Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna cries thinking about Bani as he gets into the car. Aryan comes there and asks where he is leaving, what such important. Munna doesn’t reply and asks him to leave. Aryan says he has nothing important than Munna, he must demand what he wants. Munna cries hugging Aryan, Aryan also cries hugging him. Munna says Bani doesn’t want to marry him and told him to leave. Munna says he can’t hurt Bani as he always wants Bani to stay happy. Aryan asks what’s the guarantee that Bani lives happy when he has left. Aryan says no one would force, but love would get love; he will make this marriage possible.
Vasundra was sitting with Tina as he was crying. Tina asks how she can do this to Samar, Thapki was clueless. Tina says Samar’s mother told them about the drama. Tina says Thapki went to Samar

and questions why he wants to ruin her channel’s reputation, what was the need to insult the minister. She said she was mistaken when she gave him favors earlier, it is either her order or an advice but he won’t step into Channel’s office until he marries Tina. Thapki stood clueless. Tina says that work is Samar’s life, she pleads Thapki not to hurt Samar. Tina leaves the hall. Vasundra scolds Thapki for making her upset. She says if Tina wants so, Samar would go to office and work there. Thapki cries silently and comes to Bani’s room angrily. Bani was swirling the keys on rocking chair. Thapki asks if Bani went to Samar’s house as Thapki. She reminds Bani promised to begin a new relation. Bani stands up in Thapki’s attire. Thapki asks what she did now.
Bani says Thapki betrayed her, she lied to her and brought her right where she stood fifteen years ago. She mocked her love, her relations and her family; she brought a stranger as her father into the house. She know whom she calls her father isn’t Bihaan and is Aryan. Was it necessary to ignite her hatred anymore, why she did so. Thapki says she did this only to bring her to right path, and to get her. She says she thought when Bani would improve herself, she will share the truth with her. Bani says she would no longer be able to trust her, Thapki will never get her Bani. She will only be punished now, and Bani will hurt herself as well as Tina. Thapki was ready to tell everything the truth now. She runs outside, Bani had rage in her eyes.
In the corridor, Thapki wonders what this all happened. She was ready to go and tell everyone so that her daughters are not in danger. Kosi Devi stops Thapki, she tells Thapki that she turned Bani’s heart against Thapki in years, she can never let her ruin her hardwork. She ties Thapki and locks her behind a blackened mirrored door in her room. She says now she will destroy all of her hardships. Kosi hears Bani’s voice who turns towards her. Bani asks about Thapki who has gone to tell everyone about Aryan. Thapki watches Bani and knocks at the mirror, trying to get Bani’s attention but Bani couldn’t hear her. Kosi tells Bani she has taken care of Thapki for a few days, Bani was concerned if she hurt her but Kosi qualifies Thapki is her daughter in law after all, she can never hurt her. Thapki keeps on knocking the mirror as the two leave.
In the hall, everyone was selecting cards. Samar comes with his mother. Vasundra says Tina has gone out with Suman, Samar’s mother was worried. Bani comes downstairs in Thapki’s attire and announces she invited them. Kosi comes to Thapki and tells her that Bani would now do what she could never do, she will break Thapki’s image. Kosi tells Thapki to hear carefully what Bani is doing downstairs, being Thapki.
Bani plays the television, Samar was giving the news as newscaster. Bani asks how he did the show even when she forbid him, how he went against her. Vasundra tells Thapki Samar went there because she said so. Thapki clarifies she is the owner of the channel, Samar must abide by her orders. She can never forgive the back stabbers, she can’t tolerate a relation of Tina with such a man. She tears the wedding card announcing she breaks the marriage. Aryan stood at the door.

PRECAP: Thapki was knocking behind the mirror. Aryan tells Bani that Munna loves Bani, and she must marry Bani along with Tina. Bani questions who is Aryan to force marry Bani, Aryan says he is Munna’s brother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Poor Thapki always she has to led a miserable life…I believe in this crucial point Aryan shall be confess his self…precap is good…..hello my dear friends…garima,reshu,sandy,anu,kudrat,vino,navami,sruti,santhosh Bhai

    1. Hello my swetii ,cutii nd most pritiiii pooja di, how r u di..??
      di miss u lot..
      love u too mmuuuaaaahhhh…
      keep loving me..

    2. I agree with you

  2. Apeksha

    Hello friends. I am new here but I was in touch with thapki since its start. All I want to say is that tpk has completely lost its charm and I am not watching it anymore, by the way I kept reading all of your comments and ffs and I found them so attractive. I would have joined this forum much early but I was not able to do that due to my exams but its my kind request to all of you that plz accept me as your friend.

    1. Hello Apeksha di,
      how r u, ur studies, mummy-papa, bro-sis…??
      WELCOME didi..
      welcome to entring our lovely THAHAAN family…. Thax for coming di.. Bcoz now I’ve lot of APEKSHA with you….
      take care.. Nd di tell me something about you, if u don’t mind..

      1. Apeksha

        Hiii my sweetu kudrat. I am a neet aspirant. And i will try my level best ki main tumhari apekshaon pe khar utar pau. Thank you so much for welcoming me. I have a sis only and everyone is alright at home. How are all in ur home. Now its ur turn to tell something about yourself…..

    2. Di what’s the mean of Neet Aspirant…
      I’m very talktive girl.. Muje ber-ber krna bhot acha lagta h..
      I love acting nd like writing, singing but I’m horrible singer…
      I live in Delhi nd you..

      1. Apeksha

        Hey kudrat neet aspirant means the one who is seeking admission in medical college. NEET is the only exam by which we can get admission in medical colleges. By the way I live in katni madhya pradesh

  3. A very bigbigbigbig……….BIG Thanks to all THAHAAN authors to write a very WONDERFUL ffs or do hard work nd…..
    WORDLESS thax to u all..
    love u all..
    take care…

  4. I hate it totally. Aryaan reveals his truth to bani. He didn’t hide to her. Thapki is very very pity. She was bearing so much pain and why bani was hurting her always?. everything is her mistake only. She runs and stayed alone from her family. She was doing everything, but she was thinking ‘she don’t have any mistake on her and she’s mahatma’. What is this illogical story? New serials are getting awards in award function. But still jigya and manish didn’t get anything. CVS is reason for this. because most of them only looking for a story. few percent only looking for a actor/actress. My friends are left the show because of this stupid story.Toooo much of evil track from the starting. It’s very bad.
    Hai my dear pooja, kudrat, garima, naira,sruthi, sri, anu, reshal, sulbi, shibil, jo, navami, juvi, ritz, simran, sandy, vinni, leena, rifa and my tpk friends…pls do comment. i miss you sooooooooooooo much guys. my dear friend pooja….i miss you soooomuch and kudrat i miss you sooooooooo much dear.

    1. hai Vinolin how are you?

    2. Me too di..
      really miss u..
      plz take care nd update soon..
      love you..

  5. Welcome apeksha welcome to our Gajjab wala TPK family…

    1. Apeksha

      Thank you pooja prabha di for welcoming me.

  6. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    i still confused what cvs want….i still confused with storyline now…i confused why cvs make bihan must be died…i confused why jigyasa play double role and make this serial likes comedy serial….i confused who aryaan khanna….

    1. That is why cvs wanted to do with leap ????? Which I am disappointed . Add bani and Tina also kosi is back bad again. Cvs Was silly !!! I missed old Bihaan and thapki are together romance story.

  7. Hi guys..
    I dont like bani’s charecter..poor thapki…plz aryan say that you are bihaan…not aryan khanna

  8. Vinolin.d

    hai my dear apeksha….welcome to tpk are you and your family?

    1. Apeksha

      Thank you vino di. We all are fine here. By the way i just love ur ff when are u going to update it. I am eagerly waiting

  9. Vinolin.d

    yeah….I agree with you jis123…me too. I am also expecting the same. but 90 percent I believe that’s bihaan. because of, his looks, activities to thapki are same like bihaan. and his dressing also looking like elder. I think he was lying to her that he is young. and Still police didn’t find bihaan’s dead body. did you notice when thapki prays to God for bihaan, he sings song, but she senses him and reaches him.

    1. Ye kab hoaa…

    2. Yup…even i too believe he is bihaan only..and when thapki saw aryan first time..his hand touch her and she feels something..and yaa me too think that he is prettending to be young…may be he have a strong reason for this..
      And good morning dear…how are you

  10. Holaaa my dearest all of you even new ones? Apeksha welcome? thats funny you come and am leaving tpk? …anyways the thing is i come to recommend you all to watch savitri devi it is an amazing show and sheena is there she playing isha …i loved the show alot especially veeeer he is sooo funny and full of pranks …do watch it guys …AM shifting my self from tpk to that show so i will never come here …the reason is this show is dump and stupied i watch it only for manish but i started to hate aryan khanna because his is not bihaan ..the real truth that our mr gajab is dead …and thapki ufff i cant even say anything about her she already go with 3 mens and now aryan is 4 ?…..thapki stop it dont you love bihaan how your love go with aryan …the mean truth is thapki never loved bihaan i feel that while watching this ….bye bye everyone it is been good days commenting here but am feeeeedup …hope to see you in savitri devi show bye ? .

  11. Good evening every1. Welcome to u apeksha in this THAHAAN family. THAHAAN is gone bt their memories r always ever fresh.

    1. Apeksha

      Thank you sj

  12. poor story….what the need to make thahhan too mch elder by taking leaps….thy did nt shw a hpy thahaan bt always make them apart the wrse thing they kill bihan and take anther leap…why they dnt shw that thahan are runing their chenel and live hapily…we are mising our bihan even aryan himslf cnt replace bihan….they lost the charm of thahaan….i always watch previous epi of tpk…to watch our bihu…hate u cvs….to spoil thahaan and mnyasa too.


  14. Trp is 0.5. But the cv has no shame. Their foremost motive is torturing us. Nothing ealse

    1. Hello SJ di,
      how r u..??
      di I read ur all cmt nd totally agree with ur every single words….
      di I’m also very possesive about ManYasa.. Or don’t like to see jig nd mani with another person… Please god sake Y sadi rok do or please kosi kill that bani ,I really hate her..
      love u di..
      keep cmt…

  15. Hi kudrat NEET IS National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET-UG an entrance examination in India, for students who wish to study any graduate medical course .

    1. Apeksha

      Thank you renu for ur wishes

  16. Hi guys!!!it’s seems they don’t know how finish this stupid storyline !just kill thapki and show thahaan in heaven in peace

    1. ? ? ? ?
      Happy ending in heaven…

  17. for sure i hate this bani character the episode is too boring

  18. only want Thahaan ,I already stopped watching this serial after Bihaan died I watch on Reshtey old episodes of tpk it is far better than what they are showing on colors

  19. Wht the hell is goin’ on over here ?! The writers have totally goin through same senseless stories ?! The biggest news that I’ve read in some spoilers is that the previous known history will repeat again ??????as kosi wants to destroy n ruin thapki’s life n threaten her ,she’ll change the respective brides again ??
    So munna will marry Tina n bani will marry samar ????as kosi has locked thapki in a dark room,how she’ll b able to save her daughters’ lives unknown of kosi’svindictive evil plan?!

  20. No no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!
    This can’t happen!!!!!!!!!!?????
    areeee!! App sab log chup kyu hai ?! App ko kuch pata bhi hai agge kya hone wala hai?!??read my previous comment to know ?????????????very much frustrated that the same history will repeat again !!!!! Kosi will exchange the brides againnnnnnnn!!! Now,munna’s gonna marry Tina n bani will marry samar!!!!!

    Guyzz ,phir ek baar dhokha khane ke liye tayar ho jayeo

  21. Kudrat pls don’t call me di. Sj is better. I think i’m younger than u. Take care.

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