to see

  24. Plzzz unite thahaan.
    today episode was super thahaan moments is awesome.

  25. nyc epi……4days ah same precap…change him

  26. nyc scene thahaan

  27. i hate vasuendra lot…….awesome thahaan moments

  28. nyc epi…….loved thanhaan…..moments

  29. Happy birthday bihaan

  30. suprrrrr…….epi……more romance want thahaam

  31. Nice episode…….but same precap boring

  32. Nice episode
    Revel adithi and vasundara’s cunning

  33. Like Vasundhara same Shraddha

  34. Thahaan moments was super want more.
    plzzzzzzzz unite thahaan

  35. Bihaan is best with thapki .
    adorable cute pair.
    gods sake they get married now they like each other and unite forever

  36. Thahaan is awsome pls let dem fall for each other

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